1993 - Reports: 17

1.40 AM.
Very windy.
Two witnesses, a husband and wife, were in bed at home in Llanedi, near Pontarddulais, when they were woken up by a blue light which flashed when airborne and became very bright when landed about 200 yards away.
It also hovered, creating a floodlight, which they watched from the bedroom window. It is unclear from the report if they         saw it before it landed, or afterwards, or both.
There was no sound or smell.
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.
Around 10 PM.
Mike Parsons of Glenview, Ynysddu was taking his dog for a walk when he spotted a large orange and red light hovering in the sky. He stated that the large object was "perfectly round and about 15 feet in diameter. It couldn't have been a plane's lights because it was too big. It moved across the sky one way and went out of sight behind some trees before coming back. There was a big red glow and then it went black". Blackwood police confirmed that they had received reports of a strange light in the area.
Source: UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 pages 82-83 citing South Wales Argus.


9.25 PM.

Mr Jones of Denbigh saw lights on a rotating oval-shaped object next to the old railway line, 50 ft in the air. It was 20-30 ft in length.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1993 notebook.



6 PM. Dark cloudy night, moon showing up opaque white, very few stars visible due to low clouds.

Mr and Mrs Evans, living in the Colomendy Estate in Denbigh saw an object coloured orange and of a diffused light hovering directly over the Moel-Y-Parc transmitter mast which stands at the northern end of the Clwydian mountain range, and near Caerwys. The object was shaped like a domed disc. It was almost sitting on top of the mast. Their 12-year-old son also saw it. Duration of sighting: 5-10 minutes.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: notebook 1993.


[Presumably spring-summer]
Karen W. from Colwyn Bay was camping with her boyfriend at a camp site in Llangollen.
"I am really into camping and often stay at the site at Llangollen's Valle Crucis Abbey. Back in 1993 I was dared to go into the abbey at midnight having been told stories of headless monks. My boyfriend at the time and I took on the challenge. I was scared, we cuddled up into a sleeping bag, got up to no good forgetting about ghosts - and the unexpected happened.
The whole abbey lit up suddenly like a football arena! All I could see about 60 ft above my head were four huge spotlights and red lights in the middle shaped like a cross.The object hovering over my head was of a diamond shape, the size of a jumbo jet.
We were absolutely terrified. I had visions of a door opening and an alien approaching us or even worse, being abducted. They were watching us for approximately 5 minutes which felt like an eternity.
Luckily, the craft slowly began to move away heading off towards the mountain. Then it sped up to a speed beyond imagination. This craft did not make a sound, it had literally appeared above us out of nowhere.
I used to be an air cadet and was taught to spot military aircraft in daylight and at night. I did not recognise this craft at all. We were not the only witnesses. A group of people were collecting fire wood for their BBQ. We all know what we saw but nobody could say a word, we were all too scared. it was so obvious by their faces they had seen it too and vice versa."
Source: https://www.ufocasebook.com/campersrude.html

During a spate of sightings reported over Ireland, Wales and the West Country, which had been attributed to the re-entry of a Russian Cosmos satellite, a sighting was reported from Treharris which does not fit the description o the others in that it was moving in a different direction and was low in the sky.
1.10 AM. Clear. Two very bright, white circular objects with tails were seen by the lone witness at Gelligaer Common, Treharris.
They moved approximately 200-300 metres overhead very slowly from south to north over a period of 2-3 minutes.
The witness reported it to police in Methyr Tydfil central police station.
Source: MOD Files.

15 JUNE 1993 - NEYLAND
Date if sighting is approximate.
An orange light passed directly over the witness's house, low humming and causing the window frames of the house to vibrate. The object travelled slowly (about 20 mph) south to north and the witness was unable to get out of bed. The witness only remembered it years later before posting the account, following hearing about another sighting. The witness feels that the memory has been partly erased.
Duration of sighting: a few minutes.
Source: http://www.ufo-hunters.com/sightings/search/51439a470ad2e1e9be44e3ce/UFO%20Sighting%20in%20Neyland%20(UK-Wales)%20on%20Tuesday%2015%20June%201993 citing NUFORC. Uploaded by witness: 4 February 2002.

Lorraine Fox, her children Neville and Sarah, and Diane Jones and her son Nicholas were travelling in Lorrain’s car, a C reg. Rover.
They had spent an evening in Mumbles and were returning home to Carmarthen. Just after leaving Swansea, travelling down Carmarthen Road, Lorraine was the first to spot an object in the sky.
“I noticed it round about the Smiths factory although there was a lot of street lighting. At first I thought it was car lights. It was a circle of light on the right of the car. It didn’t seem to be moving around, but as the car moved it seemed to move with us.
When we got to the motorway it was still there so I said to Diane: ‘Can you see what I can see?’ It came into the car, lighting up the inside so i thought somebody had turned the light in the car on and I went to turn it off. It was very bright and yet we were not straining our eyes,” she said.
It finally left them at Llanddarog.
“It shone on to the children, they said it seemed to come down on to them,” said Lorraine. When they arrived home, they discovered that they had made the journey in just 26 minutes. This, they say, is impossible, particularly as they had taken a detour through Swansea.” Lorraine said she had not been speeding.
Despite a badly-fitting car door, the car seemed to travel along without any sound. After the journey there was a strange smell around the car.
The following day they found they had unusual symptoms. Both women had earache, Diane had swollen eyes, 15-year-old Neville had burn marks under his watch strap and 10-year-old Sarah had a rash on her chest.
Since their experience, the children have been too frightened to go to bed and the women say they feel they have been suffering from shock.
They would all like to believe that what they saw was part of a laser light show taking place that night in Crosshands, but, when they reached the area, the lightshow and the light that followed them from Swansea were different.
Source: Wales On Sunday 22 August 1993 – report by Caroline Evans.

About 9 PM.
Clear evening.
The witness was outside and saw a flashing green light which rotated then stopped and flashed green and red.
The witness viewed the object with binoculars and thought the lights were on a structured craft. It darted around the sky in a random manner.
Source: MOD Files.

Between 4.00 AM and 4.30 AM. Cold clear night with few clouds.
Two friends saw three glowing objects [ball-like in shape i.e: 'a tiny luminous moon'] soft green in colour, moving at a steady course, on an east-west bearing, at a 70 degree elevation, about half mile plus away. Duration of sighting: 8-10 minutes.
They thought at first the object[s] may be satellite[s]. What they thought was interesting was that this event preceded by 10 minutes, approximately, 3 'jet' aircraft displaying blue and red flashing lights flew past. Two of them flew quite low, the other a little higher.
[Miltary jets on exercise over populated area, flying low, at 4 o'clock in the morning! - EW]
Source: MOD Files.

10.10 PM.  Clear sky with sparse cloud. A witness near the church in the village of Coychurch, near Bridgend saw a bright orange object, shaped like a ‘U’ or ‘V’, first seen almost directly overhead to the east, moving from NNW to SSE. There was no sound or smell. The witness reported it to Cardiff Airport.
Source: MOD Files.
[It is perhaps of note to compare this with the sighting over Clydach in October 2015.]

6.40 PM. Clear conditions.
The witness was outdoors and saw a large black object moving steadily overhead and making a high pitched sound.
Source: MOD Files.

8.30 PM.
Weather: moving clouds.
A witness located indoors on Penarth Head, saw a large and long, bright gold coloured object for 5 seconds, moving steadily over the Bristol Channel.
Source: MOD Files.
7 PM
one evening, conditions dark with street lighting on, weather, dry and partly cloudy. Mark Rayworth, aged 18, was standing in Powys Avenue, Townhill, and looking in the direction of Swansea city centre (south-east), when he saw a black triangular shaped object at a height of about 300 feet.
It was travelling at a very fast speed, maybe 100 to 200 miles per hour, from over the city centre towards his location. It         then veered sharply to its left towards the direction of Mumbles, disappearing into clouds. He stated there was no sound, and no trail left behind.
The triangle had a white light on each corner of its underside. He could not estimate its size. He saw it for only a brief few seconds. He stated that he did not believe the object was of this planet.
Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.
6 PM / 7PM
About three weeks before Christmas, Mr and Mrs Burgess and a third witness, Andrew Spilshead, saw a whitie/yellowish object which was described as helicopter-shaped. The light was initially just above trees near the Burgess's home, then it passed over the house. The three of the witnesses thought at first that it was a helicopter-like shape, but it passed over them silently. It then changed shape, although they could not describe the shape. It passed back again,and then flew away.
Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref - 1994 notebook.
Two cyclists were riding along the B5429 near Bodfari just before Christmas when they spotted what they described as being "a blue triangle" come out of the sky and hover about 100 feet above the ground. They said they saw a vary bright flash in the sky that gradually descended and assumed the form of a blue triangle. Large in size, about the size of three houses in length, the object had white sparks coming out of either side. They saw the object again later the same evening, and again the following night but that on this occasion the object was flashing blue and red and that something appeared to emerge from the object before retreating back inside it.
Source: UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 page 81 citing Denbighshire Free Press.
12.45 AM. Clear night sky.
Two witnesses, girlfriend and boyfriend were in bedroom in Maindee, Newport. Looking out of window, overhead at 90 degree angle, they saw an object which consisted of large circles of light - 4-5 rings, two spinning in one direction, the others in the opposite direction. The outer rings were dimmer than others. It was described as being huge - 100 ft across. There was no sound or smell. The lights were steady. The object was surrounded by mist and moved slowly across the sky then as the object became more distant the lights turned into lines then disappeared. Duration of sighting: 15 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.