2002 - Reports: 13

11.30 PM.
A green, circular object was seen hovering in one position. The witness, located in Skewen, viewed the object through a telescope.
Swansea police were informed.
Source: MOD Files.
The witness was walking home on a cloudy day when, looking up to the sky, saw a low flying bright shining object. No shape could be made out, but it was a solid object. It disappeared and reappeared three times quickly, and then disappeared completely.
Duration of sighting: 5 seconds.
Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC. Uploaded by witness 31 January 2002

7 PM.
One large and three smaller triangular objects seen, with bright red and blue flashing lights.
Source: MOD Files.

Daylight - few broken clouds.
A man was driving home from a shopping trip in Aberdare, with his wife and 2-year-old son. They saw what he described as a very shiny silver object in the sky. It was spherical in shape and moved slowly across the sky. It didn't leave a trail behind it and they watched it while they were in traffic on a slip road. The object went behind a cloud. They waited for and watched for ten minutes for it emerge from the other side. They could not understand why it didn't emerge as the cloud was not moving much and: 'a plane would have continued on a path and emerge from the other side of the cloud.'
Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC - reported by witness 24 March 2002.

8:35 AM.
Very clear sky.
The witness, of Port Talbot, was with three others in a car. A large, round, very bright green object was seen going very fast in an easterly direction between Cymmer and Abergwynfi. One other person in the street saw it also.
Duration of the sighting was 2 to 3 seconds, no sound or smell. The witness rang Cardiff Airport.
Source: MOD Files.


Late afternoon on a week day in June 2002. Weather hot.
Rob Gaynor (26) and a friend, Jason Osbourne (28) were standing near the Halfway Inn in Winchwen, having stopped at a lay by to make a phone call. A huge thunderstorm came over from the south-east, and they looked up to watch it.
There was a lot of thunder, and floating underneath the storm clouds and moving along with it towards the north west was a very strange object. It was at an altitude of about 2000 feet but low enough to see clearly.
Rob said the only way to describe it was a mass of aerials and scaffolding connected by ladders – a bit like the International Space Station, but much more intricate and more slender, and without any solid mass of a body or fuselage. His first thought was ‘how in the hell can a shape like that be able to float?’
It seemed to have more aerial shapes on one side than the other, some protruding out further than others, but on the whole it was cubic in shape, with longest bits on top and bottom, although these were fewer than those around the sides. They could see through it as it slowly tumbled gently on its way.
Rob explained: “It tumbled ever so slowly, which made me think at first it must have been some kind of inflatable sucked up into the air with the storm....but as it was overhead we could see it was definitely metallic due to the light reflecting off it. It was larger than a house....and didn’t change direction. It travelled the same speed as the storm.”
It passed by quite slowly without any sound and emitted no light that they could see, and the two friends watched it in bafflement. It headed towards the Black Mountain in the northwest and they watched it for about 5 minutes until it became too small to observe.
UK’s weather in June 2002 was indeed hot and interspersed with summer thunder storms, so Rob’s memory is correct in this respect.
Source: SUFON Files: Rob Gaynor correspondence with Emlyn Williams March 2016.
3:20 AM.
The witness, a man, together with his colleague, saw six rectangular objects emitting a bright, white light, travelling over the Travel Inn, in the general direction of Pontardawe (NNE). Each appeared to be flying in formation, and there was a definite gap between them. They travelled at a slow, steady speed, maintaining the same altitude, and no noise was heard.
The objects would sometimes form an arc, or the top and bottom objects would move forward to be joined by the other four in the formation, which was just off 90 degrees with the top object being in front.
The objects were in view in the witnesses’ field of vision for about 6 minutes. The witness who reported the sighting to the police, stated that judging by the height at which the objects were travelling, they were approximately 15-20 feet in length.
Source: MOD Files.

Not known if day or night. Sky was grey/blue with a few clouds, good visibility.
The witness was a passenger in a van driving through Johnston, south of Haverfordwest. The witness spotted an object in the sky which at first thought was something on the window of the van, or part of the moon.
 It was described as rectangular in shape and seemed to be stationary.
"The object never moved in the sky as we turned a corner and I watched it out the open window of the van. It was there for 5 minutes, then it vanished and I spent another 5 minutes looking for it but it was gone. It looked like one of them home made movies of someone filming a UFO, and you go yeah right that`s a fake, well that was what it was like.
There were no flashing lights, just one continuous lightness through the whole object. there were other people in the van with me but I felt stupid suggesting it was a UFO.
Source: www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC. Reported by witness: 9 November 2002.

About 4 PM. Grey sky.
Date is approximate. Lee Vallery (15) was at a friend's auntie's house in Glyndwr Street, Port Talbot, looking at his friend's PC. He glanced out of the window, towards Baglan Mountain, and noticed a middle-grey, Saturn-shaped round object above the mountain. Lee estimated the size of the object as about twice that of a football and had a small rim around its middle. It moved at a slow speed from a position about 10 metres above the top of the mountain from left to right (west to east) in a concave curve downwards, reversed fluidly without stopping, again downwards in a concave curve, right to left (east to west), and disappeared behind the top of the mountain. The movement could be compared to two movements of a falling leaf in slow motion. After about 30 seconds it reappeared from behind the top of the mountain in the same place where it had disappeared, but this time moving upwards in a reverse manoeuvre, back to where it had originated, then repeated the whole downward manoeuvre again, disappearing again behind the mountain (see Lee's drawing below). This time it did not reappear. There was no sound, or lights from the object.
Duration of sighting: about three minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: Facebook interview by Emlyn Williams 1 March 2018.

Could be 2003 as witness not sure.
7:30 PM.
Clear sky.
Jonathan Austin, 39, was going for an evening walk to Skewen from his home in Trallwn, and was proceeding along Crymlyn Road. He was near the bridge over the Swansea District railway line when he saw two very bright white lights hovering over the BP Llandarcy oil refinery on his right hand side, at an elevation of about 45 degrees.
The lights were side by side and moving very slowly up and down in a floating motion whilst moving slowly away to the south towards Swansea Bay. He watched them for a few minutes as he walked along, until he was no longer in sight of them. There was no sound or flashing navigation lights apparent.
A few days later he said there was a report in the South Wales Evening Post relating how others had seen it but it had been explained away as a helicopter. This explanation does not fit what he saw, in his view, due to the fact that there was no sound or flashing navigation lights.
We can establish the correct dating of this sighting once the referred-to newspaper article is found.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 March 2016.

10.58 PM.
One light, the size of a football, was seen moving slowly at about 2-3000 feet.
Source: MOD Files.

11 PM.
A round yellowish light, followed by a green light was seen over Gorsgoch, near Lampeter. Went up vertically.
Source: MOD Files.

2.26 PM.
Two sightings over Cardiff Docks: the objects were of different colours and were moving up and down.
Source: MOD Files.