1991 - Reports: 10



Matthew Williams was driving with his friend, Andrew, over the Bwlch-Y-Clawdd Mountain Road, the A4061 from the Rhondda Valley to do some video editing at a location in the Ogmore Valley. Just after starting the descent into the latter valley, as the road drops down, zig-zagging to Nant-Y-Moel, he saw a large upright triangular object hovering on his left and ahead, partly obscured by the forestry at that location. It was of an orange colour, and the edges shimmered like a heat haze. The object was more or less on the same level as himself due to the mountain dropping away steeply on the left. The object was then obscured completely by the trees so Matthew stopped the car and reversed back, but the object had disappeared. They continued their journey to the destination, did the video editing and went back home, but strangely, Matthew did not even think to look again as they drove back the same way they had come. It was a week later that Matthew suddenly realised that he had had a UFO sighting, and he was shocked also as to why he had not thought about it in all that time. He knows that had occurred and he had not just imagined it because Andrew remembered him asking if he had seen it at the time. Andrew had not seen it as he was looking at the mountain on the right, but does remember seeing a light or something in the corner of his eye.The experience started Matthew's life-long interest in the subject, which led to his becoming a UFO investigator.

Source: Matthew Williams's talk to SUFON- August 2017 - see video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8Njntq2WqY



3.30 PM.

Sandra had just collected her 15-year-old son from school in Prestatyn and was driving back to their home in Rhuddlan. They were between Meliden and Rhuddlan when they saw a bright light drop down vertically between two houses. Next, they saw a very bright light moving along side the car, following them on a parallel course. When they stopped, the light stopped and started when they started again, finally stopping above their temporary rented accommodation. Sandra went indoors felling a bit unnerved but her son insisted on staying outside to watch it. He then watched as the light shot off.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1995 - 2000 notebook: 21 October 2000.


3 MAY 1991 – MAERDY
6.30 PM.
Weather: fine with clear skies.
A woman, her niece and two neighbours were standing outside in Maerdy and saw a round, bright orange ball, low in the sky, which came from the south, heading up the valley.
It made changing movements and shot vertically above a plane. There was no sound or smell and the sighting lasted for two minutes. The woman reported it to police.
Source: MOD Files.


5 AM.

Two uniformed police officers, a police sergeant and a female police constable were driving in the Blackwood area in a rural location when they saw two orange UFOs circling above a farmer's field. They stopped the car and got out to watch. After about ten minutes the objects disappeared in different directions. As the sun came up they saw a newly made crop circle under where the objects had been seen darting about the sky. Fearful of ridicule neither officer reported the incident. They made a pact not to report the incident for fear of ridicule. 

Source: www.prufospolicedatabse.co.uk


After what had been a scorching summer’s day, Brian Harry was driving a truck from Brecon to Swansea with a friend, Robert Griffiths, a primary school teacher, who had come for the trip. At 11.50 PM they were driving south along the A4067, passing a farm at Cnewr, known as Dirk’s Farm.
Without warning, they saw a massive orb of light over the Cray Reservoir on the right, which lay in the valley on the other side of the farm. It gave off an eerie yellow light which illuminated the whole area like day.
Sheep and cattle were visible in the fields around, and did not seem affected by the phenomenon. The orb was several hundred feet in diameter, and had a circumference of bright orange, like a ring, the centre was a deep orange-purple colour.
Brian drove on about half a mile while looking for a safe place to stop. Parking in a lay-by, both men got out of the truck to have a better look. By this time, five smaller orbs had emerged from the large one and spread to hang over the whole reservoir, each one still joined to the large one by a filament of ‘energy’.
Brian had a feeling that they were drawing some sort of energy from the reservoir, and could feel a mild warmth from them.
There was no sound from the static objects. The witnesses did not see the smaller orbs emerging, as their view was partly obscured by pine trees while looking for a parking place.
Brian said he had a definite feeling that there was an intelligence controlling the object/s and that the entire event was ‘orchestrated’. Furthemore, he had a feeling that it had been cautious and was ‘sussing things out’ before projecting the smaller orbs. The whole area for miles around was illuminated.
No cars passed them for the whole 8 minutes, which was timed from when they first spotted the light.
Without warning, all six objects blinked out as if someone had simply switched them off, and as they disappeared a flash of light spread across the ground for miles, starting at the central point, the location of the objects, the same colour as lightning, a silvery white.
There had been no effect on the truck’s engine for the duration of the sighting.
Shortly after the event, a car appeared on the road from the Swansea direction. Both men were ‘gob-smacked’ and could not explain the encounter in rational terms. Brian drew a sketch of the UFOs.
Source: SUFON Files: Brian Harry interviewed by Emlyn Williams 31 July 2015.




9.45 PM.

A 19-year-old girl called Yvette saw a circular white object going from Holywell towards Denbigh.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1991 notebook.



5 AM.

A witness saw a massive light in the sky from Bodelwyddan Hospital over fields and mountains to the south. Two objects flew towards it with a wooshing noise and disappeared behind woods.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1991 book.


Keith Robbins (15) was with two friends, Christopher French and Sylvan Salway. Late one night, in the early hours, in late September 1991 they parked the Datsun Cherry (owned by Christopher) in a street above Llandaff North railway station, and were around the corner, out of sight of the car for a few minutes. It had literally been just a few minutes when they returned to find the car had disappeared, along with the young Staffordshire bull terrier inside it.
While they were looking up and down the road for any sign of the vehicle, they saw through the trees that grew in gardens of the houses, pink lights a way off. The first impression that Keith had, was of flamingos and looked for the flapping of their wings.
Keith: "It all happened so fast in about three to five minutes. I walked back to the car and it had just vanished off the face of the earth. These lights came from behind these massive trees. About 12 to 15 of them. I thought they were pink flamingos. My other mates thought they were fire flies. They then just speeded up and were gone in 30 seconds. I was baffled - so confused."
The fleet of UFOs were travelling over Whitchurch, west to east (the witness's left to right), on a level course, and in a triangular formation, 'like snooker balls before the break', with the point towards the front. Each object was disc-shaped and bright pink in colour.
Keith still stands by the story to this day, despite having his leg pulled, but is convinced that whoever were responsible for the flying objects, were also responsible for taking the car and dog. He said the car had been locked. They would have heard it drive away if it had been, the dog inside would have put off any car thieves anyway and it just happened too quickly.
The next day Keith and his friends reported the missing car and dog to the police, leaving out the mysterious flying objects, but a search for the car and dog proved futile.
A year later, in October 1992, the experience still on his mind, Keith wrote a letter to the MOD reporting the incident and enclosing a drawing which he made.
Source: www.walesonline.co.uk/news/alien-spaceships-abducted-pet-dog-4925460 posted 10 July 2013; SUFON video interview February 2017.


9.20 PM. Clear sky, slight cloud. 
A woman was hanging washing out in her garden in Penparcau to the south of Aberystwyth and looked up vertically while facing north to see an object stationary high in the night sky. She described it as a triangle of green lights which switched on and off independently when green lights off a large white flash of light appeared in the same position at ten second intervals.
There was no movement except the flashing lights. It was also seen by her husband. It was reported to RAF Brawdy. The CRO there put it down to green navigation lights and a high intensity strobe light of an aircraft or helicopter. But there was no red navigation light, and what about the triangular formation of the green lights?
Source: MOD Files.

Weather was windy and cloudy.
The witness, who, lived in Lower Cwmtwrch was in a car in the Swansea Valley and sighted an object above a hill, less than a quarter of a mile away.
It was described as a main blaze of lights with two either side and a fluorescent banana-shaped arrangement of lights underneath the main section of lights.
It remained motionless for about two minutes then shot straight upwards into clouds.
The witness rang the police the following morning.
Source: MOD Files.