2018 - Reports: 29


Between 10.30 PM and 11 PM. Clear sky.

Michelle was at the B&Q roundabout, which is at the western edge of Wrexham on Mold Road, east of the A483 Wrexham by-pass. She described seeing a large triangular-shaped object, low in altitude and with no sound. It had a light at each of the three points. The lights were yellow in colour and diffused. It disappeared but then reappeared above trees. The lights then split up (which suggests that the object was not one solid object) - "3 orbs which then zoomed into each other then went separate ways, hovered a bit, then disappeared!"

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/wrexham/ - uploaded by Glen Richardson 3 February 2018.




A 43-year-old man was walking home from North Llanrwst to Trefriw. He had just crossed the suspension footbridge over the Conwy River and was walking along Gower Road (heading north-west). He saw a light to the south-east on his rear left hand side, up the valley in the direction of Gwydir Castle and Capel Garmon beyond. So would have been in the valley to the south of Llanrwst. It had a yellow hue to it and appeared as a ball point of light. The light was at a low level and was moving in a bobbing motion, down - left 'shimmying' - stop - left - up - down - right - stopped and hovered etc. It also seemed to come closer and move away, but this could have been caused by the fact it appeared to pulse slowly - brighter and dimmer. The area between the witness and the object was flat fields - the flood plain of the river, with mountains behind. He said it was difficult to gauge the distance of the object as it was dark. There was no sound. He watched it for about an hour until 1 a.m. at which point the cold got the better of him and he continued his walk home.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams by telephone 12 February 2018.



About 7.50 AM. Daylight - clear sky.

The witness, a woman was at home in Goetre Fach Road, Killay, sitting in the kitchen having a cuppa and saw an object through her patio door, which faces south-west. It was described as a bright circular light moving fast in a straight line over the trees from north to south, heading over Fairwood Common. She said: "I just saw a bright light move quickly across the sky outside my house......It was definitely not a plane. It was low, circular and very quick..... It disappeared over the trees."

Source: SUFON FIles: Facebook interview 27 February 2018.



Around 8.30 PM.

Mark Coffey was leaving his house, situated on the hill above and west of Snatchwood Road, the main road in Abersychan. He looked towards the SSE direction, down the valley towards the Severn Estuary. From behind some hills a couple of miles away he noticed, "a bright red light appear which began to rise slowly in the 10 o'clock direction. The light was not flashing as would aircraft lights, and it struck me as looking unusual. It continued to rise and began changing direction, heading towards 12 o'clock. My daughter was waiting for me in the car, and was motioning for me to hurry up. I got in and told her I had been looking at an unusual light. I reversed off the drive and was going to pull away but could see the light through the front windscreen so pointed it out to my daughter. As we watched, the red light slowly moved through the 3 o'clock direction up through 12 o'clock and then back through 9 o'clock, i.e. making a large reverse S. Suddenly, what appeared to be a white object dropped from the bottom of the red light (this object was luminous but fainter than the red light, and left a faint trail behind it). The red light immediately started to follow it, slowly at first, then shooting straight down and both objects disappeared. I had to ask my daughter if she just witnessed the same thing I had, and she confirmed that she had. We were both awe struck."

Mark discounted aircraft or helicopters as possible explanations. He also thought it unlikely to be drone due to its size at that distance.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 18 March 2018.



Above Moel Famau, a mountain in the Clwydian Range, Jay Matthews took video of an object.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/UFOlogy.uk/



8.55 PM

Barry Walsh, The Pump House, Walton, Presteigne, wrote an account of a sighting he had to the weekly local paper:

"My wife and I moved to Walton, Powys in March this year and our conservatory overlooks the hills towards Radnor Forest. In the short time we have been here we have already seen some strange lights but last night at 8.55 pm we saw something very unusual. There were two separate objects, one was a bright orange/white ball with plumes of what looked like vapour coming from it. At first I thought it was an aeroplane but looking at it through my powerful binoculars it was too low to the ground and moving too slowly. After a minute or so it disappeared over a hill. The second object at first appeared like a small bright cloud but it too had a vapour like plume coming from it and I could make [out] some sort of circular shape at the centre. It too was low and moving in the same direction as the first object eventually disappearing over the hill. We have no idea what these objects were, but we both saw them clearly. Very strange.

Source: Brecon & Radnor Express 17 May 2018.



9.43 PM.

Witness report:

"I was upstairs on my computer when a light in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I immediately thought the object was a drone however it moved at such speed and potentially produced a jet-like sound. I then believed it to be an aircraft which was unusual, being it was low in altitude as it was and visible in front of the nearby hills. The object had exceptionally bright lights, too bright to be a drone and stood out well near streetlights and stars. I have seen drones in this area and it definitely was not one. They seem star-like in comparison. There was one red and one green static light with a white strobe and white static lights. I do not believe it to be an aircraft for its speed, altitude, direction change and that all lights were visible from all directions. It changed speed from west to south very rapidly which mimics the shape of the valley (although valley is half a mile wide). It then continued on until the end of the valley approx. 1.5 - 2 miles long.

I only managed to get one picture since it was only visible for 8-10 seconds maximum and still managed to cover the length of the valley. The sound may have not been from this object as the area contains a flight path. I checked flight radar 24 and the only nearby aircraft was airbus cruising at 23000 feet. I do not believe it to be a drone as it was completely static in angle while turning and again moved at quite a speed. Even with having my phone nearby and having a camera shortcut enabled, I was only able to capture one photo as it had moved out of range within that time.

My immediate reaction was shock as the combination of lights and speed was quite surprising in the dark of night. I almost immediately grabbed my phone and turned on the camera through a shale shortcut and took a photo. By time I could take one, the object was almost out of visible range for my eyes. I lost sight of the object after it went behind the hill at the south end of the valley (I am located far north).

Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org/131002052018UFOLlanbradachWales.html



8.20 PM.

A man reported seeing a round object with sunlight reflecting off its metallic body. He said the path it flew was a fixed trajectory and that it moved at a speed which was comparable to a plane viewed at cruising altitude.

"It was reflecting the sunshine so I assume a metallic object. It had no variation or wobble in its movement at all so I can rule out a balloon and I've never seen a drone made of a highly reflective shiny metal! I had my young son sleeping on me at the time and by the time my wife had got to the window with her phone it had moved out of view behind trees. Very strange and have never witnessed anything like it!

Source: SUFON Files: Witness Facebook message.



Witness statement:

"..late this night to early morning (June 15 2018) I was driving home from my gfs house, I pulled up on my drive to see dull blue lights in an arrow ish formation hovering above a field the lights were moving back and fourth from an arrow formation to a curved formation as it hovered. I watched the lights for about 5 minutes before getting my parents to have a look but before we got back outside they were gone."

Source: https://en.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/8rfgra/possible_ufo_sighting_south_wales_uk/



About 3 PM. Blue sky.

Daniel Herbert was standing outside Plasmarl Primary School, waiting for his children to come out. He spotted a stationary round object high up in the sky straight above him. He stated that although small in view, as it was high up it would have been huge. He pointed it out to around 15 other parents, but they didn't look up. He normally carried his camera around with him, being a keen amateur photographer and took a photo of it. He said it was round and seemed to have a dark spot or hole in the centre. After a minute's duration, it suddenly became smaller and disappeared, perhaps as a result of moving upwards. There was no sound.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder 12 July 2018.



11.15 PM. Fine clear night.

Kris and Phil Prevel were in their garden looking at the moon, Venus and stars through binoculars. They noticed a bright white circular light moving in front of a jet aircraft. It suddenly got a lot brighter and then winked out after being visible for only 1.5 seconds. The jet stayed on its straight course, sending out a contrail and the plane's lights clearly visible. They watched for some time afterwards but there was no re-appearance of the bright light. Kris checked flight info and found that there was no commercial flight going over Swansea at the time, so presumably the aircraft was military.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report.



Witness statement:

"I'll keep it short. Silver thing really high up floating over Pontypridd earlier today with what looked like other silver things coming out of it. I'm a postman and as I was working, a member of the public stopped me and asked me if I knew what it could be. Anyway looking up I could see something silver glinting brightly in the sunlight. It looked really high up and I could also see one or two things being dropped by it...weird for sure. Was thinking weather balloon?"

Source: https://en.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/8tr92r/south_wales_sighting/



Between 6 PM and 6.45 PM. Clear blue sky.

At 6 pm a man was in his rear garden in Peterston-Super-Ely to the west of Cardiff and saw an object moving in a south to north direction. It stopped and moved backwards for a few seconds then continued to the north, where it disappeared from sight behind the chimney of the bungalow. He took a video (01) of this and at 32 seconds in, in 1/30th of a frame shot, it is possible to see a grey vehicle travelling northwards at "the speed of a bullet".

He called his father out to the garden to show hime the video of what he had seen and went into the bungalow to get something. Then the father witnessed, "a large metallic sphere, like a metall bowling ball in the colours of grey and black travelling at approximately 600 mph from south to north for about 4 seconds". It then disappeared, again behind the chimney, like the first one had. He reckons that as he could definitely say that the object was metallic, it may have been as low as 5,000 feet in altitude. This was not videoed unfortunately.

The son then joined him outside but missed what the father had seen. As they were discussing this, a third object came into view in the south travelling towards them heading north. They both watched this for approximately ten minutes. It was high, at about 20,000 feet. It first looked like a star, and so bright against the perfect blue evening sky. It was travelling very slowly and was also stopping for a few seconds every now and then.

The father: "It seemed to be deciding what direction to take! Our eye vision was perfect as we could see the sun's reflection on it and a reddish glow that occurred for a brief moment. It then turned westwards and slowly disappeared away. This object was also a spherical shape.

Videos 02, 03, and 04 show the object as a white shape. The father unfortunately accidentally turned off the phone camera for 2 minutes, while the son went to get his glasses, but he had perfect vision of what the craft was doing.





Source: SUFON Files: witness email 2 July 2018.



Elizabeth returned to her home in Dol-Y-Coed, Dunvant from a S.U.F.O.N. meeting at 11.30 PM.

It was a dark, very warm night, and the sky was totally clear with no significant wind. The moon and stars were clearly visible.

She entered her rear bedroom where her partner was asleep. The curtains were slightly open so she pushed them further apart to look at the condition of her garden, as she had not watered her plants that day.

On looking out, her attention was drawn to a red/orange coloured object situated South Easterly in the sky, near the Killay area, at an elevation of about 45 to 60 degrees.

Distance and height were difficult to estimate, but it would have been roughly the height of a helicopters normal operating height and perhaps about half a mile to a mile distant.

The shape of the object was not evident as all that could be seen was a round shaped red/orange light.

She went outside into her back garden to get a better view.

The light was clearly moving quite quickly as it was continuously disappearing then reappearing in different positions in the night sky, but it was moving in a general South Westerly direction towards Upper Killay.

She tried to both, photograph and film the object, using her mobile phone, but unfortunately the object could not be seen on the resultant footage, purely because the distance was too far to record its image.

As she watched, it continued to blink in and out, then suddenly changed direction back to the way from which it had come, before slowly disappearing away out of her view in a South Easterly direction towards Killay.

The object made no sound that she could detect. She saw no lights of any other colour on the object.

She then retired for the night.

She considered contacting the South Wales Evening Post about the incident, then found the contact details for S.U.F.O.N. on the internet and reported the matter to them.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 28 June 2018.



1 AM.

Nicholas Barlow reported:

"One small bright light was crossing the sky on a normal trajectory. It then started to make impossible turns and continued in the same area. After 10 minutes of watching it another bright white light appeared a bit closer to me (but above air traffic lane) started making similar movements. I was standing there in bewilderment. Four commercial planes flew over, followed by many more. Meanwhile the strange lights continued their strange display, before fading from sight."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



12.54 PM. Clear blue sky, slight high haze.

Kris and Phil Prevel were in their garden in Dunvant and noticed a small silver, extremely bright slow moving ball of light with a tail moving across the sky from the north, first in a straight line to the south but then turning slightly and climbing to the south west. Kris said at one point it disappeared into the high haze and then re-emerged. She went to the front but lost sight  of it. Phil said he thought it looked boomerang-shaped but travelling sideways. Kris looked at it through binoculars and said it was extremely bright, like looking at Venus in the night sky.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report.



12.30 AM.

A 50-year-old man named Neil was at home in Waun Wen, Swansea, looking south towards Swansea city centre. He noticed, high up in the sky an object flashing a red and yellow light. It was silent and moving slowly like a satellite and the lights were close together. It was moving from west to east from Townhill to Kilvey Hill. When it got to the latter place it made a sharp left turn to the north, towards the Swansea and Neath valleys. He looked at it through binoculars. Duration: 2 or 3 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: phone call to Emlyn Williams 4 July 2018.



11.20 PM - 11.38 PM - clear sky.

Marie Maunder lives on Gwent Road, Townhill which has extensive views to the west, north and east. She had just gone outside to let her dogs go out to the toilet when she noticed something in the sky between Cockett and Waunarlwydd to the west. The object was moving towards her and pretty low down (500 - 100 ft). A neighbour called Steve had just come out of his house as well (he was going to pick up his partner) so Marie called him to have a look. Both of them witnessed a large craft moving slowly in a southeasterly direction. It had two bright white lights in the front (with a flashing light in the middle), and made no noise. It turned at a right angle instantly (to a more westerly direction) and started to move slowly away from the witnesses. A series of white flashing lights were seen along the front and sides (two main front lights remained on with no flashing). Both witnesses said it was huge in size and stressed the point of there being no sound.

Steve said: "It was massive. I've seen planes and been on them, and it was far bigger than an airliner and really low down. It was certainly not  plane or helicopter. There wasn't any navigation or strobe lights like all planes at night."

He likened he shape to an arrow head. Both witnesses were quite surprised at what they saw. Marie's husband, Mike Maunder, a SUFON was fast asleep in bed at the time and so missed it and only learned of it the following morning.

As soon as Marie returned indoors, she made a brief written report, including drawings, which appears below.

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed by Mike Maunder.



No moon.

Daniel Herbert was sitting in the back garden of his terraced house in Plasmarl, with family and friends. Neighbours were also out in their gardens too. At 2 am an object came over from the west. This had been stationary at first and had been visible from when darkness fell about 10 pm, appearing like a star. His friend, Dan shouted, "Look how bright its getting!" as it came closer. It reduced in height lower than the few sparse clouds which were present. This took a few moments and they could hear no sound from the object. Daniel described it in a drawing, and it appears to be a round object surrounded by a semi-circular 'cowl' (this could be a light effect), and oriented upright (see photo). It carried on moving in an easterly direction.

Later, at about 4 am, as dawn was breaking, what he thought was the north star (as it had been static all night to the north and quite high) was still visible despite the sun having risen. It suddenly started moving to the south-west and over his location, quite fast. Again with no sound, Daniel's drawing of it shows a similarity to the first object that he had seen, but oriented horizontally.

Throughout that night he had also seen many lights moving erratically and changing direction at right angles.