1970 - 76 UFO Sightings

The date is approximate. A young teenager was walking home from a girl guide meeting during a dark winter evening. She lived in Grenfell Park Road in the St. Thomas area of Swansea, and used the rear garden entrance to her house, off Wallace Road, a cul-de-sac. The location is on the lower southern slope of Kilvey Hill, at the edge of the 1920s-built council housing. As she approached the end of the cul-de-sac, she noticed a figure peering around one of the brick pillars which supported the gates of St. Margarets Nursery, which she would walk through to access her back garden. The figure was peering around the right-hand pillar, on the left of it.
All she could make out was its head, its right shoulder and the upper portion of its right arm. Its head was bulbous and shaped like an inverted egg, pointy chin, and huge, vertically-aligned, almond-shaped eyes which were white with a black dot in the centre. It had no hair, no ears, and she was not aware of a mouth or nose.
Its body, by what she could see of it was puny, like a child, with a narrow, spindly arm. Its hand was not visible as it was behind the pillar. There was no neck visible as it seemed to be hunching. It did not seem to have any clothing and its skin was grey and had a metallic look to it, which seemed to shimmer slightly. It did not move or make a sound but just stared straight at the terrified girl. She said it felt like an eternity, but was really only just seconds.
The girl was so alarmed by what she saw that she ran back down Wallace Road and across the road to some near neighbours that she knew, and after they had calmed down the hysterical girl, they went with her back up to the gateway, but no trace of the visitor was evident.
She had had a strict Catholic upbringing and had no knowledge of science fiction or even awareness of aliens or UFOs at this time. At the time of the encounter she thought that what she was seeing was a devil of some kind, a result of her religious grounding. It was only years later, after being exposed to the UFO culture on TV and in the media that she noticed the striking similarity of the being that she saw, with the grey aliens so commonly reported, with one exception – the unusual configuration of its eyes, and colour of the eyes which were not black, but white with black iris or pupil.
Approximately two weeks after her experience, a Catholic priest at her school asked the class i anyone had experienced something strange in their life. The girl wrote down an account of her experience in a school book, which she still has somewhere. Once she finds the book, a clearer date of when the encounter occurred can be established.  She has not told anyone except close family and friends, in all the years since, but came forward after she heard about Swansea UFO Network. She wishes to remain anonymous, hence the reason that we have not used her name in this report.

Artist's impression of the St. Thomas sighting - Emlyn Williams



Evening. Tina H. - aged 6 at the time of her sighting:

"It was dark at the time,and i was at the end of my road with a friend.As I looked down the other end of the road, I noticed this huge thing gliding over the houses. I turned to my friend and shouted, 'look at that'. She turned and caught the tail end as it went out of sight. What I cant understand is ,it was so big and so low, I cant recall it ever being on the news or the newspapers. More people must have seen it. It glided slowly above the rooftops, then went out of sight."

Duration of sighting: 20 seconds?

Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2714



Early hours. Price Jacobs (46) a shift mechanic at Tymawr Colliery had a 'chilling sensation' and saw a cloaked 'ghost' peering into a coal bunker at the colliery in Hopkinstown, Pontypridd. He said it then disappeared into the darkness in the direction of St. David's churchyard nearby. Could this be a ghost in the spiritual sense or is it the dark hooded entity sometimes associated with the abduction phenomena - one of the 'shadow people'?

Source: Western Mail 14 February 1970



Miss Leanne Williams was one of twenty people, who watched a mystery object in the sky above Clydach, Swansea, on the 5th of June 1970.

“I went out into the garden to see it, and about twenty people came out to have a look. It was in view for about twenty minutes and then grew bigger and bigger, until it sank into the mountain. It was like a round, white, ball – the size of a dinner plate. It gave us all the creeps there was something unearthly about it.”
The sighting was important enough to bring to the attention of the Wales Today TV programme, who told of other reports from Cwmbran and Aberystwyth.

Source: Haunted Skies Vol. 9 page 156 citing South Wales Evening Post  5 June 1970.


2 PM.

A glowing white ball was seen bouncing along top of an embankment, against the wind.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing BUFORA Journal Vol. 3 no. 6.


Witness thinks it could have been 1973.

Cath Phillips, aged about 16/17 had finished work at the DVLC (now DVLA), and had been home for a short time where she lived with her invalid mother at 10 Frederick Place, Llansamlet. The house is located on the south side of the road at its western end, not far from the junction with Bethel Road, It was after 5 pm she knows this because she finished work at 4 pm.

It was a summer's day with a clear blue sky and she was inside the house when she noticed it suddenly getting very dark. She went out the front of the house into the garden to find out why and saw her auntie Hilary and cousin Rebecca Griffiths (Hilary's daughter) - both now deceased, standing there looking up at a round object which had been the cause of the sudden dimming of light.

It was dark grey in colour and huge, covering the road and extending to the north well over the main railway line near Peniel Green and so would have had a diameter of hundreds of metres. Cath described it as like the sherbet flying saucer sweets, a thick disc with a rim around the centre. The craft was completley motionless and hovering over them, not very high. There were no flashing lights or sound.

People driving past were stopping to look. It stayed in the same place for about two minutes when it suddenly vanished and it became light again. She tried to talk about it with her auntie and cousin but they did not want to discuss it. She remembers her auntie telling her, 'It didn't happen'.

Cath went to the nearby Primrose Park a few days later and talked with friends about the sighting. She learned that people had seen it from the park, including those playing bowls at the time.

She cannot remember it being reported in the local paper.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 3 April 2017.



Late evening near midnight in the Ogmore Vallley. Off duty police officer PC David Harris was out with his father-in-law walking his dog when they observed a tubular object some feet in length moving slowly across Llangeinor Mountain before disappearing over treetops. The altitude of the UFO was described as 100 feet from the ground. There were lights at each end of the object but no wings were observed. Weather conditions at the time were clear and no noise was heard at any

Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing Flying Saucer Review Vol. 18 No. 4


(15 September in the first reference)

Late evening a disc was sighted above the lower shoulder of a hill, Cefn Manmoel parallel to the Oakdale-Crumlin Road. It was watched by several witness, one of whom was Robert Philips who viewed the object  through a telescope. He said it looked like an 'inverted soup bowl with dark rings underneath it which appeared to be spinning.' He called the police and several uniformed officers attended the scene, who confirmed the sighting. Sgt. Clive Williams described the object as an orange circle in the sky that changed its shape to a cone, and moved away rapidly when an aircraft flew overhead. The duration of the sighting was 60 minutes.

Source: The Dragon and the Disc F. W. Holiday 1973 page 216; www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing Flying Saucer Review Vol. 18 No. 6.


11.30 AM.

 A saucer-shaped object was seen near the A48 between Port Talbot and Swansea. It hovered a short distance away from the witness. It was described as being dark with a rim of red lights. Shadowy 'figures' were also reported.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk


Thirteen-year-old Brian Jones of Llanelli saw a low-flying cigar-shaped object, yellow in colour at both ends and emitting some kind of fluorescent glow, with a bright red light in the middle. The object had hovered at a distance of no more than 250 metres from the witness, directly over the supermarket in Llanelli.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.


A number of people claimed to have seen large structured objects leaving the sea near Puffin Island.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.




People reported hearing a huge bang, felt earth tremors and saw a brilliant light in the sky above the Berwyn Mountains. Families in the villages of Llandderfel and Llandrillo were sitting down to watch TV when an explosion was heard and the ground shook. It measured 3.5 on Richter scale. As people ran from their homes fearing another tremor, they saw a blaze of light on the mountainside.

District nurse, Pat Evans, fearing an aircraft had crashed, packed her two young daughters into her car and drove to the site on the mountain side. Getting as near as she could by road, they saw a pulsating round light on the ground, and lots of smaller lights, what she thought were torches of a rescue team already on site.

Police converged on the area, and emergency services were put on stand-by. Although searches were made, OFFICIALLY nothing was found - leading to claims of a cover-up.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.



Gamekeeper Geraint Edwards and a friend were driving on the way to the pub at about 6.45 pm and something attracted their attention towards the south-east, so they stopped for a better look. They noticed a rugby-ball shaped object with pointy ends, all red and motionless in the sky, about 60 - 100 feet above the horizon of a mountain. It took off suddenly 'like lightning' horizontally behind the mountain and out of sight.

Source: Documentary: 'Britain's Closest Encounters' 2008.



Two women leaving Denbigh Hospital witnessed a round, bright orange light in the sky, which subsequently shot away at high speed.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952  - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.




A party of villagers from Hook, near Haverfordwest, made a thorough search at the weekend of an area beside the Western Cleddau River where several people saw a red object fall from the sky a fortnight ago.

But there was no trace of any UFO which may have fallen in the area. The red ball was seen on Boxing Day by Mr Cyril Hughes, a garage proprietor, who immediately stopped to investigate.

Since then, several other people said they saw the glowing object in the sky and a member of the international organisation interested in unidentified flying objects, Mr Randall Jones Pugh of Roch, near Haverfordwest has investigated the phenomenon and will prepare a report for the organisation.
The search party  covered a large area of woods, mud flats and fields at the weekend, but the glowing object remains a mystery.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Monday 6 January 1975.



Nick Thomas was with his sister travelling by car one evening along the coastal road on St. Bride's Bay. They observed for about 20 minutes a massive flourescent ball offshore from Abereiddy. The sphere changed form into a perfect rectangle and shot off at incredible speed to the horizon.
They reported the sighting to Randall Jones-Pugh
Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/penally-point-pembrokeshire-28th-july-2010/comment-page-1/#comment-197140 comment dated 27 March 2011.


11.30 PM. Warm and still with little or no moon.

David J. was driving an open-top sports car with the top down, along the A4118 across Fairwood Common, Gower, heading north-east towards Swansea. He had just passed the entrance to Swansea Airport on his left, doing about 45 to 50 mph. Suddenly he felt and heard a violent rush of air above him and he was aware that something had passed over him about 40 or 50 feet up. It was totally silent except for the movement of air as it passed at speed. Looking in the direction that the object had gone, he could see a dark patchin the sky, obscuring the stars, and moving extremely fast from west to east. It had gone in an instant.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 6 February 2018.



10.30 PM. Clear sky.

The witness said this event occurred in the early winter of 1975, so maybe late October or November. 

David Harrison, a bus driver, had just finished his shift and had left the Crossville bus garage in Aberaeron for his home in Pen-Y-Fron, Talsarn, riding his moped. At Cilcennin, heading south-east something in the sky to his right caught his eye. He stopped his moped for a better look, and saw an object at two o'clock at about 45 degrees elevation. He described it as cigar shaped, and it had a row of circular lights along its upper half, which pulsated blue and yellow. The object was moving slowly on a horizontal course, in the direction of Aberaeron, from left to right. There was no sound and no navigation lights were displayed, which made David realise that it was not an aeroplane.

After watching it move slowly along for ten minutes, the object then suddenly shot upwards at an angle to the right, disappearing from view.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 23 August 2017.



Three men travelling home from work. As they drove from Manmoel they saw a bright, flashing light above Rhiw Hill. The glow then flew eastwards at an incredible speed.

Source: Folklore of Blaenau Gwent leaflet.




Whilst on holiday, the witness saw several discs performing complex movements in the sky over Mt. Snowdon. The objects reflected the sunlight, giving the impression that they were metallic. A photograph was taken.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 5 No. 5 January/February 1977 - citing Investigator N. Stephenson.



An object hit the sea off St. Ishmaels, at St. Donats Holiday Park, 200 yards from a beach packed with holidaymakers. The beach is on the opposite side of the Gwendraeth Estuary to the Pembrey rocket range.

Eyewitness, Gwyn Maddox, site manager at the holiday park, said he saw the object hit the water near a bank of the Gwnedraeth Estuary.

"There wasn't much of an explosion, just a sharp report when the missile hit the water. I was on the phone to the RAF to complain about this as soon as the missile hit the water, because another 100 yards or so and it would have been close to where people use the beach. In this case the plane was quite off target."
Planes from RAF Brawdy use the land target area as a firing range. An RAF officer visited the site and took measurements, and an investigation was undertaken, but the RAF were mystified as all their ordnance had been accounted for and nothing was missing from any of their aircraft. They were not sure what the object was. Other air bases used the range.

Carmarthen MP Gwynfor Evans demanded a full investigation. After a full investigation the RAF repeated their confirmation that all their missiles had been accounted for.Source: Western Mail 10 and 11 June 1976.



Fine sunny day.

Richard Thomas from Morriston was about 11 to 13 at the time and thinks it may have been in 1976 or 1977 (born in 1963).

He was visiting his auntie who lived off Bishopston Road in Bishopston. He often stayed with her during the long summer holiday. Her house was located at the end of a short lane opposite the Spar shop in the village. The house backed on to a field known as Leighton Jones's field (or Carnival Field) which is on the west side of Bishopston Road. One summer's day Richard was in the field, just on the other side of his auntie's garden fence. He was alone and he can't remember there being any animals in the field.

He was looking west down the field and towards the Bishopston Valley when a movement caught his eye. He watched as an orange-yellow ball, about the size of a beach ball, 18 inches in diameter moved, inches above the ground, across the field from his right to left (NNW to  SSE) about 30 yards away in the middle of the field. It seemed to have a spikey, serrated edge to it and the orange-yellow colours were slowly swirling as it moved. It moved gently and slowly on a straight and even course from the direction of St. Teilo's Church, straight across the field  towards Wellfield Road, the road to the south.

There was no sound or smell associated with the object but Richard could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He said it was 'a lovely thing to see' and he stood transfixed to the spot while it gently continued across the field, taking about a minute to get to the other side, when it simply disappeared through the hedge and out of sight. He told his auntie about it but 'felt silly'.

Source: SUFON Files: Richard Thomas interviewed by Emlyn Williams 14 May 2017.



Date is approximate.

Hot summer evening.

Eira Morgan was at home in Heol Hafdy, Trallwn, when her neighbour, Pat Farnworth called her out to see white star-like lights high up in the clear night sky moving around in all directions. Some in pairs, stopping and starting and changing direction erratically.

Many other people in the street were out looking at them in wonder. Pat went back into her house to phone the police and when a uniformed officer arrived shortly afterwards, he went indoors with her to take a statement.

When he re-emerged, Eira was outside and she and others told him to look up as the lights were still there. He refused to look up,  just got back in his car and drove away.

Eira's sion, Julian, who was 11 years old at the time, remembers it happening in the the long hot summer of 1976, although Eira initially stated that it could have been 1979.

Source: SUFON Files: witness Eira Morgan April 2015.



"Cuboid app. 15ft - non reflective matt color, with red, blue, yellow lights with polymorphic abilitiesCuboid with half hemispheres (like domes) one on each side, we only saw three facets, left, lower, and right due to being almost underneath it. It resonated when it moved, about 5 mph. It followed the electricity wires, and hung by a similar matt black attachment from a void above it, like a rip in the sky but with soft edges.


Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.

 www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC report - reported by witness 8 August 1999.


A huge orange light was seen of the Dee Estuary by 9-year-old Gaynor Sunderland from her home in Oakenholt, Flint. She glanced away for a second, and when she looked back, the light had disappeared.

Source: 'The Sunderland Family Emcounters- Part 2'- Jenny Randles & Paul Whetnall - Flying Saucer Review 1979 Vol 25 No. 4



7.30 PM to 8 PM

Two lights were seen moving around.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 6 No. 3 citing Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh 


12.20 PM.

An inverted cone was reportedly seen over Milford Haven.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 5 No. 6 March/April 1977 citing Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh.



At 5:20 PM, a sixteen-year-old youth, Brian Jones of Llanerch, Llanelli (see Nov 1973), had observed a very bright white light moving slowly above his district.

“It varied i brightness as it moved. I realized that what I was looking at was definitely not an aeroplane, a helicopter, or any other aircraft, because it travelled low and made no noise.

I began to get so excited about the object that I ran to my house, and as I came to our side entrance I looked up behind my shoulder and there, closer to where I was standing, I saw that the light had brightened to a yellowish, round fireball with, underneath, a bright emission of sparks. As I was excited and a little frightened about it, I ran in at our backdoor and told my mother about the light, for her to see it. But when she came outside, it had completely disappeared.”

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979




10 AM

A metallic rectangular object was reportedly seen over Milford Haven.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 5 No. 6 March/April 1977 citing Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh.



Three women saw a mysterious light while they were driving near Walton West. They said the intense light was about 20 feet in the air and appeared to be on top of an object which was hidden by a hedge. It flashed four times, then disappeared.

Source: The Western Telegraph Thursday 17 February 1977.



6.45 PM

Mrs Dorothy Cale was travelling from Broad Haven to Milford Haven with her 10-year-old son in a friend's car. As they drove along the road between Walton West and Rosepool - a long lonely road - there appeared, very suddenly, a very bright flashing light above the left hand hedge. It was vaguely dome-shaped and as it flashed there seemed to be a zig-zag nucleus rather like an electric bulb filament. It gave a yellowish-white light which was so bright that it lit up the whole of the surrounding area and the sky above it. The driver stopped suddenly thinking they were going to run into something, but after it had flashed four times it disappeared. During the short time in which it was observed, the witnesses had the impression it was the top of something obscured by the hedge, which at this point was quite high. The size of the flashing object was estimated at about 5 or 6 feet across and 3 feet high and the distance above ground level at around 15-20 feet. 

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 6 No. 2  Jul/Aug 1977 citing Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh



Tony Heare of Pontypool:

"I saw a blue/white light at the front of an object with a red/orange light flashing directly above and three or four blue/white lights behind the first. It gave the impression of being vaguely similar to the size of a single decker bus. No noise was audible at all. A car moved off nearby, but soon all was quiet again. The object was seen from the car park of Llandegweth Reservoir, facing towards Newport. The object travelled on a seemingly straight line. It reached a mountain to our right, seeming to hover, then turned on its axis and travelled back towards our left.

Source: UFO-UK Peter Paget 1980.