2005 - Reports: 12

Date is approximate – could be 2005 – 2008.

Around midnight to 1 AM on a Saturday night, off-duty police officer, ‘D’ was with his mother on Dan-Y-Graig Road, Port Tennant, Swansea, when they saw a bright white light descending vertically in the south-west in the direction of south Gower / Mumbles area. It was in the evening and conditions were dark.
They drove around Swansea Bay in the direction of the area that the light came down to see if they could see it. They drove to Mumbles, returned and turned left at Blackpill along the B4436. Whilst crossing Clyne Common, as they approached Murton, they observed a huge white orb on the ground on the right hand side, about 1/3 mile distant in the middle of the common, which they watched for a time, before they left the area. The object was still there when they left.
We hope to glean some more details about this case in due course.
It is interesting to note, that the site where the object was seen on the ground, is very near to the site where two boys saw a UFO taking off from the ground on 31 August 1977.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2 August 2015.
5 AM. An object that looked like an orange ball of light “Like a big star in the sky with spiderish legs” was seen.
Source: MOD Files.

Date is unknown but was not winter. About 2 AM on a clear cloudless night, a woman aged 72, of Cardiff, was going to bed whilst visiting her mother in Beaufort Gardens, Kittle. Looking out of her bedroom window, which faces west across fields towards Pennard, she saw a cigar-shaped object, hovering horizontally, above trees on the horizon, about a mile away.
It was motionless at an elevation of about 45 degrees over the Pennard area, possibly in the vicinity of the castle and golf course.
It was metallic grey in colour and had a sheene to it like dull stainless steel, and reflected the light of the moon, which was positioned to the right of the object. There were no lights showing from the object. Its size she compared to 1/3rd the length of a thumb at arm’s length, and it had curved ends.
She thought, “Am I seeing things?” and stood at the window in her nightie watching it for 20 minutes. There was no sound apparent, but she had been aware of a flock of sheep bleating during the night, which was unusual, and she felt that this was somehow connected.
Suddenly and  without warning the object shot up vertically, staying at a horizontal attitude, very quickly, as if ‘sucked up into the sky’, again with no noise. She said she watched it get smaller and smaller as it went up.
The witness now lives at the house, her mother having passed away some years ago.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 May 2015.


About 2.15 PM.
Margaret Fry:
"My husband Ron and I were in ASDA car park about 2.15 pm. This is right behind Kinmel Bay beach, the scene of many UFO reports given me. I had just got out of the car to go into the supermarket, when I saw something in the clear blue sky coming in a direct line from Colwyn Bay. For winter time it was a really warm day, the sort we get very occasionally. As this white 'thing' got closer, it was only a couple of hundred feet up and was nothing but a white tube which was twisting and turning into all sorts of extraordinary shapes! I nearly fell over backwards watching it! It had struck me as it was travelling in a very straight line leisurely across the sky. Then a very noisy green helicopter (no markings) came over ASDA roof and hovered above the car park. This strange tube stopped a few feet above it and just watched! This went on quite some minutes. I looked to see if anyone else was looking up, no one seemed to be, despite the racket the helicopter made, which then moved off slowly to over Kinmel beach and the twisting tube again in a very leisurely serene fashion started moving again, going in a definite line towards Rhuddlan inland. I watched it until it disappeared in the distance.
Source: "Strange Happenings" article by Margaret Fry.
Midnight. Clear sky.
Shaun Williams (25) was with his girlfirend on a mountain near Ammanford and saw what looked like a star, but moving quickly high in the sky, at a variable rate of speed, and 'twitching' from side to side. It then stopped still then moved again. It was joined by another one and they both moved around in the sky. His girlfriend got scared so they went home. On arrival ten minutes later he told his mother, father and brother what they had seen. They accompanied him back to the site, above the haze, and did manage to see 'stars' moving weirdly across the sky and disappearing out of sight.
Duration of sighting: 2 hours.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1322


Approximate date.

The sighting occurred at about 3 PM on a lovely summer day, in a blue cloudless sky. Richard John was in his front garden in Brynamlwg Road, Gorseinon, watching three light aircraft flying around. He noticed a black ‘mark’ in the sky, comparing it to a pencil line on paper, high up in the sky towards the south-east, so would have been roughly over Swansea Bay.
He went into the house to get his binoculars, and when he came back out he zoomed right in on the object with these. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The object was cylindrical or cigar-shaped, with rounded ends lying horizontally. There were no light or protuberances visible, and no sound was heard. It looked like it was wet – “a funny brown colour like something covered in oil. It moved slowly to the left, stopped, then moved to the right and stopped again.”
It then turned slightly in an anti-clockwise direction if viewed from directly beneath, approximately 45 degrees, and as it did so, sunlight reflected off it briefly, giving it a golden appearance. It then stayed stationary. Richard then went to find his video camera, but when he came back out, the object had disappeared. He searched for it with his video camera’s zoom lens but without success. He wondered how it had gone so quickly.
While it had been in view, he had told his wife and also his next-door neighbour, but the two women could not see it, with or without binoculars.
Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 29 September 2015.


10.45 PM
Sam Godfray (14) and his brother saw about seven white star-like lights very high up, moving erratically: "...at one stage they almost crashed into each other. They were too high up to be aeroplanes and they moved too fast and turned and swerved. They would appear and disappear."
Duration of sighting: 10 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1336


Two women returning home from work reported seeing triangular shapes flying low over Scurlage.
Police later explained this sighting as RAF planes refuelling.
[But ‘low’ over a village?]
Source: Referred to in South Wales Evening Post 3 December 2005.
9:30 PM. A bright object was seen travelling at high speed horizontally, west to east. The object was a matt white, which looked like marble.
Source: MOD Files.
Two cousins were near Rhossili Bay on the Gower peninsula and saw a UFO which was described as appearing like a WWII Luftwaffe prototype jet.
"Suddenly we became aware of a bright object, travelling at very high speed, moving horizontally from west to east almost directly above our heads," recorded the un-named observer, in an explanation to the Ministry of Defence.
"The object was shaped like a pair of stubby swept-back wings, meeting at around 90 degrees. The wingtips were round, as was the forward joint of port and starboard wings.
"My cousin turned to me in surprise, and I exclaimed: 'What on earth was that thing we just saw?'.
In response, the MoD said it only investigated threats to UK airspace, and had no remit to examine 'aerial phenomena'.
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-18798862 citing MOD Files.


11 oc'clock [not clear if day or night - probably night]
Keinin Laganj (23) saw an object over Bute Park, Cardiff. It approached at speed, seemed to stop and then 'zoomed off'. It was described as a dim light in the sky and was impossible to judge its size or distance away.
Duration of sighting: 5 seconds.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1870

They’re back – strange lights have been seen in the sky over Swansea again. Three triangular-shaped orange lights have been spotted zooming across Swansea Bay. The eye-witness, a retired 3 M worker, said the lights were baffling and he is appealing to anyone who can help solve the mystery.
The sighting is similar to reports of strange triangular flying objects seen over Gower last September. The latest incident happened just after 7 PM on Wednesday. Sixty-two year-old Tudor Williams, from Loughor, said he and a friend were walking along the seafront near Blackpill when they spotted the unidentified objects.
“It was a cloudy night but just after 7 pm the clouds began to break up,” he said. “Then we saw it – this triangular object came speeding towards Mumbles from the Kilvey Hill area. It was travelling at an incredible speed. Then a second one came from the Mumbles direction. They flew towards each other and stopped dead still. They were joined by a third object, then, in a pyramid shape, the three of them flew off inland across Gower. It all happened so quickly, it was all over in 20 seconds. We couldn’t believe what we had seen. I don’t believe in flying saucers and all that but now I have seen something I just can’t explain. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.”
A spokesman for the police said today that they had received no reports of flying lights in the sky over Swansea on Wednesday.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 3 December 2005.


The witness in question has experienced things before and after this event, and is dealt with here on its own so as to fit into our chronology.
This takes place in the early part of December 2005. 9 AM. Cardiff High School, Heath, Cardiff. David was in the school library, repairing a computer. A group of twelve-year-old children were in the room. He was sitting at the computer he was working on, and for a moment while waiting for the computer to load etc, glanced out of the window. As he did so, and right in his line of sight he saw a dark shape to his left, moving through the clouds about a mile away at a 15 degree elevation.
It had rained the night before, and a heavy layer of fog and low cloud was slowly lifting, with the sun breaking through in places. As it appeared through the low cloud layer, the edge of the clouds made a ragged edge, like with a mountain top poking through the cloud tops, but inverted, as this was coming down out of the clouds. The window was open, he could hear nearby traffic, but there was no sound coming down from the object such as that associated with a helicopter or plane. The object was shaped like a tube, with flat ends – a cylinder of a gun-metal grey colour, and panelled. At its ends it had a lip like that at the ends of an oil drum. It was angled bottom to top, leaning to the left by 30 degrees, and as it descended it rotated left to right (clockwise if viewed from bottom). As it rotated on its axis, the sun reflected off its surface and David could tell that it was made of a metallic material. Total duration of the sighting being about 10 seconds.
It then leaned over to the right and disappeared back up into the clouds and faded out of sight. David said nothing to the children present, but was severely unnerved for some reason.
He went outside and rang his mother in Maesteg on his mobile. He told her what he had seen and she told him afterwards that she was surprised, not that he had seen a UFO, but because of his reaction – he was not excited by seeing it, but sounded scared, he was shaking while talking to her, and she could hear it in his voice. He kept it descriptive and she was blown away by his description and did not disbelieve him. He then rang his wife, who was amazed by his sighting.
David finished his work at the school early and drove home to Pontarddulais as soon as he could, feeling a need to be with his family. He could not sleep for four or five days. He went to a doctor and was treated for insomnia, losing in all, six days work. He has suffered from insomnia many times since, the condition coming in waves.
He saw a counsellor and told her of the UFO sighting, and she asked an interesting thing – ‘had the sighting been engineered for him to see it at that moment?’ Because he only happened to look out of the window as it appeared, with him looking at the exact part of the sky.
After this sighting, David started thinking about UFOs more, has watched the sky more and takes photographs and videos of the sky. He is convinced that what happened to him that day has awakened latent memories of previous experiences throughout his life, and continues to do so to the present.