2011 - Reports: 28


A farmer in Carmarthenshire told police a spaceship abducted one of his sheep. The spaceship apparently beamed up a sheep from a field near Llanybydder.

Source: southwaleseveningpost-evening post.co.uk

Newly released data shows that a caller to Dyfed-Powys Police claimed they had seen sheep being taken on board an unidentified flying object from a field in Llanybydder near Lampeter.

Source: www.walesonline.co.uk



3 PM.

On the outskirts of Newport, Craig Abdie (34) was with a work colleague, and they both saw a light in the daylight sky:

"It was a static light in the sky which was pretty insignificant when I first saw it until another light appeared just above it. A few seconds after the second light appeared the first light went out. Then shortly after the first light went out a third light appeared above the second light. The two lights remained on for around 10 seconds until they both went out at the same time. Shortly after the lights went out a low flying aircraft flew past. The aircraft didn't look like a civilian aircraft and was flying very low."

Duration of sighting: 2-3 minutes.

Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/sightings/display.asp?id=5334



6.20 AM. Witness: Steve.

“Driving to work, I noticed an object in the sky with a green/yellow unnatural light. I couldn’t gauge how far away it was or what speed, but it was very fast.

I looked at it for 2-3 seconds then it very rapidly accelerated and disappeared going westerly. I’m well used to seeing ‘normal’ aircraft as I’m ex-RAF, this was unlike anything I have seen before.”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk




About 6 PM.

The witness, Kristian Davies, with his family was driving between Llansamlet and Birchgrove.

They saw three lights moving slowly in a circular motion, but the witness said they moved pretty quickly from one side of the road to the other. Then they disappeared one by one as if they turned their lights off.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk




02:30 GMT.

Witness, Ashleigh was out with a friend on the beach near Blackpill taking long-exposure night photographs of the locality. Looking north-east towards the city centre.

“I was out photographing with a friend and although I didn’t actually see anything at the tie an odd light appeared in one of the photos I was taking. The camera was on a tripod, the exposure time would have been about 4 minutes, long enough to see the movement of the stars.

 In the top right corner there is a very bright, apparently static light. I don’t think I was facing in this direction for much of the shoot, I was talking to my friend and making sure I didn’t walk into the camera in the dark which might explain why neither of us noticed it.

I just wondered if anyone would have any ideas of what it was. For any of you who know cameras, mine was set at F10 with the ISO set to 100 so for any flash of light to record it would have had to be very bright.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk




6:15 PM.

Witness: Rob.

“I was driving home from work past Llangynnor towards Cross Hands on the old A48 and had the impression I was about to be overtaken as the right side of the car and road became bright.

I looked to my right and saw a large green light in the sky travelling in the opposite direction back towards Carmarthen. It looked like a ball in the sky and the same colour as the Sony Ericsson logo.

A few minutes later when on the by-pass I again felt something was overtaking and saw the same light parallel to my car. I slowed down to have a closer look, and could see it was not attached to anything and more or less hovering.

As I was watching it, it just disappeared, but I felt it was looking back at me! I have not seen it since and travel that road twice a day.”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



Sunday afternoon. Clear blue sky.

Jon and his wife were in Cwmbran and saw a silver disc with a bright white underbelly quite low in the sky. They had a clear sight of it as it was stationary.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/bettws-newport-wales-7th-march-2011/comment-page-1/#comment-187515



10.20 PM.

Friends Dave and Mike were walking through a wood behind their homes. They suddenly saw a bright white light moving across the sky about 150 feet above them, behind the trees. The white light went off, allowing them to see the shape of the object, which was, "oblong and a huge blue flame shot out the back of it, not making any sound." One of the witnesses ducked when a blue spot light shone on the two of them. He then turned around and looked up to see the object accelerate away at a fast speed.

They ran out of the woods and back into the street, in a state of fear.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 6 April 2011.



8.47 PM. Wind SW 9 mph.

Mike watched what he described as a big black triangle displaying a white light at each corner to the NE, heading east at 43 degrees, fading in and out of clouds. There was no sound.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/prestatyn-north-wales-21st-march-2011/



11 PM.

Christopher McKeown was out walking his dog whilst visiting grandparents and noticed what he at first thought was a satellite.

"Direction of travel became highly erratic, whilst at some points almost stopping. Light doubled back on itself, sill erratic travel, and came back to approximately its starting point, becoming significantly brighter, before fading away rapidly.

Seen later that evening again about half an hour later by another member of the family, similar erratic pattern of travel, sharp double back in direction seen again.

Object on both occasions had the appearance of a satellite, but for extreme erratic travel path, and increase in luminosity."

Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/page/2/?s=pembroke




About 2 AM.

Witness statement:

"I was camping with my husband when I was woken by the sound of a screaming sheep at about 2 a.m. in the morning. I went outside to see what was going on and when I looked over towards Lampeter way [clearly this location is an error! - E.W.] I saw what looked like near a full circle of pulsating red and white lights floating in the sky above the mountains. They didn't move from this position for the 5 minutes that I was watching them. Then a very large red light came in from the north and seemed to turn into the same shape and pulsating lights that I had been watching. It stayed next to the first one for about a minute then slipped behind the first one. All of this time the lights were pulsating from red to white. I realised I had been witnessing some UFO. I got very frightened and got back into the tent worrying whether I would be safe there."

Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/pen-y-parc-anglesey-27th-april-2011/



Approximately 4 AM.

The witness was in bed and woke up in the early hours feeling distressed.
"...my room was filled with red, white and blue lights and I could hear a whirring noise out of my window.

 I could not move. The lights stopped, the whirring noise moved away quickly and I had a vivid memory of something coming out of my index finger."

Source: www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/110501.shtml



11.40 PM. Witness: Martin Lamb.

"...my wife and myself were having a cigarette out the back garden. As I looked up in the direction of Cardiff I could see a bright light coming our way from the southeast. Within a few seconds I could make out a flat triangular shape which had four dim orange lights per side and three on the back .

As it flew over head the underside had one dim white light in the centre the rest was black with no solid outline. It carried on travelling in a north west direction. It’s speed was faster than an any jet I’ve seen. The strange thing was, there was no sound.

It might be worth checking out this. At the same time I seen a jet fliying at about 30000 feet east to west their paths crossed. If this UFO was in the atmosphere then it was massive. I know my millitary jets and have an open mind to all things but this time I just know it was not of this world.

The facts: it was flat, big, fast and made no noise at all plus for a change I had someone with me."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 4 June 2011.


10 JUNE 2011 - BONCATH

Between 1.40 AM and 1.55 AM.

Clear sky, high pressure.

Paul Wynter, a private pilot with past experience developing tracking equipment for the Royal Navy was at home south of Boncath.

He had gone outside at about 1.40 AM to switch some external equipment off (he does radio research work here in external buildings). He noticed a bright white light like an aircraft landinglight at about an angle of 40 degrees relative to his position.

He said it was brighter than any star field object and watched it for about 5 minutes as it stayed in the same area, moving only in an arc of about 10 degrees.

The light went off and on a couple of times and moved slightly in position. He was unable to guess how far away the light was but it did look high up. He said it was south of the normal air corridor overhead.

His immediate reaction was, 'what's an aircraft doing there at that time. He could see it did not display the standard red/green nav lights and it was not an aircraft strobe as it was steady on during the time he saw it.
He then watched the ISS go over and he went indoors to check the internet that this was the ISS as it went directly overhead.

This gave him a time reference. He eliminated satellites and stars as possible explanations for the white light and was left with the possibility of military aircraft, but this he discounted as there was no noise and the time of night too made this explanation unlikely.

He said: " ...when I moved here about 15 years back I saw above my house the same type of mystery object but much brighter or perhaps nearer, again no red/green nav lights or tail strobe. It too did a few manouvres then increased speed and disappeared vertically. Very memorable )."

He then asked his wife about this and she too stated that she had recently seen the same sort of object/behaviour and in the same southerly direction.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness: 10 June 2011.



9.20 PM.

Baronne saw a bright silver orb moving slowly across the sky which at first he thought might be a satellite lit up by the setting sun. His view of it was briefly obscured by a house, before it changed direction and continued moving across the sky. He then obtained a better view of it and noticed that it appeared to be two spheres joined together. There was no trail. It then vanished and he ran to the front of his house but it had gone.

A short time later just after he had told a neighbour about it and was about to go back indoors it reappeared, but this time moving in the opposite direction, back towards the sun. It changed direction once again and finally disappeared into the distance.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - reported 1 July 2011.



Approximately 11.45 PM.

Terry Jeffries and his wife observed what at first they thought was a helicopter hovering at high altitude (estimated 5000 ft). It was stationary and made no sound. It was described as a red/orange light. He watched it through binoculars until it ascended vertically at high speed, becoming just a tiny speck before disappearing completely.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - reported 7 July 2011.



Approximately 2.45 AM.

Clear sky no clouds.

Paul Rogers and Jade Mayor were on a camping and fishing trip to the Usk Reservoir near Trecastle, at the western end of the Brecon Beacons National Park. At around 2.45 AM on 2 July 2011, they were sitting next to a campfire chatting and watching their rods when a reflection in the water attracted Paul's attention.

He looked up to his left and he saw an outline of a "saucer with several bright individual lights in a lateral line."

The disc-shaped object was hovering and moving left to right, and it was ascending and descending randomly quite high above the dam of the reservoir. It stopped and two "stems" of yellow light protruded from the top of the object and at the same time different parts of the valley around it were being lit up by a white strobe effect.

The craft then faded away and reappeared much closer, around the centre of the reservoir within a few seconds and continued to move about silently.

Paul said: "The movements were very sudden and almost too fast for my eyes to follow - it would then stop instantly. The whole time I was asking for reassurance off my partner and asked her to commentate each direction it was moving. This continued for what seemed a very 15-20 mins before it faded away for good."

Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/?s=brecon uploaded by witness 4 July 2011.



7 JULY 2011 - ST. ATHAN

About 1 AM.

The witness was driving a car with friends, on a country road parallel with the RAF base at St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan, heading north-west, away from the village.

The road was edged by hedgerows. An object was seen hovering low, (about 5-10 metres) over a field about 100 metres square on the left of the witnesses. The object was described as being a gigantic diamond jewel-shaped object with " upturned with the point cut off flat edge down".

It was matt white in colour and stationary. It measured about the width of the field and about 5 metres in height. There were very bright spotlights coming out at various angles.

The witness said,  "...during this sighting I was driving the car, I was so fascinated at the time that I was staring at the object not concentrating on the road, I slowed right down but did not stop to get out and look closer, something just kept me driving.

I also managed to cross my lane onto the other side of incoming traffic, but at this time of around 1am there was no other cars...
Duration of sighting: 30 seconds.

Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing MUFON. Reported by witness 8 July 2015.




3.15 AM.

Andrew Williams was outside his house, smoking a cigarette and looking at the sky. He saw an object which he described as being like a 'T-square' turned 90 degrees with five blue/white lights, similar to LED lights on each 'leg'.

He had no reference by which to estimate its size of speed but he said it appeared to be huge, and moving very slowly. He watched it for four minutes, and had to walk away from his house to follow its path. It finally went behind cloud, and back-lit the cloud briefly before finally disappearing.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk reported by witness: 1 August 2011.



9.30 PM.

Steven Griffiths was travelling west on the M4 at dusk, heading west on the way to Llanelli. He noticed a light just ahead of him at quite a low height.

While passing Port Talbot, he said it went over his car and then saw it through the side window just before it disappeared over a mountain on his right.

He described it as being triangular in shape with about 5 large circular yellowish lights along the leading edge and one further back on what might be a tail. He added that the lights were “very bright and very large, nothing at all like navigation lights.

 It was lit in a way that seemed to want to attract attention.”
He said that he was certain that it was not a helicopter or commercial aeroplane.

Source: SUFON Files: Steve Griffiths; www.uk-ufo.co.uk




10.15 PM.

Anonomous witness:

"Strange lights observed whilst fishing by myself and 2 others for approx 2 minutes i can only describe as being similar to the northern lights but white in colour, the weather was cloudy and these lights appeared as they where shining through the clouds from above them, the lights stayed in one position for a few seconds then appearing in a completly different part of sky."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness: 22 August 2011.



9.30 PM.

Witness: Angelina.

"I went outside to get some plants in and had that feeling to look up at the sky. As I did I saw a huge ball of the brightest light I’ve ever seen. I watched it aproach me, then when it was directly above me (at a slightly higher level of when planes come in to land) I could see it had points, it was possibly triangular or star shaped , very, very bright with a round bright glow around it.

It moved slowly at first with direction. It went over my kitchen roof out of my sight so I moved down the garden to carry on watching. I called my patner and he witnessed it too.

There was no sound at all coming from it, as it got further away I saw another one, it was smaller and less bright (possibly as it was further away).

The smaller one crossed diagonally infront of the larger one, the larger one sped up and then they both disappeared."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 23 August 2011.



Swansea East – 22.55 approx.

John James: “My wife and myself were in the garden having a cigarette tonight as we often do. We agreed it was quite cloudy but thought the clouds seemed very bright and assumed the moon was shining through them, having said that, it looked a very strange colour.

We were looking in a south westerly direction. Within 5 minutes of looking towards the sky, we both saw what looked like a very bright star.

It flashed, and then it moved from the west towards the huge bright patch in the south west area of the sky, before disappearing out of sight!

At this point we waited for the clouds to have a gap and reveal the moon, as the brightness of the patch in the sky seemed too unusual to ignore.

We both still can’t believe what we saw with our own eyes, but it was as if someone had switched a light off! The large bright patch in the sky went out! As if someone had flicked a switch! We had watched this for 15 minutes approx.

The clouds broke....and the scary part was that there was no moon. We have witnessed other sightings before but never reported them. This one tonight really was something we thought should be told.”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



Between 10.45 PM and 11.30 PM. Clear sky with few clouds.

Liam Doran was standing on his friend's roof, smoking and looking at the sky. Suddenly he saw three dull orange lights coming from the direction of Wrexham in the south, moving extremely fast. Liam suggested they were going about 200 mph.

"They were all travelling together but were definitely separate objects. As they flew past they were revolving around each other....imagine three flying light bulbs - that's what I saw."

They headed to the north-west towards Ewloe. Liam watched them until they were out of sight.

Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk reported by witness: 26 August 2011.



9.40 PM.

David had been to Maesteg to visit his mother and was returning home to Pontarddulais. He was approaching Bryn on the B4282 and was passing Maesteg Golf Club when he saw on the left hand side of the road, hovering in the sky towards the south, three lights arranged in a triangular pattern, a large off-white light at the top, and orange/red light next to it and a turquoise light.

He stopped the car by the Royal Oak pub to watch it. It then disappeared. He then drove off, and whilst driving through Bryn he noticed the time was now 10.15 PM. He had left Maesteg at 9:30 PM. He got home at about 11 PM.

The journey had taken 90 minutes when it normally takes only 40. So there was 35 minutes unaccounted for. Also he didn’t feel right. His wife looked him over and found that his chest and neck were red and blotchy.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 30 October 2015.



Object seen on Google street view above A44 Llangurig to Aberysthwyth road, roughly between Pant Mawr and Eisteddfa Gurig. Dark round object with projection at bottom. Photograph is facing west.

Source: Google Maps.



8.30 PM.

Stuart Verren and Janine Waite were watching the sky from a dark location on the British Mountain near Garndiffaith. They noticed four lights in the sky which they thought were satellites moving quite fast. There were no flashing lights visible. The four lights then aligned into an arc shape and stopped. Within seconds there was a flash and a ball of light (orange-red on the outside and white in the middle) fell towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. This lasted approximately two seconds and then it disappeared. The arc of four lights remained stationary. The witnesses left the location at 9 PM, the four lights were still in position.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - reported by witnesses 29 September 2011.




Boyfriend and girlfriend, Nicky and Becky were driving through the mountains to the north of Llangollen and parked up at Panorama, a local beauty spot overlooking the Dee Valley. They saw a white light coming towards them, growing larger with a red light around it. Within seconds, however, it changed into what Becky described as a 'pod', larger than the original light, and had red and green lights, with two wings on its sides. Then it changed again into a blue and red triangle.

It hovered over the car for about ten seconds. Becky opened her door and noticed that there was no sound and no wind caused by the object [so could not have been a helicopter].

The two witnesses were in shock and Nicky was holding his phone to video it but had not pressed record.

It is not reported what happened at the end of the sighting.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - witness reported it 22 November 2011.