1960s UFO Sightings


8 PM.

Witness: Dave B.

Viewed to the West from 51’35’99” x 3’46’11” travelling in very high orbit from the NE to the SW.

"A child at that time [11-12], I had nil ‘UFO’ knowledge or experience. At the Taibach, Port Talbot viewpoint and facing ‘West’ on a very clear, cloudless night, I saw the passage from NE to SW of a large orange-coloured object against the dark but starlit sky. The object was very-high orbit [ though I don’t know how I understood this pre-space-flight ] and was catagorically Not an aeroplane in transit (and I am now familiar with aircraft). The arc of trajectory took the object from my horizon to horizon (artificial, by being in a narrow-lane bounded by terraced-house rooftops) within two minutes or less and the speed of transit gave me the impression of a very high mach’ speed. I had a vague notion of having ‘seen a comet’ but, there was no following tail or vapour or atmospheric re-entry burn.

This has been ‘back-of the mind knowledge’ occasionally comment-on to friends but never ‘reported’.

I Google-earthed the flight-path today and, it would have followed the line of the West coast of Norway to the Canaries or the Corunna Peninsular. Makes no grid-sense other than having passed over NW Russia during the cold-war (but were there ‘spy-satellites’ that early?).

It was a crystal-clear night where you could see “all the way to the top”. It would have been impossible to assess the size of the object as there was nothing relative with which to compare but, I did get the impression that it was ‘big’. There was no ‘trail’ or tail, just the glowing orang’ish light – going very fast – so I’d accept an explanation of a meteor".

Source: www.ukufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 19 October 2011.



Witness, Don Chester, thinks may be 1961:

"We lived two hundred yards outside of a hamlet called Nant Y Ffin, on a straight stretch of road that runs parallel to the river. The hamlet is midway between two villages: Brechfa and Abergorlech at OS grid 557323. Looking south across the river there is a mountain we called Graig rising to 318 metres and covered in forest. I cannot be exact about the date but the year we think was circa 1960/61. The front gate of our house faces south-east and was where I, my brother and various children from the hamlet congregated to play in the evenings. The play continued until it was just getting dark, probably between 8/9 o'clock, when one of us noticed a light in the sky. The light appeared slowly over the mountain opposite in the area of grid sq. OS 5631. It moved slowly enough to see that it was cigar-shaped and that the cigar part radiated intense white light but not so bright that we couldn't look at it; that light shone out in short rays from the centre. It travelled in complete silence to the north east.....the light lit us up on the lane, but we could look into the light and the whole thing was a cigar shape (from our angle, could have been a disc from above).....I never heard of anyone else reporting it. We all ran up the road to try to keep it in sight but lost it after about 300 metres.Having trained as a pilot in Civvy Street and gone through many months of aircraft recognition in preparation for the Army helicopters pilot course, I can say I know what it wasn't, but can't say what it was."

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails 13 January 2018.



2 PM.

An elderly couple, who have retired from ownership of a vegetarian hotel, recall this sighting one summer on the sand hills above the beach. They feel that the 'humming top' which they saw for five minutes would have landed if not for the presence of an unknown woman and child on the beach. The couple claim to have had telepathic contacts at the time. The silent, grey metallic disc which they observed on this occasion appeared suddenly at the sea's edge, sending up spray and disturbing a flock of birds. It cruised over the waves at about 50 feet and appeared and disappeared twice very suddenly. Eventually it vanished from sight.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 4 No. 9 Sep/Oct 1975.


21 MAY 1962 - BRECON

Daytime sighting.

A brown-coloured object of irregular shape and with antennae was seen beneath an aircraft, travelling very fast. Possibly investigated by the MOD. NICAP report the object seen by the pilot of an Irish International Airlines aircraft, who watched this spherical UFO pass below the aircraft.

Source: www.deltapro.uk/PBASE_by_year.pdf citing Flying Saucer Review Vo. 8 No. 4; www.nicap.org citing NICAP UFO Evidence, X (this has it listed as being in England).



During the summer holidays, 1962, 16-year-old Tom James was one of a group of six boys camping at Crawley Woods, between Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich.

The night was windy with clouds blowing across the sky. They had cooked supper and at about 2.15 AM, one of the boys spotted a round white light between the clouds, over the sea to the south-west, moving against the wind quite slowly in a south-easterly direction (right to left). It was somewhere over Oxwich Point direction.

As it moved it made slight kicks left and right. Tom estimated it as football-sized. He said it was definitely not a helicopter, plane or balloon. The boys watched it for a few minutes until it as lost in clouds.

Source: SUFON Files. Interview with Tom James 15 September 2015.



“SIR, - The report of an unidentified flying object seen at Langland prompts me to write of a strange object which I myself saw last Thursday afternoon from our garden in Sketty.

 It was certainly no ordinary aircraft and my mother and I watched it for about five minutes before it disappeared from our view above the clouds. It was white and oval in shape and crossed the sky from south-west to north-east.

Perhaps other people saw this object and it would be most interesting to know if this is so.”
J. R. F.    Sketty, Swansea

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday, 28 August 1963.



By an “Evening Post” Reporter

Still wondering whether he could believe his eyes, Swansea bank manager, Mr W. D. Evans, told me today of the mysterious object he saw in the sky off Langland soon after midnight.

As large as a double-decker bus, shaped like a jelly-fish, and emitting a red-orange pulsating glow, it travelled silently from east to west on a steady course between 40 mph and 60 mph at between 2,000 and 3,000 feet, he said.

And, smilingly, he added: “I had not been drinking. It was a fantastic experience. Looking back on it now, I find it very hard to believe it happened. It was extraordinarily eerie.”

So convinced was Mr Evans, an ex-R.A.F.  operations control officer, that what he had witnessed for a full minute-and-a-half was unearthly, that he rang Swansea police and gave them a full description.


He called out near neighbour in Beaufort-close, Langland, Mr Desmond King, a production manager, who saw the object for about 15 seconds before it disappeared low down in the direction of Mumbles lighthouse.

Mr Evans’ wife also saw the object, and the police had reports from two taxi drivers who had seen things in the sky. One of them thought it was a flare which had come down at Southend.
Police searched the beach at Southend but found nothing.

R.A.F. air traffic control at Uxbridge were informed but they had had no report of a distress flare.
Said Mr. Evans: “My wife and I were returning home after taking an accident case to hospital. Looking up, towards Langland Bay Golf Club, I saw this thing which I first thought was a very large flare.
“But it passed directly overhead, completely soundless and on a definite track, unaffected by the wind. There was a tremendous glow from the thing.

“It was obviously going to a plan. It was either controlled from the ground or from inside. But who could live in such an inferno?

“The fact that it was so low and such a tremendous spectacle, cuts out any suggestion of a meteor.


“It was the shape of a shuttle-cock or jelly fish, and travelled low, steadily and majestically. It was something sufficiently unusual to be quite frightening.

“I have always been sceptical about flying saucers, but this is something clean outside normal human experience so far as I am concerned.”

Mr King confirmed that the object emitted an orange light, was moving in a straight line at a steady altitude, was silent and travelling from east to west.


“I had not seen anything like it in my life. I was quite fascinated, but cannot think of any explanation. It was nothing like a meteorite, and I would not have thought it was flare,” he said.
Coastguards on look-out duty at Mumbles saw no object to seaward.

“From reports we have had from police, the object must have come from landward. In our view, it was a rocket of flare by some unauthorised person. There was no distress flare last night,” said a spokesman.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Friday 23 August 1963.

SUFON note: The report says twice that the object was travelling east to west, but this is contrary to the fact that Mr and Mrs Evans first saw it over Langland Bay Golf Club, which is to the west of them.

Furthermore Mr King said it disappeared in the direction of Mumbles lighthouse, which is east of his location in Beaufort Close, Langland, in which case it would have been travelling west to east. Also the coastguard said the object had originated from landward, which again suggests a west to east course. 

Therefore it is safe to assume that the Evening Post reporter has had his compass bearings mixed up [Emlyn Williams].



Have you seen a flying saucer lately?

Four members of class 4A at Cadle Junior School, Fforestfach, believe they saw one one morning last week.

Writing to describe the experience they say: “It was shining and then it went dim and disappeared into space. It was a round shape as if was flattened. It was like a hovercraft. It had three spikes sticking out of it and they looked like legs. It had a propeller which was turning underneath it.

The time was approximately five to nine. Everybody in our class thought that we were nuts, but we can assure you we did see it.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Tuesday 3 December 1963.


I have news for the four members of Class 4A at Cadle Junior School, Fforestfach, who because they claimed to have seen a flying saucer one  morning last week have been dubbed nuts by their classmates.

There  was something unusual in the sky, a glowing disc-like object that was spotted by Mr and Mrs Victor Morgan, of Llangyfelach-road, Brynhyfryd.


Mr Morgan told me: “I managed to fix a pair of binoculars on it. It seemed to be very large and was travelling in a jerky manner. It suddenly streaked away into the distance.”
He added: “I don’t believe in flying saucers, but I don’t know what to make of this.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 5 December 1963.


SIR, - I would like to endorse the claims of some children in Fforestfach who reported (“Evening Post,” December 3) that they had seen a strange object of the type known as “flying saucers”, in the sky last week.

On Friday, November 29, I also saw a strange round object that appeared to come from the Neath Abbey direction and then went in a westerly direction over Mynydd Drumau towards Birchgrove.

It was a clear afternoon when I watched it pass slowly across the sky. It shone very brightly but there was no sound, as might have been heard from an ordinary aircraft, at all.

As it approached the mountain it emitted a bright red glowing flame of considerable length, that appeared to come from the back of the object. This flame resembled that which might be seen when fuel burns in an ordinary rocket.

I watched this strange craft, flying saucer, call it what you may, for the space of about three or four minutes, until it finally disappeared from view. Its strange round size and bright shining appearance made me positive that it was certainly no conventional aircraft.
The slow speed at which it moved and the definite course it followed removes any suggestion that it might have been a meteor.

There have been many sightings of such mysterious objects around the Swansea area in recent months. The authorities have tried to fob us off with stories of weather balloons, high altitude aircraft, and other such things, but no satisfactory argument has yet been offered to explain these strange, eerie happenings.

Down-to-Earthman, Neath.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Saturday 7 December 1963.



A woman walking her dog in the grounds of Denbigh Castle reported finding her pet cowering in a beam of light from the sky. When she tried to pick her dog up, her arm was burnt by the light and the animal's hair was singed too. Neither suffered long-term damage.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 Feb 2016.



1:00 AM. An oval-shaped object which was blue with an orange patch approached the witness and hovered for 30 minutes before shooting away.

Source: www.deltapr.co.uk/PBASE_by_year.pdf citing Kerry Blower, BUFORA.



12:15 PM. A light was seen colliding with mist. A white and red spinning domed disc was seen.

Source: www.deltapr.co.uk



Approximately 6 PM. During a dark, clear evening, the witness, Howard Middleton-Jones and three other people saw a huge object stationary over Singleton Hospital. Howard explains what happed:

“I used to live in the Swansea University Playing Fields, Sketty Lane, Swansea, adjacent to the then new Singleton Hospital, set at a 60 degree angle from the Sports pavilion where we used to live at the time (1965).

The distance from the sports pavilion building to the Hospital building is approximately 186 metres. The sighting initially was seen from my bedroom window on the first floor of the Pavilion building, and a few minutes later, from outside on the actual Sketty Lane road, which is approximately 140 metres distance from the main hospital building.

Singleton Hospital was completed in 1964 and at the time was one of the biggest self-contained buildings in Swansea, consisting of 12 floors, its own power generating system and approximately 145 metres in length.

In 1965, Sketty Lane was in fact that, a lane, a narrow road consisting of a car lane either side. The street lighting was of the ‘old fashioned type’ consisting of a large bulb hung under the lamp holder, therefore it was only light around the vicinity of the lamps and light pollution was practically non-existent.

Approximately just after 18.00 hours, one November evening in 1965, I was studying for my college exams in my room. My studying was broken by a feeling of a vibration or some form of frequency with no noise. I looked out of the window, and across to the new hospital and noticed many of the lights on all floors of the hospital were flashing on an off intermittently.

I looked above the hospital and saw a large dark fat cigar shaped object which looked as if it were suspended over the building.

I immediately ran downstairs to the outside and ran across to the middle of the lane where a car had stopped and noticed the anomaly. While it was dark, it was a clear night and due to the old type of street lights shining down to the floor we had a clear view of the unidentified object.

The object was approximately 150-200 feet directly above the hospital and its length was at least the length of the hospital if not longer, so about 150 metres long.

The object can only be described as like a fat cigar shape, very wide in the centre and narrowing to the front and rear. The height of the object, comparing with the height of the hospital was about the same – 12 floors.

By now, after 10 minutes of watching this object, there were three other witnesses watching this object (the witnesses were much older than myself). The intermittent flashing on and off of all the lights on all floors of the hospital continued for about a further 5 minutes then stopped. The unidentified object looked as if it were painted on the sky, there was no movement and no sound whatsoever.

After about 20 minutes, a thin bright luminous green band appeared and spread around the circumference of the object, speeding up at a pace over 15 seconds or so, until it appeared as a thin bright green band all around the craft.

Suddenly, the whole craft shuddered slightly for 2 or 3 seconds and in a blink dematerialised. There were no lights, no bright flashes, no noise, nothing, it literally disappeared right in front of our eyes.

As soon as it had disappeared there seemed like there was a dark space here it was ‘parked’ and gradually after 10 seconds or so the stars could be seen again. The other witnesses just looked at each other scratching their heads, got into their cars and drove away.


Obviously, a sighting such as this has a profound effect on one, and for many years I have tried to get to the bottom of the event by searching out any other sightings in the area. The only activity I heard of in Swansea that year was of large balls of light flying over Townhill in the summer.

Looking back on the incident, it could be that the craft, engineered by some form of ‘warp’ drive harnessed by a form of electro-magnetic energy, must have encountered an engineering problem and used the largest source of energy available in the area, Singleton Hospital. Having ‘charged up’ its drive, it went on its way.

Unfortunately, I did not see the craft arrive, but I presume its arrival was in the same manner as its departure, materialisation and dematerialisation. To me this demonstrates some form of advanced (to us anyway) drive harnessing local and ‘cosmic’ energy with the ability to seek out ‘man-made’ energy sources.

Was this some kind of warp drive using natural worm-hole technology? Who knows, but I have seen some strange sights in my time and nothing beats this one even after 50 years!

Source: SUFON Files: Report from Howard Middleton-Jones 2015.


SUFON Note: It might a significant link in that the South Wales Evening Post reported on November 10, 1965 – the same month as this amazing sighting, that there had been a massive power failure in the New York and 150,000 square miles of northeast United States and Canada during that city’s evening rush hour at 5.30 PM EST that day.

The black-out had lasted 9 hours and 45 minutes. Could there be a link? UFO activity has, many times affected electricity supply, but it might not be a coincidence that the great American black-out and the Singleton Hospital sighting both occurred in the same month.

Howard Middleton-Jones has not recorded the date of his sighting, but is sure that it took place in November 1965 [Emlyn Williams].

Howard Middleton-Jones gave SUFON a talk at the September 2015 meeting – see a video of his presentation on this sighting on our videos page.



The names of the witnesses have been changed to protect their identities.

Late evening.

A young couple, Brian and Carol (18), who later married, were in a car driven by Brian on a rough track on the east side of the Swansea Canal at Ynysforgan, and north of the Swansea District railway line which crosses the Swansea valley here. They had been out for the evening, and Brian was expected home at 395 Clydach Road, by his mother at 11 PM. It was near this time that they had arrived back in Ynysforgan. They then encountered a craft, and their memories are incomplete.

Brian had driven off Clydach Road down a lane between two houses, over a small stone bridge which crossed the Swansea Canal, following the lane a little way alongside the canal on their right, where he had a garage. He can remember seeing the craft up above the Swansea District railway line which crosses the valley on a high embankment and viaduct at this point.

Carol remembers a huge round craft, with many lights hovering a few feet above the ground, with an open door from which there descended a stairway, the steps of which had their own lighting. She described seeing a small being with large head standing in the open doorway. The being had skin the colour of putty, with large black eyes. The being had no clothing, and she remembers being told not to be afraid. She was told to climb the steps and enter the craft, which she did. She remembers thnking as she climbed the steps that it was great that the steps were lit so that she could see where she was stepping.

Inside the craft, which was all white, she can remember seeing a control panel, and saw a being - whether or not it was the same being as before, clothed in a white coat. She lay on a metal table or bed, and she was struck by the fact that it did not feel cold. She had some kind of examination or operation, but remembers no details, nor of what followed until being back in the car with Brian. She cannot remember seeing Brian on board the craft.

Brian put the car away in the garage, which was his next memory after first seeing the craft, and when they got to his home, his mother asked him why they were so late. Brian said, 'It's only 11 o'clock.' His mother corrected him by saying, 'No it's not, it's 12 o'clock'. They were missing an hour.

The site of the 'landing', and also Brian's house were later swept away in 1969 by the construction of the M4 motorway and its junction here. The house was demolished to make way for the west on-ramp of the motorway, and the site where the craft was seen to land is occupied by the trees on the west side of the approach to the M4 roundabout of the A4067 road from Morriston. 

Source: SUFON Files: Witnesses interviewed 2016. 



6.30 PM.

F. W. HOLIDAY writes:

"....I was on the wall of Saundersfoot harbour in Pembrokeshire fishing for whiting. The night was cold and still with a slight sea mist. Along with other fishermen I then saw something moving out in Carmarthen Bay. Across our front, from left to right, a luminous object was travelling over the waves at about a mile range and no more than a hundred feet above the water. It seemed to be a glowing, spherical mass giving out a white light which pulsated with a periodicity of about two seconds. Each pulsation lit up the surrounding haze for several times the diameter of the object. It was on a level course and moving at about 250 m.p.h. which soon took it out of sight behind Monkstone Point heading south. The display was in total silence.

Although I worked for several years at an R.A.F. Experimental establishment and took part in numerous airborne experiments and also worked at Cambridge Airport and with Cambridge University squadron as an engineer, I felt unable to categorize the object as anything mechanical. I decided it must have been an electrical phenomenon of the atmosphere."

Source: The Dragon and the Disc F. W. Holiday 1973 page 108.



4.30 AM

Dave B. was 16-years-old and living in his parents house in Trimsaran. He got up in the night to use the upstairs bathroom. From a window, he saw a pulsating round, spherical object that "looked like the sun," flying slowly at a low altitude of under 500 feet, passing over a coal mine, which was followed by 3 black helicopters. Dave said the UFO was bigger than the helicopters and he watched them slowly pass by for ten seconds. 

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/84569 citing MUFON. Reported by witness 23 June 2017.



7.30 PM.

F. W. Holiday writes:

"I was again fishing, this time in Tenby Harbour. It was about 7.30 in the evening with the sea calm and the sky clear. Presently I became aware that several nearby fishermen were watching the sky directly overhead. Looking up, I saw what can only be described as a small, luminous blue-grey cloud. It was orbiting slowly in a circle equal to about three times its own diameter. Since it was opaque and blotted out the background stars this motion was plainly visible.

Ten minutes went by in which interest diminished when, quite suddenly, there was a spectacle as vivid as it was unambiguous. Out of the south-west side of the cloud had emerged a dark object which beamed an intense ruby light down on us. At this point I remember felling a slight shock following the realization that, whatever were the nature of the U.F.O.s, I was at that moment looking at one. Very slowly the red light object moved away towards the south-west. A moment or two later the blue-grey cloud began moving east. In a short time both objects were out of sight on their respective courses."

Source: The Dragon and the Disc F. W. Holiday 1973 pages 108 - 109.



Early evening.

F.W. Holiday writes:

"I was driving up the A478 road near Foel Dyrch mountain in the early evening when I noticed a moving light in the sky. I had now taken to carrying binoculars around. The object was moving north, nearly parallel to the road, and was about 500 feet above the floor of the valley to the right which brought it almost level with where I was standing. It was about half a mile away when I got it in focus and travelling on a level course at no more than 50-60 mph.

I had a very good look at it. It was large but not enormous - perhaps twenty or twenty-five feet long. It was a flattened oval in shape. As the night was clear and starry I was able to look all around it and make quite sure it was not, for example, a window in an aircraft. It was an oval object with a firm outline. No trail was visible nor anything to indicate how it was propelled. I saw no surface details. In colour it was yellow-gold and it had the appearance of being constructed from a glowing, translucent substance. The effect was both beautiful and majestic. I watched it travel through an arc of about 70 degrees before it passed out of sight over the hills to the north."

He added that it was completely silent.

Source: The Dragon and the Disc F. W. Holiday 1973 page 109.



About 12.15 AM.

Very warm, still night, overcast and dark. 35-year-old Clive Menadue, living in Beach Road, Pyle, was putting the cat out. It was a pleasant night and Clive stayed for a look around. His wife, Sylvia was in the kitchenette washing up.

He then noticed, fairly low on the horizon, "something that looked like electric light reflected off telegraph wires. I couldn't quite make it out. Suddenly a red object about the size of a star appeared from the horizon to the left of the thing I was looking at. It was going at a terrific pace blurred for a moment and then stopped a little to the left and below this object. The red object started to flash red, white, red, white, for some seconds - flashing like the light on top of a police car.

I called Sylvia out then and we just stopped and watched. There was nothing else we could do. There was a kind of bright, white, silent explosion and the sky was lit up with the kind of light you get from magnesium. It was one of the most horrible moments of my life. It sounds ridiculous, but I thought someone had dropped an atom bomb a long way off.

"In the centre of this expanding light there was a cloud outlined. Then the spreading light started to contract and through-out the sighting it kept up a steady rhythm of expansion and contraction. The light diminished in brilliance so that you could see the ground beneath clearly and the clouds above. In the centre of the light, I clearly saw one huge roundish cloud and a similar one attached to it at the top-right hand corner.

"Now it begins to be really unbelievable....but anyway, both these clouds began to spin in a clockwise direction. The smaller, right-hand one moved away from the large cloud some distance, and they were both gathering speed all the time.

They were spinning like two very thick smoke-rings. The smaller one went back above the dead centre of the other one and became part of it. Then as the object was spinning, it appeared to take shape very much like someone forming something on a potter's wheel. It became a classic saucer shape.

It became solid to look at. It had an opaque, glassy surface that reflected light, and it was still slightly spinning.

"By this time I was shattered. Sylvia was frightened and trying to pull me indors, so I asked her to go upstairs and give me an old pair of binoculars, because I thought it would give her something to think about and take her mind off things.

Not that the binoculars would have been of much use, anyway. When she was away millions of coloured lights appeared under the rim of the saucer. They were very rich crimson, gold and blue, such as you get from a firework.

"They began dispersing and when Sylvia came back there were just a few sparks underneath the rim of the object. Next a broken red or crimson line appeared on the saucer very close to the rim and began turning with the saucer. It just hung there in the sky....a perfectly black sky with no moon or stars to distract you.

After a few minutes the light which had been expanding and contracting behind the saucer began to get dimmer and dimmer. It became so dim in the end that you couldn't really make out waht was there. Eventually the light disappeared completely, and there was no sign of the saucer at all.

"Then the red, star-like object appeared again near the saucer. It flashed red, white again for some seconds. Then, from a standing start, it just shot back in the direction from which it had come and disappeared over the horizon."

He reckoned the whole episode took seven or eight minutes. Afterwards, they dashed over the road to his in-laws' house, but there was nothing to see by then. They were up until three in the morning, wondering what might happen.

 He made it clear that neither he nor his wife had been drinking. It was suggested that the red light was at the steelworks at Margam, but he said it was in the wrong direction and he was familiar with it anyway.

He also ruled out the moon behind the clouds as he had seen that hundreds of times, and a helicopter.

Source: Western Mail 1970.



2 PM. Sunny.

David Jones (15) was travelling with a friend, John Alexander (15) in a car driven by John's father, Garnett Alexander. John was a major in the guards and a respected provincial newspaper man. They were returning to a caravan site at Blackrock Sands near Portmadog. Having passed through Capel Curig they had turned towards Beddgelert, and the landscape in this area very mountainous, being part of the Snowdonia National Park.

The road here follows the familiar 'U'-shaped valley, with high mountains on both sides of the road. To their left above the summits a strange object suddenly appeared. it was just 50 to 100 feet over the summit, and swooped down in a gentle 'S' curve, crossing the valley bottom and the road ahead at a height of about 30 feet. It then proceeded to complete its 'curve', heading towards the car and rising upwards to the summit on their right, disappearing between a gap amongst the peaks.

The curve was graceful and the object was totally silent in flight. It gave the impression of hugging the surface, as aircraft sometimes do to avoid radar cover. It was in view for a total of about 20 seconds. Its size was relatively small, estimated at 8 to 12 feet tall by 3 to 6 feet wide. At its closest approach the object came to within a quarter of a mile of the car, but no effects were noted.There was no other traffic in sight during the whole of the incident.

In shape, the object was described as like two traditional Welsh hats riveted together with a kind of plate between them, and it appeared shiny like chrome. It was tilted at an angle of about 20 degrees from vertical - which remained unchanged throughout the sighting's duration. The witness commented that the whole thing gave the impression of the UFO being gyroscopically controlled and stabilised by something like a child's spinning top. About 10 to 15 minutes after the sighting three aircraft (Lightning interceptor jets) flew over the car, heading in the same direction as the object, possibly scrambled to follow the UFO.

Source: "Welsh Hats" UFO over Snowdon - Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall - Flying Saucer Review Vol. 23 No. 5 February 1978



Tom James, age 21, was at home in Heol Cnap, Treboeth one Saturday evening in September 1967. It was a clear night with no clouds.

He was just leaving the house with his girlfriend and her mother, and from the garden spotted 8 or 9 lights or flat discs in close formation moving directly over them, travelling towards Mumbles direction (north-east to south-west).

There was no sound and they continued on a straight course to the south-west until out of sight. Tom admits that they may have been lights on an object, but he could not see the object, just the lights.

Source: SUFON Files: Tom James interviewed 15 September 2015.



About 2 PM on a Saturday afternoon, possibly October or November. Witness thinks it could be 1968.

Paul Roberts was with his brother and mother, had just got off a bus outside Bryncoch post office and were walking towards Woodview Terrace on the way to visit his grandmother. An enormous, shimmering pearl-like sphere appeared about 100 feet above them. It hovered there for about 20 seconds and they were transfixed by its glow. Paul said it was pearl-coloured as well as round like a pearl. Then it suddenly shot off and disappeared. There were no other people around, to his knowledge.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness emails July 2017.



SIR. - Why all this fuss about seeing objects in the air? I saw a light on October 25, at 6.40 a.m. Travelling at a fast speed it turned away in another direction and I lost sight of it.

Something like this was happening nearly 60 years ago, when there wer no aeroplanes or anything about.

It was said at that time it was a star falling. It was a very bright light travelling at ground level very fast. It used to be called "Seren a Chynffon."
(MRS) H. M. PRICE         

Source: Western Mail Tuesday 7 November 1967.




7 AM.

Raymond Harwood, a 14-year-old paper boy went into the newsagents shop in Morriston where he worked and told his employer that he had seen 'those crosses' in the sky, which had been in the news lately. 

His boss, Mr T. Morgan said, "I thought he was pulling my leg. But when I went outside, I saw two crucifix shapes about 50-ft wide over the BP refinery at Llandarcy [east].

They were at cloud level, well below the stars which were still out and very much brighter. I went back into the shop to serve customers and when I came out again, they were still there."

56-year-old Mr Morgan said that the crosses remained stationary in the sky for at least 20 minutes. Then one disappeared and the other faded with daylight.

"I was certainly very surprised to see these objects. I was sceptical when I read about them in the newspapers and thought that they must be reflections.

Now I am quite convinced that they are some kind of flying saucer. I have never seen anything like them before - and neither had one of my customers whom I showed them to."

The paperboy Raymond, who lived at Heol Tirdu, Cwmrhydyceirw, Morriston, took the flying crosses in his stride.

He dashed off to Pentrepoeth Secondary School, Morriston, to tell friends all about it.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 26 October 1967.



2.15 AM.

From the vicinity of the Vetch Field, Swansea, an unidentified flying object was spotted.

It was described to the Evening Post as "a round, head-light effect with two rays shining groundwards."

It was seen high in the sky in the direction of Port Talbot.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Friday 27 October 1967



About 9.30 PM.

Two girls, Heather Williams and Pamela Chamberlain of Smithies Avenue, Sully, were standing at the top of Burnham Avenue, Sully.

They saw an object in the sky.

It was described as a "huge silver-coloured object, far too big to be an aeroplane, flew at great speed across the sky in the direction of Ireland, or anyway, westwards."

Source: Barry & District News Thursday 16 November 1967.



8 PM. Raymond Patterson of 20 St. Luke's Avenue, Penarth saw 'a very bright object flying above the trees.'

He told his friend, Mr T. A. Hague of 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, who had his own sighting later that evening (see next report).

Source: PenarthTimes 24 November 1967.



After learning of his friend, Raymond Patterson's sighting at 8 PM, Mr T. A. Hague went home to 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, set up his camera in an upstairs room and waited.

"At about 11 PM, I saw a yellow globe of light travelling above the roof tops. It seemed to sway to and fro, a very bright yellow light which then changed to orange. The amazing thing about it was that it did not collide with anything, nor did it light up the buildings."

The object made no sound but Mr Hague recalled a strong smell of chemicals after the object had disappeared. Mr Hague took a photograph of the object over Penarth - Leckwith area.

Source: Penarth Times 24 November 1967.



7.50 PM. Mrs M. V. Harfoot was in her garden at 2 Raglan Close, Dinas Powys, pegging out some clothes on the line when she saw what she described as "a big orange ball" in the sky over the Distillers in Sully [SW].

At first she thought it was a flame burning off excess gas at the Distillers, a sight with which all local inhabitants are familiar. Then as it moved she realised this was not possible, and called her husband. Mr Harfoot thought the object was too low to be an aeroplane; it descended lower and then moved upwards again, forming a semi circle.

A third person, Mr J. Davies of Barry, who was working at the Harfoot's house at the time, also witnessed the incident.

"The whole thing lasted only 2-3 minutes," said Mrs Harfoot, "it was just like the colours you see in the fire, yellow and orange intermingling but in a huge ball.

I immediately rang the BBC and they phoned Rhoose and St. Athan, but they could not give an explanation as to what this strange object might be."
Barry Police were also contacted but apparently there had been no other reports.

Source: Penarth Times Friday 17 November 1967.



12-year-old David Edwards was on land behind a self-build house in Tiers Cross, standing on a mound of earth looking at a lighthouse in the distance in St. Brides Bay to the west. He spotted, at an angle of 30 degrees, a bright yellow-orange light which suddenly shot to the right and left, back and fore without a sound for 5-10 minutes. In the end it moved erratically around then shot upwards at an angle. He told his father who phoned RAF Brawdy and the police.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 February 2017.



7:15 AM. Several objects, some round and some elongated were seen peforming an aerial display. They were described as white, and also darker shades.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing Richard Farrow, BUFORA.



Possibly November. Late afternoon - "tea-time".

Weather calm and still

Rosalind, aged 10 was with her mother and younger sister lived in Penarth. On an evening in 1968 they walked two miles to visit her grandfather who had recently become a widower in February 1968, and who lived in Plassey Street, Penarth.

They had crossed the railway line over the footbridge near Dingle Halt and were about to cross Windsor Road. They looked right and left the main road which was devoid of traffic, when suddenly they saw a silver sphere - shooting over roofs of the houses just above the roofs.

About the size of a lamp-post light (two feet across), it came from the direction of Tennyson Road - as they looked up hill along Windsor Road to their right, it came over the houses behind them on their right and crossed Windsor Road from right to left (south west to north east).

It disappeared behind the houses on their left - heading north-east in the direction of Cardiff.
They continued to visit the grandfather, but they didn't stay long as her mother was nervous about the return walk being too late in the evening and in the dark.

They had walked down the lane known locally as the 'Dairy Lane' leading to Windsor Road and were about to cross the road. It was now dusk and completely silent, no traffic when suddenly they spotted up the road to their left, a round silver object coming towards them at eye level along the road, about 50 metres away. It appeared to be glowing, and was the size of a traffic light lens. 

They were rooted to the spot as it seemed to be getting faster as it came towards them  but then suddenly it shot to the left between houses and Harbvour View Road.

Their mother dragged the children across the road, and had a tight grip on their hands but suddenly when looking right, down the hill, a large orange spherical object - probably the same object, but now orange-red, and which must have done a u-turn. It seemed to be glowing hot and pulsating as it shot into the road at lampost height from over the roofs of the houses from the right.

It appeared to have objects stuck to it - "almost as if it was magnetic", Ros explains. It was slightly higher than the lampost light where it stayed hovering as if looking at them. There was a low humming sound coming from the object. It was "pulsating like burning coal in a fire". Rosalind was absolutely fascinated and a bit scared but her mother was terrified, and the young sister just stared.

Suddenly it started moving down slowly, as if controlled, behind the trees and into 'The Dell', a small area of parkland behind the railings on the west side of Windsor Road, and at a lower level.
"All of the trees lit up glowing red and mum says she thought everything would go on fire.

 I got dragged up over the railway bridge by mum although I tried to get away to look down into the dell. We got home safely but will never forget it."

Rosalind Sparkes (as she now is) pointing out where she first saw the silver sphere over Windsor Road, Penarth. It crossed over the road from right to left just above the rooftops.


Steve Drewson interviewing Ros next to the trees behind which the sphere descended into 'The Dell', other side of road from previous photo.



17-year-old Michael Davies, of Brynawel Road, Gorseinon was looking around at the sky from his bedroom window one evening in August 1969. He saw what he thought was an aircraft moving from what appeared to him to be the direction of the Townhill area of Swansea towards Pontarddulais. It had a white light.

He looked again a few moments later, but realised there were no red or green lights, and no sound. He had had the UFO under his observation for almost a minute when he decided to investigate and went for his telescope. But when he used it 15 seconds later, there was nothing to be seen.

Michael said that thinking back, the 'object' might have been moving fairly near the earth's surface, at between 20 and 25 mph. Its light was perhaps too bright for an aircraft, and just as he was getting his telescope there seemed to be something of a flash before the light disappeared altogether.

He thought perhaps the 'thing' was over Penllergaer when he first saw it, but admitted that the whole incident had rather surprised him.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 7 August 1969.



Two uniformed police officers were among several civilian witnesses to a UFO seen hovering over Carmarthen.

Initially spotted by several member of the public a motor cycle officer turned up at the home of a farmer and confirmed the UFO through binoculars. It was described as being spherical in shape and silvery in colour. Later a second officer observed the object. Checks with the RAF proved negative.

Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing newspaper report posted 6 August 1969.



12.45 PM.  Blue sky.

A.C. Williams of Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd:

"At 12.45 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, while glancing skywards to estimate the weather situation, my attention was rivetted on a small, but bright object at an elevation of approximately 80 degrees from the north western horizon (i.e., almost at the zenith).

It appeared as a bright star or planet, except that it was set in a bright blue sky, and appeared quite stationary, well above the cumulus clouds travelling from a west or north-westerly direction. A pin head held at arm's length would have covered it completely and its altitude I judged as being very great indeed.

On observing it further with 8 x 30 binoculars, it appeared slightly larger, but no detail could be seen, except for a flash which occurred at irregular intervals from the lower left of the phenomenon. My view of the phenomenon was obscured for about four minutes by the passage of a large cumulus cloud at relatively low altitude. When it reappeared it was apparently in the same spot.

At about 12.50 p.m., observing with the naked eye, the phenomenon became less bright and began to fade or disappear. On immediately using the binoculars I was amazed to find that there were now three smaller points of light instead of one, two above and one below, forming a sort of isoceles triangle arrangement with the points of light at the vertices.

The points of light were not visible with the naked eye and remained more or less stationary save for a slight decrease in distance between the two above, which occurred in a few seconds.

After assuming a more comfortable position to observe the celestial trio of light points I inadvertently lost their position since even through binoculars they appeared small. There was no sign at all of the bright object I first observed, the sky remaining blue and clear in that spot. The objet had apparently broken into three parts. The only explanation I have considered is that of a weather or research balloon that burst at high altitude.

Source: South Wales EveningPost Tuesday 26 August 1969.



Jean McDonald, 16, lived at 1206 Neath Road, Plasmarl with her mother. At about 10.30 - 11 PM one weekend night in late summer, she and her boyrfiend, Frank, decided to walk down the road to Landore to a chip shop to get some curry and chips. It was dark, and very humid and warm.

They had only gone a little way and were passing St. Paul's Church on the corner of Cwm Level Road, and saw, to the south-east of their position at about 11 o'clock at 45 degrees elevation, up above the Landore Viaduct of the South Wales main railway line, an object hovering motionless not much higher than the top of that part of the viaduct which crossed over the River Tawe.

She said to Frank, "Look at that! It's a spaceship!" but Frank was stranbely quiet. The object was described as being about 1 to 1 1/2 times the length of a bus, a circular domed disc, shaped like an inverted deep soup bowl but with a high 'spire' on the top which rose to a point.

It's flat bottom had a lit central area of a pearly white colour, surrounded on its outer edge by a ring of rectangular panel lights of all colours, which constantly flashed on and off.

The body of the craft was of a silver colour, like metal foil which shimmered. There was no door, windows or markings or seams visible on the exterior of the object, which stayed motionless, not spinning, without a sound for about 60-90 seconds, while the two witnesses stared in amazement.

Then the object moved upwards slightly before shooting off at incredible speed horizontally to the left towards the RTB playing fields and in the direction of Llansamlet and out of sight, without making a sound.

Jean remembers looking around and up Cwm Level Road, 'the black road', to their right to see if there were any other people who had seen the object. There was nobody else who had witnessed it, and indeed there was no traffic on the the roads either, and all was strangely quiet.
Jean was blown away by the sighting and felt that the object wanted to be seen.

They went to the chip shop as planned and when they returned to her home, he mother said she was mad - "must have been a helicopter" but Jean was adamant that it had not been a helicopter due to the fact it had made no sound. But Frank remained quiet and did not argue the point in her support.

Jean made a drawing of the object shown below.


Source: SUFON Files: Jean McDonald interviewed by Steve Drewson & Emlyn Williams 9 February 2017.



6:45 AM. 

A woman in Pontarddulais saw a bright orange object. “It looked about the size and colour of one of those orange street lamps.

With a red line behind it. I saw it for about four seconds,” she said.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Monday 8 December 1969.