1998 - Reports: 42

1998 – SWANSEA
“When I was a teenager, I was walking my girlfriend home. There was light cloud cover, very few cars on the road, and good weather. Half way up the hill where my then girlfriend lives, I could hear a low pitched humming sound coming from over my head. When I looked up, I saw through the light cloud cover, a rugby ball-shaped yellowish light, with a lot of dim white round lights circling around it at speed. It was moving very slowly overhead. I can remember feeling tingles all over my body and so did my girlfriend. It kept moving slowly until the lights going round it went out and all was left was the rugby ball shape in the middle. The humming sound stopped and it just disappeared. I can’t really say how high it was, but my observations at the time then, and looking back at it now, I would estimate this thing was at least 3 football pitches in size.
The next day there were people saying that all the electrics and computers went down at the same time in a few local factories, and I remember correctly it was also on the local news the next day, and the explanation that was given is that, on the night in question there was a fun fair about 20 or so miles away, and the lights that were seen in the sky was the lights from that fair. I live in a valley, and between where I was and where the fun fair was, I’d say it was impossible for the lights to reflect off the clouds like they said. The dates I have given [10 October] is not accurate as it was quite some time ago, the only thing I am certain of is the year and the time, this is because my girlfriend at the time had to be in at 22:30.”
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/19038 uploaded by witness 2 September 2009.

3 PM. A black triangular-shaped object with two fins was seen.
Source: MOD Files.

6 PM.
Karen, of Guilsfield, near Welshpool said she was driving along the main A483 road through Welshpool towards Oswestry and her eventual destination of Chester, with her 13-year-old daughter in the car. She said she was on the dual-carriageway [actually single carriageway] and saw white lights in the distance on what she at first thought was a very low plane over Sainsbury's supermarket [actually Tesco] which lies adjacent to the road on the left. The car in front of her was travelling slowly and she assumed that the driver of that car had seen it also and had slowed to have a better view of it. The object was hovering over the supermarket 100 to 200 yards away from them. She described it as a dark grey disc, 200 to 300 feet in length. It then crossed over the road and went off. She called the police when she was in the area of Ewloe at 6.30 pm.
Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1995 - 2000 notebook.

4.20 AM.
An object which had blue lights on the top and white lights on the bottom, and 40 feet in length was seen at an altitude of about 600 ft.
Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/16861/UFOReport1998.pdf

Approximately 8 PM. Clear sky.
M.W. and her two sons were delivering newspapers in Port Talbot, just before dark:
"We saw in the sky, not very high, lots of separate spiral shapes moving in a circular motion. It was as if there was a spaceship of some sort that was invisible, and we could only see the movement of some sort of energy underneath it. The spirals were positioned apart in a circular movement, and they all moved across the sky together, staying in a circle. We watched this (UFO) move for about two minutes." Then it flew away over the docks.
When the family first saw the phenomenon, it was hovering over an abandoned gas works.
Source: - www.rense.com/ufo/craterill.htm : email interview - citing UFO Roundup.
Ambrielle Jones and her partner David had just returned home from shopping to find her daughter and her friend sitting in the back garden. Ambrielle went into the house to fetch some drinks and they sat around chatting in the sunshine.
Suddenly a helicopter appeared to rise up above the trees. It was bright yellow - a Sea King Rescue helicopter - David told her later. His memory is slightly different to hers. She remembers it coming towards them and she could see the pilot and co-pilot quite clearly, as they passed overhead. She remembers it being only about two feet [!] above her head, but there was no wind or noise [!!]. It was completley silent.
It was only later after her daughter and her friend had gone that Ambrielle and David commented on the 'helicopter' and realised that what they had witnessed was completely impossible. They also differed in their memory of it. David thinking that it was going away from them and she saw it coming towards them. When she mentioned it to her daughter later she had no memory of it at all, which Ambrielle found to be very strange.
Some years later David decided to regress Ambrielle. During the session, Ambrielle said there were Americans in the kitchen. David asked her to describe them and she could see their dark brown uniforms with a crest which they subsequently identified as special forces. She could then see them in a field looking at sheep. She did not know at the time that the Americans were in Wales in conection with UFOs or that there were cattle mutilations in this area.
Source: SUFON Files: Ambrielle Jones intervied by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.

9 MAY 1998 - NEWTOWN
2.30 - 4.30 AM
The witnesses were driving home from Bangor, and when approximately 30 miles from destination saw an object in the sky. At first they thought it was a helicopter. The object followed the car and when on a long straight section of road, about 15 miles from destination, it shot from the right hand-side to the witness' left, then ahead and hovered over the middle of the road. It was described as cigar-shaped, and now at tree-top height.
The next thing the witness remembers is being 6 miles from home and the UFO was ahead and stayed with them until they got home. They looked at it through binoculars and noticed a, "jellyfish type entity floating up into the sky".
There is missing time reported.
Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/event/69828 citing MUFON. Uploaded by witness 27 August 2015.

9 MAY 1998 - CRUMLIN
9.40 PM.
Clear night with moonlight..
A husband and wife watched from indoors, and their daughter watched from outside for about one minute, a huge 'meccano' structure shaped like a disc, with pulsating red, green and white lights, in the south west, about 5-6 miles distant.
It was moving very slowly. The daughter was frightened by the experience. It was reported to the RAF.
Source: MOD Files.
18 MAY 1998 - LLANFAIR P.G.
3.15 AM.
One long shaped object, with six flashing lights was seen. They were flashing from faded to very bright. The object was moving over Llanfair P.G. from north to south.
Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/16861/UFOReport1998.pdf

A retired Swansea manager is looking for a logical explanation after experiencing a close encounter.
Jeffrey Parsons, aged 68, is baffled after spotting a silent, silvery object with bright flashing lights fly over his home at around 4.30 pm on Monday. At first he thought it must be a helicopter but the flying object was silent and surrounded by bright, glaring white flashing lights.
A call to Cockett police station later revealed it was not a police helicopter. Mr. Parsons, of Aiden Drive, Cockett, said: “I was entertaining business guests when I spotted the object flying from the Fforestfach area towards the north of Kilvey Hill. I am a logical person by nature, but I have never seen anything quite like this.
Retired Mr. Parsons said he did not tell his guests of the strange experience in case they thought he was mad. “I am sure there must be an explanation for this,” he said.
“I would like to know if somebody else saw this strange object” asked Mr. Parsons today.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 20 May 1998.

28 MAY 1998 - BANGOR
12.32 AM.
One light, golden in appearance, described as appearing larger and brighter than a planet, was seen travelling south west to east.
Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/16861/UFOReport1998.pdf

2.15 AM. Clear sky. An object was seen which had no distinctive shape, but had extremely bright red, white and blue flashing lights. The object was extremely noisy and sounded like thunder. It seemed to stop in mid air before shooting off at great speed. The witness initially heard the noise from indoors, as it flew almost overhead, she then ran outside to investigate but the object had disappeared into the distance, approximately two miles down the valley (south). Duration: 5 – 8 minutes. The witness reported it to RAF St. Athan.
Source: MOD Files.

Night time.
Gari Jones (aged 15) had just finished school in June, and this has helped him to remember the date. He was in Treharris and saw an egg-shaped object flying overhead.
'I had just recently moved with my parents into their new house.
We were outside the garden and then we looked into the distance as a bright object came into view. It was a very bright white light, but it moved amazingly fast. The neighbour suggested it was a satellite and we all had no reason at the time to disagree.
However; having seen many more satellites passing over the skies of my house, they are noticeable for extended periods of time, move slowly across the sky and don't give off much light albedo. This object was far brighter than the actual ISS space station when it can be viewed in full view of the human eye.
This was gone in a matter of seconds by moving at tremendous speed. And it never made a sound as it passed over, which is something I find common with UFO type craft.'
Speed: 1500-2000mph. There was no noise from object.
Source: Gari Jones's report sent to SUFON 21 September 2016.

About 3 PM.
Jonathan O'Shea (10) was with his father in Coed Eva, Cwmbran, and saw a silver/grey, disc-shaped object: 
"Moving left, right, forward, backward - but more like disappearing and reappearing from one position to the next. I am not sure of the exact date, my exact age, or the precise duration of sighting. I am however sure of the location: Me and my father had just come out of a shop across the road from a park in Coed Eva, Cwmbran. The UFO was in the sky and looked to be the at the same distance as you would expect to see a plane.  I/we never reported it.  At the time and just after the sighting I was under the impression that my father had witnessed it too but, upon recent querying, it seems he has no recollection of it. 
Before the sighting, just after we walked out of the shop, my father said 'look at that hang glider'. I looked in the direction my dad was facing and at first couldn't see anything. I then scanned right and up a bit and that's when I saw it. At the time of the sighting we didn't say anything until at one point my father said, 'come on lets go'. I have no memory of the journey home. 
I do remember being back at the house and suddenly realising what I/we had seen. Upon querying my dad about it he seemed to realise it too. However, as I mentioned above, he has no recollection of this. I am no longer as confident about what I saw as it was some years ago because the only other witness, my father, does not remember it and I was quite young. I am sure, however, that it was not a dream! We did go to the shop, I did see something, we did go home and I did mention to my dad what I thought I saw and he did agree. The most amazing part for me was the 'movement' of the craft as I described above".
Duration of sighting: 10 seconds.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=3122

9 PM.
One white ball of light, the size of a 5 pence piece at arms length was seen, with two smaller, faint lights in trail.
Source: MOD Files.

On a Thursday night in early July 1998, at about 10.30 PM, in clear, dark conditions, 12-year-old friends, Lin Thomas and Kirsty Harris were walking in Cwmafan, from Heol-Y-Glas Avenue up a path through the 'shrubbery' as it is locally known, before the S bend on Cefn Coed Road.
The girls were walking to Kirsty's house in Cefn Coed Road, the intention being that Lin was having a sleep-over there.
Whilst walking through the 'shrubbery' they looked back to see a big bright white light in the sky over Cwmafan, to the north-east of them. They thought at first that it was a star, but it grew larger to become a large sphere about one quarter the size of a full moon, round and bright. It hovered, making no noise.
The object then extended its shape on both sides to become a white cylinder-shaped object, lying horizontally, the same thickness as the sphere it had been.
Then from the left hand side of the object it became shorter to once more become a sphere.
Once it had returned to being a sphere, the witnesses noticed randomly flickering, pastel-blue pulses or flashes of light around the outside edge of the object, appearing in no apparent pattern or order. The girls then noticed that the object had started moving towards them on the hillside where they stood in growing fear,.
They ran to Kirsty's house in Cefn Coed Road, but there was no one at home, so they ran on to Pine Valley to Lin's house, where they excitedly told Lin's mother and step-father what they had seen. Her mother dismissed it as a police helicopter.
Lin angrily responded by rejecting that theory, but the adults refused to believe the girls. Not surprisingly due to their fear of going back out, Kirsty then had a sleep over at Lin's house.
Source: SUFON Files: Emlyn Williams interviewed  Lin Cullen (nee Thomas) 20 August 2016.
Source: MOD Files

A couple with their young son were at Llandudno during an air display by aircraft from RAF Valley and took some photos. They forgot about the film in the camera, however and it was two years until March 2000 before they finished the film while taking some photos of UFOs in the shape of white arrows that they were regularly seeing over West Shore, Llandudno. The 1998 photo shows a round craft near a helicopter. They sent the photo to North Wales - based UFO investigator, Margaret Fry, who then sent it for analysis with a UFO magazine. The examination confirmed that the object was not a balloon, bird or parachutist.

Source: www.psychicinvestigations.net/html/ufos.html citing http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/northeast/guides/weird/ufos/pages/pic.1.shtml?comment=response#thanks

Date is approximate.
Daytime. Hot.
An 8 or 9-year old boy was playing football a few doors down from his house i a small town in Flintshire, in the garden of a neighbour. He was with two other, a boy and a girl, who went indoors to get a drink, leaving him alone for a moment, practising his 'keep-ups' with the ball. He was kicking the ball against the garage wall, when he heard a humming noise. He turned around, and from over a tree at the bottom of the garden, about 50 feet up in the air and flying so low he could see the details on its surface, saw a disc-shaped craft.
"It was round, a classic disc shape. About 20 foot in width and completely circular. Varying shades of purple. But what I noticed most was how it seemed to be both organic yet at the same time technological. Parts looked like they were held together with rivets, yet other parts seemed to have grown into place."
The object flew over the space between the tree and the house and flew out of sight. The amazed boy sank to his knees and held his head in his hands. After he had collected himself he ran home to tell his parents in a state, and they tried to console him.
Source: - https://en.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/189wck/an_old_story_but_one_im_hoping_to_glean_more/ - uploaded by witness 10 Feb 2013.

One Friday night.
A retired policeman was baffled by white lights he spotted in the sky over Abergele. He saw fragmented lights drifting over the town.
Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.

The next night - Saturday (see previous).
A retired policeman was again baffled by fragmented white lights he spotted drifting over Abergele,which he said was a repeat performance of the previous night.
Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.

The following Monday night (see previous).
A retired policeman, for the third time in four days. He said the sky was lit up for about 10 minutes. 
"I thought it was an alien ship coming down" he said. "It was a most peculiar phenomenon which did not seem to be coming from the ground."
Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952.

1.40 AM.
An object was seen, described as one glowing outer ring, surrounding an oval structure with pulsating lights.
Source: MOD Files.

4.45 AM.
A huge, silver, star-shaped object was seen.
Source: MOD Files.

14 AUGUST 1998 - TOWYN
Four women saw about 12 opaque circles rotating and sweeping across the sky.
Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2010/11/close-encounters-alien-abductions-great.html citing Margaret Fry.

9.50 AM. A star-sized, bright object was seen. It was blue/white in colour.
Source: MOD Files.

A witness telephoned police from Gowerton at 12.30 AM, reporting a very bright white light in the eastern sky, which had been observed for the previous 10 minutes. It was described as moving around in an ‘irregular orbit’, and had other lights on it. The police checked with the coastguard, who had had no other reports.
Source: MOD Files.

5.30 / 6PM
Allyson O'Connell (44) was driving home from work at a near-by riding stables, with her 14 year-old- daughter. She was driving on the Cowbridge by-pass towards Bridgend (west). They spotted an object in the sky a short distance away and were both baffled as to what it could have been. She slowed the car to get a better look. It was on the left of the car (to the south) over what she thought was a school (the only place on the south side of the bypass which resembles a school is Cowbridge Leisure Centre and athletic club).
It was described as an object like a large balloon or amoeba shape, about the size of two planes. It was "sort of moving wobbly". It had lights around the edge. It was hovering, but constantly changing shape slowly, "like a jellyfish".
"We were both fascinated but scared. I just knew I had to drive fast and get the hell out of there. I could still see it in the rear view mirror and my daughter was turned around watching it. It was still in the same place when we last saw it. Nobody believed us and I didn't think to report it to any official. We still talk to each other about what we saw and we are both convinced it was a UFO. By the way we checked to see if there had been anything happening in Cowbridge that evening like a laser show or something . There was nothing going on. I can't be more specific about the month etc but guess it was autumn as it was twilight".
Duration of sighting: 4 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=3454

9.30 PM.
Spheres were seen - colours going on and off in sequence.
Source: MOD Files.

Mr. Lewis of Morriston watched from his car as a small, white, spherical-shaped object drifted near to the transmitter on the summit of Kilvey Hill. The object remained clearly in view before vanishing in mid-flight.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001.

Later in the day to the previous sighting, a witness from Swansea said he saw an object over Fforestfach. It was described as small, making no noise and was spherical in shape, “gliding gently along at a fairly low altitude before suddenly disappearing in mid-flight, as if being switched off.”
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001

9 PM. Mrs. C. Williams of Penlan, observed a silent, “fiery-red banana-shaped” object, hovering a few miles away above the horizon. It was approximately two inches across at arm’s length and hung in the sky, as if from wires. Excited by this strange sight, she called her neighbour outside to share the spectacle. The two of them continued to watch the object for a further fifteen minutes before the object vanished from sight.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine  July 2001.

Approximately 10.15 PM. A witness in Gorseinon saw a long object resembling “the nib of a pencil” hovering over Loughor, before it “simply vanished”.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001.

9:45 AM. Justin Fifield of Swansea was driving on the outskirts of Swansea when he saw a strange object. He stopped the car and got out for a better look. Hovering high above the clouds he could see an elongated shining yellow object ‘like a matchstick’ and completely silent. He was certain that it was not a plane nor a balloon, but a solid, structured flying machine under intelligent control. He watched it for a few minutes more before it disappeared behind a cloud. He then got back in his car and continued his journey.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine  June 2001. 

6 PM. Gary Myatt, a plasterer from Tycoch, was sitting in his car outside his house when suddenly, and much to his surprise, he saw two solid, cigar-shaped objects cruising through the early evening sky. Weather conditions were fine and unobstructed, affording the witness a clear impression of the crafts’ smooth, dark grey, “metallic” surfaces. He watched as they flew south, silently and slowly on a parallel course.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine  June 2001

7.40 PM. Brian J. Wall, a civil servant residing in the Swansea area, saw a self-luminous spherical shaped object ‘flying towards the moon’. The object was approximately the same size as a pea when held at arm’s length, and Mr. Wall felt certain it was neither a satellite nor a conventional aircraft.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine June 2001.

7:45 PM. Mr. M. J. Smedley, saw an object which at first was described as two orange lights near Swansea Docks, and transformed into a pencil-shaped object by Knab Rock, Mumbles, with what looked like single windows. The object then sped off towards Mumbles Head.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine June 2001.

7.48 PM. An anonymous witness, a man, was driving through Three Crosses, when he noticed an object in the sky that resembled an airship, although he is certain it was not. He had the impression that the craft was constructed from a silvery-grey material. He watched as it flew in perfect silence at an altitude of approximately 4000 feet, on a bearing of 280 degrees.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine June 2001.

7.55 PM. A strange light configuration was witnessed by Mr. M. Williams, who observed the phenomena from the opposite side of Swansea Bay: ‘I was travelling as a front seat passenger in a company vehicle driven by my work colleague Mr. P. Passmore,’ he recalled. ‘It was dark but the sky was clear and it was dry. There were stars out and visibility was excellent. The time was approximately 7.55 PM and we were driving from Swansea to Briton Ferry along the Jersey Marine dual carriageway. As we drove I said to my colleague, “there’s a strange sight, the top one’s a star but the other two (underneath) aren’t.” Although driving, my colleague agreed with me, as the lights were almost straight ahead, just to our right. The lights were formed in a triangle, with the star at the top and the two lights at the bottom. As we continued to observe them, the light on the bottom right moved toward the other light below. Then both, slightly apart, moved quickly off toward the sea. By now our vehicle was level with them and when I looked back they had gone, but the star was still there.’
As the anomalous objects traversed the Mumbles headland, travelling parallel to each other in a south-westerly direction, they became visible to most of the south coast of Gower. Shortly before 8 PM, the object was seen by a coastguard officer: ‘a star in the sky with two lights under it, white and orange over Bracelet Bay, half a mile off the shore. I put it down as some form of aircraft, but they were not flashing like an aircraft. It was silent. It did appear strange.’ [Swansea Coastguard nearly admitting to seeing a UFO! – E.W. - SUFON]
Philip Chatfield, a practising sculptor and former Royal Marine was out walking on the cliff at that moment. At approximately 8 PM, he noticed two parallel lights in the sky. Upon further inspection, he realised that these were attached to two, independent, slim-lined craft that were horizontal in shape. Both appeared to be constructed from dark grey metal, and were approximately eight miles distant from the shore. As there was hardly any wind, Mr. Chatfield was adamant that had these ‘extremely agile’ objects emitted any sound, he would most certainly have heard it. But he heard nothing.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine June 2001.

Neil Spring with friend and amateur astronomer, Heidi Cook had gone outside in Bishopston to observe a predicted meteor shower. They chose to observe the display from Bishopston Comprehensive School playing fields, away from the glare of street lights. They heard the distant sound of a helicopter in the area. At approximately 7.55 PM, something in the sky caught their attention. An object was heading their way, and Neil ruled out a meteor or bright star. In the eastern hemisphere they saw a gleaming red light. At a higher angle to this was another similarly coloured light. They watched both lights with interest, and given they were too large and the wrong colour to be stars, they wondered what they could be. They then realised that they were in fact attached to two fast moving elongated objects, flying at the same approximate altitude as light aircraft. Also fast approaching, though not yet within visual range, were what they took to be helicopters, whose sound from their rotor blades had grown noticeably louder. The two unknown objects skimmed smoothly through the sky, maintaining a steady course and short distance from one another.
Their lights were steady and undulating, distinctively different from those of conventional aircraft. And behind these, they discerned the clear, dark outlines of solid objects. Neil explained that interestingly, for a moment, the craft came so close that they appeared to merge into a single, pencil-shaped entity, much like that described by Mr. M. J. Smedly.
They had already determined that there were in fact two objects: thus they concluded that the impression that there might be one was an illusion, caused by the changing angle of observation.
Suddenly, the sound of whirling rotor blades, filled the night air as three low-flying helicopters loomed into view. As they approached the field, two of them began to circle the area, while the third took off after the objects. The UFOs responded with an exponential increase in speed, and, as the chasing helicopter drew nearer, they climbed together into the sky. The lone chopper seemed undeterred and maintained its heading for the craft.
Glancing behind, Neil noticed that the two remaining helicopters had changed course in the direction of Swansea Airport, some two miles away.
Meanwhile, the UFOs were definable now only as small, diminishing points of light at great altitude. The distance they had covered from the time they first saw them was considerable. As if recognising the pointlessness of pursuing these objects, the lone helicopter disengaged and followed the others in the direction of the airport. Momentarily obscured by a tree, the points of light re-emerged into view and then, within an instant, vanished from view.
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine  June 2001.

12:30 AM. Sarah Llewellyn of Clos Tyr Ffordd, Penllergaer said: “My parents came back after being out and I had stepped outside to see them. Up in the sky we saw a round object with a green middle and a green light going round and round. It made no noise and was still. I saw it for 5 to 10 minutes before going inside.”
Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001 (records date as 10 October)/ South Wales Evening Post 30 October 1998.

6:40 AM – 6:45 AM. Clear sky. The witness, a radar engineer at RAF St. Athan, was driving his car, one mile from the RAF base and saw a very bright circular white light with a vapour trail, moving north to south, at 80 degree elevation, at high altitude.
Source: MOD Files.

5.45 PM.
One large, dark hexagonal-shaped object with two white lights was humming as it flew over the witnesses' house.
Source: MOD Files.