2010 - Reports: 48


9.20 PM Cold and clear.

Kevin B. had just returned home from rehearsal with his band and saw several white lights moving from left to right in a straight line, with no sound, in an area at distance of about a mile behind his house, at a fairly low altitude. They were too slow to be planes and too quiet to be helicopters. As he had only moved in to the house a week previously, he thought they could have been something in the distance, and did not know the terrain well enough to work out exactly where they could be. He thought maybe they could be lights on cliffs in Pant. He had to let his dogs out, and be cold as well, stopped observing. The following morning, he looked in the area of the sighting again and realised that the cliffs were not even visible in that area.

Source: https://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/white-lights-llandrinio-14th-january-2010/



12 AM.
Lee Roberts was in Port Talbot when he saw a UFO at 50 degrees elevation in the west over Swansea Bay.
It was emitting pulsing red, white and green lights and moving erratically around a small area of sky. This continued but then disappeared at around 1.32 AM.
Source: www.uk-ufo.com



12.02 AM
Darren Copeland (38), saw a massive rectangle with one gigantic spotlight at the end and  three blue LED- type lights along the side, moving slowly in the sky. It was dark grey in colour. There were no visible windows and the object made no sound.
Duration of sighting: 3 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/sightings/display.asp?id=5527



3.15 PM.

Leighton Mark Poar was with two friends driving along the A470 from Pontypridd to Aberdare. He looked to the right and above the mountains to the east saw a cylinder-shaped object hovering. One of his friends said it might be a helicopter, but there were no rotor blades visible.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



8.05 PM.

Witness: rudebob11@youtube. A V-shaped object displaying six round white lights was seen over Cardiff, and captured on video.

The witness said: "...well I had one last scan of the sky and captured this formation and while reviewing the footage I noticed another object come shooting down past these  at around 40 seconds in."

Source: www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2010/02/amazing-ufo-footage-from-cardiff-uk.html



Ian Makay, of Bryn, captured what he believed to be some kind of UFO on his camera while he was in Cymmer. He said, “I saw an opaque white coloured object as if there were two objects behind one another around 5.30 pm.
It was there for a while then it just shot across the sky.”
Source: www.ufocasebook.com/2010/swans



8.40 PM.

Three friends, Kevin Pople, Sion Hughes and Sion Jones were in Tregarth. Kevin Pople: "A large black triangular-shaped craft appeared out of nowhere heading in the direction of Mynydd Llandygai. The craft had numerous glowing (not flashing) bright lights on either side (white, blue and red) and was hovering slowly at a very low altitude (a few feet above the height of the telephone pole). It made a noise similar to that of a lawnmower, and made no attempt to evade detection. The sight of the craft left us in a daze, my friend Sion Hughes was on the mobile speaking to Dwayne Roberts at the time. In all fairness neither one of us reacted quick enough with the camera as we were numb with shock."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/tregarth-gwynedd-1st-march-2010/ reported by witness: 2 March 2010.



Clear night.

The witnesses was driving along when through the windscreen saw four very bright orange 'pointy' lights pass right in front of view. They pulled over because of the nature of the lights. The lights were closely arranged together and were not making any sound. One of the lights disappeared completely. Then another sped off and stopped, "as if waiting for the other two to catch up. Once they were all together again they all disappeared as if by a flick of a switch. There was no flash, smoke etc, they just all disappeared.

The witness described the lights as exaggerated star like shapes with very pronounced pointy edges.

Duration of sighting:  2 minutes.

Source: http://www.ufo-hunters.com/sightings/search/51439d120ad2e1e9be458f41/UFO%20Sighting%20in%20Ystradgynlais%20(UK-Wales)%20on%20Monday%2001%20March%202010 citing NUFORC



10 PM – 10.15 PM.
 Witness: Jack Geers and wife.

“I was standing on my balcony looking out at sea (Bristol Channel) over the Pendine main beach front. I observed a huge orange ball over the sea.
I then took my powerful binoculars and I can assure any reader that through the binoculars I followed the orange ball of what I can call fire firstly in a stop position above the horizon, slowly start to move towards Pendine and then it started to move upwards in a westerly direction and just, poof, disappear.
Both my wife and myself witnessed this unexplained sight, what we call a round orange ball like the planet Mars.
Yes this was surely unexplainable and yes we could clearly see it from both inside and outside our house as well as from our balcony, and especially with my binoculars, quite a sight it was.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 10 March 2010.



10.30 PM. Clear sky.

The witness, I. Sheen and three friends were hiking down Pen-Y-Fan mountain [does not say which side]. They had just reached half way down their descent when one of the group noticed a bright circular light in the sky.They all switched off their torches to have a clearer look. First they thought it may have been a plane, then a shooting star or maybe a satellite. After a few seconds it became clear that it was none of these. The object as low in the sky and moved overhead at a steady pace, then suddenly stopped. The light then dimmed and became more of a red glow. Then the object began moving side to side 'like a pin-ball'. The movement was 'very shaky/unusual'. There was no sound. It then disappeared but moments later the red object reappeared in the same place, but appearing much smaller. It then shot across the sky above the witnesses' heads at speed.

Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/brecon-beaconspen-y-fan-2nd-april-2010/ posted 4 May 2010.



Between 4 and 4.30 AM
Witnesses: Chris and Cath.
“Awake due to early morning crying from our baby, I looked from the rear window of my house only to see what appeared to be a number of moving lights in the clear night sky! I immediately woke my partner, we both made our way down stairs and out the front door to gain a clear view of the sky.
Looking up we could see a flashing object coming from our right to left. Coming closer, the object started to become clearer revealing a diamond shape with several red/orange lights up the underside.
It was joined up with another coming from the rear of the house, this particular object was flickering white and of a different shape to the first craft. It was truly amazing!”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



6-7 PM.
Tara Clement (40) saw a blue object:
"Roundish. Pale blue in colour. Reminded me of a sparkler, only bigger. It hovered above our car, then it slowly rose and went upwards towards the sky.... I felt overwhelmed at what I saw, for hours afterwards."
Duration of sighting: 3 - 5 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/sightings/display.asp?id=4869



Late evening.
The witness, Liam thinks it was around May 2010. He was with his 'misses' and were walking down the path to his house in Swansea Road, Merthyr Tydfil when he looked up towards the mountains in Trefechan (towards the north/north-east) and saw two circular "fireballs" moving at speed around the mountain. The two witnesses watched this for a few minutes, and then the two objects started rising higher into the sky. Then the objects both stopped at the same height and started moving from east to west. Suddenly they shot of at high speed into the clouds.
Liam has discounted helicopters, aircraft, chinese lanterns or meteors as possible explanations of what the objects could have been. Unfortunately he does not say what colour the 'fireballs' were, or if there was any sound audible. Presumably there was no sound, as he would have mentioned this in his report.
Source: www.ufouk.co.uk


11 MAY 2010 – LLANELLI

9 PM.
Witness: S. Jones.
“I went out the kitchen and I saw an orange ball zig-zagging through the sky.
 I ran outside and saw it was very fast and the horizontal and vertical movements it was making were impossible for any conventional aircraft.
 It then shot off towards Bynea.
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 14 July 2010.


Witness does not remember the date but thinks it was summer 2010.
A Saturday afternoon, about 2 or 3 pm, weather was a bright sunny day. Dean Jamieson was at home in Keepers Close, Parc Penllergaer, Swansea and was in the back bedroom which looked out over fields.
He noticed an object in the sky above the northern horizon, which was at about 30 degrees elevation above the nearer horizon of the field but was much further away, and would have been in the area of the hills east of Pontlliw.
The object was bell-shaped and a light grey or gun-metal colour, and about the size of a pea held at arm’s length. It remained motionless while Dean watched it for 10-20 minutes.
 Eventually he stopped watching it and went away. He returned later in the afternoon but the object had gone from view.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 8 August 2015.

One night between midnight and 1 AM,

Paul , then living in a flat in Evans Terrace, Swansea, went to see to his one-year-old son who had woken up crying. An object in the sky attracted his attention through the window. Looking out south-east across Swansea city centre and past Kilvey Hill, he saw what he described as a large cylindrical object, metallic grey in colour, pointed at one end and flat at the other, moving slowly in a westerly direction on a level course.
He estimated that the object was beyond Kilvey Hill so would have been over the sea in the vicinity of Swansea Docks.
The sky was clear with sparse clouds, little wind. A full moon was in the sky to the south and helped illuminate the object.
He said it was big, displayed no lights and there were no windows or other features apparent. As it moved slowly from left to right it passed behind Alexandra House (from his perspective – see photo), the large office block at the top of High Street , so wasn’t high in the sky, but perhaps 100 to 200 feet above the sea, and because of Paul’s elevated position due to his flat being on the side of a hill, he was more or less looking across at it rather than upwards.
There was no noise and he watched it for no more than five minutes as it slowly continued on its westerly course towards the west of the city, along the coast, until it moved out of his vision from the window.
He had never reported it because of his worry of being ridiculed.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 February 2015.


Approximately, 9.30 PM.
Dark clear evening.
Robert Francis was driving with his partner towards Cwmfelinfach and was just entering Ynysddu when he spotted a dark coloured sphere roughly 100-200 feet above his car, and he drove under it.
It was stationary, and at first he wondered if it was attached to the ground by a line but could see nothing. He had to drive on to Cwmfelinfach to deliver some milk for his baby daughter. He dropped it off and returned about 5 minutes later for another look.
When he arrived back at the site, another car, a green Astra had stopped in the same place where he had seen the object. Then he saw an orange ball shaped light travelling skywards over Pontgam, Ynysddu.
As it got to about 300 metres high the object turned into a dark coloured disc, travelling above the mountain top south east towards Newport/Cwmbran direction. Once the obhject was out of sight, the green Astra pulled off again.
Robert knows of a friend of his who was out walking in Ynysddu who also saw the object.
Another two witnesses, Kallam Mahoney and a friend near Pontgam, Ynysddu also saw the object.
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 25 April 2011.



5 PM.

Ariane Evans was in her living room and witnessed the sudden appearance of a big white light in the middle of the room, which lasted 5 seconds. It is not clear whether the light was actually originating in the room or shining in through the window from outside.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk reported 20 April 2011.


11 JUNE 2010 - WREXHAM

9 PM.

Bernice Haycock was sitting in her garden with her husband and friends. She saw a red spherical object in the sky and pointed it out to the others.

"It was about the height a helicopter would fly and was travelling at extreme speed. It came towards us and then turned and sped off to the left and disappeared."

Her brother thought it might have been a Chinese lantern, but she discounted this as it was travelling at speed and said it did not look like one.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/wrexham-north-wales-11th-june-2010/



9 PM. Clear sky.

Ariane Evans saw, through her living room window, three large white lights arranged in a triangle shape moving incredibly fast across the sky.There was no noise. She added that it was too fast to be a jet. 

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk reported 20 April 2011.


18 JUNE 2010 - MOLD

1.30 AM.

Greg Pritchard was trying to view Comet McNaught C/2009 R1, visible on this night in the north-western sky. He turned to look in the opposite direction to the south-east and saw two very bright white 'orbs' at approximately 50 degrees elevation. His first reaction was that they were stars, then satellites. However, they were moving towards the east and then changed direction towards the west, then he last saw them heading to the south before gaining speed and disappearing.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk - reported 1 July 2010.



11:20 AM.
The witness, Jordan, was leaving the beach with his dog, walking up on to small dunes to get back onto the footpath when he saw a metallic silver object, and was as high as a jetliner, but had a thicker appearance.
“It was metallic silver in colour, and had a lot more body, thickness and shape to it than an airplane. The left of the object (where a nose of a plane would be) was thicker but shorter, and it seemed to bulb out in the middle then get even out on the right side of the object.
It had no vapour trail and disappeared behind a cloud after about 10-15 seconds. It wasn’t quite as long as a commercial jet, but was a lot thicker. I waited for about 3 or 4 minutes for it to come out the other side, but it didn’t show itself.
I kept my eye on this particular cloud on the way home and still couldn’t spot it again.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.com


At 7.21 PM
 the witness, Jason was sitting in his back garden.
 The sky was clear and he noticed a few airliners flying over so he decided to look at them through binoculars. Whilst looking at a plane over the Blackhills (Gower) area he spotted “a slightly off round almost egg shape hovering in the sky.”
It turned and then hovered again, moved to the left, then to the right, spinning. Jason said that when it turned it shone brightly, reflecting the sun’s light. He could only see it without the binoculars when it reflected the sun’s rays.
 At first he thought that it might be a helium balloon, but its motion told him otherwise.
“I could see it without the binoculars only when the sun was hitting it but when it turned it just seemed black....it moved to the left then the right rotating. It stayed there for around 20 minutes.
I called my partner but she couldn’t see it.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk


5 JULY 2010 – KITTLE

A huge orange light flew over a house in Kittle, Swansea at 1:20 AM. Witnessed by brothers Alex and Nick Brown. Alex reported:
“Me and my brother both witnessed a UFO at approximately 1:20 a.m. on the 5th of July over Kittle, Swansea. I was downstairs and then this ‘hovering’ noise and slight vibrations came from the distance, the house was vibrating and then all of a sudden a very loud noise came above and lasted there for at least 45 seconds, which seemed very strange for a plane, unfortunately I was downstairs and ran to the window but it was above us so I couldn’t see from the angle, but then my brother who had been in the shower at the time ran downstairs and shouted “Did you see THAT?!” He said that he had witnessed an orange light passing over our house very slowly, it then slowly hovered over Bishopston Valley and disappeared!
“It was definitely not a plane as there are no major airports nearby. We have lived here for ten years now and have never heard a plane at night. Whatever it was, it looked way too big and sounded too big to be flying over our house at that speed for 45 seconds! It would of definitely fallen out of the sky, it was way too slow to be possibly flying at that sort of height.
My brother is a pilot and knows his planes very well. He said that the UFO was bright orange and the orange light was not flashing, planes have to have flashing lights when flying at night he said. Also, the light suddenly went out as it passed the Valley.
I don’t know how to describe the sound I heard but it was a huge hovering circling sort of sound and very very loud.
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk posted 5 July 2010.

“I was sat in the kitchen one evening when I noticed a light out of the corner of my eye.
I went outside for a better look, to my amazement there hovering about house height 30 feet away was an orange/yellow orb. I immediately ran to get digital camera.
When I went back outside it started doing very strange flying up and down left right then came back to hover in same place. I lifted camera and camera shut down which I found odd as they were new batteries.
Then a police helicopter appeared right next to it with red and blue lights flashing. The UFO went nuts, it flew in a way that no aircraft made by man could ever do, up sharp rights and lefts in such a way and at such speed that I immediately knew it was not from this planet as any human would have been killed if they were in it.
It then went straight for the police helicopter which took evasive action or the orb would have crashed into it. It then shot off towards the Gower [south].”
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/66194 citing MUFON uploaded by witness 6 June 2015.
[See following night].
Note: Date is recorded but witness says: “one evening”.



10 PM/10.30 PM.
Ellis Evans was camping with his partner and a friend on his family farm land on the Heritage Coast between Southerndown and Nash Point.
They saw a huge bright orange-white ball travelling up the Bristol Channel (eastwards) towards the Glamorgan coast at an altitude which he compared to being about 2-3 times the height of the cliffs of Minehead across the channel.
When it was roughly between Ilfracombe and Minehead it changed its direction of travel instantly by 90 degrees, turning south and shooting off towards Exmoor National Park, travelling at least four times the cruising speed at which it had come up the channel.
He said, “We have a military training base at St. Athan which means I see fast jets occasionally and this object’s cruising speed was equal to a fast jet flying over the channel, but that 90 degree turn?”
There was no sound or flashing navigation lights associated with the object. It displayed a consistent glow at both observable directions of travel.


Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk and correspondence with SUFON (Emlyn Williams) 22 October 2015.

[See previous night]
“The next day I bought new batteries just in case it came back, and at 10.32 PM that night it did, but this time it was ten feet off the ground above my back garden.
I grabbed camera but again it powered off, the orb stayed still for about 5 minutes then shot straight up gone from my sight.”
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/66194 citing MUFON uploaded by witness 6 June 2015.

28 JULY 2010 – SWANSEA

4.30 PM.  Witness: ‘J’.
“I was walking through Swansea back to my car near the council offices at about half past four in the afternoon. It was a dark Tuesday afternoon and it was raining slightly.
 I looked up and saw what I believe was a flying man in black!
This is not a joke: I don’t know if it was a man-shaped balloon or a black bin bag caught in the wind or a flying man in black, but I was very scared.
The figure glided across the road and suddenly changed direction. The object was moving very slowly and was almost gliding.
 I would say that it was 500 ft above the ground. It flew over the top of some trees and then disappeared from view. Please this is not a wind up.”
Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org



8.30 PM - 9 PM.
High rippled clouds.

Matthew Morgan was sitting  on the beach at Penally Point looking out to sea when he saw beams of light, or "beam clouds", coming out of the water - like spot lights, stretching up as far as they could go, "like they were being shone from 50 metres underwater".
He had the impression that there was something big in the sea shining the beams upwards. They were constantly slowly shifting width, disappearing and appearing, forming a constant pattern, each beam totally straight, each widening out as they got higher, and together forming what appeared to be one big beam.
From Matthew's perspective on the beach, it looked like they originated just off Caldey Island, but he said they could have been much further out at sea.
 The effect lasted for about 30 minutes, after which he heard two fighter jets coming up from behind him, too high to be seen, moving over to the area that he had seen the beams shining up from, and then returning from where they had come [RAF Valley?]
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness: 31 July 2010.



10.15 PM

Peter Hewitt (25) and his girlfriend saw a bright orange triangular-shaped object in the sky. He thought at first it was a plane but it was very low and there was no sound. It flew overhead and disappeared in an instant. He videod it with his phone but when he tried playing it back it said the file was corrupt. However he did manage to capture about 20 seconds up to when it disappeared.

Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.

Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/sightings/display.asp?id=5078


2 AUGUST 2010 – PYLE

5:30 PM.

A motorist was driving on the A48 towards Pyle – but the account does not say from which direction.
“I was driving home from work on what was a sunny summers evening. A silver shaped object which looked like a disk flew across the road at a high speed towards the south, out towards the sea.
 There was only a light breeze so it could not have been a large balloon caught in the wind. I pulled my car up along the roadside and got out to take a look. I took a look around for 5 minutes but the object was gone.
The road runs adjacent to the busy M4 so I wonder if anybody else saw the object? The object was about what looked like 1000 ft above the ground, and I would say that it was as big as a small car.”
Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org


8.30 PM

UFO investigator, Margaret Fry was at her home in Abergele. She was in her living room with her daughter. The room has a large picture window facing the rear. Suddenly a large disc-shaped revolving craft passed over in a straight line at speed and both saw it move across their view through the window. It was yellow in the centre, with an orange rim.

Margaret exclaimed and said to her daughter that it will return, which sure enough, it did a few seconds later. This time it was moving slower and they were able to see more details. Margaret's friend and co-investigator, retired police officer, John Roberts, who lived a few streets away, telephoned to say that he was attending a barbecue in a neighbour's garden and the craft had flown over them, stopped and went back the same way, towards Margaret's house.

Source: www.beamsinvestigations.org/Disc%20Over%20Abergele.%20N.Wales,%20UK,%208.8.2010.htm



10:45 PM.
Witness: Thomas Lewis.
“I was looking into the night sky to see if I could notice any shooting stars that have been around for the past few days.
Then all of a sudden I could hear a very strange buzzing noise overhead. As I looked up an orange orb was travelling above me slowly moving side to side. It was moving from the south to north at quite a high speed.
Then it stopped in one position for 30 seconds. By the time I had got my phone to take a photo it zoomed to the north at a tremendous speed.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded b y witness 14 August 2010.


4:00 AM.
The witnesses, Deborah Booth and her son, who live on the main road through Briton Ferry had a sighting:
“My son called me out of bed. There was an unusual object hovering in the sky above my rear garden. I could see it was round in shape, had white lights illuminating it and red lights on the underside. As it moved away, I could not see the lights, but the shape of the object, a semi-circle, the flat side being the underside.
It became clear a smaller object of the same shape etc was following close by. We went to the front of the house where we continued to watch the object hover back and fore, moving away from us, over the hill towards the Cimla/Tonmawr area where they appeared to stop and hover in the distance.
A third object, the same as the two previous joined them and the three hovered for a period of time. My son witnessed a beam of light shoot out of one, to the right as he looked at it when I had gone back inside in search of the camera.
On my return I could see a second object appeared to have sparks shooting from it in a halo, with the object changing colour, white, blue, green. My son said it was a different object to the one he had witnessed shooting the beam of white light.
 They continued to hover there in the distance again for a time. I went back to bed totally mystified, trying to evaluate rationally what I had seen.
My son called me frantically again. Yet again above my back garden there were three objects. So clear to the naked eye I found my camera and tried to take a photo but found the batteries had drained. I frantically looked for replacements in the kitchen drawer, but all were dead [see 5 and 6 July 2010 Llanelli case. – E.W.]
The three objects above me were round with bright white lights illuminating them and as they hovered overhead I could see a red light circling the underside which gave the impression that the objects were spinning as they moved. The sun was starting to rise and the sky was lightening as the objects started to move off again in the direction of the Cimla/Tonmawr area.
They moved faster, one after another in a straight formation, which was contrary to the hovering I had witnessed previously. As they moved off at this increased pace you could clearly see an emission of what appeared to be smoke from the rear ends of each object. We watched until they were out of sight. All in all this account covered the time period between 4:00 AM and 5:10 AM.
My son, who works shifts and has a peculiar body clock at the present time, had gone out the front of the house for a cigarette when he first sighted the first strange object in the sky. Thus, it could have been there for goodness knows how long before he saw it.
The whole experience has left both of us mystified and myself very much unnerved. If a logical explanation can be given then I would very much appreciate any feed back. At the present time, I am constantly thinking about what I saw and trying to rationalise my recollections.
My son and I have both witnessed the same, albeit he may have more to add, since I did retreat back to my bed for 10 or more minutes. I am interested to know if anyone else has reported a similar sighting.
Source: www.uk-ufo.com
10:15 PM.
Witness: Jonathan Carr.
“I had just entered the local park (the Rec) whilst taking the dogs for a walk. The sky was clear as it was a crisp evening. No clouds. The park has no lighting and was pitch black.
The moon was behind me and the only other bright light in the sky was – I presume – Venus, at about 30 degrees above the horizon, to the East.  [Venus would actually be in the west at this time of the day – E.W.]
I was looking down the valley to the South West when a bright white light appeared above the tree tops. It was silent and moving very quickly.
From seeing it to it reaching 90 degrees above my head was approx 30 seconds. It was twice as bright as Venus, travelling in a straight line from the South West to North East. It displayed no navigation lights, so from my ATC training as a youngster, was not an aircraft.
After the light reached directly overhead, I turned to watch it. It continued in a straight line and constant speed for about 3 seconds. It then began to climb, on the same trajectory, the light becoming fainter until after about 5 seconds it was an orange spec, but still visible.
 At this moment it immediately made a 25-30 degree sharp turn to the left and continued in this new direction for about 2 seconds before fading.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 30 August 2010.



22:35 HRS.

Carl Knight saw:

“A large round white light moving west over the Swansea Valley. There were two police choppers in the sky at the time they seem to be following it.

The light then went up into the sky and it was gone. All this lasted around 15 minutes.”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



10.25 PM.

An Australian couple, Em and Cheryl Jones, on holiday in North Wales were in a rented cottage in Penmon.

They were looking through the upstairs bedroom window towards the Menai Strait (south), and spotted at least twelve small flickering white lights travelling in formation from west to east, from Bangor towards Llandudno. Following the formation of white lights was a larger white diamond-shaped object with brighter white lights in each apex. This object was rotating slowly in an anti-clockwise direction.

Cheryl did not see this object but saw the formation, the last of which disappeared instantly "into a pin-point", but Em didn't see that.

Duration of sighting: about 50 seconds.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



7.40 PM.

Clear sky. The sun had set at 7.16 PM so would have been dusk.

Mark was ouside the front of his house in Brackla, locking his car. He happened to look up and noticed a black object, which seemed to be bell shaped with a flashing orange/white light, travelling east to west.

He watched it until it went out of sight. It moved faster than a plane, making no sound that he could hear.

Location of Sighting: Brackla, Bridgend

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



At around 8 pm,

The witnesses, Alexandra Hole, her boyfriend Jonathan Coombs, and five others saw an object over Dunvant, Swansea:

“My boyfriend was outside having a cigarette and called me out to look at something in the sky. At first, it appeared to be a plane on fire falling out of the sky, but then it got closer and right over the houses.

It wasn’t up high but it was down low in the sky and was the size of around 5 jumbo jets put together. It didn’t make noise but was right over the house and the light was so bright it was like the sun. This made it impossible to photograph it because it flooded the camera with light.

There were lights all around the edge of it shooting off colours. It went over and then a second one appeared further up and hovered for a bit. There were planes all around it and one appeared to go up close and then either disappeared or went into it.

There were several of us there to see it (three adults and four boys from the street). The boys said they had seen it the night before as well but no one had believed them.

Everyone was stone cold sober and we are not the type of people to ever have thought that UFOs existed. One of us had to go to work and once there she could see bright lights in the sky in a group. She was with two other adults and they all looked at the lights through strong binoculars.

She said it was the same ships as we had seen close up and the underbelly of them looked like lit up jellyfish.

The activity went on for around a half hour and the crafts moved off towards Gower and out of sight. This was a very frightening experience for everyone. Please if anyone else saw this can you get in touch?”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk posted by witness 13 October 2010.

Emlyn Williams contacted Alexandra on 5 August 2015. She said:
“I live on Dunvant Road and my ex partner called me to look out the back which faces Derlwyn because he first thought there was a plane on fire but then it got right up close to my house and was very low and just stayed there for a while.

I tried taking a photo but it didn’t come out. I called some random teenagers walking past to see, look at it and then it moved on towards the Gower the other direction of my house. I haven’t told anyone because people look at me as if I have two heads.”




Between 8 PM and 9 PM. 

Witness: Jonathan Davies.

“I and my wife were witnesses to a very strange incident off the coast of Llandimore, Gower, Swansea, last Thursday 7th October 2010, 8 pm till 9 pm. My daughter who is 2 years old was standing pointing out the window saying ‘bright’. Took a look and a very strange large egg shape orange object was in the sky not too far off the coast over the sea (tide was in over the salt marsh) the object then came down just above the sea, the colours were as bright as the sun, the colours kept changing.

This happened for over an hour. I took close up pictures with a hi def camera and the pictures are very unusual to say the least. About 15 minutes after it arrived another similar but much larger object appeared opposite Llanelli (took lots more pics) the sky was overcast so not stars and not Chinese lanterns as objects were very large and stayed in same position for long periods.

Whilst the object was over the sea, a large helicopter came up to the object with a spot light on it, but as soon as the light hit the object it went out and the helicopter sped off in opposite direction very fast, this happened 5 times, strange!

I have been in touch with the police (not their helicopter and no reports), the coast guard same response as the police and the two local air bases at Pembrey and St. Athan both bases close at 5.30 and said nothing to do with them.

I have sent the picture to Nick Pope who headed up the investigation into UFOs at the Ministry of Defence. He has replied and said the pictures are baffling and intriguing and asked me to get them analysed with the BUFORA which I have done (sent pics, awaiting response).”

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk – report uploaded by witness 21 October 2010.

Steven Griffiths, SUFON, went to interview him and Jonathan told him that after the sighting, two black vans were seen driving along a causeway across the marsh to the approximate location where the object which had been over the marsh had been.

Jonathan had asked the landowner who holds the key to the gate over the track to the causeway, who told him that he had opened it for nobody.



    View looking north over the estuary


   One of the photos that Jonathan Davies took.



6 PM. Clear and sunny with excellent visibility.

The witness, J. Malvern was driving in the Bridgend area and saw two commercial jet liners travelling west. A silver object which 'buzzed' them was then seen at roughly the same altitude.

It seemed to be conscious of the aircraft. It made no vapour trail and moved faster than the planes. It was too far away to notice any details, and just appeared as a spherical or slightly elongated spherical object.

It changed direction several times quite slowly, but "not in a winged aircraft manner". The witness discounted the possibility that it could have been a helicopter, plane or satellite.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



7 PM.

The witness, Jenny, was with her partner in their local park in Merthyr Tydfil to watch a firework display.

Half way through, an orange light appeared, which circled the park as the fireworks were going off. It carried on doing this for about 10 minutes until it stopped still. Its orange glow turned a deeper orange, nearly red.

It stayed like this for about a minute before turniong back to it's orange glow and then it started moving again. It remained visible until the firework display finished, then it shot across the sky and out of sight.

Jenny said that there was not a Chinese lantern "as they can't stop dead and shoot off into the opposite direction with such speed."

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk



“I am reporting this incident for the witness who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. I received several photos taken in rural Carmarthenshire, Wales, near Carmarthen on November 5, 2010 around 7 pm local time.

The witness noticed the object rise from behind a hill at a distance of approx. ½ mile. The UFO hovered for about a minute then continued to rise until it was out of sight. It was described as disc-shaped with red lights. The photo was taken with a cell phone. After talking to witness, I estimate this object was at least 150 feet across....possibly up to 200 feet. As you can see in the photo, the object seems to have structures on it.

There have been a few unusual sightings in this specific area recently. The witness has asked me not to disclose further location information. I realise that this was Guy Fawkes night in the UK and that there are traditionally fireworks and bonfires....but the witness is very reliable.”

The object was described as a large disc shaped object with red and white lights and structure. At this time, the images will be posted as *(link moved to additional evidence section-cms/sg). Under copyright.

Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/26407 citing MUFON report uploaded 7 September 2010.



10 PM. 
Jane Winkles and Cath Blythe were outside and saw a bright orange, circular light in the sky, with what appeared to be two prongs coming from underneath it. It was moving very quickly with no sound. It appeared to hover then moved away at speed towards the coast.
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 17 November 2010.



9 PM. Witness: R. Watkins.

"Looking north-ish, I saw a very bright orange/white light falling from sky followed by a vapour trail, then it reached a certain altitude and stopped, the light intensity reduced  and moved at incredibly high velocity in the direction of approx North-West on the same altitude until it was lost from sight."

www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 1 December 2010.



Approx. 10.30 PM. Witness: Chris O'Neill

"Just letting the dogs out the back field, north westerly direction towards Aberporth. One star like light,flickering and different colours. It started moving around in circles, then more random movements. It also went up and down then stopped. A few mins later started moving around a lot, then just stopped again. it’s not an aircraft as there are no red/green navigation lights or strobe to be seen .I’ve flown in quite a few aircraft including helicopters and they don’t move like that. It was some distance away, so it must have moved a fair distance for us to notice it from where we were standing."

www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded 8 December 2010.



11.10 PM. 

Barbara Jones was with a colleague in a parked car in a side street while working a night shift in Abertillery, when they noticed what at first they thought was a plane coming in low from the direction of the forestry on the mountain which runs along side of the street. The object was moving fast and the witnesses noticed that it did not have wings,was big and there was no sound coming from it.

"...it had a rocket shape end to it which was glowing an orangey red colour." Barbara said it had three windows at the front end, and light was visible coming through them, which was changing colour from a golden light to bright white to a blue tint.  The body of the object was a dark colour. As it flew horizontally across the rooftops of Abertillery, the street lights reflected off it and the witnesses could see that it was greyish.

It tilted upwards and then it disappeared in front of them, "into thin air" before their eyes.

Duration of sighting: around 20 seconds.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 20 December 2010.



9.35 PM
This account was posted six years after it happened but the information comes from the witness's entry in a diary at the time.
The witness's husband called her to the back door (he'd gone out for a cigarette). They saw a light in the sky travelling to the north from west, away from them. He had first seen it overhead, moving north. As they watched, it stopped briefly, then resumed and got dimmer as it went behind a cloud so they couldn't see it any more. They were discussing the possibility of it being a Chinese lantern, but the fact it stopped seemed to rule that out.
The three more appeared from the east, from a position to the right of the portion of the northern sky that they could see between hedges on either side of their narrow garden. The speed was compared to that of a firework. The lights then slowed down right where they could be seen between the hedges. One went off to the left so it was no longer visible below the hedge. Of the two remaining lights, one got behind the other from the witnesses' perspective. They moved slightly toward the witnesses (south) then went north again and went out of sight behind the clouds.
They were described as reddish-amber lights. The first possibly twinkled a little like a star but the others were steady in intensity. She compared their movement to ice skaters, smooth and sometimes moving in arcs, moving fairly slowly apart from when the group of three first came into view. She didn't think they changed altitude. A few photos were taken on her mobile phone.
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.
Sources: www.ufo-hunters.com / http://www.ufoworldnews.com/ufo-sighting-in-haverfordwest-wales-on-2010-12-25-213500-lights-in-the-sky-viewed-from-house-no-sound/ Posted  by witness: 5 January 2017.