1989 - Reports: 13

Edward and Irene Ward of Hoyland Drive, Haverfordwest, were driving to Tenby swimming pool, at 7.30 AM. As they turned off the main A77 road, at Sageston, passing RAF Carew Airfield, they saw:
“....a round silver coloured object, very high up, moving through the sky. It then stopped in front of us, but still high up, before darting across the sky over Kilgetty, then over the coast, followed by its appearance, once again, overhead, at fantastic speed – as if in a blink of an eye.”
Source: Haunted Skies citing Haverfordwest newspaper, 7 February 1989: ‘Close Encounter for Local Couple.’

9.30 AM. Very fine clear day. A husband and wife, together with their daughter, from Blaina, were in a car at the top of Beaufort Rise, near Ebbw Vale. The driver (man) saw a silver-coloured cylinder-shaped object at about 30 degrees elevation, 200- 300 feet in altitude.
It was pointed at one end and stationary and rotating slightly. Duration of sighting: 5 seconds.
Source: MOD Files.

A Monday evening.
Douglas Haig Hughes, 68, from Queens Road, Llandudno Junction, a gunner with the RAF for five years during the war, was strolling along Ffordd Maelgwyn with his wife Catherine.
He said: "A cylinder-shaped object approached from the Glan Conwy area about 600 ft up and proceeded towards Llandudno. It was massive in diameter. I could see it with my naked eyes. It appeared at first to be moving at about 45 to 55 miles per hour. Then it slowed down and flashed a bright red light, kike an infra-red light, from the window of the cylinder onto us. We didn't feel anything. When the light went out,it travelled on towards Llandudno.It was definitely not from this earth. We have been trying to get an aircraft for years and years that doesn't make a noise. There was no noise at all with this. A spokesman for RAF Valley, Anglesey, said: "We haven't been flying any planes over the last three days."
Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10881368.

Between 1.30 AM and 2.00 AM. Fine and clear.
A husband and wife at home saw two large brightly illuminated circular objects, spaced some distance apart, but appeared to be joined by a row of brightly lit spots, low in the sky over Trinant - Penyfan Pond area, about two miles distant.
It was not moving but appeared to be hovering. They did not report it at the time for fear of ridicule, however the man reported it to Blackwood Police Station on 8 July 1989.
Source: MOD Files.

22.34 HRS. The witness was in Bridgend and saw an object slightly east of north at 8 – 10,000 ft. It was holding a steady position in the clear sky which had a full moon. At a distance of 6 miles, it was described as being cone shaped and displayed a steady white light, with a blue/green/red flashing light. The duration of the sighting was 20 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.
'Zack' was 7-9 years old and living n Lansbury Park, Caerphilly.
During the summer school holidays of 1989 or 1990, he remembers that one night between 2 and 4 am, he found himself outside his house in Graham Court in his bed clothes. For some reason he went for a walk, ending up near some fields on a rough path known as 'the track'. He saw a tall, cone-shaped UFO hovering nearby about 100 yards from him.
It was black or dark green and appeared to be split into segments. On each segment was a shimmering green light which may have been windows. On its base there were also green lights. It was at a height of about 50 feet above the trees and appeared to be about 70-100 feet across. David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group asked him to describe the shape and Zack explained that it was like a spinning top but with the top more stretched out like a spiral swirly-looking seashell.
It moved towards him and he found himself surrounded in white light. He felt numb and weightless. He does not remember much of what happened after this but does remember being paralysed and frightened.
He remembers lying on his side on a flat metal table with a light above him. His next recollection is being put back on the ground by the white light. He was lying down and after the light had faded away he got up and saw the UFO in the same position above the field.
After about 20 or 30 seconds it then moved away slowly at first then speeding up towards Rudry Mountain to the east. He felt drained and his body was tingling.
He cannot remember walking home but found himself waking up in the morning back in his room. He assumed that he had been dreaming, but would later discount this possiblity in the light of further events.
Source: BUFOG Files: Dave Hodrien and interviews with witness by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2015.

9.40 PM.
A family in Ystalyfera observed an oval-shaped object with silver, red and white flashing light, moving steadily fro east to west. The duration of the sighting was two minutes. They reported it to the police.
Source: MOD Files.
6 PM.
A disc-shaped object with a flat base and domed shape, which was glowing white was seen flying very fast and at a low altitude, making a circuit around the valley.
Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing L. Williams-Davies - NUN 162.

'Zack' , 7-9 years old was out with three friends in Snowden Court, Lansbury Park, Caerphilly. He thinks it might have been 1989 or 1990. One night about 9 or 10 PM, he and his friends were looking out over nearby farmland. It had just got dark, weather was warm and dry with a clear sky. About 2-3 miles away to the east the boys saw a flattened disc-shaped object hovering over the hillside at about 700-1000 feet up. It was quite large and covered in red and yellow lights around its rim, randomly flashing on and off. There was no sound. It was stationary as they watched it for 3-5 minutes. After a while the boys turned to talk to each other and Zack does not remember seeing it depart.
Source: BUFOG Files: Dave Hodrien; witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2015.

11 PM. Slightly misty conditions. The witness was in the rear garden of home in Canton and observed two large white or orange lights, from separate sources, one following the other. They were moving north to south, fast and steady, overhead. Duration of sighting: 2 to 3 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

About 5 AM.
Husband and wife, Glyn and Toni Edwards were in the attic bedroom of their home in Pontypool when they saw an unexplained and very bright object in the sky above the town. Glyn Edwards, a 39-year-old music teacher said:
"I got up to have a drink of water and saw the ball of light moving north to south along the valley. It was a clear night and we have a view of the entire valley from our attic bedroom. The object was travelling at a very slow speed - far too slow for it to be a plane or helicopter but what I found more striking was the fact that the object made no noise of any kind. Noise carries a long way at night in the valley but we heard nothing, the object did not make a sound."
Glyn's wife, Toni, a local school meals organiser, also described the sighting:
"I saw very bright lights like searchlights trained on trees. It was moving so slowly that the object was almost static. Also it was completely the wrong shape for a plane."
The couple contacted the South Wales Argus after reading about the sighting by the three boys in Cwmtillery (2 November 1989). They said:
"From the description the boys gave it was the same object that they saw, it moved the same way. I certainly cannot explain what we saw" Mr Edwards added.
Source: UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 pages 79 - 80 citing South Wales Argus, November 1989.

Early evening - just got dark. Clear. Janice was driving with her great Niece, Katie (11) and great Nephew, Tim (5) from her home in Leamington Spa to the childrens' home in Neath and was driving south on the A470, passing the Beacons Reservoir, just south of Story Arms. They saw a possibly disc-shaped object which displayed large red, green and white lights, behind the car. Janice stopped the car and got out to get a camera from the boot, while the object hovered about 100 feet up and to the rear right of the car. But, due to the fear displayed by the children she thought better of it and drove off. They did not see the object again, but not long after they had re-started, a blue flash of light was visible across the landscape ahead of them which lasted a few seconds, which Janice thought was maybe connected to the object.
Source: Full report by David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group, who later married the Katie in the report: http://reported-sightings.blogspot.co.uk/2007/01/november-1989-brecon-beacons-multi.html

5.30 PM.
A disc-shaped object with a flat base and domed shape, which was glowing white was seen flying very fast and at a low altitude, making a circuit around the valley.
It was witnessed by three schoolboys - Lee Holt, Sydney McLoughlin and Carl Jones, aged 11 and 12 who were playing by a nearby lake in Cwmtillery at around 5.30 pm. and collecting wood for their bonfire, when they saw a bright light coming down the hillside, and one of the youngsters Lee Holt drew a picture of the object. "It was really low in the sky, clipping the tops of the trees. It circled above our heads a number of times then flew off really quickly", Lee Holt stated.
"It was silver and disc shaped with a domed top with luminous lights and about the size of a car but it made no noise" Lee added. A few minutes after it vanished a huge fireball came down by a nearby farm. "We had been really scared because we thought that whatever the object was it had come to take us away" Lee added. Lee Holt's mother Melinda told the paper that the boys had been terrified when they arrived back at her home shortly after the sighting. The police were called. Later, a mystery man interviewed them. He appeared very knowledgeable about UFOs and told them they might get sore eyes or rash on skin, and not to feel afraid, it would wear off. They did not remember who he was.
Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing L. Williams-Davies - NUN 162; UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 page 79 citing South Wales Argus 9 November 1989; courtesy of Margaret Fry - ref: 1993 notebook.




Paul Rose from Llantwit Fardre, who worked as a photographer for the Western Mail and Echo, was at home in Llantwit Fardre. He went outside to get something from his car, and looked up to see a black silent triangular craft with red lights, three on each side and one at the rear, 7 in total moving at an "incredibly slow speed and twisting through the air". It turned and cork-screwed itself forward.

"It was moving so slowly if it was an aircraft it should have fallen out of the sky. I ran into my house and the four of us [wife, Paula and her parents] went to rear of the house and watched as it came into view again. Even though I was a press photographer taking a photograph was the furthest thing from my mind as I just couldn't take my eyes off it in amazement and disbelief."

Paul added that the object was at an estimated altitude of 1500 feet. He could not judge its size as it was against the night sky, just big and black. It travelled west to east and disappeared in the direction of Caerphilly.

Source: https://www.economicvoice.com/black-triangular-shaped-ufo-spotted-in-the-brecon-beacons/50033811/ - commented at end of article which was posted 12 December 2012; Emlyn Williams contacted Paul by email in March 2018 and gained further details.