2009 - Reports: 30


On a Friday night in February (but could be March) between 7 and 9.30 PM. On duty uniformed police officer ‘D’ was on foot patrol near Swansea Museum, at the end of York Street, on the central reservation of Victoria Road. Looking north-east, he observed a lot of Chinese lanterns drifting in a south-westerly direction, and one object, a red ball, slightly above them, moving in the opposite direction, at a gently pace.
Just then on his radio, he heard another police officer, an acting sergeant, who was on front patrol on North Hill, to the north of the city centre, asking him if he could see “a red ball.”
There was no sound heard. The object continued in a north-easterly direction in a straight line, faster than walking pace until it was out of sight.
Source: SUFON Files. ‘D’ interviewed b y Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 12 May 2015.

Mid-morning. Overcast.

A disc was photographed over Gorseinon. The photographer didn’t notice anything at the time, but only saw it when uploading the image onto a computer. The photo was emailed to the MOD.
The photographer, Luke Dakin, got in touch with SUFON with further information:
“It’s facing south-east from the upper Kingsbridge area, looking towards Highfields/Kingsbridge. I took it with my new camera in early 2009 from my parents’ back garden after a dusting of snow.
 It was in the middle of a panoramic stitch (before the days of automatic stitching with camera/phones) so have a before and after shot too. Sounds like a cliché but I only noticed on the computer screen after I uploaded it.
 I checked the original file on the LCD screen on the back of the camera to make sure it wasn’t a software glitch on the computer and it was the same. I sent it in to one of the newspapers and they said it looked like a bird! MOD couldn’t explain it (the object has a red underbelly) and didn’t hear anything until a few years later after the files were de-classified.”
The photo here has been altered from the original and is in black and white. Luke will be providing SUFON with a copy of the original soon.



9 PM. Mark Rayworth, age 34, was travelling by car along Llangyfelach Road, Swansea, near Brynmelyn Flats, when he saw what he described as a burning black blob some 80 feet in height, travelling over Swansea Bay from Mumbles towards Port Talbot, at a speed of about 70 mph. As he watched another burning blob seemed to drop off the main one and down towards the sea. No further details available.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.


1.10 AM.

A single object the size of a large car was seen. It was silver and had 'flames' flickering from the underside. It moved up and away.
Source: MOD Files


5.17 AM

Four UFOs were seen flying beneath two aircraft. They moved much faster than the aircraft. The objects were described as being grey in colour with a dome on top and bottom.
They flew over the Waterton Industrial Estate.
Source: MOD Files.

5 APRIL 2009 - BALA
Approximately 2.30 PM
Paul was walking along the road which runs next to Bala Lake, looking at the scenery, when he noticed a saucer-shaped object about 60 feet off the ground, at a distance of about a mile to a mile and a half away, viewed between trees. The lower part was metallic grey and the rest of the craft was silver-white. It banked off and ascended into the low clouds.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk/snowdonia-national-park-bala-lake-5th-april-2009 reported by witness: 6 April 2009.



“I had just got out of my car at the petrol station in my local town (Port Talbot), when I noticed an orange light in the sky.
At first I thought it was a helicopter (we get quite a few over the town with strong spotlights looking for who knows what) as it was moving slowly and that maybe the orange light was blocking my view of the helicopter.
I had to fill up the car with petrol which I remember being annoyed at as I really wanted to see what the light was.
After filling up with petrol I tried to make visual contact again whilst driving (not recommended). I was getting occasional views of the light but I couldn’t stop as I was on a busy road with nowhere to pull over.
As I was making my way to another garage to inflate my tyres the light was above and in front of me. I was still driving and trying to keep eye contact with the light. It went directly overhead and I managed to slow down and get a better view.
The light was almost the same intensity and colour of a street light but just above the orange light I could make out a strange dark disk shape that I can only describe as appearing to vibrate. It was blurred like an out of focus object. It was this that really made me realise this object was unusual. There was no sound and I would say it was no more than 150 to 200 feet above me.
I lost sight as it went overhead and I remember cursing that I couldn’t pull over to get a better view, I was only a few minutes from home (with a camcorder waiting to be utilised) but by the time I got home I couldn’t see the light at all.
I should add that our local paper had a small write up on the incident confirming my sighting as being unusual and independently witnessed.
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/16524 uploaded by witness 15 April 2009.
12.20 AM.
Witness: Craig Morris (17):
"I did not actually see a UFO, what happened was: I settled down for bed at approx midnight. It was a warm night in bed so I opened both my bedroom windows fully which are directly above my bed. Then approximately twenty minutes later I was awoken from a half a sleep state to what sounded like a high pitched young child screaming, i then got up and immediately looked out of my window, the screaming continued until it then got more clear and suddenly sounded like two "things" rather than one. The noise was like nothing i have ever heard before and I find it hard to describe to you but all I can really think of is relating it to a child. The screaming continued then and then it become slightly more clear as if they were trying to say look up, repeatedly. At this point I was absolutely petrified looking around the street from my window for any sign of anyone. I then looked up into the sky and saw a light that couldn't have been more than 1 foot in diameter, faint and blue. The screaming then stopped and i heard a loud sort of overhead night plane going across. The road then fell to silence and a strong wind picked up resulting in me closing my windows."
Duration of sighting: 1 minute.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=3672


5.15 AM
Karin Adams (41), saw a light in the sky like a star, but coloured. It was shining very brightly, then dimmed and moved across the sky about a hundred feet, then shone very brightly again, dimmed and moved back to its original position, then disappeared.
"I am quite sure this was a UFO, however have not had any sightings previously. The birds were chirping but everything else was very quiet no engine noises etc. so could not have been a plane. Also  the way it was moving was erratic, very quickly then slower."
Duration of sighting: 1 minute.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=3683

10.30 AM to 11 AM
A silver disc came low and hovered over the farm shop [Welsh Food Centre?] near Bodelwyddan. It was spinning overhead for 20 minutes, watched by a group of people at a car boot sale.
Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 2009 notebook.


10:45 PM. Weather conditions: Calm, slightly cloudy, cool night.

“My partner and I were fishing on the coast of Llangennith when I took a breather and sat down. I saw something in the corner of my eye glowing quite brightly.
 I called out to my partner who was just as amazed as I was to see a bright orange glowing square, quite large, over our heads. Three fishermen alongside us and a lady, sitting just behind, also witnessed the same thing. It moved slowly then stopped and juddered back and forth before vanishing.
 I looked at the UFO Balloons and I don’t think it was one of them as it didn’t rise at all and only moved side to side slightly. Also all around us was pitch black and quiet to suggest no dune parties in place.”
Source: www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/090614.shtml
[2009 is full of reports of UFO sightings which are obviously Chinese lanterns – which at the time, weren’t well known, and many people unfamiliar with them were amazed.
Witness descriptions of what these look like and the tell-tale behaviour usually gives these away and the reports can be disregarded, however, this  sighting is a good one as the witness has considered this possibility and has decided that what was seen was not a lantern – and its behaviour does seem to match this hypothesis – so what was it?. – E.W.]


Between 10.00 PM - 10.10 PM. Warm.
Lone witness:
'I live directly in front of several mountains which are around 2-3 miles away. At around 22.00-22.10 on Wednesday 24th I noticed a light in bright white/orange colour moving towards the top of the mountain which I thought could have been a car or tractor of some kind but then it took to the air above the mountain top, moved left then right then back down to the same path it came from then veered left and became a bright red in colour and going under the M4 flyover motorway before disappearing. This couldn't have been a helicopter because there are electric pylons on either side of the mountains and if it were a helicopter it would have certainly crashed into the M4. I would like to know if anyone else have reported similar.'
Source: www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/090624.shtml


21:45 – 21.55. Witness: D.

“....I saw a bright white light which I thought to be a police/search helicopter on a nearby mountain in Port Talbot.
It was moving directly upwards then stopped in a hovering position just a little higher than the mountain top for 10-20 seconds, then started moving left in a straight line then stopped in hovering position 10-20 seconds the doubled back on itself, stopped and hovered again for 10-20 seconds before moving right in a straight line then stopped and hovered again for 10-20 seconds. It then doubled back on itself again then stopped and remained totally motionless for around 30 seconds then started to move downwards.
Up to this point I still thought it was a police/search helicopter of some kind but then the bright white light changed into a bright pulsating red ball which moved in a very fast and erratic manner before disappearing into the woodland.”
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 5 February 2011.

6:45  PM approx
Hot clear day.
A large round object, possibly a disc was seen over Pontarddulais. It was described as being dark in colour but sunlight reflected off its surface.
It made no sound, but other aircraft could be seen and heard at the same altitude. It moved like it was floating or bobbing up and down very slowly and took around 10 minutes t fade from view.
Source: MOD Files.
[This report was one of the last before the MOD closed its UFO desk]

11.15 PM. Clear sky.
Two brothers, Chris (23) and Mike (24) were in a back garden in Cyncoed and saw a strange, flat rectangular object, with one short side at the bottom. One side had a bulge towards the top. It was described as being two or three times the size of a house away from them at an altitude of what a helicopter would normally fly at. There were coloured lights at the top of the object which were swirling. Below the object an orange haze led down to another object, a bright orange horizontal ring, approximately 50 or 60 feet below.
The rectangular object was metallic in colour and the two objects were moving to their left without a sound. The rectangular object then departed in seconds [in which way isn't clear], followed  by the ring, which went straight upwards and disappearing.
The two witnesses told researcher Jane McCarthy that they had been watching the two objects for a few minutes and mentioned they thought that there was 'jump motion' where the air is dispelled [?].
Jane spoke to the mother of the two men, who told her they were genuine.
Source: http://www.psychicinvestigators.net/html/ufos.html


8 PM one evening.

Mark Rayworth, age 34, was standing in a lane at the rear of Kildare Street, Manselton, Swansea. He saw what he described as a boomerang or triangular ‘wing’ shaped object, at a height of 300 to 400 feet. It was a large brown colour and made no sound.
He was unable to estimate its exact direction or speed. It appeared flying straight ahead, but suddenly swooped sharply upwards, and as it did so it emanated sparks from behind it. It disappeared out of sight vertically.
He observed it for about 2 seconds. He believed that the object was not of this planet.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.


Witness is unsure of the date - could be 2010.
About 8 PM. Dusk.

Laurence Lowe was walking along a path in parkland which surrounds Fendrod Lake, in Llansamlet. The lake was on his right and he was walking towards the south-west, facing towards Swansea.
The Ramada Jarvis hotel was on his left behind trees. He spotted a cigar-shaped object in the sky moving very slowly at a 45 degree elevation, and quite far away, possibly over the city centre (three miles distant).
It was heading from west to east, heading towards the docks area on the other side of Kilvey Hill from his position.
 He couldn't understand why it was so white - "it looked like a kitchen light" - i.e. a fluorescent tube. He thought it was too good to be true and couldn't explain why it was so bright.
Source: SUFON Files.
12 AUGUST 2009 – BRECON              
“I went outside at about 10.38 pm because apparently there were going to be shooting stars that night. After a minute or two I noticed a bright blue light above the opposite hill. I assumed it was a light in a house.
After a while I realised it couldn’t be on a house, it was too high and it just didn’t look right. It started to move in a straight line in my direction and as it came closer I noticed two things – what I could see was a bright blue light, sphere shaped.
Also the noise this thing was emitting, it was like heavy machinery, a drill perhaps. This was all very strange so I ran inside to get a torch, to have a better look. I couldn’t find one so I went back out, but by this time the UFO was almost gone. I could still see and hear it though. After about 15 seconds, it was gone.
I was eager to find out what it could be, the glowing blue light (which didn’t blink by the way) and strange, grinding sound had got me thinking this wasn’t normal aircraft.”
Duration of sighting: 1 minute 20 seconds.
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/18602 uploaded by witness 12 August 2009.


9.30 PM
Georgie Currie (15) saw a light like a star, but larger moving at speed, and up and down, "like 'dodging' things in the sky. It randomly shone amazingly bright for about 15 seconds then went to its normal light balance, like a star." Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=4198


Around 10 PM. 
"From my flat in Treherbert, I can see the North Star and on this particular night could also see the space telescope (in the direction of Treherbert railway station).
 From the same point at the North Star, a bright object was moving in the sky up the valley (as if you were looking down Bute Street).
It was moving steadily and very smoothly. I am 100% sure it was not a helicopter or plane as it dipped in the sky (quite slowly) several times, still very smooth. I rushed to get my phone to video it, by this time the object moved quite quickly towards ‘the basin’ on the other side of the railway, hovered over the mountain, flashed brightly and then disappeared.
I am convinced it was a UFO. At the time, it was common knowledge that a space telescope was visible to the human eye and if I recall correctly, this was my reason for having a 'glance' out of the window at the time. This object caught my eye because it was brighter than anything else in the sky at the time.
Again, I'm still to this day convinced it was a UFO as it moved in different directions. There were no flashing lights on the object like you would see on a plane or helicopter. Not sure whether this is coincidence, but the moment I found my phone and went to film the object, it vanished (faded)."
Source: www.mufoncms.com


8:15 PM.

A journalist, together with about 24 other people saw three objects, like bright orange tennis balls stuck together flying across the sky over Betws.
Source: MOD Files.


2 AM.
Ffion Morgan-Williams (15), saw an object which she said looked like a saucer, with fast-flashing lights, descending and seeming to land onto Garth Mountain. She said she heard three loud noises like gunfire or a car backfiring, followed by an extremely loud humming noise for about fifteen minutes. Duration of sighting: 20 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=4236



A UFO was seen over Aberporth. No details were recorded. The witness called the MOD UFO Hotline, but the call was cut off after 30 seconds.
Source: MOD Files.
Graham Evans took a photo of a dark disc-shaped object over Denbigh Castle. See a short video of him presenting it below.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adx72ezDM6U

Orange/red sphere seen just under cloud cover over Maesteg by a father and son. Object moved north-east then up into the clouds, without making a noise.
Did not have standard aircraft lights and it appeared that the entire object was giving off light as opposed to having spotlights.
Source: MOD Files.
7:34 PM. A family of four people (informant, partner, daughter and stepson) saw an orange sphere moving from west to east over Pontarddulais.
The object made no noise, was large in the sky compared to the level of cloud cover, was an off red blood orange colour and the entire sphere emitted light. There were no ‘spotlights’ and the light remained constant and did not flicker.
It moved at an apparent straight heading and took approximately 4 minutes to travel from one horizon to the other. Other aircraft were seen in the sky at the same time.
Source: MOD Files.

6.10 PM. A UFO was seen. N o details were reported.
Source: MOD Files.


3.55 PM. Clear sky. An orange/yellow object displaying no contrails or flashing lights was seen at an altitude of 1500 – 2000 feet over Port Talbot, moving west.
Source: MOD Files.


21:26. Helen and David Carter:
“Looking at the night sky northwest low in sky saw what looked like three stars in a row with clusters of smaller stars. Husband said that looks unfamiliar and as we were looking they all disappeared.”
21:50. Helen Carter:
“Refer to previous sighting earlier this evening, went outside again and the three bright stars had returned and were in same position in the sky. On closer inspection the cluster of smaller stars were all to the right of the three larger stars. I called my husband to tell him they had returned but as soon as he came out they all disappeared.”


4 PM. David was driving from visiting his mother and sister in Maesteg, to his home in Pontarddulais, with his wife, and their 5 year-old daughter.
They were heading west and had just passed through Bryn on the B4282 as it was starting to go dark, and it was snowing.
He then saw a bright, blood red orb flying south to north through the falling snow. He pulled over by a farm road (the same place where he stopped to see the two triangular objects in autumn 2008) and got out of the car for a better look.
He immediately rang his mother at his sister’s house in Maesteg, about 4 miles away over the hills, to tell her what he as looking at. His mother thought he was talking about the red orb that she was looking at, at that very moment in the sky near her!
The object that David was looking at went up into the clouds and disappeared.
Source: SUFON Files: David interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015.