2001 - Reports: 15

6 PM
Jonathan Jones (15) saw a star like object far away moving very slowly in an irregular fashion. Then it stopped and quickly disappeared.
Duration of sighting: 30 seconds.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=563

A 36-year-old supervisor, working the night shift at a local government-run home in Swansea, reported seeing something strange in the sky.
‘The residents were settled and I was watching television in the lounge,’ he said. ‘The curtains were ajar when my attention was brought to this object by the intensity of its light.
I saw a bright emerald green globe with a pale green haze around it. When it reached the summit of the hill it looked approximately half the size of a house. There was no sound to it whatsoever and later in the night we could hear planes flying overhead.
The sky was perfectly clear as it was a very frosty evening. I called to my colleagues just as the object moved extremely quickly over my location before gaining altitude and dropped out of sight over the hill at Cefn Coed.
It was too late for my colleagues to catch even a glimpse of it. I felt foolish. I am a sceptic, but have never seen anything like this before. Although I wanted to tell, I was worried people might make a big joke about it, but couldn’t help keep one eye out of the window for the remainder of my shift.’
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001

7.30 PM.
Witness described seeing one bright object which looked like a star, rising fast in the sky then disappearing.
Source: MOD Files.

12 – 13 MAY 2001 – SWANSEA BAY
10 PM. Clear sky.
The observer, who was an amateur astronomer was in the rear garden of a house in Townhill, Swansea, observed a bright white light resembling a satellite approach from the south over the Bristol Channel, heading north, when it stopped.
It was then approached by another which travelled around the first and then went away at 20 degrees west of north.
There was no sound. The first one remained in the sky until 1 AM. There were no other witnesses that are known.
Source: MOD Files.
14 MAY 2001 – PORTH
6.50 AM. Clear sky. 
A husband and wife, at their home in Porth, Rhondda, together with their milkman, saw a ‘tennis ball’ sized object, described as being round at the front, with a triangular back, rainbow-coloured and very bright.
It was higher than a plane and was moving in a northerly direction at an elevation of about 45 degrees.
They saw it for about 5 seconds, as it crossed approximately three roof-top lengths in their field of view. There was no sound or smell associated with it.
Source: MOD Files.
9 PM.
The witness, of Llanon, Llanelli, was in the Tycoch area of Swansea and spotted a large, disc-shaped object about three miles away in the west.
Black in colour. It then changed to an oval shape. The object was seen moving fast to the west.
Duration of sighting: 3 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

11.50 PM. Clear sky.
Mr R. Vaughan was in his garden in Queensferry, Flintshire doing a skywatch when he saw a bright light stationary above the Plough. He observed this for about one minute when it drifted to the right and stopped for about two minutes in a position in line with but above the top right hand star of the Plough. It was the size and brilliance of Mars. He decided to flash his camera's flash at it three times and the light suddenly went out.
Then three lights in a line astern appeared, leapfrogging across the sky through the centre of the Plough where the original single light had been. The single light did not come back on. He watched the three lights disappear into the distance. Duration of sighting: 3 to 5 seconds. 

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry files.


9.15 PM. 
Members of a family outdoors in Hakin, Milford Haven watched 8 star-like objects moving at an elevation of 45 degrees in the west. They were displaying red, white, blue and yellow lights, and their movement was described as 6 following 2. There was no sound or smell. Duration of sighting: 30 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

12:40 AM.
Two large shining white golf ball-like objects were seen moving in and out of the clouds.
Source: www.nicap.org citing MOD Files.

3 AM
Mike Davies and his wife Maureen had not long moved into their home in Rhodfa Bevan, Cadoxton, Neath and were awoken lat in the night by their dog. He went downstairs and saw two bright lights in the sky. Intrigued, he grabbed his video camera and began recording. The two lights looked far too big to be an aeroplane, and were flanked by two, smaller, flashing lights. All four were static. They hung in the sky above the valley to the north-east of the house [Cilfrew area? Or Neath Valley?].
He carried on filming for nearly 20 minutes, and then went to bed, perplexed. He later sent the video to researcher John Hanson who said of the video:
"It is a very genuine piece of film of what looks like a genuine phenomenon. It is clear that the size of the lights were two to three times larger than any aircraft."
Source: South Wales Evening Post 23 October 2006.
Ben Evans (25) saw a triangular-shaped object. It hovered for a bit then started moving slowly away - no other information.
Duration of sighting: 2.5 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=781


Approximately 7.30-8 PM. Clear sky.
One evening Mark Judd was walking along Heol Hermas in Penlan. He had just turned into Cryws Terrace, facing north, with a full moon on his right, in the east.
He suddenly saw a silver/dull grey sphere moving fast left to right (north-south) just below the moon.
Duration of sighting was very transient, only about a second. There was no sound and no trail. He had the impression that it was close.
Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams August 2016.

1 AM.
One night in October 2001, weather dry and clear. Mark Rayworth, aged 26, was driving his car up Heol-Y-Gors, towards Cockett.
He saw what he described as a large orange ball, similar to the sun, high up, in the direction of Cefn Coed Hospital. He continued his journey up to Townhill, and towards Cockett, where he had a good view of the object.
He stated the object was almost as big as the height of the Cefn Coed tower building which was below it. As he watched, the object shot up vertically, turning colour to white as it did so, leaving a swirling, quickly evaporating white vortex in its wake.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.


Alan Rawlinson was taking a photo of St. Giles Church in Wrexham. He did not see the UFO which appeared on the photograph. It seemed to be shaped like a sausage with cocktail stick stuck in it from the top.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 2002 notebook.


11:20 AM.
One silver object, long cylinder, hanging from a parachute or balloon, drifting SE. It was very big and very high.
Source: MOD Files.