2016 - Reports: 54


9:20 AM.

Broken cloud.

Brian Harry was at home in Bevan Close, Waunarlwydd and had just let his dog out the back garden, which faces south-west. He was standing on the step of his conservatory, looking east in the direction of Cockett, and the morning sun.

At an elevation of about 80 degrees (11 o’clock high as he described it), high in the sky, he saw a solid-looking, round, silver object, quite large in his estimation, emerging from behind a high wispy cloud formation, moving slowly and gliding into an area of blue sky towards a thicker cloud formation to the right.

There was no vapour trail apparent. The sun was behind and to the left of the object. He said it was definitely a solid object. He watched it for about 30 – 40 seconds when suddenly there was a bright flash, like an electrical discharge and the object disappeared instantly.

Source: SUFON Files: Brian Harry



10.15 AM.

Weather dry, overcast, no wind.

Emlyn Williams (51) was driving with his partner, Christina Reynolds (44) along Cwmbach Road, heading east towards Swansea city centre. As they approached the junction with Station Road, Cockett, they saw ahead, over houses towards Cwmdu direction, two dark objects which they at first thought were birds.

Turning to the left and heading north up Station Road, they kept an eye on the objects as best they could through spaces between houses on the right, and noted that they were too large to be birds, and seemed to be revolving around a common centre, at a steady rate, not slow, one object much larger than the other, and both black in colour.

They were moving slowly but steadily to the north-east.

Emlyn and Chris then turned right at the junction at Fforestfach, onto Carmarthen Road, and again heading east. They could see that the objects were still moving north-east and had just crossed Carmarthen Road ahead of them and were now on the left and getting higher from their initial altitude of about a hundred feet.

Emlyn pulled the car over opposite Cwmdu Industrial Estate to get a better look and Chris took some photos and a short video on her mobile phone.

The objects were shapeless ‘blobs’ and were still revolving around a common centre, one big, one small. The large one was about 10-20 feet across, the smaller being about a third of this.

There was no sound and no lights were visible coming from the objects, generated or reflected. They got higher and higher as they passed over Gendros until just visible as a tiny dark dot in the sky in the north-east.

Source: SUFON Files: Emlyn Williams.

SEE VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/emlyn.williams.3/videos/vb.1341886864/10205695493570235/?type=



9.10 PM.

The witness, living in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, a small village in Powys, went outside for a cigarette andnoticed something in the distance, just above the skyline. At first thought, the witness took it to be a helicopter or plane, not an unusual occurence at this location. However that notion was discarded as the object seemed to be stationary and appeared to be hovering. It had three red lights in a triangular formation, with a blue-white blinking light in the centre.

Some bangs were heard in the distance that sounded like something impacting rather than a gunshot or firework, and then the object disappeared. Around 30 seconds later it reappeared and began rapidle gaining altitude. As it ascended the red lights disappeared. Within about 45 seconds it was ell above the witness's head and moving to the east towards Four Crosses (south-east), about a mile away.

The witness watched it as it travelled at speed, noticing a smaller orange steady light behind the bluw-white one. It was observed for roughly a minute until it had flown out of sight.

"I attempted to get a photo or video of the object but unfortunately I only had my mobile phone to hand and the camera couldn't pick up the lights, presumably due to its distance. My only thought is that this could've been a remote controlled camera drone, but it appeared to be very large and moved large distances in a short time, making me think that it would've traveled out of the range of a remote control, and as to why anyone would fly a camera drone in a countryside town, in the dark, is beyond me. "

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/03%2002%202016%20Multicoloured%20UFO%20Over%20Llansantffraid%20ym-Mechain,%20Powys,%20Wales,%20UK.html



3.30 AM.

Three friends went for a walk in the dark in the nature reserve of Merthyr Mawr on the coast west of the mouth of the river Ogmore, near Bridgend. They were intending to practice using their night-vision cameras.

When in the forest near the sand dunes, they heard a sound in the forest like clicking. One of them decided to get a torch out and shone it through the forest and saw a large pair of ‘eyes’ reflecting back. Calling to the others, the eyes disappeared. Two seconds later they came back, and the three friends saw them for about five seconds.

They were about 200 yards away, and if they were on a person, the person would be tall, and the eyes were pretty big. One of the friends decided to get a camera out while the other two kept a watch.

Just then an object appeared from out of the clouds, described as a spinning object flashing bright yellow, orange and blue on the outside, descending slowly and landing in a field not far away behind some trees. They knew it could not be a helicopter as there was no noise. They were all shocked and decided to leave the area. While walking back, lights were seen like car headlights shining onto them, but there were no cars.

Source: beta.ufostalker.com – uploaded by witness 23 February 2016.



Case summary below - see full info in our investigation page: http://mmaunder747.wixsite.com/swansea-ufo-network - also see article in Outer Limits Magazine: https://issuu.com/scoop123/docs/olm_issue_13aa

Multiple witnesses of a huge UFO and other lights. Military planes and helicopters, a chase, explosions, physical effects such as shaken buildings, damaged trees and wreckage on the ground. An apache helicopter landing with its cockpit on fire. Weird snow and mystery men in white coveralls. Could be a scenario worthy of an episode of the X-Files? Certainly, but this really happened on a cold winter night in South Wales in 2016.

A lot of miltary aircraft activity in the area around Llantrisant woke people up, and some claim to have seen unidentified lights which don't seem to conform to the normal idea of  military aircraft. It has been reported that these lights were chased and fired at by the military aircraft.  Explosions were heard, and buildings shaken. The official line is that it was part of an Armed Forces exercise  - but why would they perform a military exercise in a populated area at that time of the morning - using live ammunition? The military helicopter that reportedly had to make an emergency landing due to a fire in the cockpit, landed at Cardiff Airport - a civilian airport.

The activity, which continued through the morning, has been officially explained to have been a bi-annual training package known as exercise Chameleon.

Just after midnight, Mike Henbury was taking his dog for a walk along Tyn-y-Coed Road, and watched a plane circling in the sky. There had been a lot of military activity in the air for much of the day and night before. Suddenly another plane appeared and joined the circling of the first plane. Others joined to make 5 large planes flying a circular search pattern. He watched as he thought this very strange.

A red pulsing light appeared, followed by two more to form a triangle descending from the clouds. Mike: "It looked very large indeed. I don't think it touched down totally but about 10 to 12 feet from the ground it lit up fully, showing the full outline of it, then it dimmed down ."

Black, red and green orbs emerged from it, "as if they were dancing and moulding into one pulsing from red to green slowly". A green orb then shot up in the centre of the aircraft. It started pulsing very fast and bright, then it slowly headed towards the north west, with a bobbing motion and glowing. Two of the aircraft came out from the circling formation and followed it. The other orbs remained, glowing red and dimming in the area where the large craft had come down. 

Mike had seen enough by this time, and wondered who was more scared, him or his dog. They hurried on home and Mike thought he had seen something he shouldn't have. He couldn't sleep for hours. At about 4 a.m. he heard a huge explosion in the distance, followed by a second explosion about 3 or 4 seconds afterwards.

Another witness, Peter Piper: "I tried to identify the helicopters around 3.30 to 4.10 am but due to their altitude and cloud base this proved difficult. I didn't hear any Chinooks, (very distinctive low frequency twin rotor sound). What I did see sounded and looked approximately the size of US Sikorsky Black Hawk Helos.

Caz Clarke, who also witnessed the events said: "I can categorically state that this was NO EXCERCISE! Last night I saw absolutely everything and what they were chasing were not planes! I will take a lie detector anywhere for anyone but what I witnessed last night will stay with me for the rest of my life. What is more, the military knew they were coming and had a spotter plane in the air for two days waiting for "the event". When it came four planes chased the "green" object whilst the spotter plane circled approx'  "six "red oval objects" which formed a pyramid shape.  Several red spheres hovered silently above the fields until the helicopters came..."

Michael Hopkins commented on the online thread: "Just heard from two people from Pentyrch who also saw 6 red and 1 green light in pyramid formation over Talbot Green area. Apparently they saw the green light being chased and shot down by an aircraft. There were 6 chinooks and a few smaller helicopters, 3 apache helicopters and RAF jets.  I also heard from someone who works in the Royal Glam hospital who said that the explosion shook the hospital to the foundations and the windows rattled. There was a second smaller explosion just after the large one. When he went outside to see what was going on there was smoke everywhere"

Diane Blackmore, of Pontyclun, said: "There were three helicopters flying very low for hours. I phoned 101 and they confirmed it was a military exercise. I was worried that something horrible had happened."

Christopher Buckley of Llantristant, said he was awoken by an explosion in the middle of the night. "There were helicopters and planes everywhere and then something hit and made an explosion."

Representatives of South Wales Awakenings! attended a talk by Richard D Hall in Merthyr on Sunday 28th February 2016. They reported that a number of people in the audience reported and discussed some strange sightings on the night of 26th February in the Llantrisant and Pontyclun area:

"One lady recalled a number of red and green lights appearing to be chased by apache-type helicopters, followed by an explosion causing her to believe that the ‘UFO/s’ with green and red lights was shot down. Several audience members reported multiple explosions, one particularly loud one. And many reported seeing strange lights, apache-type helicopters, chinooks and other military aircraft."

A contributor to the online chat below the Wales On-line article, identified as 'alfisti', referring to the landing at Cardiff Airport, said: "Google South Wales Aviation Group, go three quarters of the way down the page to 'Aircraft Logs Archive'.  Then look at the Cardiff airport logs for friday 26.02.16  Second main photo down reports an Emergency landing @ 04.34 by an aircraft that does not usually hang out at a commercial airport in the early hours of the morning !!" The photograph does indeed show an Apache helicopter on the tarmac of the airport.

On 6 October 2017 SUFON's Emlyn Williams took a trip to Pentyrch to meet Caz Clarke (not real name), together with other witnesses Dave,  Steve and Donna (not real names). Michael Hopkins and his son, Adam were also there. After meeting at the village's only phone box, the group walked a short distance to a field on the western edge of the village, near Caz's home. Caz said that planes had been seen circling the area for two days before the night's event, and she is adamant, and it certainly seems the case, that the military authorities knew that something was going to occur. They knew where but they didn't know exactly when, hence why they were waiting. When one plane departed another would arrive to continue the surveillance. At about 2.40 a.m. on the night in question she and Dave were in her house and heard a lot of aerial activity so decided to go outside to see what was happening. They walked to the gate at the eastern corner of a field at the end of a lane off Heol Penllwyn, on the western edge of the village. A lot of planes were in the area, including an E3 sentry plane which circled the area approximately seven times, taking about 5 mins to do one circuit. It was about this time that the smaller spotter planes left the area.

The two witnesses spotted a red light to the west above, and beyond the line of trees that mark the field's western extremity. This was followed by other red lights, that formed the outer edges of a huge triangle standing upright, tilted to the right, with a convex, rather than straight lower edge. They did not see it 'arrive' but rather just appeared in front of them, and Caz suggests that it travelled inter-dimensionally.  A small green-lighted object, emerged from the top of the large object. The lights were so bright it was difficult to see their individual shape.

Caz explained that as the green object emerged from the top of the large one, four military planes arrived, two from the direction of RAF St Athan and two from the direction of Cardiff. The green object flashed or strobed three times and headed off to the north-west towards Llantrisant and the aircraft chased it. Three apache helicopters approached low across the fields from the south, in a pyramid formation. They were so low that the witnesses could see the grass moving. 

The large object then dipped to the right, turning on its axis. It descended below the tree line, but due to the trees having no leaves, the witnesses could see through them, showing that as the object was turning on its axis, it was descending into the field to the north of where it had initailly appeared. As the object neared the gound, the bright red lights towards the bottom of the craft became brighter and changed to street-light orange. They gave off so much light that the sides of the craft were illuminated, showing a pyramid shape to it. The lowest lights now became really bright, almost white/orange and releasing several fingers of light arcing down to the ground, like coloured lightning. The red lights then went out and the large object was no longer visible.

All this time Caz and Dave were standing at the gate to the field, watching it all going on. After the large object had disappeared they decided to enter the field and walked towards the site, reaching the gate at the opposite side of the first field, leading into the second (above which the large object had appeared. However they lost their nerve when they again became aware of the E3 sentry plane, and so they decided to turn around and head back to the gate.

Caz and Dave's description seems to corroborate that given by Mike Henbury who was on on Tyn-y-coed Road with his dog. The road is a narrow lane which lies to the north of the 'landing' field, and runs along its northern boundary. So we have two witness locations describing the same event, one from the east and one from the north.

Caz and Dave now saw two upright barrel-shaped red lights about 30 feet above them at the gate. One came across the top of the oak tree next to the witnesses, and the other over the hedge. The one over the tree suddenly changed from red to green 'like someone had flicked a switch'. 

Caz explained later, "This was the size of a small car and looked like it was covered with lots of tiny light bulbs not as small as leds more like the bulbs you would find on a fair ground ride! It was tail light red and turned traffic light green.... I was close enough to see the individual bulbs it was practically above my head."

The other one stayed red and went off to towards the south-west. There was no sound. The green one went towards the north-east in the direction of Garth Mountain. The two witnesses went home as the E3 plane came back. One interesting fact was that the witness's mobile phones each lost their charge during the event.

Emlyn Williams walked with the group through the field, turning north and across into the adjacent field where the large craft had descended. This field was marshy and filled with scrub, rising to the north. 

The group investigated in the days that followed the event and had discovered that the green object had headed over Llantrisant Common and a missile or missiles had been fired in the area of Smilog Wood (Forestry Commission conifers), which lies near the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant. Caz and Steve went to Llantrisant Common and found that areas of the common had been cordoned off with yellow tape, and piles of metal (probably parts of the missile/s) were arranged in neat piles ready to be picked up. So a meticulous search had apparently been made of the common and every piece of metal had been picked up. A dog-walker had told them that there had been an explosion in Smilog Wood behind the hospital. In Smilog Wood itself, Steve and Donna explained, the top half  of trees had been snapped off, showing that something had flown very low and had come into contact with the trees. They had also found out that a section of the M4 motorway between Port Talbot and Swansea had been closed to traffic at the time. A line drawn from Pentyrch-Smilog Wood, if continued to the north-west, in the direction of travel made by the green object and military aircraft, heads straight to that section of motorway.

That wasn't the end to the mystery, however. For two days after the event it snowed in the field over which the large object had descended and nowhere else and the snow was very strange. Donna compared it to the little foam balls you get in a beanbag, it was squashy like marshmallow and round and didn't melt in your hand. It rolled off your clothes as it fell. They had never seen snow like that before or since.

A day or two after that, tents appeared in the field to the south of the gate. Caz showed a photo which she had taken at the time to Emlyn Williams. It showed two white gazebos with sides and several green one or two-man tents in two neat rows along one edge of the field. Figures in white paper overalls were seen walking around. Caz's neighbour had told her that she had been told, on enquiring the reasons for the camp that they were a fracking survey team. Another explanation to someone else was that they were a team working for Vodaphone (but as Caz pointed out - "Vodaphone don't wear digital cammos and carry guns!"). The Pentyrch group had approached the tents and were challenged by a young man who tried to move the group on and acting very "twitchy". Caz asked the man what they were doing there and he said he'd have to check with his "commanding officer". The 'officer' then appeared and explained that they were on a mlitary exercise in case of emergency  looking for mock land mines! The mystery team had a vehicle parked nearby, a rental van with 'Enterprise' written on it. The reason for the camp, so soon after the night's events of the 26th could not be anything but connected. Donna kept an eye on the strange activity and saw that they were doing a finger-tip search of the area to the east of the quarry which lies on the far west of the site. Caz explained that one of the figures in white coveralls was standing in the first field (the one that the gate leads into) with a laptop opened and the words, 'We must find it..' were distinctly heard, emphasising the fact that they were looking for something. 

The Pentyrch group continued to research the event and discovered that there were no commercial flights over Wales at all on the night of the 26th February. Implying that they had been re-routed. Radar records show a circular pattern of flights by the military aircraft around the Llantrisant area and Caz managed to obtain a photograph of the apache helicopter that had been forced to land at Cardiff Airport, despite RAF St. Athan being just a few miles to the west, showing that it had indeed run into difficulties.

Michael Hopkins, of Pontypridd, although, like Steve and Donna, not a witness to the main event, had made contact with the Pentyrch group and offered help in researching the incident. He produced a CGI of the large object from the description given by Caz and Dave. However Caz says that it is not fully accurate and has made some drawings by hand.

On 19 October 2017 Emlyn Williams returned to Pentyrch, this time accompanied by Mike Maunder. They met Caz Clarke, Donna and Dave. Caz took Emlyn and Mike around the fields in question, and an EMF meter was used. There were definite spikes in the south-east corner of the field where Caz said they saw the large object come near to the ground and where lightning was seen arcing down to the ground. Mike took 24 photos during the survey, but when he got back to Swansea he found that not one photo had been recorded. He checked his phone, taking some photos and it was working fine.

Subsequently we have received more information from members of the public:

Matthew Cousins who works at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital explained that he was working the night shift that night. He can't remember the exact time but a loud bang shook the whole hospital. He ran to the window for he thought something like a lorry had crashed into the side of the ward. Shortly after that, there was a smell like sulphur coming through the vents, which lingered all night through the corridors of the hospital. He said he went outside to try to work out what had happened because he was puzzled, and noticed smoke coming like mist through the air. He said it seemed to be coming from the direction of Llantrisant Common. He thought a nearby factory might have had an explosion. He added, "There were helicopters circling right throughout the night from the early hours right up to 6ish maybe in the morning." 

Pentyrch lies on the southern slope of Garth Mountain, known locally as 'The Garth'. The summit is just above the village to the north and is surmounted by a bronze age burial mound, on top of which is a trig-point at 1,007 feet (307m). The mountain is easily recognisable for miles around, due to the 'pimple' on the top. Caz explained that several ley lines intersect near the village, and they have had many UFO sightings here over the years. Garth Mountain figures strongly in local folklore, and the events of 26 February 2016 seems to be continuing this tradition.

Sources: Walesonline                         How military training planes and helicopters kept parts of South Wales awake

Sources  South Wales Awakening     Strange explosions/ ufo over Llantrisant

SUFON meeting with witnesses 6 October 2017 / Michael Hopkins image. / subsequent correspondence with Caz Clarke.



Pencil drawings courtesy of Caz Clarke.

CGI images courtesy of Michael Hopkins.



5 PM.

Mike was driving through the countryside near Llanfair Caereinion and saw a huge white cylinder-like object in the sky. His passenger in the car also saw the object.

"This thing was rounded with flat ends. I would say its dimensions were 30ft in length and 10ft in diameter. It was glowing, fluorescent and stood out well against the light blue sky. I watched the object move along slowly for about 4 seconds before it turned about 45 degrees, at which point it increased in speed. After it had turned I saw what looked like black squares, (possibly windows) running down its side. The object picked up speed and flew away towards the Berwyn Mountains region. I have seen other UFOs before in my time, but this has been the most exciting for me by far."

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/UFO%20Report%20-%20170316%2030%20Foot%20Long%20Glowing%20Cylinder%20Seen%20Travelling%20Over%20Llanfair%20Caereinion,%20Powys,%20Wales%20UK.html



"I was taking photos on top of the toll booths at the 1st Severn Bridge between England and Wales. I was taking some long exposure photos of the car trails and the bridge in the distance.

 After coming home and looking through the pics, I have noticed some lights in the sky.The photo attached is a 10 second exposure taken on my Pentax K5-II digital camera, which was on a tripod. It seems the object stayed stationary for a point then a "shadow" shows from where it moved.

 I was taking a HDR shot, of which I have 5 separate exposure and it shows on all.  Photos taken after, do not have these lights on."

Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing MUFON. Reported by witness to MUFON 19 March 2016.



31 MARCH 2016 – BANWEN


An object was seen passing over Banwen from the Neath direction heading towards the Brecon Beacons (south to north). It was low in altitude and made no noise.

 It was described as being like a massive articulated lorry in the sky with lights down each side, very slow moving.
More details to follow.

Source: SUFON Files: Ian Johnson.




7 PM.

 Light and clear.

Mark Rayworth and his wife were having a meal in the high-rise Grape & Olive restaurant on the 29th floor of the Meridian Tower in Swansea Marina. Being at the top of the building they had fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Looking to the east, white flashing lights caught Mark’s eye. They saw an object travelling from the Port Talbot direction over Baglan (their right to left), so heading south to north. It was in a position higher than the hills behind Baglan and was a long, dark, cylinder-shaped object with a white flashing light at each end. These lights were bright as they could be seen even though it was still daylight. Mark repeated that it was long and so was not a conventional aircraft.

He said it seemed to stop at times but continued on its way towards Llandarcy and so out of sight behind Kilvey Hill. Mark said it looked like it was coming down, and so was descending.

Source: SUFON Files: Mark Rayworth correspondence 10 April 2016.



2.30 PM.

'I saw a small, very bright white circular object that passed from a high declination to a lower declination, almost vertically relative to my position.

 It was very close to, and to the right of the moon, moving slowly in a straight line in strong sunlight with clear skies. It was visible for about 2 minutes, then it quickly faded away at a point below the moon.

Over those 2 minutes, it covered roughly 5 degrees of the sky.'

Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org uploaded 13 April 2016.




The witness was lying awake in bed at Glanmor Gardens in Dowlais looking at the sky through the window. A fast-moving object caught the eye and the witness got out of bed for a better look before it went out of view. It moved fast on a straight trajectory before making a U-turn and disappearing.

The witness realised it was not a plane as it was moving too fast. The U-turn confirmed this. It all happened very quickly but the witness was able to describe the object as being boomerang-shaped and made him/her think of a glider. It displayed no lights.

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/75953 citing MUFON: witness reported 20 April 2016 - 22 minutes after sighting. 



4.30 PM

Freddie and Mary Hollamby were walking their dog in Long View Road, Clase, Morriston and were taking photos of vapour trails from high-level planes in the sky. They were standing on the corner with Third Avenue, facing north.

They noticed an object hovering in the north-west at an altitude of about 4-500 ft. It was wobbling slightly ‘like a jelly’ and remained in position for about two minutes before shooting off at speed to the WSW, taking about two seconds to disappear.

They emailed the photo to Swansea UFO Network who enhanced the image.                  

source SUFON Files. Witness correspondence April 2016 and interview with Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 3 May 2016.





9.38 AM

Gary Jones of Brecon was walking along the coastpath from Aberaeron towards Newport with his wife and two friends, taking photos. He took one shot looking back towards Aberaeron.  He did not see anything at the time but on examining the photo a few weeks later, spotted what seems to be a dark disc-shaped object with a light shining beneath. The object is over the sea, roughly off Aberaeron, at a high altitude, possibly 2000 ft. The photo was timed at 09.38.

 Source: SUFON files: Witness email August 2017.



2.30 AM.

Rob Morgan:

'Looking up at the stars I noticed one star (as I thought) was moving slightly, then disappeared. Then a light shot across the sky making an S shape, very quickly and disappeared.'

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 4 May 2016



11.20 AM.

Dry and fine, blue sky with wispy clouds.

Brian Harry was driving his van east along the M4 with work colleague, Martin. Just as they were approaching Junction 45, Brian noticed a pale bronze green solid saucer-shaped object in the sky, high up, which was clearly visible for a short while.

It was at an 11 o'clock position an lower than what a jet liner would be. There was no vapour trail. There were several jet liners visible at the time, all of which were leaving vapour trails.

It was moving from left to right - in a south-westerly direction on a level path. He watched it as long as he could until he vanished behind clouds. Martin did not see it as he was on his mobile phone.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 28 June 2016.



The witness was driving a van from Tenby to Carmarthen along the A477 and saw an object descibed as being like a pure white cigar which seemed to appear out of nowhere in the sky ahead, at cloud level. It was as large as a plane. It had no markings visible.

The witness watched, expecting to see wings as it turned but then several more identical objects appeared out of nowhere behind it in a line following each other. The witness was startled now as more and more appeared from nowhere. 17 were counted until the witness lost track as several more appeared and flew at the side of the line of the craft, but these rocked side to side as if swinging on a piece of string.

Before the witness could get a phone out to take a photo, they turned in the direction the witness was travelling and vanished one by one, disappearing in thin air. They made no sound at all. The van's window was open and only the sound of other traffic was heard.

The witness arrived in Carmarthen feeling a bit scared, checked the news and radio to find out if anyone else had seen the objects, but there was nothing:

"...haven't told anyone as I'm scared of being laughed at but I've seen these craft and can't believe nobody else has reported it. Hope I'm not going nuts? I've been expecting reports on the news but nothing at all! Now I find myself watching the sky...have done all day. I don't know if anybody in the cars in front of me saw them so I don't have any witness to back me up nor any pics...I'm gutted I didn't get any pics or film of them".

Source: www.ufohunters.com citing MUFON. Uploaded by witness 16 May 2016.



10.05 PM.

 Clear sky, no clouds.

Partners John Thorne and Pam Ahearne were sitting in their living room at home on Jersey Road, Winchwen, watching television.

The house is situated on the east side of Jersey Road a little to the north of the junction with Carmel Road, and their back garden looks onto open land to the north of Carmel Road, facing up-hill.

Their sitting room has front and back windows, and is aligned west-east. Pam suddenly noticed lights in the sky through the rear window to the east, and exclaimed - 'What's that?' They rushed out into the back garden for a better view and saw, heading away from them (which had already passed over the area of their house), and heading east, an aerial craft of some sort which displayed many bright round white lights 'like diamonds' strung in a long line.

Their view was only of the rear of the object, the shape of which was a long thin rectangle, and was wide but thin in height, its width compared with the wingspan of jumbo jet.

They could not say what shape in plan the object was as it was only viewed from the rear. They could not tell what colour the body of the object was as it was night and the lights were bright.

There was no noise and the lights were in a single row, covering the entire width of the object. It was at an elevation of about 30 degrees, was about 200 metres away when they first view have displayeded it when entering their garden, and was about 200 - 300 feet in altitude, as it headed over Carmel Road, which runs west-east so the object's course was approximately that of the road.

There were no flashing lights, Pam said it 'crept along' at a slow speed on a straight and level course, and the couple watched for about two minutes before it moved out of sight over the horizon in the east.
One strange thing noted was the fact that their two dogs, who normally follow them into the garden, barking madly at anything, stayed quietly indoors for the entire time the object was in view.

The dogs were back to normal a short time later and, and have displayed no other uncharacteristic behaviour.

Although John has maintained an interest in UFOs over many years, and has had many previous sightings, Pam admitted that she was not interested at all until this sighting.

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 May 2016.



About 12.30 AM.

A man had finished his shift working in a pub in Killay and was driving alone northwards along Ceri Road, towards Gowerton when he saw an object in the sky on his left over Gowerton School, heading south.

It was described as a long shape displaying 8 bright lights. He slowed down for a better view, as did a car coming from the opposite direction. It was high one minute, then suddenly had descended to hover just above the trees near a riding school.

He pulled in to take a photograph of the object, but by that time it had disappeared. He is used to seeing helicopters and aircraft in the area, but what he saw shook him, despite him being of large stature.

Another witness, on her way home to Pontlliw from working at a pub in Penllergaer, had seen the object over Pontlliw, which lies to the north-east of Gowerton.

Source: SUFON Files - reported by mother of witness 23 June 2016 - further details awaited.




7.45 PM.

Blue sky, hot.

Mark Rayworth was with his 3-year-old daughter, driving down Townhill Road, heading for Gors Avenue so was travelling north-east.

He noticed an all-over white cylinder-shaped object in a horizontal attitude off to his right, not far from Mayhill Post Office. It seemed to be in a stationary position, and was about the length of two helicopters. It was at low altitude, in a position between the post office and Mayhill School.

He turned right into Granogwen Road and headed towards Mayhill School to get a better view and take some video with his phone, but the object had disappeared.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams via Facebook 19 July 2016.




Sharon Evans is a Medium (and an accurate one from my experience). She often awakens during the night. When she does she usually  sits in the quiet of the back garden with a cuppa. She has reported several sightings to me but this one was quite something.

It was around 5.30 am on 19 July 2016 - so the sighting was fresh in her mind when she told me about it.
Before going outside she was aware of a loud boom-boom-boom noise - which had the rhythm, and reminded her of, a heart monitor (but extremely loud she said).

Although she'd never heard this sound where she lives before she wondered if it might be a milking machine somewhere, the noise carried on the wind. It wasn't windy.

Anyway she went outside and the noise was much louder. She sat down and looked at the stars and soon became aware of a string of 6 very bright white identical shapes moving towards her direction from the west - which means that they had come from the sea (Bantry Bay [think he means Cardigan Bay] would be on the straight alignment). She continued to watch them. They were in a perfect line and the same distance apart. She reckons they were the height of the transatlantic flights that go over here (very high but I don't know what that would be) - but they were at least 5 times the size.

They were (as drawn) square-shaped but with slightly concave sides. She watched them for several minutes as they passed overhead and towards the east, the Preseli Mountains - this is towards where the Bluestones from Stonehenge originated. When they got to around that distance each  in turn and immediately after each other then exploded in a very bright flash - 'sparkling like the brightest diamonds', is how Sharon described it. (It reminded me of Startrek warp drive - at least I think that's what they did to show it, haven't seen it since I was a kid). After each had disappearedone after the other in bright flashes the noise stopped.

When Sharon has seen strange craft in the sky before she has always retreated inside quickly because although courageous when it comes to dealing with spirits she is not confident that she could deal with 'aliens'.

She is a very honest and reliable witness who I have known for quite a while now - almost since I moved here.

Source: Ellis Taylor report sent to Contact International, Oxford - copied to SUFON 28 July 2016.




10.30 AM.

Blue sky, hot.

Mark Rayworth was outside his business unit at Oxwich Court, Swansea Enterprise Park, when he saw three silver orbs in a triangular formation travelling about the speed of an aircraft at high altitude coming from the city centre towards Morriston (south-west to north-east).

They were at high altitude and the 'triangle' was moving in a horizontal manner with one of the three points towards the front.

There was no sound. Mark watched them for about 5 minutes and they disappeared right before his eyes, in a position roughly over Morriston Cross (the centre of Morriston), which would be to the north west of his location.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams via Facebook 19 July 2016.




Time: 3.15 AM.

Three teenagers, Liam Williams (17), George (17) and another aged 16 who doesn't want to be identified, we shall call 'H', were standing on a balcony at the rear of a house on Myrtle Hill, Ponthenri. The balcony faced north-west, across the Gwendraeth Valley.

'H' suddenly said, 'What's the heck is that?' and they saw 5 objects moving around randomly. They were at a 30 degree elevation at their highest point above the north-west horizon, being the hills on the other side of the valley, about a mile away. They were moving slowly and independently, stopping before changing direction in random movements.

Each object was shaped like a teardrop lying on its side, and were displaying bright colours which constantly flashed, changing from white/orange/red and blue. Three of them were arranged in a triangle shape and one more below the bottom of the triangle. The one at the bottom, nearest the horizon dropped down below the hill a few times.

This went on for about an hour, and George got a bit paranoid and went indoors.
The boys were sure the objects were not drones or helicopters.
Liam's drawing of the shape of the object

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed on site by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2016.




2.15 AM. Clear night.

Liam Williams (17) was standing outside the front of his house in Maes Gwyn, Pontyates, which faces north, for a cigarette. Looking up at the sky, facing his house (south), he saw what he thought at first was a satellite heading north-east, over the Gwendraeth Valley. It got to a position above him and then suddenly changed course sharply to the right, then sharp left to continue its original course. It then slowed down, stopped and reversed direction to go back from where it had come from, but faster and then shot off at an angle upwards "into space". Duration of sighting: about 10 seconds. Shortly afterwards Liam said his TV had interference for about 20 seconds.


The view above Liam's house where he saw the light.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed on site by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2016.



5.50 AM

Broken cloud, blue sky.

Stephen Gray was at home in Lon Enfys, Trallwn. He hadn't been able to sleep and was up early. At 5.50 AM, he was outside his front door having a cigarette. He heard the sound of a high - level airliner overhead and looked up, facing west, with his front door directly behind him.

He saw the vapour trail and looked at the jet as it passed directly overhead, heading east (from Stephen's front to back). Subsequent research has established that the aircraft was a Delta Airlines Boeing 767 Flight DL22 Minneapolis-Detroit-Munich, aircraft registration no: N835MH, flying at 35,975 ft at 489 knts. Just as it was passing overhead, he noticed an object pacing the plane to its rear right. He described it as dark grey, cigar-shaped, about half the length and width of the fuselage of the plane. Even though it was dark grey, Stephen said he could see sun light reflecting off it.

The object then moved across the vapour trail of the plane to the plane's left, and passing below the vapour trail, so was at a slightly lower altitude. It then speeded up, shooting ahead on the plane's left side.

The plane and object were then obscured by the roof of Stephen's house behind him so was unable to see what happened next.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2016.



9.30 PM. Fine evening, no wind.

Violeta Mananes was walking on the north side of Swansea Marina (the old South Dock Basin portion), east of the Pump House pub, heading east. She saw an object moving north ahead of her (her right to left), just above a block of flats near the lock gates. It was of a metallic grey colour, of varying shades which seemed to be fluctuating, like light on water. It was moving very slowly and was roundish in shape, the upper part a lighter shade of grey. Violeta felt that she couldn't focus on it very well.

It was descending slightly on its course, which was obscured by a tree after it had passed over the building. She ran ahead to see where it had gone but it had disappeared somewhere in the area of Swansea Yacht Club. There were two couples walking together nearby who laughed at her, but they did say that they had wondered what it was, joking about a UFO, but had just dismissed it as a plastic bag. One of the women, though said that they had seen a cigar-shaped object near Swansea Airport that afternoon, but they were not interested in making anything of it!

After meeting Violeta on site on 29 July 2016, Emlyn Williams wonders if this was too simple and explanation. For a bag to get enough lift to make it go over a 10-storey building, a strong wind would be needed. And even if it had been caught in a local gust, it would not be moving slowly, as Violeta had reported.

The size of the object was then looked at, and a comparison was made with the size of the windows on the building over which the object had flown. It appeared that it would have been about 4 feet in diameter.

The wind direction that day was from the south-west, and varied between 7.6 - 12.2 mph (Mumbles weather station data), so was not very windy.

Another possibility is that it was a balloon, but that big, metallic grey and moving downwards?

Source: SUFON Files: Violeta Mananes.



9.50 PM

Gavin David was driving his van up the main street, Kenfig Hill, returning home from surfing at Sker near Porthcawl. When driving along that part of the road called Pisgah Street, his wife saw an object in the sky above them in the dusk. He stopped the van as it drifted straight over them from left to right. He jumped out and took a video on his phone. The house across the road from where they stopped is no.39. There was no sound as it continued moving the other side of the houses, and perhaps at an altitude of about 50 feet  towards Bridgend in the east. 

His first impression was that it was like a flying humanoid. He also thought it might have been an inflatable but it made a definite change in direction, and there was no wind.

The short video he took seems to show a cylinder-shaped object, vertically oriented, with some sort of protuberance at the top left. Dark in colour, it has a highlight on its right edge, possibly caused by dim reflected light.

Gavin said: 'I know it looks like a cylinder but when it went over my head it looked like a cape flying was well strange. Definitely looks tubular in that shot but was more like a wavy sheet, black in color at least 15 to 20 ft in size.'

Source: SUFON Files: witness interview on facebook July 2017.


27 JULY 2016 - CWMAFAN

9.35 PM. 

Lin Cullen was in Curnad Road, Cwmafan with a young teenage girl she was looking after. 

The girl pointed out a light high above them in the clear night sky. It was like a bright star but was making quick, erratic movements in all directions and angles.

Lin, intending not to frighten the girl by saying it was a UFO, told her it was a satellite. The girl asked why it was doing what it was doing and Lin said, 'It's trying to work out which way to go so it wouldn't crash into any others.'

The object then went straight up slowly and disappeared from sight. There was no noise at any time, and no flashing lights.

Source: SUFON Files: Lin Cullen interviewed by Emlyn Williams 20 August 2016.



12.10 AM. Warm and clear.

The witness said that due to a power cut which started at 6 pm on the evening of 28th July, it was decided to do some star gazing in the garden with the young son, aged 11. Four lights appeared just after midnight, moving erratically, and the witness could not explain what they were to the boy. They would zig-zag and then stop dead for a short while before shooting off, then reappearing and start 'dancing' again. At one point three of the lights appeared to be synchronised then again would stop for a short while before shooting off in different directions. After 30 minutes the boy got scared so was taken indoors to bed. The witness then returned to the garden to continue watching the display before clouds came in to obscure the view. Total duration of sighting - one hour.

Source: - http://www.beamsinvestigations.orh/LITS290716LlandoWales.html - reported by witness 1August 2016.




Oliver was driving down Highfield, Loughor, heading south / south-east.  He had a friend with him in the car. The friend spotted a round object in the sky on the right between the houses, and shouted, "what the hell is that!?".

Oliver looked, but could only see it for a split second each time as they drove past the houses. He couldn't figure out what what it was as he only saw it briefly. He wasn't sure if it was something large far away or something small close up. He had to look over his shoulder and upwards to see it, and concentrate on driving. 

He said it was  dark grey or black in colour, and did not recall seeing any lights on the object. He said, "It was definitely close enough for us to clearly confirm that it did not have any kind of wings or blades. If I had to guess, I'd say it was around the same size as a small helicopter, maybe slightly smaller. To me it was like seeing a regular low-flying helicopter, only it definitely wasn't a helicopter. "

There was no sound coming from the object, however they did not get out of the car and doesn't remember if they had music playing in the car. He believes it was too large and fast to be a drone. It was in line or running parallel with them when it was first seen, travelling in the same direction. Oliver was driving around 30-35 mph and by the time he stopped the car at the end of the road (which is a no-through road), it was moving away from the them.

Oliver quickly took out his phone and started to take video of it. He said it seemed higher than when he had first seen it, although this was difficult to guess at as they had been higher up when they first saw it, as the road runs downhill.

He managed to take 27 seconds of video, and the duration of the whole sighting was at least 2 to 3 minutes. The video shows a roundish irregular-shaped dark object.

"But it's just odd because we know it wasn't a plane, helicopter, chinese lantern and 99% sure it wasn't a drone. As I said it had flown further away by the time I got filming it, and on the video it also looked further away than it did to the naked eye". 

Further investigation has established that the wind speed and direction that afternoon was from the south-south west at 12 mph, and so the object was travelling against the wind, which rules out the possibility of it being a balloon or other object carried by the wind.

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails Feb-Mar 2017.



4.12 PM 

The witness was walking to sister's house with a friend and could see a view of the town of Pembroke.  A bright light was seen about 5 miles away. At first the witness thought it was the sun, but then realised that the sun was about 5 miles to the east of the light. It was pointed out to the friend, and as the witness looked back at the light it was gone with no trail or any clouds in the sky". 

Source: http://www.ufoworldnews.com/ufo-sighting-in-pembroke-wales-on-2016-08-18-161200-brightlight-that-suddenly-vanished/ Posted by witness: 10 February 2017.



9.10 PM. Fine dry clear night. Slight wind.

Husband & wife, Phil and Kris Prevel, and a friend, Gill Wood were in a layby on the A4067 overlooking Cray Reservoir. The planets and stars were becoming visible as it got dark.

They saw a bright object to the west 30 degrees above the horizon. It was like a small bright white light the size of planet moving erratically before winking out. It reappeared and winked out repeatedly, to left, right, above, below and diagonally in an erratic fashion. The only consistent thing was the winking on and off and appearance in a new position.

The witnesses also looked at the object through binoculars and all agreed that it was not a plane.

It did not travel across the sky at all, it was contained within a specific area (as if it were contained within a box or circle and couldn't move outside of it). It just disappeared.

The witnesses also saw three satellites, planets, one helicopter, one shooting star. The Milky Way was also visible.

Duration of sighting was 2 or 3 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files. 



9.06 PM.

A witness saw a bright light like a plane. It stayed in the same place for a bit then "bounced about in the sky", flashed then seemed to disappear.

The witness checked flights on a phone app and found that there were no planes near that position.

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/010916BouncingAerialLightSWalesUK.html



Evening - dusk

Two friends, Ben and Jack were parked up in Jack's car on land owned by a farmer they knew, looking at the view, having a smoke and chatting. Ben was home from university and the two were catching upon gossip. They were near Malthouse Farm, which is in an area known as Cilonen, west of Three Crosses. They were in an elevated position looking south west towards the middle part of the Gower Peninsula.

Directly ahead they noticed dark clouds slowly forming about five fields away. They seemed to gently twist like the eye of a storm, but on a much smaller scale and slowly. After the clouds had formed, a lightning bolt flashed. Stunned and excited they looked at each other with glee,mutually happy to have witnessed it. Then, retained within the cloud's circumference, another lightning bolt shot to the ground, and then another and another. It continued like this at steady pace of about one or two bolts a second.

The two witnesses wondered whether it was possible for lightning to strike in the same place twice, and why?


"Still enclosed within the circumference of the newly formed cloud formation, the lightning accelerated in consistency and frequency. The longer it lasted, the more aggressive the lightning became. It developed momentum and after about seven minutes, multiple bolts were striking once at an estimate of about four bolts per second."

It was like nothing the boys had ever seen before. The 'lightning' repeated in the same place, straight down from top to bottom.

"I could have drawn a thin column from the top of the windscreen to the bottom of the dashboard and the lightning would not have left that column....It appeared to be calculated and controlled."

Then Ben asked Jack where the thunder was? There was total silence. It had been silent for the full total of ten to fifteen minutes, with no sound of thunder, or anything. It was no further than 5 miles away at the most, well within the normal range of thunder.

"At some point towards the end of the storm, the lightning apparently became fully charged. At the point of climax, surging at an estimate of around five or even six bolts a second, it was as if someone had flicked a switch and it instantly stopped. I have never seen extreme weather completely stop like that. Then, at the exact same moment the lightning stopped, a silver, hovering disk appeared in its place. Right where the lightning had struck hovered a flying disk. It appeared quite small in the distance. The dialogue between Jack and I fell completely silent. The details of the craft were limited and vague because of the visual distraction it was emitting into the sky."

The craft was oval in shape, metallic in appearance, reflective, though slightly dull and hovering motionlessly and silently in mid air, a little closer to the ground than the clouds.

Out of the top of the object, a display of different coloured light shone upwards, like a 'V' which illuminated the horizon from end to end. Ben recalls what looked like light refraction on top of the disc from where the colours were emanating. The two boys were in awe of the spectacle. The colours switched constantly - beautiful perfect shades of pink, orange, blue, red, green. It had a profound effect on Ben, who said he had a feeling of stillness and calmness.

The craft descended from mid air and appeared to land on the ground. Ben said he was so mesmerised by the light display that he didn't consciously notice the descent of the craft. He became aware that it had descended and had been on the ground for some time, but he didn't know how long that was.

In its final moments, the last colour it shone was red. It prolonged the colour longer than the previous "chords" of colours. As instantly as the lightning had stopped, and as quickly as the disc had appeared, it vanished, "without any apparent trajectory systems, it disappeared. It didn't accelerate into the distance, it didn't ascend upwards into space....poof, just gone."

The boys stared frozen for a moment, then Jack started the car and drove away at speed.

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails December 2017.



Afternoon, sunny. A couple were having a picnic near a lake at Daerwynno, Llanwynno. They spotted two white orbs dancing around in the sky, which they watched for thirty minutes. The woman said they were:

'...going at crazy speed and random jerky movements, we knew they couldn't be planes or helicopters, they were too fast, and too high up to be a drone. They were completely silent. We were transfixed watching them in awe, they seemed to be disappearing then reappearing in other places? Anyway they finally disappeared completely then we heard a really loud sound, my boyfriend shouted oh my god turn around, I looked up and there were two extremely low flying military type planes, they were small and dark green in colour and were whizzing around the area we saw the orbs.'

She added that during the whole week the pensioners in her street had been complaining about so many low flying aircraft flying around, from police helicopters to military aircraft, which was not normal. This was happening at night also, keeping people awake.

Source: https://en.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/52wgt3/weird_sighting_yesterday_afternoon_in_south_wales/



9.30 PM.

A police helicopter crew filmed an object over the Bristol Channel as they were coming into land at St. Athan. It was giving off heat and could only be seen by infrared camera.

A dark, circular shape is seen hovering in the sky as police monitors can be heard observing what they are seeing - although they have admitted they have no idea what it was.

The National Police Air Service St Athan in South Wales tweeted footage of the UFO explaining it was not spotted by local air traffic control.

It was filmed over Bristol on Saturday, September 17, and shared online by NPAS St Athan, the National Police Air Service which is based in South Wales.

The clip, which they have revealed is part of a much longer video, was filmed "over the Bristol channel at approx 1,000ft", they explained.
The filming was set to 'black hot', which means there is heat coming off the craft.
"Really difficult to judge the size but we filmed it for just over seven minutes as we were coming back into land," they add.

Although some have stated it's obviously a balloon or lantern, they say that it's not so easily explained.
"We really don't know but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind," they said on Twitter.

@NPAS_StAthan added the object was very hot and moving against the wind, tweeting: “Any suggestion [sic]?? Nothing seen by local ATC... 👽??”
They said it was unlikely to be a lantern, adding: “We really don't know [what it is] but doubt it was a lantern as it was going into the wind.”

Replying to another user they posted: “Only slight problem is the amount of heat and it was travelling into wind?”
They also explained: “It was on Saturday night (September 24) about 21:30 and was spotted over the Bristol Channel at approx 1000ft. [This date is wrong - E.W.].

“Our clock is out by one hour so it was pitch black. Tried on day camera, nothing seen. this clip is just a small part of the vid.

“Really difficult to judge the size but we filmed it for just over 7 minutes as we were coming back into land.”




About 8.40 PM.

Simon Gray, of Trallwn Road, Trallwn, Swansea was at home and saw an orange glow in the sky, high up, moving faster than a satellite, "like a scalded cat" moving south to north. From his point of view he said it passed just below the first two stars in the constellation of Cassiopeia, moving fast.

It was shaped like an oblong, "but standing up".

Simon said there was no noise and it was glowing, but there were no flames or trail.

Source: SUFON Files - witness report.




A person from Stourbridge was in Cilan, Abersoch and took some photographs in the daylight. On looking at the photos on a laptop later spotted what at first were thought to be a flock of gulls, but then that notion was dismissed. The photograph was then enlarged and four disc-shaped luminous objects were apparent. They are remarkably similar to the object taken a month later on 21 October 2016 by Ray Putterill in Fishguard.

The photographer of the Abersoch photo states that there were no rain drops or other marks on the camera screen, as the rest of the photos taken show nothing like the four discs.

BEAMS comment: "We have analyzed this photograph using a detailed JPEG image decoder and analysis tool. It reports all metadata and can even help identify if an image has been edited; and it would appear that this photo has not been tampered with. These puzzling forms do not look like birds, planes, lanterns or reflections to us - so what on earth are they?"

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/250916AmazingDaylightUFOShotWales.html



10.15 PM. Patchy cloud, showers.

Lin Cullen was having a cigarette break from her workplace in Curnad Road, Cwmafan, and was standing at the rear of the premises on Heol Jiwbili, talking to her husband on her mobile phone. She saw what she thought at first was a "bright star" in a clear patch of sky, looking up the valley (north-east), altitude but then noticed that it was moving up and down, at an elevation of 50 degrees and at high altitude. It was making random movements in different directions, and periodically stopping and standing still. There was no sound from the object, and no flashing lights.  She gave her husband a running comentary on what she was seeing.

This went on for a couple of minutes, then another light appeared to the right of it, a pinpoint at first, but then growing bigger, becoming the same size as the first one. It then too started making the same movements as the first one, the two lights moving around together randomly. The first light then moved upwards and disappeared.

She went into her workplace to get a camera, but when she came back out the sky where the lights were had clouded over.

This sighting occured in the same place as her previous sighting of a similar object on 27 July 2016.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 8 October 2016.



About 11 PM.

Sleician Thomas and 12 year-old-son Jack were walking with their dogs in the SA1 area, next to Prince of Wales Dock, heading home to St. Thomas. They were facing north with Kilvey Hill ahead of them.

Jack saw a white light in the sky ahead of them and shouted out to his dad to get his camera out, which he did. Sleician managed to film about 2 seconds before the light was obscured by a building in front of them.

The light was moving quite fast, and appeared to slow down a little when it was being videoed. It was travelling on a level east-west course, not much higher than the top of  Kilvey Hill, which it flew over and was pulsing brighter at regular intervals.

The height of Kilvey Hill is 600 ft. There was no sound or flashing lights, which makes Sleician sure that it was not an aircraft or helicopter.

Source: SUFON Files. Witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams 29 October 2016.



9.17 PM. Overcast, with patchy clear sky.

Swansea UFO Network members, Laurence Lowe, Mike Maunder, Gaynor Vine and  Emlyn Williams were conducting a skywatch, standing next to a field gateway adjacent to the ruined Mount Hermon Chapel on the hill above Crofty, Gower.

They spotted a large orange orb hovering to the south about a mile away, roughly over the hills of Welsh Moor, about two hundred feet above the hills.

It was moving slightly back and fore. Emlyn looked at it through binoculars before it faded out. They came to the conclusion that it was not a drone or a Chinese lantern due to the way it moved.

Duration of sighting: about 20 seconds.

Source: SUFON Files




11 AM. Clear sky.

Steve Drewson was at home and saw an object in the sky at the same time that an airliner was passing over.

Here's his report:

At approximately 11am on Tuesday 4th October I was looking out of my upstairs rear bedroom window at Gowerton Road, Three Crosses, Swansea. The weather was fine and dry with blue sky. I observed a large passenger airliner flying from an East to West direction at a height of approximately 39,000 feet and a speed of about 500 mph. It was leaving a white vapour trail behind it. This is a regular occurrence, with transatlantic flights passing overhead in both directions every couple of minutes.

On this occasion however, positioned some considerable distance below it, was a black or dark coloured object moving in exactly the same direction. Now whilst this object appeared to be travelling at exactly the same speed and direction as the airliner, it was obvious that it was travelling much slower, as it was at a much lower altitude. I would estimate its speed to be about 100mph, but cannot accurately estimate its height, but if pushed would say about 10,000 feet, and its size maybe a third of that of an airliner.

There are light aircraft and microlights flying overhead coming to and from Fairwood Airport on a regular basis, but this object was flying at a much greater height than any light aircraft. I could clearly see that there were no wings or visible lights on the object, and it was far too high an altitude to be a helicopter. I was unable to determine its exact shape but it was clearly under intelligent control. Whilst it was moving in the same direction as the wind, which was blowing from the East, the object was clearly moving far faster than the wind was blowing.

Although I have stated that it appeared to be keeping pace with the jet above, it was clearly not in any way tracking or toying with it. I immediately went to find my binoculars but realised that they were not retrievable in time to spot the object before it disappeared. Neither was my camera available to me at a moment’s notice.

I had my mobile ’phone with me and put the ’phone’s camera on full zoom. I pointed it at the vapour trail which I could see in the viewfinder, but I was unable to see the other object. Assuming it would still be in the picture I took a photograph just before the airliner disappeared over the house. I then went outside to the front of my house and whilst I could still see the airliner above me, the other object had disappeared.

I subsequently checked the photograph and could clearly see the airliner with its vapour trail and there was a small dark spot on the image below it, but when I zoomed in on the object although it was clearly visible, it was pixelated to such an extent that I was unable to make out its shape.

A few days later, on the night of Saturday the 8th of October, I showed the photograph on my ’phone to three other members of SUFON who were participating in a sky watch at Rotherslade, Mumbles, Swansea. Unfortunately however, the image was accidentally deleted a few days later.

Source: SUFON Files: Steve Drewson.



6.50 PM.

A witness saw a white silver object floating in the sky which at times seemed cigar shaped.
"I was looking out the window over the valley (we live on a hill).

I noticed a cigar shaped object (or maybe more like a creamhorn) that was white/ shiny in the sky. I joked that it was a ufo. Then I watched it a little more - it seemed to be not moving. Impossible to ascertain distance or size. I took a picture with the ipad.

I put the ipad back on the table and when I looked out it was gone."

Duration of sighting: 1 minute.

Source www.ufostalker.com citing report to MUFON same day.




Between 9 PM and 11 PM.

Witness in Llanelli saw a white ball moving slowly back and fore in the sky for 30 minutes before moving off at speed. He is sure that it was not a helicopter or plane.

The witness has no interest in UFOs and does not wish to be identified.

Source: SUFON Files: witness is known to Milan Baljak



9.20 PM.

Christine Brown was in her back garden in Bowen Street, Hafod, Swansea, looking towards the east she saw two large round white lights, one above the other, stationary and high up over Kilvey Hill or Bonymaen area, possibly as far as Trallwn.

"Then all off a sudden there were three smaller lights darting about."

They were darting about, moving left and right at first, then up and down, zig-zagging and moving erratically. She described them as white and round and bigger than plane lights. She's sure they weren't planes because they were zig-zagging fast.

There was no sound and no flashing lights.

She went indoors then because she became a bit nervous.

Her friend who lives around the corner on Aberdeberthy Street, Hafod also saw the lights, but through the window from indoors.

Source: SUFON Files: reported by Ian Brown, son of witness via Facebook 19-20 October 2016.




7.40 AM.

Ray Putterill, 82, of New Road,  Goodwick, took a series of photos of dawn breaking over Fishguard Bay with his mobile phone from his back garden. Sunrise in Fishguard that morning was at 7.56 AM. Sunrise is timed from the moment when the first part of the sun's disc appears over the horizon.

When he showed the photos to his wife, Gillian, she spotted an object which they at first took to be a plane. But when they blew the image up, they could see that it formed a classic 'flying-saucer' shape of a domed disc.

“We still can’t quite believe what I caught on camera,” said a bemused Ray, 82, a former miner who formerly ran West Street Cars until his retirement told the County Echo.

“I’m useless at photography so there’s no way I could doctor that. I’m so hopeless I have to get Gillian to put photos up on Facebook!

He sent the photo to BUFORA who took a look at it but dismissed it as lens flare. But as there is no direct light source in the image this could not be. The photo was taken 16 minutes before sunrise, longer if one considers hills in the background, which would delay the sunrise by a few minutes.

Emlyn Williams contacted Ray Putterill to discuss the case, and permission to reproduce the image. Swansea UFO Network'S Roger Davies who created one image with a grid showing 4 equal area rectangles covering the object and similar sized areas for comparison. He looked at 3 of these, blew them up and subjected them to auto contrast .

The one with the Unidentified Object was then blown up again and he said he is inclined to think that this is a "Cloaked Object". Roger said, "I can see no reason for attributing image to lens flare!"

Emlyn Williams asked Ray Putterill to clarify some details and the following further information was gleaned. The object did not appear in other photographs taken at the time. It was taken from indoors, through a window, but Ray said there was no light source in the room that might have created a reflection in the glass.

County Echo enhancement.

Source: http://www.countyecho.co.uk/article.cfm?id=108146&headline=Experts%20dismiss%20reported%20%E2%80%98UFO%E2%80%99%20sighting§ionIs=news&searchyear=2016 and Facebook correspondence with Ray Putterill Nov-Dec 2016.



Witness: Louise. About 1.30 PM.

"I was sitting outside our back garden. The skies were beautifully clear. There were 2 Aeroplanes in the sky, but no-way near what we sighted.

There were 3 orbs at a very high altitude, they seem at first to be in a triangle formation ducking in and out of each other. Then they seem to go in different directions briefly before what seemed to be follow the leader heading towards the Brecon Beacons.

We watched them for what seemed ages but it was less than 5 minutes. There was no actual colour as the sun was deflecting making it seem they were silver.

I know it seems mad but at first I thought they were birds weaving in and out until my husband said that it was far to high altitude."

Source: http://www.ufo-sightings.co.uk/uk-ufo-sighting-neath-south-wales-22102016/#.WJnT7ieKkEM.twitter



8.35 PM.

Witness - Michael Hopkins:

I was on my way home to Pontypridd from a friend's house in Cardiff and took a route along the A4054 as a change from the more direct route, the A470. As I was approaching the Coryton interchange, Junction 32, on the Pendwyallt Road, I noticed some stationary lights in the sky approximately above the Morganstown quarry. I pulled into the access road for the Village Hotel, and stopped my car and got out for a better view. I saw a triangular object with a blue light on the far left corner, a red light on the far right corner and a slowly flashing red light in the centre of the triangle. The near corner was in darkness and did not have a light, but the shape of the corner could be clearly seen every time the centre light flashed on. I turned to reach into my car for my phone with the intention of taking a photograph, but when I turned back with phone in hand, the object had gone. There was no sign of lights moving away anywhere. I estimate that from initial observation of the object until its disappearance would have been around a minute. It must have been a cloudy night as no stars were visible.

Illustration supplied by the witness.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 10 January 2018.



A couple with their three children were at home sitting in the lounge. Fireworks were going off in the background to the rear of the house. 

They all looked through the rear window and saw a large object hovering over houses nearby. It looked oval or egg-shaped with large blue lights surrounding a single red light in the centre. It descended then seconds later, it changed direction and "appeared to follow what looked like a weather plane."

It is not understood what a weather plane is, but further information would be needed.

Duration of sighting: 5 seconds.

Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing MUFON. reported by witness 4 November 2016.



Approximately 8.50 PM.

Beverley was walking her dog and saw a bright reddish ball of light which seemed to have a green light flickering around it. It was flying back and forth in a straight line extremely fast and then seemed to fly behind a tree and disappeared. She was shocked and when she returned home her husband was concerned by how how afraid she was.

Source: www.ufo-sightings.co.uk reported 13 February 2017.



Around 6.30 pm dark clear sky. Roger Russell was walking along Capel Road towards Vera Road, (facing north-east - up the valley). He saw in the distance ahead of him a glowing orange light. At first he thought it was a street light, but after a moment he remembered that most of the street lights in the area had been converted to white LED.

"As I continued to watch the object flew towards me travelling down the Swansea valley towards the city, heading towards Morriston. What made it strange was at no time was there any sound from it. It wasn't blinking like an aeroplane or helicopter warning lights would. It was travelling faster than a helicopter but slower than a jet fighter. It passed right above me, again no sound; the road was quiet so no traffic noise."

It reminded Roger of a boomerang in shape.  He added that it was about 3 to 4 thousand feet in altitude.

As it disappeared out of his view towards Swansea it passed behind some low clouds.
Unfortunately he had left his house without his phone so could not take a photo.

Emlyn Williams was struck by the similarities to a sighting reported the previous year. He showed Roger the photo of the object seen, by coincidence from Capel Road, Clydach in late October 2015. Roger said that the object that he saw looked the same as the one in the photo.

Source: SUFON files: witness email correspondence, Nov. 2016.



10.09 AM.

A photographer, Lee Coates took a photo alongside the River Tawe near the Sainsbury's store in Swansea, looking south towards the bay.

"Did not observe. Just an unusual feature in camera raw file. Maybe a bird/Insect in flight. "
"I am a serious amateur photographer with a degree in Photojournalism. My background is Photography and the armed forces, so i have professional experience in observing distant objects. I must emphasise that I did not see the object in person.

I was out taking photographs on the morning of the 22nd of November 2016. It was a nice morning, the weather was normal for this time of the year at the location. At 10.09.47 I took the attached raw file using my sony A7r with a shutter speed of 1/15 of a second at f9.5 at iso 50 with the camera firmly set down on my tripod. I took the image, two different versions, one shot with a person passing through at 10.08.56, one without at 10.09.47. The first image has nothing odd at the location of the unusual looking object of note (I have studied the raw). Only upon studying the images in post using lightroom did I notice the object/flaw/bird/aberration.

I am a very open minded person BUT always think 100% logically so under these circumstances (unless someone tells me otherwise) would consider this to be a bird/insect flying past or rubbish blowing. I would always opt for the choice that can be confirmed with evidence. I am of course sure that you will tell me its probably be a bird, but wanting a second opinion, I have sent it in to you guys to take a look anyway."

BEAMS' conclusion: "The strange object on this image is most unlikely to be an insect or a bird, and neither does it appear to be any man made aircraft that we know of; also, it is just too substantial to be a digital flaw/artifact. All things considered, we conclude that this image is highly likely to be genuine, and shows an unknown aerial object moving at phenomenal speed."

Enhanced: Contrast adjusted, enlarged.
"I have attached a copy of the unedited raw file. A copy of the same file with the curves slider pushed to enhance the shape of the object. And a crop of the curves slider pushed image to direct your eyes and to be able to quickly look at the object magnified."

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/221116UnseenUFOCaptureSwanseaWales.html

citing MUFON and witness. Here's a link to original MUFON posting: http://www.ufo-hunters.com/sightings/search/584490af636e694f83389a35/UFO%20Sighting%20in%20Swansea,%20Wales%20(United%20Kingdom)%20on%20Tuesday%2022%20November%202016




4.32 PM.

The witness was walking along the B4245 Caldicot Bypass in Caldicot to a friend's house  and had just crossed the road near traffic lights at the junction with Woodstock Way.

Looking up, the witness saw a very low bright flying object which was triangular. The witness's first thought was that it was a meteorite, then thought it was a Chinese lantern.

It hovered over the witness for 3-5 seconds, who thought abot stopping traffic but took out a phone, by which time the craft was speeding away, across the road and just above the trees.

"...didn't have time to zoom my camera on my rubbish iphone4 so just took 2 pictures first, then recorded the object, by that time was shaking has you will see. my phone ran out of storage. so watched the object fly out of view. since the sighting i believe it was a military triangle drone, or the black triangle."

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/80691 citing MUFON report.



3.25 PM. Clear and cold, blue sky.

Michael was at work power washing lorries when he saw something moving through the sky. He described it as a vertical rectangle-shaped craft with a dome on top. It was silver in colour and was rotating anti-clockwise, the sun glinting off it as it turned. He said it was a solid object.

It was quite low in the sky around half a mile from him. He watched it for about a minute as it flew over Port Talbot steelworks, moving further away from him until it was out of sight.

Michael was quite happy that he had seen it and as he was about to go back to his work, a helicopter appeared from behind the plant where he worked and hovered right above him, "scanning the sky in the direction the craft had gone". It stayed for about two minutes before leaving over the mountains.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 13 January 2017.



Early evening.

Lin Cullen was with her son, Jack (13) on Swansea seafront near the observatory tower. They spotted a bright white light  over to the east of their location, in the air above the docks entrance by the the west pier. There was no noise and it was getting bigger then becoming smaller. They then saw smaller ones appearing and disappearing. She took a video on her phone. When looking at the footage later she noticed that the lights were blinking, but this was not visible when viewed with the naked eye.

Source: SUFON Files: Lin Cullen interviewed by Emlyn Williams 8 December 2016.