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We value you taking the time to tell us of your sighting/experience. We will add your submission to our all Wales UFO database which will help us in recording this phenomenon. Your submission will not be seen by anyone other than SUFON admin personnel until it has been edited and suitably presented for public viewing in accordance with data protection regulations. All information reported which is of a personal (name, address, email address etc) nature will not be made public without prior consent being given in writing. All personal contact information will be securely stored by SUFON and will not be passed on to a third party, without your consent. Please note that your report, once edited and presented, will be published on line and is likely to be published on other sites on the worldwide web including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Once a sighting report is online it is not feasible to remove it from the internet. Please do not submit your report if you are not happy to proceed on this basis. I, , UNDERSTAND that by posting my report, pictures, audio or video (media) files to this website, I am granting SUFON, its agents, employees, and assigns, permission to the same or any part of said media for any purpose SUFON deems necessary and/or appropriate, including, but not limited to, the following: (1) television broadcast; (2) radio broadcast; (3) internet broadcast and/or distribution, including youtube; (4) press releases; (5) website use or promotion; (6) print media; and, (7) any other lawful use of said media which SUFON sees fit. I hereby waive and release any claims or actions against SUFON for use of said media and agree to hold SUFON harmless for any injury or harm resulting or arising from any use by SUFON of said media. I further certify that I am the author/owner of the submitted media and that I am 18 years of age or older. By selecting my agreement above I agree to the foregoing and confirm my electronic signature to this report.