1997 - Reports: 36

Monday. The witness, a woman, was at home, and went into her kitchen to wash the dishes. Looked out the window and saw in the clear sky an amber rectangle, described as being like a door on its side. No haze, a solid structure, no windows. There was no trail, and was hovering at treetop level up to 100 feet away. She turned her head, then looked again and it was still there. Then it started moving slowly. She went into the other room to tell her husband, but didn’t want to scare her children. In the time it took to get him, about 15 seconds, the object had disappeared.
Source: beta.ufostalker.com/event/64642

6.50 AM. 57-year-old bricklayer, Terry Thomas, of Maes-Y-Deri, Winchwen, Swansea, looked out of the window of his house and saw two bright lights moving slowly but steadily over Penlan and heading towards Port Talbot.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 21 January 1997.

10.40 PM. Clear and still.  A man (who was employed in the funeral business), from Newport, was driving over Mynydd Llangynidr, and was heading north-east when he saw what at first looked like “a massive star”, moving towards the car from ahead, from the north-east. He stopped the car at grid ref: OS SO 01501.73, on a bend on the mountain road and turned the lights off. The car radio and the man’s mobile phone failed during the incident. The light encircled the car, a ‘tube of light’ coming down from the sky, perhaps 25 degrees off the vertical. 
He got out of the car and was able to walk through the light, which was very bright. There was no sound, no aircraft or helicopter noise. The witness felt ill and very frightened. The light remained for perhaps 5 minutes. After the incident the man was sick and found that his car was covered with dirt and dust. The following morning he was still feeling ill and had developed a skin condition. He telephoned Ebbw Vale Police on 28 January 1997 to report the incident, who passed it on to the MOD.
Source: MOD Files.

8 PM. Three white lights accompanied by a red light were seen. They seemed to be many miles away.
Source: MOD Files.

7.30 AM. Dark with a clear sky. The witness, of Caerphilly, was on Pontygwindy Road, Caerphilly in a stationary car. A silver-coloured, cigar-shaped object was seen, and later from directly underneath. It had wings but no tail and was of a jade green colour [?]. Initially displaying no lights, a light appeared on the base, and then white lights were seen possibly visible through windows. There was no noise. It moved in a straight line. Duration of sighting: 15 minutes. The witness reported it to Cardiff Airport.
Source: MOD Files.

Evening - dark.
The witness Sacha Christie, her partner Steve and son Louis, were staying in a holiday cottage (thinks its name is Cairn Fern) in Glyn Ceiriog and had invited Steve''s sister, Danya, her son, 'J' and their uncle, John along too.
She was upstairs in a bedroom, unpacking her bag when her partner, Steve started shouting for her. It sounded urgent and the children were screaming. She ran downstairs to find 'J' and Louis just playing, so she asked Steve what was wrong.
Her partner ushered her outside to a wall on the right and pointed up at the sky, saying, "Look at that". All she could see for miles was thick dark cloud, and after his insistence saw a tiny flicker of light, which she said was just lightning. Then he said, "No it's not, keep watching. As she watched she saw the flickering repeat continuously. By now it was apparent that the flickering light had a pattern. They called the others out and they all stood watching it for a while.
After a while the light started getting bigger and the witnesses realised it was coming their way, on a zig-zag course, as if following the contours of a valley, and constantly getting nearer. Everyone started getting excited, and it eventually got a position above the field directly in front of the house, and the witnesses had by now moved up the garden.
"It was a spectacular sight. We couldn't see the actual craft because it was in the clouds but I remember thinking how low they were. This object was only a couple of hundred feet at most above us. It had a large round central light which was blueish white and had lines of light that were rotating coming from the middle to the outer edge which was also lit, but they were rotating in opposite directions. It looked like the underneath of a mushroom but through the clouds the lights were rippling and gave it the effect of being almost like a jellyfish. The lights in the cloud made them look like mashed potato, highlighting the different densities of the clouds. I seem to remember noticing a red light above the white lights but I'm not 100% sure on that point now."
The witnesses all stood in a small group in front of a small hedge that bordered the field in front of the house. To their left was a small wall and behind the witnesses was a patch of ground with a chain link fence that went around the property. Behind the fence was a small copse of trees. The craft moved directly above the group of witneses and hovered. 
Steve had gone into the house to telephone their housemates, Mark and John but there was no answer so had left a message on their answer phone. All the sheep in the field were lying down and were quiet. There was no sound coming from the craft. Steve came back out from the house.
Sacha then noticed another object was then seen, behind the group, and beyond the chain link fence. It was a sphere, 25 feet above the ground, surrounded in a swirling mist and pulsed a grey/white light every other second. She drew the others' attention to it, saying, "Ooh look there's another one" and they all turned to see it, saying, "Oh yeah" with mild interest and then they turned back their attention to the craft above them.
"I can remember standing with the hedge in front of me and my son to my right, we'd tried to tell the kids that there was nothing to worry about, the lights were from a tractor and were reflecting off the bottom of the clouds. This might have worked for a while...but not for long. My son suddenly started tugging on my clothes and I looked at him. He was terrified. He said with his little ashen face and really wide eyes, 'mummy, mummy a hand came through the hedge and touched my foot, it was not my imagination....I saw it with my eyes!' Still nothing registered. I turned to Steve and said, 'Come on, let's get them in, they're getting scared', so off we trotted back to the house to get them inside."
As soon as everyone got back into the house, they all started acting like normal. Danya and John went into the living room to watch TV and Steve started washing dishes, the kids started playing.
"I was stood there agog! You'd think we'd just been watching fireworks and the display was over! I said to Steve, 'I'm going back out' and off I marched right to the bottom of the garden and stood right underneath it. Now you would think that the fact that there was a craft on the ground and hand coming through the hedge would have registered in my head....but it did not. I still can't get my head around that. So there I am on my own a good hundred yards from the house standing by myself underneath a craft that must have been 60 feet across completely oblivious to the one on the ground behind me, stood in front of the same hedge that a hand had poked through to touch my son's foot. I can remember thinking, 'Ok... what now?' I was awestruck and was full of wonder and amazement. Suddenly I heard something running towards me from my right, the sound was of two feet running quickly....it sounded like when a child runs across their bedroom quickly to grab something after bedtime. Whatever it was bumped into me, brushed across my back as it went dragging my jumper with it. I didn't look, I didn't think, I just ran for my life in absolute terror. I can only remember taking three steps and leaping from the raised bit of the garden onto the patio in front of the kitchen door but realistically that would not be possible as it was so far away. I think it's quite safe to say that was blind panic. I shot into the kitchen shivering and shaking and trying to tell Steve without letting the kids hear. He just turned to look at the clock on the cooker and said, 'Well you haven't been out there long so you haven't had any missing time', like it was the most normal thing in the world. I was a mess. I made him shut the doors and lock them, close the curtains....all that last defence stuff, even though I knew that didn't make any difference! I can remember sitting in the middle of the bed shaking, not daring even to put my foot on the floor in case something was under the bed, I wouldn't even go to the toilet on my own. I can remember putting the kids to bed and hiding out in the bedroom. I left the door open so I could see the hallway and my son's bedroom door. Steve looked out of the bedroom window once and he didn't say it had gone which he would have if it had. He didn't say anything, he just closed the curtain again, then we went to bed and went to sleep."
"The next day was dreadful. Everyone was arguing, Danya was screaming at me in the kitchen while I was making some sandwiches. I turned to tell her to shut her mouth or else...so she went outside and continued to carry on hysterically at me through the window. John was being foul too. We were all in a state. John and Danya went out in the car with the two boys and me and Steve went for a walk."
"We walked into the village and saw someone stood outside a pub so we tentatively asked if anyone had ever seen lights in the sky in the area. He just laughed and said 'If you want magic mushrooms they grow in that field over there.' We didn't bother asking anyone else. We walked towards a hill we could see in the distance with a solitary gnarly looking tree on it. When we got to the top and looked around there was nothing to see for miles. We were hoping to see a town or anything at all because we thought maybe it was lasers from the roof of a nightclub or something."
When they got back they got maps out and realised that the nearest town was Wrexham, 16 miles away. When the othesr came back the arguments began again, so Sacha, Steve and son booked coach tickets and returned home early rather than sharing a car.
After the event, Sacha had difficulty sleeping with lights off. She and Steve split up. She got a house with her son, but lived life as a nervous wreck and came close to suicide. Her son, too suffered psychologically from the experience. She didn't talk about it until 2005. She later became a UFO researcher and was encouraged by two MUFON members to report it.
Source: www.ufostalker.com/event/18124 - citing MUFON (mistakenly records date as 4 October 1996); sacha-christie-infomaniachousewife.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-group-close-encounter-ufo-landing-in.html

7.35 PM. Clear night, windy. A man and his girlfriend were in a rear garden in Barry. They observed in the south, an ‘oblong object’ which displayed lots of lights. There was a red light in the centre with up to 15 other lights. It was at an elevation of 45 – 60 degrees, moving silently on a straight and level course. The sighting was reported to Cardiff Airport.
Source: MOD Files.

Approximately 8.15 – 8.20 AM. Overcast with no rain, poor visibility. A witness at the bottom of Connaught Road, Cardiff, saw a triangular-shaped of a shiny golden colour moving roughly east to west over Cardiff at an elevation of 40 degrees, and at an altitude of 1500 – 2000 ft. It was moving in a straight line, fast with no vapour trail. 
Source: MOD Files.

10.06 PM.
A cream coloured light was seen.
Source: MOD Files.

3.45 AM.
A round ball with a tail was seen. Was compared to a torch with a flare. There was no movement.
Source: MOD Files.

8.26 PM.
An object with white and red lights was seen.
Source: MOD Files.

8.30 PM.
A large oval white and very bright object was seen moving on a straight and level course, parallel to car travelling on the A483.
Source: MOD Files.

Noon, Easter Sunday. Sunny clear day. Mandy Crocker was at home with her partner, Paul McMurray in Colbourne Terrace, Waun Wen, Swansea. Mandy was looking through her front window and saw three white lights like pearl balls ‘blink in’ separately into a triangular arrangement over Bonymaen on the north side of Kilvey Hill to the north east of her position.
She went to fetch Paul to see, and when she returned with him, they watched as the triangular space between the three orbs filled with about thirty smaller and dimmer orbs. Then they randomly spread within a couple of seconds and the three main orbs blinked out, but blinked back in and out again randomly and in a different position a few times.
A jet airliner passed nearby high in the sky and the small lights disappeared. After the plane had passed they all reappeared from out of a nearby cloud. There was no sign of the three larger ones. Neighbours in the house behind them could also see them because Mandy and Paul could hear them talking.
Source: SUFON Files: Mandy Crocker interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.

9.01 AM.
An object was seen moving in 90-degree angles. It sped up and slowed down.
Source: MOD Files.
8 PM.
Two objects were seen over Penarth Marina. They were described as being identical in size, extremely bright and both had an obscure shape. They oscillated in an elliptical pattern.
Source: MOD Files.

Between 2.30 and 4 AM, a man was at home situated high on the hill above Baglan. He was at his desk and looked out of the window which overlooks Swansea Bay to the west. He saw a huge black triangle moving from west to east, directly in line with his house. It passed over the house and he was convinced that it would hit the top of the mountain behind his house, but it passed without incidence.
The witness is known to us and full details will be published by the witness himself in due course.
Source: SUFON Files. Witness correspondence with Emlyn Williams 2015.

3.56 AM.
A round object with lights was reported. One light was medium and constant. There was an unusual noise and it made erratic, jerky movements.
Source: MOD Files.

11.10 PM. Cloud at 2000 ft, slightly overcast. 
Two friends were outdoors in Abergavenny and saw a large black triangular object at an elevation of 45 degrees travelling west to east. Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.
Source: MOD Files.

4.20 AM. One round object, yellow in colour, bright and shimmering. Moved from left to right from witness’s perspective.
Source: MOD Files.

A man and his girlfriend were in a stationary car on Manmoel Mountain enjoying the clear evening, watching the stars. After they'd been there for approximately two hours, they saw three bright lights in a triangular formation, 'appeared from no where', up to 500 feet away at an altitude of  no more than 500 feet. They could see a solid shape to it but not clearly as the lights were so bright. At first they thought it was a police helicopter before realising that there was no sound coming from the craft as it hovered in one position. It made no minor abrupt movements, as if it was keeping itself stable by moving ever so slightly. After observing it for a few minutes the man had a cold sensation come over him and he said to his girlfriend that he didn't feel safe all of a sudden and suggested that they go. She turned the car around and headed down the mountain road in the opposite direction with the lights behind. Suddenly the lights vanished from behind and appeared directly in front of them. This time they seemed lower as it lit the road ahead slightly. As the car continued and changed direction as the lane twisted, the lights stayed exactly in front of them, 'as if they were watching us through the front windscreen.' Then half way down the mountain the lights shot off towards the sky with incredible speed and vanished out of sight within a few seconds. Moments later, two police cars arrived, driving up the lane at high speed. The police drove straight past us and up the mountain.
Source: www.beta.ufostalker.com/event/54482 citing MUFON. Reported by witness: 6 March 2014.

30 MAY 1997 - WREXHAM
10.57 AM.
An object with a light at the front was seen. It was about 450 ft in altitude, moving west and picking up speed.
Source: MOD Files.

4.18 PM.
A round, black object was seen travelling across the sky with something hanging from underneath.
Source: MOD Files.

9 JUNE 1997 – NEATH
9.10 PM. Clear conditions. One large, house-sized, rugby-ball shaped object was seen over the Drumau Mountain. The witness described it as grey and black in colour. Three lights were visible on the object, in a triangular arrangement. The object, which was about a mile from the witness, who was located in a garden in Neath, was moving in a southerly direction.
Source: MOD Files.

1 AM.
A large, round object as big as a house was seen. It had a cluster of lights within it and the object was pulsing left an right as if on a pivot.
Source: MOD Files.

10.15 PM. Clear sky. A large triangular object ‘larger than a B747?’ was seen hovering over Llanwonno Forest. The witness, a man, at home in Pontypridd watched it for about an hour, also with binoculars, stating that it had multi-coloured flashing lights. There was no sound or smell. It was at an elevation of between 30 and 40 degrees at a distance of two miles from the observer.
It hovered and moved slowly east then west then east again at high speed. He contacted the police and they radioed UKP32 helicopter which was returning to the heliport (police helicopter). The helicopter investigated but only observed a ‘party’ with lights at a caravan park. The witness telephoned again at 12.05 AM an was  informed of this. The witness phoned again later, and said he had climbed a hill with his wife and had seen the object move. He also saw the helicopter, with the object apparently avoiding it.
At 12.50 AM he phoned again. The object had returned. This time he had managed to take some video. Police operations at Cardiff were informed.
Source: MOD Files.

One night in mid-summer holidays, at about 11.30 PM, Peter Carey was driving alone down to Oxwich, returning to the place where he was staying with his wife. After getting to the bottom of the hill after leaving the main south Gower road, and levelling out to cross the marsh, heading south, he noticed some white lights over Oxwich Bay to his left. He recognised these as being flares, which descended as they burned.
Just then he saw a red light at 30 degrees elevation at 2 o’clock on his right, approaching on a parallel course, but in the opposite direction to himself (i.e. it was heading north). It was comparable to a car’s red tail light in colour. It suddenly stopped, then moved on again in a straight and level course as it passed him to his right a few hundred metres away, which would have placed it over Penrice. Then it stopped again. Meanwhile Peter had stopped the car and lowered the window to find out if it made any noise. It did not. Then it moved upwards suddenly and again stopped. Finally it shot off at an angle upwards to the north.
Peter phoned Swansea Coastguard and said he had seen some lights. The person asked him what colour? Peter replied that he had first seen some white flares over the sea, and they confirmed that a rescue exercise had been in operation. Peter then reported that he had also seen a red light over the landward side, and was told they weren’t interested!
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 17 January 2016.

11.30 PM - 11.45 PM. 
A witness outdoors on St. Davids Road, Abergavenny saw a very bright white object, bigger than a car, 200 metres away. There was no sound. The witness said it came down the road. It was reported to Cardiff Wales Airport.
Source: MOD Files.

Daytime, about 6.30 PM. Tom James was making cards for friends playing golf at Gowerton Golf Course. It was a beautifully clear summer evening, with no clouds or wind. Looking to the north towards Gorseinon, he observed a white/metallic, cylindrical or cigar-shaped object in the sky, about 20 or 30 degrees above the horizon, moving from the direction of Loughor, over Gorseinon and continuing on towards Penllergaer, (west to east). At first he thought it was a plane, but then noticed there was no tail or wings visible, and it was moving too slowly. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to pass along its visible course, with the sun reflecting off its fuselage, there was no sound and Tom said it was apparently a cigar-shape, with angled ends to a rounded point at each end. He continued watching it until it disappeared in the east. He did not call his golfing friends’ attention to the object as he thought it might upset their game.
Source: SUFON Files: Tom James interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 15 September 2015.

One evening during rush hour traffic, Ambrielle Jones was driving home along the Clydach by-pass (A4067) heading towards Pontardawe (north-east). It was raining and there was low cloud. She remembers seeing rays of white light streaming down from a cloud up ahead of her and thinking it very strange. The cloud formation looked unnatural. She described it as huge and oval in shape. It was quite high up and yet it spanned the road. She estimated that it must have been half a mile in length at least.
She was trying to observe it but the driving conditions were not good and she had to keep her eyes on the car in front. She wondered if she hoot her horn, but thought she might cause an accident. She hasd no way of knowing if other drivers had seen it. She had to drive under it and was fully convinced that it might 'suck her up'. She remembers swearing in terror and ducking down in her car as she drove under it. She kept repeating to herself that she must phone her son as soon as she gets home.
The inexplicably the whole thing just drifted out of her mind and she completely forgot about it and carried on with her journey.
The next thing she remembers is leaving the traffic behind and driving over the mountain road from Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen to Llangadog in the mist. As she ascended the mist grew thicker and turned into fog which swirled around her. She started to feel apprehensive as she was enveloped in the white fog. She followed the cat's eyes in the road carefully, as there was a sheer drop on one side straight down the mountain. She slowed to a crawl and just watched the cats eyes appearing one by one out of the fog. They seemed hypnotic, appearing one by one and she was puzzled as she watched them, they reminded her of something - but what?
Then suddenly with a flash her memory came back - the strange cloud with rays of light over the road earlier. She had forgotten about it until now. She labelled it the 'mother ship'.
She was totally shocked that she had forgotten all about such an amazing sight and was worried that she would forget again. I determined to remember until she reached home. She kept repeating 'the mother ship, the mother ship' to herself with every cat's eye that she passed and as soon as she reached the house, she phoned her son to tell him in case she should forget again. Then she phoned his father (her ex-husband) who was interested in UFO phenomena. She told him she was thinking about phoning the papers but he advised her against it and said she should wait and see it anyone else reported anything.
No one did, and she began to doubt herself until she realised that if she hadn't driven over the mountain in the fog with the cat's eyes coming towards her to jog her memory, she would have forgotten all about it. As it was she didn't mention the phenomena to anyone else and the whole incident went out of her mind.
Source: SUFON Files: Ambrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.

10.20 PM. A man and his girlfriend about a mile from Maesteg, saw a round object approximately out 2 ½ miles from them. It was white with flashing blue and red lights. There was no sound. The height was above 1900 feet (the height of the mountain). It moved up and down, with no lateral movement.
Source: MOD Files.

10.30 PM. Dark. Mandy Crocker and her partner, Paul McMurray were at home in Colbourne Terrace, Waun Wen, Swansea, putting a telescope together, a Christmas present for her son, in their bedroom. They saw through the window, what she described as a ‘doughnut’ or ring – grey/white in colour, the shade of a rain cloud, high in the eastern sky, the other side of Kilvey Hill. It was tumbling over and over, and moving right to left (south to north). They could hear no sound as it was quite far away.
Source: SUFON Files: Mandy Crocker interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.

4.45 AM. A witness and son at Brongest saw three white star-like objects in a clear sky at an elevation of approximately 30 degrees to the south. The objects were first seen in a triangular formation. They then rushed at each other, circled around and then flew back into original formation. This was repeated four times. The total duration of the sighting was 10 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

10.19 PM. Clear sky. Three people saw a bright round object which was red, orange and green in colour in the west at a 70-degree elevation from Townhill. The object was stationary.
Source: MOD Files.

A family were driving along the Bodfari to Llandyrnog road (B5429) when all of a sudden their car was engulfed by purple.....a purple craft seemed to join itself to their car. The next clear memory any of the family had was that the craft was suddenly gone....like it just disappeared into thin air. They resumed their journey and could not account for considerable hours loss of time that they experienced.
Margaret Fry: "The male was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the dentist's... and a black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's -but he had no fillings."
Shortly afterwards, the male driver of the car reported strange happenings to local authorities. Soon he was visited on too different occasions by Air Force personnel. They warned the man to never speak of the events of 10 November 1997, publicly. The strange purple craft and missing time experienced and missing time experienced by the family was told only to a friend, who in turn related it to Fry. The names of the individuals concerned remain anonymous.
Their account was corroborated by a witness report of a large object seen over the same road as the one on which the family were travelling, on the same night. See below.
Source: www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/abduction-in-wales/ citing Margaret Fry.

A local businessman reported seeing a large craft over Llandyrnog on the same night that a family were abducted nearby (see above). He described the craft as enormous, the size of a football field, and shaped like a "child's spinning top". He was able to draw a sketch of what he saw, while stopping to look at the craft. The object was hovering over buildings in the village. It had, "a myriad of lit windows".
Source: www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/abduction-in-wales/ citing B J Booth.

5.27 PM. Clear sky. One large, circular very bright white object was seen southwest of the observer. The object was mostly stationary and also moved backwards and forwards, and in circles. It was stated that it was ‘not that high’. It was still visible at 6.16 PM. The witness reported it to South Wales Police.
Source: MOD Files.