1988 - Reports: 16

2.10 AM.
Patchy high cloud. A large white oval light with 7 – 12 other lights was seen by a lone witness in a car in Llantwit Major.
It was first seen at a 15 degree elevation to the left-hand end of a block of four detached houses, no more than 150 metres to the north of the observer, behind school playing fields at SS 979688. The witness stopped the car abruptly and watched for 20 seconds.
The main light was very bright, and the others slightly dimmer. The light then moved very rapidly to the right (south-east), to the gap between the two houses at the west end of the block, then to other gaps each time stationary for approximately 20 seconds.
The observer allowed the vehicle to coast backwards, following the object. There was no sound apparent at first, but then a distinctive but low rumbling noise was noticed. There was no smell.
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.
The witness was from an RAF family background, father having served in the RAF for 38 years. The witness telephoned RAF St. Athan to report the sighting at 1.45 PM on the same day.
Source: MOD Files.
Police Inspector Ian Hughes-Jones:
"We received a call at 9.10 p.m. and an officer went to look. We can confirm that we saw a very unusual light that shrank and grew until it eventually faded away."
Source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/conwy-ufo-sightings--creepy-conwy-2665541

Early morning. The witness, a man from nearby Pyle, was taking a walk along a lane near Meadow Street in North Cornelly. His attention was drawn to a large object hovering in the sky roughly over the area of South Cornelly before it shot off.
In a statement from South Wales Police:
“He described the object as being the size of three maisonettes with three rows of different coloured lights. The object moved off, but he could not state in which direction.”
Police officers interviewed the man and are satisfied he is no hoaxer.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 28 January 1988; Western Mail  28 January 1988.
6.45 AM.
An alternating white and green light was seen directly above the witness at home in Sketty, Swansea. The sighting was reported to the police, who passed it on to the MOD.
Source: MOD Files.
6.30 PM.
Over a period of six hours, a large, cone-shaped object was seen with the naked eye and through binoculars, 3 ½ miles from the observer, over Kilvey Hill. Meteorological conditions were good, and the sky was clear.
The object remained stationary from 6.30 PM to 8 PM, then gradually moved in a westerly direction. The sighting was reported to police who passed it on to the MOD.
Source: MOD Files.

Third year schoolboys from Aberconwy, Nigel Harris, Craig Roberts and Justin Everley, were running through the Sychnant Passin the hills to the west of Conwy. The boys were heading down towards Dwygyfylchi to the west when they spotted a flying saucer in the sky. Craig said: 
"Nigel stopped because he had stitch, but Justin and I kept running, and as we were jogging along, Justin looked up and said, 'Oh God, a flying saucer.' It was level with the mountaintop, travelling between 50-60 mph.In about 10 seconds it had disappeared over the mountain."
The boys later reported the sighting to the police.
Source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/conwy-ufo-sightings--creepy-conwy-2665541

8.45 PM. Fine and cold with good visibility.  A clerical assistant was on doorstep of home saw two star-like objects in a northerly direction. The first one had pulsating white lights, the second had a steady, dimmer light. No sound or smell was noted.
The witness then watched them through living room window. They were about 200 yards away and at an altitude of about 1000 ft. and stationary. The sighting’s duration was ten minutes, ending at 8.55 PM. The witness reported it to Pontypridd Police.
Source: MOD Files.


A mother and daughter were travelling by car near Newtown. They had heard of a sale of furniture in a warehouse, which was to take place that evening. They had decided to go and look at it. On their way back they were laughing and joking. They jokingly said, "what if we go round the next bend and we see a UFO, what do we do?". Around the next corner moments later a large colourful craft came from nowhere to the right hand side of the car. It was about 12 ft from them. The daughter was so scared she screamed, "Mum, drive as fast as you can, and let us get home" but her mother's legs had turned to jelly and she couldn't change gear. The car seemed to have become lifeless, the lights were dimming.

The craft had bright colours of pink, lime green and red which all seemed to mingle together. Eventually their car suddenly spurted into action and she drove as fast as possible to her sister and her husband's house, which was nearer than hers. They only realised afterwards that they were just a few yards from the house, when previously it had been miles away. They were petrified, and her sister and brother-in-law recalled the terror on their faces.

Later they reported this to the Police in Newtown, the nearest large town to their village. They had by then realised they had lost 45 minutes of time they could not account for at all, also the miles on the road, they had no recollection of motoring. This left the mother depressed for months. She then decided to contact various people to see if she could get any help. She wanted to have hypnotic regression, but her daughter would not hear of this, so Janette reluctantly gave up the idea. She was put in touch with Margaret Fry through BUFORA. They had a number of talks on the phone, and the mother started reading UFO books to try and fathom what had happened to them. She arranged to visit Margaret, but this came to nothing as the daughter wanted to forget the incident.

Source: Margaret Fry "Who Are They?" 2004 pages 122-123.


From 8.30 PM to 10.14 PM
A witness in Trimsaran observed in a southerly direction, a white light which moved north to a position over the village, with another close by, then it moved in a northerly direction and getting lower.
A streak of red light was observed from the left hand side.
No noise was heard. Was also seen by 6 to 8 others.
Source: MOD Files.

9.40 PM. Fine and cloudy.
A witness at home in West Pontnewydd, Cwmbran was looking through a front window and reported seeing a bright light with a bright pulsating light and emitting rays of light. It was about two miles distant and stationary at first, at an elevation of 30 degrees in the west. It then disappeared behind the mountains. Duration of sighting: 10 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

9.05 PM. Clear conditions. The witness was with daughter in a car ten miles north of Glyntrefnant, when they saw a large round object, with many colourful flashing lights, making a ‘sucking’ noise, moving erratically and hovering. The witness reported it to Carmarthen Police who passed it on to the MOD, stating that the informant was known and is a reliable person who was badly shaken by the incident.
[presumably, even though it doesn’t say in the report, the object came quite close, if a noise could be heard – EW].
Source: MOD Files.

8.30 PM [or 10.30 PM?]. Fine clear night. 
The witness, a married woman was in the rear garden of her home in Blackwood when she  saw what she described as a very large star with beams of light, making a bleeping noise and shooting out beams of light. The object was static in the north-east sky several miles away. She reported to the police at Blackwood.
Source: MOD Files.

17 JULY 1988 - BARGOED
Night. A white light was seen holding a stationary positioned over a TV mast.
Source: www.deltapro.co.uk

4.20 PM. Clear blue sky.
Nigel Charles (43) was driving along the A4067 towards Brecon (not 4167 as he states in his original report). He saw in the distance what he at first thought was a helicopter tracking back and forth from the field to the road. AS he got closer he was able to see the shape better. He eventually came to a halt under the object which hovered above him at a height of maybe 30 feet. There was no noise from the object.
He described the object as being triangular/dart in shape, black in colour, approximately the size of a small car (mini), with no obvious windows. Its thickness he estimated at being 8 inches. There was no sign of any propulsion, and it emitted no engine noise. Nigel turned the car engine off to listen, but there was nothing, not even a hum.
He watched it for a little while and then it shot off, from a standing start, disappearing over the horizon in about half a second, again without making a sound. No other road traffic came past during the sighting.
Nigel said: 
"I am an educated, professional person with a degree in astronomy, and have never suffered from hallucinations. Having spent some years in military I am able to recognise aircraft, this was something beyond anything I've ever seen, this craft allowed me to view it for some minutes it wasn't till I went to grab camera from car that it took off too quickly for me to photograph".
Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1960

Date is approximate. At about 8 PM,  Darren, 17-year-old was in his bedroom, listening to records, in a dormer bungalow in Rhyd-Y-Fenni, Crofty, his parents and 15 year-old sister, were downstairs. Suddenly the walls, which were also the roof of the property, started shaking.
He said he seemed to ‘know’ to look out of the window, which faces east, and overlooks the back garden, and the rear garden of the house in the next road and when he did so, his view of the night sky was filled up by three huge discs, he described as being stereotypical spaceships, very low and close to the roof, and slowly moving away from him towards the east, having just passed over his house.
There was a sound like something heavy being dragged, and the craft looked solid, with no seams or joins, as if they’d been made in a mould. The bottom of the discs, which is all he could see of them, had a light circle or ‘porthole’ of white light in the centre, around which were arranged, curved white light panels. There were no flashing lights. The three discs were arranged in a triangular formation, with one at the front, and the other two a breast behind and all were close to each other. He opened the window. There were three people outside, two from the opposite house, and an elderly woman. He heard someone say ‘we see these regular.’
He went to call his parents and sister and when they came up to see, the objects had moved quite far away over the hills inland, going over the ruined Hermon Chapel on the hill to the east, and visible as a group of lights moving slowly away from them. Darren thought later that they had moved far too far in the time taken to call the others, if they had been going at the same slow pace, and has a feeling that there might be a period of missing time involved between seeing them and calling for the others to come up.
The net day, Darren telephoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that they had heard about it already, as others had phoned in about seeing lights. An article appeared in the paper that evening [a check has been made for the time period in question but so far nothing has been found, but is ongoing].
Also on the following day, his sister was told by a friend, Kevin in Gowerton School, that he had also seen the objects while he was fishing on the point in the nearby Crofty Industrial Estate.
Source: SUFON Files: Darren interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.

9 PM. A man and woman were walking across a bridge over the motorway when they saw what appeared to be a star descending in a diagonal pattern. As it grew closer, they could see that it was semi-circular in profile and had windows with silhouettes of figures in them. It hovered motionless for about 7 to 8 minutes and was about 300 yards from them. One of the witnesses motioned to the craft to come closer but it shook from side to side three times as if to say 'no'. It then flew towards the horizon quickly disappearing from sight.
Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database, addition no: 3900 - listed as Bridgend, England [sic] citing NUFORC.