2013 - Reports: 30


11 AM sometime in 2013.

Mark Rayworth was in a car, stationary, at the traffic lights at Dyfatty, Swansea, waiting to proceed ahead into Neath Road, Hafod.

The weather was wet, and it was partly cloudy. In the sky ahead of him at a height of about 200 feet, he saw a white ball come out of the clouds, perform a ‘U’ turn and disappear back into them. No further details given.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.



8.30 PM.

Stephen Lewis arrived home from work and saw two "large round balls of light" in the sky near his house. They had an orange outer edge with an inner white light. Stephen knocked on his front door and his father answered. He came out and with Stephen they saw that the balls were directly over the house. They went into the house to get a camera. By the time they came back out the objects had gone over the house. The witnesses then went to the back of the house to see one ball of light moving at speed. He managed to get one photo but it had travelled some distance away. They did not see where the other ball of light had gone.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by Stephen Lewis 17 January 2013.




D. Collins was driving home across Fairwood Common and saw a small flashing white light moving to the NW and assumed it was a helicopter.

Five seconds later it lit up the clouds above it very brightly before a lot of orange ‘bits’ came off it, exploding like a firework.

It then continued travelling NW before instantly changing direction and going SW. Every 15-25 seconds it kept happening, in all the witness, who was not alone, saw this happen approximately ten times, before they lost sight of it.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk




12.30 AM

Lee Cutforth saw an orange/red bright object about the size of a plane but triangular moving across the sky slightly faster than a plane and maintaining its speed and direction until out of sight.

source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



'Zack' was in his back garden, looking into the sky when he suddenly became aware of some flashes of light between the clouds. He grabbed his a mobile camera phone and took a few pictures to see if he could capture anything. He managed to take a photo of two glowing white/lights - one orb and one disc-shaped. He feels certain that what is on the picture is what he was seeing with his eyes and not down to reflections or a camera anomaly.

Source: SUFON Files.  



7.30 PM.

Clive was watching TV at home when his dog started growling and then barking. Clive went outside to see if anyone was there but found no one.

He saw a "dark red fuzzy ball" in the sky travelling from south to north. He called his wife to see it and they both watched it for a minute or so when it suddenly made a 90 degree turn to the east and "went out"

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 20 March 2013.




Alia Davies was in bed with her partner, and her baby was asleep in a cot by the side of the bed. They lived with Alia's mother in the old station master's house on Sway Road in Morriston.

Alia awoke in the middle of the night sometime in March 2013. She suddenly saw a figure standing next to the baby's cot.

It was silver, big and the joints in its arms went different ways. It wore a helmet which came down the sides and back, with bits coming round towards the chin and over the nose, but where its face would be was just blackness.

The figure was looking into the cot, while she looked at it. She gripped her partner, waking him, but he could not see the figure.

Alia continued to look at it for over an hour. She eventually fell back asleep and, strangely, had the best night's sleep she'd had for ages.

Source: SUFON Files: Alia Davies interviewed by Emlyn Williams August 2016.




8.30 PM.

'I saw a bright orange light in the sky which I thought was a star burning up or some kind of aircraft on fire, but then it turned to a blue then green light then just disappeared. Surreal really.'

Source: www.ufo-sightings.co.uk - report uploaded 2 April 2013.



Based on a witness statement:

'I saw a light in the sky just hovering then it came down low, (to about 20 feet away), and I could see this object was actually a silver disc with windows.

Next thing I knew is that I was abducted: I can't remember much, but I know the object took me away and some tests were performed on me.

I was so scared that I cannot tell you; eventually the UFO landed and left me stranded somewhere, (witheld location for reasons of privacy); then I saw a car coming, the driver kindly stopped, gave me a lift and drove me home.

This is all I can recall.'
The whole experience is estimated to have lasted about 40 minutes.

Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org



1 PM. 

Photograph taken over Abersychan by Dennis. No details known. It seems to be a dark - coloured disc or oval-shaped object (enlarged inset).


Source: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net



12.56 PM. Windy, small amount of low cloud, visibility good.

The witness had walked up a stepp incline past a forest and then through scrub-land and took a sequence of photographs of the surrounding countryside. At the time nothing was seen. Later, when viewing the pictures, a mark in the top of one image was noticed. On closer inspection two wings shaped like a boomerang. There were no objects or marks visible in the other photos, and no other marks were apparent in over 10,000 other pictures taken with the camera and lens.

Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC. Reported by witness: 5 December 2014.




Russell Rowe was sitting out in his back garden. He noticed a very bright white single light about 30 degrees above the horizon, travelling at a speed which he described as being slower than a satellite, but faster than a plane.

He said it appeared to be in low orbit or within the atmosphere, moving NW to SE.
He said that he also saw another object which he thought could be a plane following it.

This second object had flashing lights hence his assumption that it was a plane.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



10:45 PM.

Witness: Geoff. Location: just outside Llandeilo.

“On top of the  mountain opposite our house.

 We had flashing white light disappeared and then changed into a very bright red circular light then changed to an oval hovering for about 2 minutes over the top and halfway up the mountain that then shot off towards Ammanford over the Black Mountains pulsing red and white disappearing in the distance after about a minute.

 There was no noise from this large bright red light, the valley was silent.”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk


17 JUNE 2013 – SWANSEA


John Thornton saw a silver ball travelling at very high speed above Swansea University campus. There was no sound or vapour trail.

Weather conditions were bright and clear.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk


14 JULY 2013 - RHYMNEY

2.45 AM. Witness: A.J.

"I was standing on my front door having a cigarette before bed. While looking at the stars I saw an unusually bright star.

After viewing it for a second or two it proceeded to move very fast through the sky. Darting forward becoming stationary then darting forward again, I watched this for around 1 minute before the object went out of view.

 (This was neither a satellite as one passed over during this sighting so a good comparison could be made plus it was far too large, bright and fast for a satellite and it stopped for a few seconds at a time which satellites don’t do."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk




A witness was in work and through the office window spotted a strange object moving in a slow steady motion. Three photos were taken of the object before it took off at high speed.

In close-up the object is a vertical cylinder shape, with a flat bottom and pointed top, and of a reddish colour.




Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/Bridgend%20UK%20Clear%20Daylight%20UFO%2026072013.html



10.20 PM.

Witness: Eddie Swales.

"I was sat watching T.V. in my living room when my wife seen something through the window, I looked and could see an aeroplane and behind it looked like a bright star, it was circular in shape and appeared to be following the plane.

The plane changed direction and the object following it changed direction opposite the plane and carried on travelling over the mountain until it disappeared out of view. The object made no noise and was travelling at the same speed as a plane would."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 8 August 2013.



11.15 PM.

Witness: Huw.

"I went outside for a cigarette and noticed a shooting star so I observed it for a few seconds. I thought it looked strange as it had no tail and was moving rather slow and it fizzled out towards the end so I thought it must have been a small meteor. I continued with my cigarette and turned around slightly and I noticed an extremely bright light in the corner of my eye where I spotted the 'meteor'. I turned to see the bright light in a static position and then start to move. As soon as it started to move another two extremely bright dots appeared and again at first they were static but then began moving roughly in the same direction. I observed these for around 20 seconds as they continued moving slowly and their brightness pulsed. I then noticed two more very bright dots on the other side of the sky and they began to move in the opposite direction to the others and then the final one appeared in the middle of these and was static throughout. After a further 20 seconds they all eventually dimmed out."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/anglesey-wales-6th-august-2013/ reported by witness 10 August 2013.



2 PM. 

One afternoon in the autumn of 2013, Mark Rayworth, age 38, was standing in Clasemont Road, Morriston, somewhere near to some shops, when he witnessed a saucer-shaped object high up in the sky over the area of the DVLA building.

 He watched for a short time, then left the scene before the object did. No further details given.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.



12.35 PM.

Witness: Paul John Gregory.

"I was walking home on my own I remember that it was a full moon that night the sky was clear, I just happen to look up and above me was a craft with a dull light the shape was like a boomerang but more of a curvature to it, it flew quite fast above me then it came to a sudden stop, all of a sudden it just disappeared in front of me."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



About 11 PM.

Witnesses saw three lights in the sky moving at speed and erratically. They moved into a triangular formation and one more light appeared, moving in like a shooting star which then stopped dead in front of the others.

Duration of sighting: 1 hour.

Source: www.ufo-hunters.com - uploaded by witness 1 October 2013.



Witness said: "Strange sighting....strange lights what is this? Planet? The Moon? Saw at Wrexham Wales UK 21/10/2013" 

No other details are known.

Source: https://www.latest-ufos.com/2013/10/strange-ufo-sighting-over-wrexham-wales-uk-on-21st-october-2013/ citing: UFO News & Articles



4.20 AM. Witness: Nathan.

"Around 4.20am this morning I went outside the back of my house to have a cigarette and I saw a light in the sky moving from west to east.

At first I just thought nothing of it, just thought it was a plane with its lights on. Then the light stopped dead in the sky for a few seconds and started to move in my direction. At this point i thought right its got to be a helicopter? but then the light started bouncing around really fast in a way like nothing I have seen before. It was moving really fast in all directions and flashing a white to amber colour.

There was no sound of any sort such as what a plane or helicopter would make! What I saw kind of freaked me out and I sort of froze because I knew this was not normal.

I ran upstairs to get my phone to try and capture it on video, I came back to the rear bedroom of the house and looked through the window and it was there for a second and just vanished? Very strange indeed and I have never seen anything like this before."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



7.30 / 8 PM.

Nigel and Susan Morgan were travelling by car heading east on the M4 heading towards her Susan’s sister’s pub in Briton Ferry.They think it was about November. Conditions, dark. They were passing Junction 46, the Llangyfelach turn-off when Susan said, “What’s that over there?”

Between the motorway and the DVLA office building on their right, and at about 30 degrees elevation, was a triangular black object displaying three white lights. They could not tell if it was moving as they were in a moving car.

The object was lying horizontally, and they were viewing it’s underside from their perspective. There were no flashing lights.

Source: SUFON Files: Witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015.



Either 1 or 4 November 2013.

Evening. Dark.

Karen Dunster and Linda Thomas were walking along Sway Road in Morriston and had just passed the Lidl store.

As they were approaching the firestation, outside which was a group of firemen forming a picket as they were on strike. The men had a bin with a fire burning in it, and they were standing near it to keep warm.
Karen saw something in the sky on her left (east) and said to her friend to have a look.

They could see an orange ball of light in the distance, moving erratically, and heading in their direction at speed. It shot towards them and dipped down above them, coming so low that it made the women and the group of firemen duck down to avoid the object.

It then shot off across Sway Road, heading west over flats and Pentregraig Primary School.

Karen could hear the firemen talking about it. She described it as being about the size of a tennis ball, no sound and no wind was felt as it went past them.

Source: SUFON Files. Karen Dunster interviewed by telephone by Emlyn Williams 30 August 2016.



10.35 PM. Calm with slight breeze.

Scott was walking his dog along the edge of the beach just outside town and saw a green light under the water, about 50 metres off shore, moving quickly. The tide was in and sea was calm. He thought at first it must have been a reflection, so he scanned the sky for aircraft but he could see none. The light then reappeared, but static. Scott tried to take a video with his phone but without success. Another dog walker then came past and he too saw it. After about two minutes the light started to move again, parallel to the coast, slowly, then it grew in size and brightness. Scott said it then seemed to spin and blinked out. No aircraft or boats were anywhere near at the time, and there was no light from nearby buildings etc.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/colwyn-bay-north-wales-16th-november-2013/ reported by witness: 17 November 2013.



6 - 7 PM. Witness: Sarah.

"I was in my back garden having a cigarette when I began looking at the black sky. I glanced to the left and instantly a ball of light came into view, slowly ascending. At first I thought it was a plane but something about it wasn’t right. Planes normally flash red and white and you can see this clearly at night. But this was just a white ball of light gliding effortlessly in the air. As it came to the middle of the sky, I realised how high it actually was, and I thought to myself do planes fly that high? then all of a sudden it went directly straight upwards for a few seconds then disappeared. I was out there for another five minute but it never came back. Just as it disappeared, a plane appeared from the same direction. This plane was much lower about half as low, and you could clearly see the red and white flashing lights. I don’t know what it was for sure but am almost certain it wasn’t a plane."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - uploaded by witness 25 November 2013.



Peter Booth, (69) of Llanfairpwll on Anglesey spotted a disc-shaped object on a live webcam in Abergavenny and sent it in to the website of the British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society on 23 December 2013.

The picture is looking towards the south-west, with the Blorenge Mountain in the distance.



Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org/UFO%20Captured%20on%20a%20Live%20Web%20Cam%20Abergavenny,%20Wales,%20UK%20-%202013.html


6.40 PM
Alan was driving from Bridgend to his home in Newport. As he arrived in Newport he noticed a bright light in the sky. He thought it was a helicopter because it looked like it was moving. When he got home, the light was still in the sky so he decided to take a photo of it. A helicopter appeared, which was flying close to the object, and around it, so decided not to bother to take a photo as he thought they were two helicopters.
He went out fifteen minutes later to see if they were still there. The helicopter had gone, so he photographed the light, which was still in the sky.
What he photographed shows the light, and a trail of other lights. We need to speak to Alan to find out the exact details. It seems to hav been taken during daylight hours, but this would be impossible at the time and date given.
Source: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/


11.01 PM.

Damian and his partner were driving back home from Cardiff to Llanelli along the M4. Just before Bridgend, along side them on the opposite side of the motorway, just above the tree line, they noticed a large emerald-green ball of light flying slowly on a parallel course to them.

They slowed down to look at the object. It, too slowed, "as if it had noticed us looking at it". Immediately, it turned away at high speed and shot across the sky, disappearing in less than a second.
11.36 PM.

When leaving the M4 at Hendy they immediately saw the green light again, shooting through the sky and disappearing. They pulled over into a layby just before Llangennech, to see if they could get anything on camera or see it again, and within a few minutes it shot across the sky once more, leaving a trail of green light behind it, but too fast to get the camera ready.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk