2007 - Reports: 13

9.05 PM
Charlotte Phelps (21), was with friend Harry Mitchell saw an object with lights. She described it as being a big round circle with red, green and blue flashng lights. The main body of the object was grey. It was moving slowly then stopped before moving closer to the witnesses. The two started running. Charlotte got her phone out but as she did so the object "zoomed off".
Duration of sighting: 3-4 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2088

Cloudy day.
A couple with their 13 13-year-old son were in their car at the petrol station on Samlet Road, opposite the Dylan Thomas pub. They noticed some lights in the sky to the south over the Enterprise Zone, a business park. The lights were just hanging at a constant altitude. On leaving the petrol station, the man decided to travel in the general direction of the lights to get a closer look and they ended up on Phoenix Way, where the lights were still visible, "just above the base of the cloud" [presumably means 'below'?]. 
The lights were dome-shaped and in a triangular configuration. The family sat in the car for a while, with the window wound down, and no sound could be heard, so they discounted helicopters etc. After a short time, around two or three minutes the lights just disappeared. 
"What was even more bizarre was the fact that we were the only ones who seemed to have noticed the goings on above us."
Source: SUFON FIles: found on an on-line forum - witness being sought.

2007 - WREXHAM
12.30 AM.
Lynn Jones (33) lived in Wrexham with her partner, Leigh (32) and their three children. She was in bed when Leigh came rushing in, saying he could see strange lights in the sky.
"I felt so sleepy I waved him away, but he drew back the curtains and I literally gasped at the sight. There in front of us was a formation of seven brilliant white and yellow lights, which together had formed the shape of a cigar. Leigh and I were dumbstruck. We opened the window and listened for any noise but there was none. Yet, the lights above us were clear as could be - they were incredibly white and mesmerising. We decided to use the video camera so we could zoom in on the sighting. As I went to find it I felt frightened. I hoped that looking through the video would reveal it was just a plane, but it wasn't. The next day I phoned my local paper to see if anyone else had seen anything. It turned out the police had received a phone call in the middle of the night - and the paper had also received sightings from around six other people in the area all describing the same thing."
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-567200/UFOs-exist--weve-seen-Five-Britons-reveal-bizarre-close-encounters.html
The witness, a lorry driver from Carmarthen, was driving alone in his lorry near Llanpumpsaint at 8:45 PM. Dark but not many clouds around.
He spotted a ball of light overhead which faded away, then came back again. Then there was an orange ball on the right hand side of his vehicle which seemed stationary, visible for quite a while, then three red lights were seen afterwards, in the distance, moving very fast from left to right.
There was erratic movement and they were then moving in a circular clockwise motion.
After the red lights, he couldn’t be sure, but there may have been a series of other lights in the distance, that were erratic too.
Source: MOD Files.
Witness: 'Frasier': 
"My girlfriend and I were having a picnic on the Orme late afternoon in June 2007. We had been watching a jetski in the bay for several minutes. A minute or so after the jetski had disappeared round the headland towards the town,my girlfriend nudged me and pointed to something in the bay. It was a triangular or boomerang shaped dull metallic object about three metres- five across moving right to left extremely fast about two or three metres above the sea which was pretty calm. It was completely silent and had a straight trajectory and did not alter height. We only saw it for four-five seconds as it crossed our field of view between the two headlands but it was difficult to explain having just recently gauged the speed and sound of the jetski. It certainly wasn't a bird or anything else I could explain immediately.
Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2010/11/close-encounters-alien-abductions-great.html 



“Me and my friend were sitting on a stair railing at the beach in Porthcawl (South Wales), watching the waves out at sea while it started to get dark.
I looked up and I could see a bright light coming over from the far distance, heading towards the sea remaining at similar height, (was flying about helicopter height). At first I thought it was a helicopter but as it came nearer the light got really, really bright and the shape became bigger.
My friend was seeing exactly the same as me, it was travelling really slow and something was like travelling just behind it then all of a sudden it zoomed really high in a diagonal direction and just stayed in the sky like a star.
We just couldn’t believe what we had seen, it made no noise and we tried taking pictures of it but it was so small in the sky it just looked like a star. We hung around a bit and we were both shaken up.
We rang family and friends etc, some made a joke about it and some believed us but you just had to be there to witness it. It just stayed there almost all night until we went home.”
It was too bright to see the shape of the object.
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/7251 citing MUFON uploaded by witness 17 June 2007.


3.20 AM. Clear sky.
Pete Broberg (48) was looking south and saw in the south east, travelling north at an elevation of 45 degrees, three white star-like lights in the formation of an isosceles  triangle. There were no flashing lights visible. 
"Sky was perfectly clear no light polution and still at arms length 2 lights were 1 finger width apart and the trailing light was at 2 finger widths. Shooting stars were visible and had been seen from various directions on this and previous nights".
They eventually faded out.
Duration:  20 seconds.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2265

One day in the early autumn of 2007, brothers, David and Andrew were walking around the hills to the east of Caerau and Croeserw in the Llynfi Valley, taking random photographs.
One photo showed a large, dark disc over the Afan Valley in the north west, in the same area as the sighting that David had witnessed with around 20 of his school friends in 1983.
David and Andrew did not notice anything when taking the photo, but there it was on the image. They sent the image to Alien Disclosure Group UK who analysed and enhanced it, to reveal the dark disc in greater clarity.
Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015

Three friends were walking through the dunes at Pwllheli and saw an object which one of them thought at first was a satellite. The object descended to around 30-50 feet above the witnesses and flashed a huge white light onto them before flying off. The group then saw 5 lights in the sky with the original object, appearing in random positions, then following each other on the same flight path. Then a large orange 'orb' appeared on the horizon described as being about the same "size as a full moon", and remained stationary for about 15 minutes. Following this, a light like a star on the horizon pulsated and grew in size to that of a full moon and contracted to a near invisibility. All the lights then headed on a tangent towards the pulsating light on the horizon, during which time the large orange orb vanished.
Source: https://www.ufo-hunters.com/sightings/search/51933f3d83c78d384ec27100/UFO%20Sighting%20in%20Pwllheli,%20Wales%20(United%20Kingdom)%20on%20Tuesday%2011%20September%202007

11 PM.

An object, which had lots of different lights was seen over Pontypridd. When the lights flashed they looked like they were different shapes.
Then both ends of the object started to flash. The object was in view for a few minutes.
Source: MOD Files. 

9.30 / 10 PM.
David was with his wife and were driving from Maesteg with their 4 year-old daughter after having picked up David’s mother, brother Andrew and sister to stay with them in Pontarddulais. They had just passed the village of Bryn on the B4282, heading west and his passengers in the car suddenly said, “Look at the lights!”
David couldn’t see anything at first, so pulled the car in near a side farm track. All got out of the car and looked up. They saw two very large, low-flying, triangular formations of lights. Each triangle was formed of three amber lights, one at each corner, with a cluster of red and white lights in the centre of each triangle. There was one flashing light in each of the two triangles, but more noticeable in the front one, which was ahead of the other, and staggered in formation. The amber lights weren’t bright and there were no beams coming out, more like a glow.
As they flew over, the front one ‘dipped its wings’ like a plane would, and as it did so, one light went out view. The two objects had come over the mountain from the south on their left, moving slowly in a straight, level profile. They headed north over the Afan Valley towards Neath, taking about five minutes to go out of sight. There was no sound at all coming from the objects. A car went past them while they were viewing the objects. Everyone was staggered and talked about it for the rest of the evening.
David reported it to the MOD.
Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015; MOD Files.


Witness: 'My friend and I were sitting at our desks in the office in Cardiff. The office looks over the Cardiff suburb of Llanishen and we have a great view of huge sky above and around us from the 2nd (3rd if you count the underground carpark) floor. My friend exclaimed that there were something in the sky - asking what it was - and I looked up. What we saw, in the cloudless sky, was a fat ball of white smoke/cloud, seemingly quite wispy, if I recall, moving across the sky. We wouldn't have been surprised at seeing a cloud (which it first looked like), if it hadn't been moving at considerable speed. Not helicopter speed, but certainly the sort of speed you would associate with a really windy day. And it wasn't windy. It also appeared to have a triangular 'tail' coming out of it - on the right as you looked at it. Afterwards, when I drew it, someone commented that it looked like an ice cream in a cone that was on its side. When we saw it, it seemed like a cloud doing an impression of a fat meteor! Another thing we should say is that it was fairly big in the sky, so it seemed to be fairly close. Not like a, say, airplane would look like from the window.We were really excited and baffled by it! We ran to the window on the adjacent side of the building as the object appeared to be moving that way. It looked fairly underwhelming from the new angle (how disappointed were we not to stay viewing it from our original vantage point!) and appeared to be disintegrating. I ran back to the original angle and could no longer see it. I then went back to the other window and it had totally disappeared. Scrambling, I took the photo on my phone but should have taken a video clip to show the movement.

Duration of sighting: 1 minute.

Source: http://www.ufo-hunters.com citing MUFON


Early one evening after Christmas, low - broken cloud. The witness, living in Llanishen, Cardiff, went for a smoke out the back garden. Looking up in a northerly direction, the witness saw what was at first thought, a meteor, but was flying low and of an odd shape – which the witness compared to two boater hats glued together, but the rim was not as large. It was an opaque white but the contours were a very bright white. It was heading ‘hell for leather’ in an east-west direction, and due to the low clouds that evening must have been low to have been seen.
The witness said it was huge, and left some sort of vapour trail behind it (short and white) which disappeared as soon as the object went into cloud.
Source: MOD Files – Low Flying Complaints.