2017 - Reports: 39


5.30 PM. Clear evening, Venus and small crescent moon visible.

John Ceciliato was with his dog at Swansea Marina, sitting and looking at the moon when he noticed a star-like object moving towards the moon. It did not appear to be moving at great speed and there was no flashing light to suggest it was an aeroplane.

As it reached the crescent moon, it was lost in the moon's luminosity. John continued looking around for it for the next 20 minutes but it did not appear again on the trajectory that it had been moving, making him come to the conclusion that it had landed on the moon.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 4 January 2017                       



1.20 AM

Witness: F.M. 

"I was up really late and I needed to use the bathroom so I got up and my side of the bed is by the window, so I had a look out. I saw an object shaped like a typical space ship would look, but it had blue and red lights and appeared to be coming towards me. I watched it for a while and then left to use the bathroom and by the time I had returned (5 minutes later) the mysterious lights had almost disappeared into the distance".

Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/snodland-kent-2nd-january-2017/



Approximately 2 AM.

The witness says:

"I was outside in the back garden smoking a quick cigarette before bed, and I noticed how clear the skies were, with the exception of a few clouds and the stars were magnificent. Absolutely clear constellations. Suddenly, a shooting star appeared and fizzled away.

I thought to myself how wonderful it was to have seen one before bed, when all of a sudden, around the the same area of sky when the meteor had fizzled, I noticed a bright light moving. After watching it for several seconds I realised that it wasn't moving like a plane. It was darting back and forth, up and down. The light was circular, very bright yellow.

The thought occurred to me that it could have been a drone, when I noticed that it started to fly amongst the clouds. As it was, the light was shining off the clouds and there was no shape, it was almost as if the whole UFO was the light. I also noticed that the light shining onto the clouds was not the same colour as the light on the UFO itself but that could be because of how the light reacted to reflecting off the clouds?

This carried on for around 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes, 2 more meteor showers occurred, one to the left and one to right of the UFO. The distance between them was quite far but seeing 3 shooting stars and a UFO in 10 minutes, it was a lot to handle. I blinked alot and looked away and back to make sure I wasn't losing the plot.

The clouds were at around 10,000 ft (I checked online through cloudwatch) so it could still be a top quality drone. But to see the shooting star and then the UFO appearing was truly spectacular. 
( I don't know if this is relevant or should go with the description, remove it if so, but when the UFO appeared, I began having strong pulsations in my mind, exactly the same sensation as when I meditate for long periods of time [Amateur Spiritualist]). It was a powerful 10 minutes that I will never forget and I had to share it.




10.45 PM.

"I was driving over the mountain road from Maerdy coming into Aberdare.  As I reached the top of the mountain there was a large orange sphere hovering on the horizon to my left. I watched it for 3-4 minutes and then it just disappeared."

Source: http://www.ufoworldnews.com/ufo-sighting-in-aberdare-wales-on-2017-02-15-224500-large-orange-orb-seen-on-horizon-stayed-for-a-few-minutes-and-then-disappeared/ Posted by witness: 16 February 2017.



Early evening - dusk - so approximately 6 PM.

A couple were out walking with their dog at Brandy Cove. They had been on the beach and were standing on the cliff path having a breather and taking in the view when they saw a dark - matt black object come across the bay from the direction of Pwll Du (from the west) and just off the coast, so was over the sea, continuing in the direction of Caswell. It moved very slowly and was described as sausage shaped - so a cigar and solid. About the size of an old style single decker bus. It moved slowly without any sound or lights. Altitude was not high - about the height at which a helicopter would fly. It was about the same day as the sighting in West Cross, but the witnesses are not sure which day.

Source: SUFON Files. 



About 6.30 PM. Dark, cold and raining. 

June Davies (81) and her husband Balf, had been for a meal at Dick Barton's chip shop in West Cross, Swansea. They left at about 6.30 pm and went to wait for a bus back to their daughter's house in Mumbles, where they were staying. They were sitting at the bus stop on Mumbles Road near the West Cross Inn, on the seafront, facing inland.  They saw an object in the sky in front of them (11 o'clock) at an elevation of 45 degrees, in line with the nursing home but further away. It had white lights all around it and was like an elongated oval in shape. There were about 6-8 large bright white lights around its circumference. They could only see the lights on their side of the object and June presumed that there were other lights all the way around, even though they could not be seen. 

The object was just hovering without a sound. June said she had never seen anything like it before. It was large, and she said it would have taken two hands-lengths at arm's length to cover the object. It was moving at a very slow speed sideways from left to right. It then moved or darted a short distance and hovered again. A cloud came and covered it for about three minutes, but when it passed the object was still there. It was quite high up, but mainly below cloud level. There was no sound audible. She could not see the body itself, only the lights which outlined the shape. There were no flashing lights.

She felt that it was watching her and had an eerie feeling. She felt drawn to it, and knew that it was odd. She also felt exposed and scared by it, and was quite shaken by the experience.

She desperately wanted someone else to see it, but there was nobody about. They waited for 45 minutes for a bus and because of the cold decided to phone for a taxi, by which time it had moved to a position of about 2 o'clock and was now over Dick Barton's chip shop (line of sight) but further away. It seemed to be moving away from them, going inland, when the taxi arrived ten minutes later. She did not point it out to the taxi driver however, despit wanting others to see it, and regretted this in retrospect. It was still visible, hovering when she left the area, but it had moved further inland over West Cross.

When they arrived at her daughter's house in Mumbles, she excitedly told her all about it, 

Duration of sighting: about 55 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: June Davies interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 13 March 2017.



9.26 PM

Witness was at home in Park Street, Pembroke Dock, out the back yard with dog. Two objects were seen over a mile away, hovering at about 500 feet, or less,  over an oil refinery (it is not stated which one, the nearest one to the witness's location is the Gulf oil refinery at Waterston on the other side of the Milford Haven, to the north-west, and the Valero refinery west of Pembroke Dock). One object was larger than the other and 'had a weird shape to it' - like a straight line of lights across with a line of lights going downwards and a line going above, 'but not like a cross', pulsating, red, blue, green and white. The smaller object was disc-shaped with flashing lights. There was no sound heard. As the witness watched, a satellite and a plane flew over the objects, which remained motionless.

Duration of sighting: 30 minutes.

Source: www.beta.ufostalker.com citing MUFON. Reported by witness: 9 April 2017.



About 3.30 PM.

Kris Prevel was with her husband Phil, sitting outside the Coffee Tavern in Cambrian Place, Saundersfoot having a cup of tea when she saw a small object, about three to four feet long flying in a straight line over Saundersfoot, passing just to the north of her location. It was heading from the north-west to south-east towards the sea. The object wasn't very high, some seagulls were higher than it and some lower. It was shaped like a dumbbell and was travelling lengthways. Its colour was silver in the centre with dull dark or black ends. The sun glinted off the silver portion. There was no noise and it travelled fast, and was visible for only a few seconds. Phil did not see it however because by the time Kris had drawn his attention to it, the object had moved out of sight behind the cafe building.

Kris said: 'Definitely not a bird, definitely mechanical. If you saw the speed and straight line it took. It struck me that if it failed and fell out of the sky it would make a huge hole in someone's roof or kill a person, surely the military wouldn't send something like that over such a crowded area? It's hard for me to judge distance, height etc. You couldn't put a person in it, far too small but saw it well with the naked eye, it wasn't flying that high, which also surprised me, as I say, seagulls were flying much higher and some lower. If it was on the ground the same size I could probably have managed to hold it with two arms outstretched, but it was higher so probably bigger than I think. There were airlines in the sky, but considering how packed Saundersfoot was on Saturday, I felt that whatever it was too low for comfort, it was going at a controlled speed and course over the village and out towards the sea'.

Source: SUFON Files: Kris Prevel post on Facebook SUFON group page 25 March 2017.



Just after 2 AM.

Richard Woodfield, Georgia Thomas and Tilana McIntosh had been on Swansea beach at Singleton, and had a camp fire. They were just about to head home when Georgia spotted a solid dark object in the sky to the south over the sea, at an elevation of about 30 degrees. It made no sound, was motionless and had no lights. It was fairly hard to make out, but it was possible to make it out against the darker sky behind it. It was impossible to gauge the distance of the object, but it was higher than the clouds and the size of possibly two thumbnails at arm's length. Shaped almost like a rectangle but with round edges, the object had a deep dark grey colour. Tilana tried to take a photo on her phone but for some reason the whole screen was white. They could not confirm that it was a phone fault or not. A cloud passed in front of it and around two minutes later when the cloud had moved away, the object was no longer visible.

Richard said: 'When we noticed it, it was there for about 30 seconds tops before the clouds moved in the way, but it could have been there all evening.'

Source: SUFON Files: Richard Woodfield via Facebook 3 May 2017.



11.20 AM.

Mike Maunder was walking his dog in Townhill, Swansea and was heading home in Gwent Road, looking at the view to the north from his position high on the hill. He noticed what looked like a white or silver disc-shaped object to the north-west, over the area between Fforestfach and Penllergaer Woods, or even a bit further. The object was 'whizzing in and out of a cloud (as if using it for cover), about six or seven times.' It was moving at speed and making some really sharp turns, covering distances rapidly, only visible for short periods before diving back into the clouds. He is sure that it was not a bird or anything like a drone. It's size he compared to a motor bike or large trailer. He stood, watching the object for about a minute, then it disappeared or stayed in a cloud. He waited for two minutes to see if it came out again but it didn't. Mike took a photo on 3 May 2017 to illustrate the view that he had. He said: 'As it happens there`s a cloud roughly where I saw it (smaller one of the 2 ). The cloud was higher on the day and I`d say more or less over Penllergaer woods area.'

Source: SUFON Files.



10 PM.

Laurence Lowe was out for a walk with his camera and was in the middle of taking a long exposure shot of Mumbles from his location on the seafront near Blackpill. He noticed two white star-like lights moving together in unison, silently across the bay. He was looking towards Port Talbot (east) and the lights were at about 45-50 degree elevation, moving from left to right (north-south). He was unable to take a photo as he was in the middle of the time exposure. When he was finally able to take a photo they dimmed out. Laurence said: 'Ive seen enough planes and helicopters so I usually know when its a "natural" phenomenon.'
Source: SUFON Files.



3.50 AM. Excellent visibility, wind from the east: 30-45 mph.

Liam Williams was with two friends doing some night fishing at the lake in Singleton Park, Swansea, near the Pub on the Pond. Liam said they were having a few beers and talking when he decided to look outside of the bivvy (fishing tent). He saw four white lights in the sky to the north-east at a 40-45 degree elevation, in the direction of the university buildings, and about a mile or two away. When he first saw them they were in a square formation moving to the right and upwards diagonally. As soon as he saw them, he screamed to his friends to 'shut up' at which point they became silent and he listened. There was no sound, and about 5 seconds after he had first seen the lights they broke formation. Three of the lights (the top left, top right and bottom right) started circling around the bottom left one whilst still moving in the same direction then 10 seconds after first sighting them they all completely broke formation and started crossing in front of each other and moving erratically before shooting directly upwards from an elevation of about 50 - 60 degrees. There had been no flickering or flashing lights visible at the time the lights were in view, just the steady white lights. Liam then started walking towards the university to see if he could see them again or even see anything that could have caused it, such as a drone. He found that there was nobody around nearby. Total duration of the sighting: 14 seconds.

Source: SUFON Files: witness message via Facebook 30 April 2017.



Afternoon. Sunny day with a few clouds.

After a wedding lunch at a private property in Brynteg, Anglesey, the witness went outside and spotted something in the sky to the west. A dark oblong object appeared from behind a small white cumulus cloud. The witness was unsure whether it was the object or the cloud that moved, but the object moved to the right of the cloud, towards the east. Shortly afterwards the object started disappearing from it's 'front'. It "misted" away, quickly becoming invisible. The witness only saw the object for a few seconds.

Source: www.ufostalker.com/event/90142 - reported by witness: 9 February 2018.



10 AM. Cloudy, fine, light wind.

The witness, a 50-year-old man, was walking up Carmarthen Road from Swansea city centre towards his home in Waun Wen. He had just passed the Dyfatty area, and was walking on the left hand-side of the road. He spotted an object flying past him about 100 feet above the ground coming from behind him and following the course of Carmarthen Road on a steady level course at speed towards the north-west. At first he thought it was a drone or plastic bin bag being carried on the wind. However there was no sound, so that ruled out it being a drone. There were no lights visible. It was roughly round, and he compared it's shape to a piece of paper which has been scrunched into a ball. About the size of a washing machine, he said it was black and white in colour, and because it was not spinning, he could see that the patches of black and white areas all over it were distinct from each other. It was travelling at speed, roughly 60-70 mph, and he had the impression its flight was controlled and powered. When it reached a position further up the road, over the Cherry Tree pub, it suddenly turned 20-30 degrees to the right (due north) and started climbing, with a rolling or wavering motion from side to side slowly as it went. He finally lost sight of it due to a tree blocking his view of it. Duration of sighting - 7 or 8 seconds.

Subsequent weather research has ascertained that the wind direction at 6 am that morning was from to the west, veering to north-west by 12 pm. Roughly the same direction as that taken by the object. However due to the fact that wind was only blowing at a speed of 17 - 22 mph, was far slower than the 60-70 mph described by the witness. 

Source: SUFON Files: witness report by telephone 1 June 2017.



10.15 PM.

The witness was out dog-walking and was crossing a small field near Pembroke Dock. The witness saw what was described as a "central round light with two smaller outer lights that looked like a wing with no noise and it gradually went out of sight completely." It flew on a straight line path. At first the witness thought it was a plane but discounted this as there were no flashing lights and no sound.

Source: www.mufon.com

10.30 PM.

Swansea UFO Network were carrying out a skywatch from the top of Cefn Bryn, Gower. Steve Drewson, Laurence Lowe and Gary Paul were at the car park next to the road, and Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams were about half a mile away to the north, near Arthur's Stone (burial chamber). An object flew over, travelling west to east, between the two groups of witnesses, about 200 feet in altitude about 30mph and with no sound. It displayed three large white lights arranged in a straight line, and flew sideways. The central light was constant, but the outer two seemed to be going on and off randomly. There were no flashing navigation lights. It continued on a level course to the east of the witnesses' location until moving out of sight.

Source: SUFON Files.

11 PM.

A couple were camping in the Brecon Beacons:

"I had just asked my partner the time (it was 11 pm) and I looked up and saw it. It flew directly overhead, was going quite fast but made no sound at all. It was flying west to east. I don't think it was a plane as it made no sound, it was deathly quiet that night. Also larger planes had flown over during the day at much higher altitude and they made a very audible rumble. Whatever this was was much lower in the sky. We only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared behind a hill. I've checked the ISS tracker and that was flying over South Wales about 10 minutes before. However this was much larger and we were about 40 miles further north but this thing was directly overhead. It glided overhead,just a silent line of lights in the sky. I'll also add that this thing was very bright and the outer lights were much larger than lights on planes' wing tips."

Source: https//:en.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/6ff4t0/might_have_seen_my_first_ufo_but_need_help/ (Reported by witness 5 June 2017).



10.45 PM 

Mike Maunder was outside his house with his dog, in Gwent Road on the north side of Townhill, Swansea. He looked at the red light on top of the mast on Kilvey Hill to the east, as he often does and then noticed another light to the left of it . He watched what looked like an orange orb, about the same size as the red light, about a mile to the north of Kilvey Hill over the Bonymaen or Winch Wen area. It was a couple of hundred feet higher than Kilvey Hill (633 ft). Mike said that it didn't look like it was moving and faded after a minute. He's sure it wasn't a Chinese lantern. The bright orange light had just appeared and disappeared. He waited in case it came back on for a couple of minutes, but it did not.

Source: SUFON Files: Mike Maunder posted on Facebook 13 June 2017.



5.10 PM. Clear sky.

A family were in their garden in Llys Alys, Llanelli. They were looking at planes flying over with vapour trails. Suddenly they spotted an 'egg-shaped craft flying in the opposite direction to the planes.' The object was travelling at least three times as fast as the planes were. There was no sound and no vapour trail. It travelled on a straight course from south-west to north-east. A video was recorded - link: https://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j//85352_submitter_file1__20170619204254.mp4

The video seems to show a white or silver disc-shaped object flying at high altitude.

Duration of sighting: 1 minute.

SUFON has checked commercial flights for that time and day, and there were no flights going over Llanelli at that time. Isolation of a frame from the video shows a disc or oval shaped object, with no wings.

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/85352 citing MUFON. Reported by witness: 25 July 2017.



10 PM

David Pearce was outside the front of his house in Bolgoed Road, Pontarddulais and saw an object coming towards him from the west-north-west. It seemed to be a vertically-oriented short cylinder with a bright white light shining from beneath. It stopped and changed direction towards the south. David ran through his house to the back garden and managed to capture it on video. He ran up the garden to take more footage but the object had risen at an accelerated rate of speed and disappeared into cloud cover. The object made no sound.

Source: SUFON Files: emails from witness June 2017.


21 JULY 2017 - HENDY

9.45 PM

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous was sitting in her home in St. Davids Close, Hendy. She was in the living room looking out of the window, which faces east. She saw a number of very fast bright round objects moving very low in the sky towards her house. She grabbed her husband who was sitting on the settee, telling him to look out quickly, and they opened the patio door and went out into the garden. 
Her husband ran back into the house to get his phone to take a photo, while his wife carried on watching. The objects changed direction and shot off high into the clouds, as the husband returned with his phone. He managed to take some photos which indistinctly records them. The objects looked red and yellow according to the witness, but this has not come out in the photos. There was no sound heard and the whole sighting lasted a few minutes.
The woman remembers asking her husband if he saw them, to which he answered yes. She then told him to listen, as the neighbour's dogs were barking.
The woman explained features in the photos: 'If you look closely above the house on the left with lights on above this is a circular mass which we saw moving around extremely quickly like nothing that seems possible.  Also if you zoom in and look at the middle of the photo above the middle tree in the clouds you will see about four to five smaller round masses which were moving at speed below the clouds but went into them when we took the photo. They look like white circles in the photo as the colour not shown. To the eye they were red and yellow but you have to zoom in to see all circles.'
Source: SUFON Files: witness emails July 2017.



About 11 PM.

Giles Brown was at home in Wildfield, Broadlands, Bridgend and saw an object through his bedroom window to the south. It was at about 40 degrees elevation and was moving erratically from the west to east. He said it was in the southern part of the sky, rather than overhead, and guessed it would have been going from Porthcawl to Cowbridge areas.
By coincidence the International Space Station passed over traveling west to east at 11.05 pm, but at a much higher elevation, and Giles is positive that this object was not the ISS, which he had seen many times before.
'This wasn't the ISS I've seen that before and it moves quite fast , this definitely stopped and started and while moving was fairly slow. Definitely triangular as well as it had lights around the edge and sort of formed a A in the sky. I live very close to the flight path of Cardiff airport so I'm used to seeing aircraft takeoff and land at night and this was nothing like that. The other strange thing was I observed this for around 4 -5 minutes from my bedroom window, as it moved out of sight I moved into the living room to continue to view the object in the direction of travel (a matter of seconds) and the object was gone, not in the distance as you'd expect but gone completely. Very strange.'
He described the object as triangular with 6 maybe 7 white lights underneath and moving in a stop start motion or appeared to be. It was hard to judge the distance away but he assumed it was Jumbo Jet sized and  probably 5 miles away.

Source: SUFON Files: witness contact via facebook.

26 JULY 2017 - CWMBRAN

10.30 PM Clear sky.

The location was Trussel Road, Cwmbran.
The informant, a child, was sitting on a bench with parents. The child and the dad were looking up at the stars. The child said, "Look dad, a falling star!" and explained that before he/she made a wish, asked the father what a falling star looked like, because he/she had not seen one before. The dad replied that a falling star was a fireball that falls to the ground. Then the child asked, "Does it have rings?" The dad answered that they don't have rings and that he/she probably saw a UFO.
The witness explained that the object had 5-6 glowing rings and was slowly moving in a circle, from side to side, and had some lights. It "stood in mid-air" between 5 to 10 seconds. At that point the witness thought it was a helicopter, but then it moved "really fast and disappeared west upwards."

Other details recorded were that it was blimp shaped, had a dome and patterned surface and was over 500 feet in altitude.

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/85402 citing MUFON: reported by witness: 27 July 2-17.



9.13 PM

The witness, an amateur photographer was en route as a front seat passenger in a car between Cardiff and Bridgend, travelling west on the M4. He was taking random photos as he went of the sky, taking a particular interest in light against clouds.
"First it was through glass, but I was getting a flash back as it was getting darker... so I opened my window to get a clearer shot of the full moon."
Afterwards he noticed in one shot taken towards the moon, a long, linear object below it. The moon had risen two hours previously and so would have been in the south-eastern sky in the photograph. The object is seen to the left and below the moon.
Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/050817RPTRodTypeUFOCapturedNearBridgendWales.html - reported by witness 12 September 2017.



10.32 PM

A couple from Cefn Coed, near Merthyr Tydfil witnessed what was described as a bright orange light crossing the sky over Cefn Coed. It travelled from the northwest to the southeast, in the general direction of Cardiff. At first the object appeared to be oblong in shape then seemed to change to a round shape as it passed over. It was estimated to be approximately 2 - 3,000 feet in height, making no sound. They had it under observation for approximately 40 seconds. It doesn't appear to be the I.S.S. although this was visible that evening, but at about 10pm and not travelling in the direction described. Perseids would not be visible for 40 seconds or at that height. Informant is well versed with watching night skies and used to seeing Chinese lanterns. Definitely not a Chinese lantern.
Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 9 August 2017.



Approximately midnight on the night of 10-11 August 2017. Clear night with a little cloud.

The witness, a woman was in the back bedroom at home in Lon Enfys, Trallwn, looking out of the window. She suddenly saw a very bright green object travelling really fast at cloud height. It was triangular in shape and travelling on a straight horizontal course from Morriston to Clydach direction to her west on the other side of the Swansea Valley about two miles distant (her left to right). It split into two then it was gone in a second. It did not leave a trail and there was no sound.
'Couldn't believe my eyes if I'm honest. It was super fast and my eyes couldn't even see what direction they shot off, but the direction it was heading over was above morriston /ynysforgan roundabout way. It was level, with no trail behind it.
Source: SUFON Files: witness report facebook.



About 1.30 AM. Clear sky.

Amy Thomas was with two friends, Rhys and Jess, staying at Oxwich camp site and were lying down on the ground, looking up at the night sky to watch the meteor shower. They spotted a few meteors and they suddenly saw an object flying overhead, moving from WSW to ENE, in the direction of Pennard along the coast. She described it as triangular in shape and had 2 to 3 red lights along its rear. It did not make any noise. It was travelling point-first at a moderate speed and displayed no flashing lights. However, Rhys said he saw flashing lights and one circular red flashing light underneath. He said it was high up but must have been big.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness messages on Facebook 29 March 2019.


2 PM

Richard Farrant in Cardiff, saw the shadow of an elongated triangular-shaped object on light patchy cloud. The shadow travelled west to east. When crossing the cloud break, the object making the shadow was not visible. It made no change in direction and made no sound. No contrail was visible. It travelled at a constant speed and altitude as the shadow it made on the clouds remained the same size.
Source: http//:www.uk-ufo.co.uk/triangular-shaped-craft-13th-august-2017/



About 10 pm.

Andy Richards of Brecon was walking his dogs next to the river Usk, along the Promenade in Brecon. He saw a light in sky to the south, in the area of  Storey Arms in the Brecon Beacons, 3 to 4 miles away. He watched it for about ten minutes then filmed it on his mobile phone. The light seemed to change colour from white to red at random, pulsing on and off and moving horizontally back and fore, sometimes above the horizon and at others below the horizon but in view, with the hills behind. 
"It definitely was not a plane or helicopter...way too big for a drone. No sound at all."

See videos here:

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence via Facebook, December 2017.



7.10 or 7.15 AM.

Gari Jones was on a bus heading for Merthyr Tydfil and passing through Treharris on the B4254 road. He was approaching Edwardsville, heading west and spotted an object hovering stationary over the top of the mountain to the west, on the other side of the Taff Valley. It was near the distinctive quarried feature on the horizon of the mountain, known as the Giant's Gap. He described the object as being silver-white and egg or saucer-shaped, about 50-60 feet across.

"Particular feature I remember was a dome on top which may have had windows along the sides of it, black circles."

Source: SUFON Files.

6 PM on this Sunday evening. Very windy, constant strong 30 mph from south-west

The witness was with his girlfriend, walking their dog  on a quiet Sunday evening on a golf course on the top Barrack Hill on the west side of the 1843-built, defensible fort. He noticed an object in his peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. As the object approached from the south-east in the direction of Pembroke, he thought it was strange as it didn't resemble a plane or helicopter.
The witness described the object as, "silver and reflective, like dull chrome or brushed aluminium", and egg shaped. It was quite large, 30 or 40 feet across, and travelling in a straight line quite fast into the wind, which was constant and strong at ground level. It's speed was 30 mph and was coming in straight off the sea in a south-west direction [?]. The object was at about 1000 feet in altitude. He viewed it for about 20 seconds, his girlfriend slightly less at 15 seconds, as he had seen it first. The object looked to be about 20-30 feet in diameter.
The object passed in front of them, as they stared at it, stunned. There was no sound and left no vapour trail. It was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. There was a clear, constant band of square or rectangular windows with ribs or frames between them. These were in a belt around the centre of the craft, and appeared to be not as reflective as the body of the craft. The craft was also described as totally sleek and smooth.
The object headed to the north-west, straight for a huge area of grey cloud, and entered it. The two witnesses scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass and also tried to see another glimpse through the cloud. The cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the sky had large areas of blue sky. But the craft had completely disappeared, despite the breaking clouds.



11.55 PM

Witness report: "... I let my dogs out the back garden before bed. I looked up as I tend to do at the stars and admired how clear the sky was and how the sky was full of stars. I caught what I first thought was a shooting star to the left of my eye sight. I looked towards the direction I thought it had travelled and to my shock there was a round ball of white light stopped there.  It moved very fast back to the right and stopped again, there was no noise. My first thought then was to film it. As I am thinking this it darted again to the left, stopped, then with a short burst, disappeared to the left. There was no cloud though so I have no idea where it went. 
Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/110917RPTDartingWhiteBallUFOOverValeofGlamorganWales.html uploaded by witness: 12.09.17.



About 5.30 PM.

A married couple were driving down Caswell Road towards the bottom of the hill. When they got to near the bottom of the hill, near to the Bishopswood Countryside Centre, the woman (passenger) looked up and saw a small silver sphere above the tree-line on the hill facing them, maybe about 10 metres up above the tallest tree, though she admitted it was difficult to tell how big it was and how high.
The man didn't see it, as the object was high up in the windscreen and the woman had to lean forward with her forearms on the dashboard to continue to see it. When they reached the bottom of the hill, she lost sight of it. As they reached the bottom of the next hill on the other side of the narrow valley, to start to ascend again, she looked back over her shoulder and through the rear passenger door she saw it again, and she noticed that the object had moved north up the valley a little way.
She lost sight of it again as they drove up the hill, the view obscured by trees. She provided a map indicating where the car was when she first saw the object (orange) and the locations of the UFO (yellow). The couple drove a circuit around the area, and back down to Caswell Bay to try to see it again, but without success.
The woman described the object as being shiny like chrome, with a darker ring around it where it was backlit by the sun setting in the west, suggesting it was a sphere and not a flat disc.



7.45 PM.

The witness, Dee looked out of the window to see two bright lights in the sky. She described these as like landing lights on a plane. She and her son watched these for about 1 minute before they disappeared behind clouds. At first she thought maybe it was the moon behind the clouds until the moon showed itself to the left and higher up. 
She explained: "These lights looked as though a plane was about the land straight over my house but this was silent, the lights did not move they were completely stationary. I live next to a motorway so anyone going eastbound would’ve seen these too. Me and my son are gobsmacked after just witnessing this, I’m glad he seen it too or else I would’ve question myself. I hope some else comes forward to report this also as it was unmissable to the naked eye (massive). I also checked Flightradar24 and there were no aeroplanes in the vicinity."
Moon rise on this date was at 5 pm so the moon would have been in the south-east at 7.45 pm. If the lights were visible to the right of it, that would have put them to the south. 
Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/two-bright-lights-bridgend-wales-1st-october-2017/#comment-area posted by witness 9 October 2017.



About 10.15 AM.

Steven McCrossan was driving west on the M4 about two miles from the Llanelli turn off (Junction 48). On his right hand side he saw what he first thought was a light aircraft at 30 degrees above the horizon approaching from the west. He originally spotted it about 12 miles away because of the reflection. As the object got closer he could see that it was a shiny dome-shaped craft with lights, not a fixed-wing aircraft. About four miles away it started to turn but whereas a conventional aircraft would have its underside showing to make a 90-degree turn to the right, the craft showed its top side, which was very shiny chrome-coloured and clearly dome-shaped. It had no edges.  Steven said it looked approximately 30-40 feet in diameter. Its relative speed looked no quicker than a normal aircraft, "but it moved with grace." As it made its turn it passed behind Steven and he eventually lost sight of it. Steven said, "I'm absolutely ecstatic that this is for real unless some other explanation is forthcoming.... I should add that I'm a trained Helideck landing officer, so I do know what I'm looking at. I spent twenty years offshore landing choppers. The object was very distinct and the sky clear. I have no question whatsoever that this was not a conventional aircraft and it was too big to be a drone."
Steven provided a drawing to better explain what the object looked like.
Source: SUFON Files: witness emails  October 2017. 


About 11.30 AM.
Robert Williams and a work colleague were in work  and saw an object over Morriston at a very high in altitude. It was stopping and moving slowly and remained stationary for about ten minutes before moving off slowly again. Robert said that it had what looked like a bright white light at one end that occasionally emitted light. The object seemed to be spinning as it moved. He filmed it with his Samsung S6 but because of the object's height couldn't get a clear shot of it.
"I was working at the time. It was very high and tumbling. Stopping ..then moving slowly and remained stationary for about 10 minutes before moving off slowly....the sun was glaring off it so must have been metallic. It then moved slowly out of sight....I lost it when it went into the glare of the sun. I know the trans-atlantic aircraft fly around 35-40 K this seemed around that height."
Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence via Facebook.

About 6.10 AM.
A woman was in her back garden with her dogs in Llanrumney when she saw an object high in the dark sky from the south west. She described it as being triangular in shape and was giving off a very bright orb-like glow, as bright as the sun from its centre, which she said was like a huge burst of energy. Even though it was high in the sky, it still appeared to be large. It left towards the south east.
Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence 1 November 2017.


8.30 PM.

The witness was travelling home by car with partner and son, and spotted three red lights in the sky over Port Talbot steelworks. Attention was drawn because the object's lights did not conform to the usual legal requirements of displaying navigation lights. The three red lights were arranged in a diagonal configuration, and flashed in sequence, top-middle-bottom-bottom-middle-top-top-middle-bottom continuously. It was hovering motionless in the sky over the steelworks. The witness dropped off partner and son at home and headed back to view the lights again. They were still in position, and hovering in the smoke created by the steelworks, above one of the tall chimneys. The witness then noticed that the object was moving very slowly, perhaps 1 mph. The witness videoed the object. It then moved around through the smoke and then out towards Margam Mountain (east), and then southwards towards North Cornelly.

Source: www.ufostalker.com/event/88595. Reported by witness 7 December 2017.

7.30 PM. Broken cloud, but clear in area of the phenomena.
The witness was putting the rubbish out at his home in Penyrheol, Caerphilly just off the B4263 which leads up to Abertridwr, and noticed in the south-west sky in the direction of Nantgarw and Treforest, a horizontal line of white light shining over the mountain, going right across the south-west sky. It was long and thin and of the same width all along its length. It was there for a few seconds, then intermittently a few times more, similar to a searchlight, but horizontal rather than vertical. it was at an elevation of 45 degrees, and each time it was visible, was in the same position. There was no sound apparent. He had never seen anything like it before. NOTAM info has been consulted and no laser display was listed in the area.
Source: SUFON Files: witness via Facebook