1987 - Reports: 14


4 AM. Clear sky.

A milkman by the name of Jones was on his round and was going up a steep hill and looked up to see three lights in triangular formation, red at the top, yellow bottom left and green bottom right,'saucepan shaped, not like ordinary stars'. The green light was like a triangle. He carried on and when he turned round, it was still there, then it veered off. He couldn't tell if it was one object or three.

Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry - ref: 1991 notebook


25 JANUARY 1987 - RHYL
4.30 PM Dry, good visibility, clear sky with no cloud.
The witness, a driving instructor from Kinmel Bay, with MSM School of Motoring was with a pupil in a car. They saw a round single white light low in the sky in the direction of Llandudno (west). It was static in the sky at about rooftop height approximately 1 to 2 miles distant. Duration of sighting: 20 minutes. It was reported to RAF Valley.
Source: MOD Files.

1.30 AM. Clear sky.
The witness, of Bryngwran (3-4 miles east of RAF Valley), was outdoors at a location near RAF Valley, and reported seeing an unidentified object overhead. It was described as a star-like object flashing red, green, white and blue lights. The object was also seen by the witness's son. Duration of sighting: 30 minutes. It was reported to RAF Valley at 2.10 AM.
Source: MOD Files.

6.30 AM. Dawn breaking, conditions clear, no cloud, little wind.
A woman at home in Pen-Y-Cae-Mawr (located north-east of Newport), in a rural setting, was awoken by a very bright light shining into her upstairs bedroom. On looking out of the window she saw a round object approximately 7-8 feet across, on the ground 500 - 600 feet away to the north east. There was no noise coming from it and it was stationary. She watched the object for a couple of minutes and during this time there was no movement. Duration of the sighting was approximately 2 minutes.
Later that morning her son visited the area and found three, 2-3 ft wide circles in the grass, arranged in a triangular pattern, with two sides measuring 15 feet, and one side measuring 10 feet. Inside the circles the grass appeared brighter than the surrounding area. The circles were indented about 1 - 1 1/2 inches on the inner faces. The area was also visited by a Sqn. Ldr. of the RAF. The description of the area is produced in the report.
The witness is described in the report as appearing to be a sensible lady, who maintained throughout that the object she saw was not a figment of her imagination. 

Source: MOD Files. 

11 MARCH 1987 – OGMORE
00.55 HRS. Fine weather conditions. The witness was cycling along the B4524, the Bridgend to Ogmore-by-Sea road. First seen in the west towards the River Ogmore, the object was described as being rock-like in shape, consisting mainly of lights with a rim above it. It was 15 feet above the river, on the far side of the estuary, and was seen for five to ten minutes. The witness reported it to the police who subsequently forwarded it to the MOD.
Source: MOD Files.

29 APRIL 1987 – KILLAY, SWANSEA                                                    
By Anthony Harris
Swansea toddler Hannah bates today told of her close encounter with an unidentified flying object last night. After calmly drawing what she saw the bright-eyed four-year-old said: ‘It was ghosties!’
Hannah and her mother Mrs. Jenny Bates say they were ‘buzzed’ by the UFO which hovered silently 50 feet above their home in Curry Close, Upper Killay [actually Killay].
The child saw the object first and when her mother looked up she couldn’t believe her eyes.
‘It was just hovering there. It was tiny, about the size of my dining room table, and had four green lights on the bottom,’ said Mrs. Bates.
‘I was rooted to the spot and I tried to call out to my husband but I couldn’t speak,’ she said.
‘I must have stared at it for five seconds before it shot off. There was a rushing of air, but no noise at all. It was really weird,’ added Mrs. Bates.
She wasn’t convinced she had actually seen a UFO until Hannah sat down and drew the object. ‘Ghosties is her word for anything unusual and that is exactly what we saw,’ said Mrs. Bates.
The family had just returned from a long day out at around 10.30 pm last night and the encounter came while husband Nick was parking the car in the garage behind their home.
‘I saw the reflection of green lights on the bonnet of the car, but nothing else,’ he said.
Hannah missed school at Dunvant Nursery today but when she returns the youngster will have a tale to tell her classmates.
Swansea police said the airport  authorities say they have had no reports of any UFO sightings overnight.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 30 April 1987.


Could be 1989.

Dilwyn Parry Lloyd was 34 years old and worked in T. E. Evans and Sons Bakery at Meliden Road, Prestatyn. It was a hot cloudless sunny day. Dilwyn was getting a bag of flour from a shed across the courtyard in the bakery, when he noticed something in the air above and directly in front of him. It was a white craft which had no wings, and a domed glass rounded front, the rear assembled like a Grand Prix racing car spolier. In the front sat a pilot and just behind him stood a man who looked at Dilwyn. The pilot seemed unaware he was there. The craft was moving slowly across the courtyard. Dilwyn then realised he'd been sent to get flour so rushed in and out of the shed, just a matter of moments, but the craft had vanished. he said he never noticed any controls, and he certainly never forgot such an extraordinary sighting.

Source: "Strange Happenings" article by Margaret Fry.


0100 HRS.
Two on duty uniformed police officers, attending a road block due to a road traffic accident were in position half way down Caswell Road, a hill approaching Caswell Bay from Langland. It was a clear sky on a fine warm night.
They saw a bright white light high in the sky at about 80 degrees elevation to the south. It was difficult to gauge the altitude of the stationary object but the witness estimated that it was high, 20-30,000 feet. The light, which gave off no discernible sound, was stationary for two or three minutes and then suddenly shot off at high speed out of their view due to the confines of the valley, in a southerly direction over the Bristol Channel.
Source: SUFON Files.

12:25 AM. Clear sky. Two police officers, an Inspector and a PC were standing on a mountain road overlooking valley with clear view into night sky. In the southern sky two bright orange lights slightly larger than aircraft lights were seen moving in close proximity to each other. Both objects were spherical in shape with no apparent angle of elevation, but were approximately three miles away from the observers.
They were moving at a steady moderate speed, one behind the other towards the south-west. After travelling a short distance the front light shot off at speed upwards into the sky in a north westerly direction and out of sight. Simultaneously the rear light shot off at speed upwards into the sky in the reverse direction towards the south east and out of sight.
A mile away from the two officers, and unknown to either party, the UFOs were also observed by another two police officers, a PC and a WPC.
Source: MOD Files.

9.30 PM.
Conditions dry with good visibility.
The witness, in rear garden of home in Rassau, Ebbw Vale, saw three revolving objects high in the sky. Watching through binoculars at the objects, the witness watched as two remained stationary and the third made zig-zag movements around them.
The witness reported it to the police who passed it on to the MOD, stating that the witness was known to the officers and was a reliable person.
Source: MOD Files.
11.30 PM.
A large, flat circular object with blue, white, yellow and orange lights was seen hovering over Treharris, and making a loud humming noise at first, and then silent.
The witness reported it to the police who notified the RAF at St. Athan.
Source: MOD Files.

Mrs. Marion Pritchard, aged 32, of Heol Gwili, Trallwn, Swansea, was called by her 11-year-old son, Christopher at 9 pm.
‘I was in the kitchen and Christopher asked me what the lights in the sky were. I looked out and saw three objects, following one behind the other. Red lights were flashing alternately and I thought it might be a helicopter but there was  no noise and the lights were very close together. I don’t know what it was.’
Christopher couldn’t get to sleep wondering about the mysterious lights.
Swansea Airport was consulted by the Evening Post, who said that it could have been a helicopter. It wasn’t a scheduled flight but it may have been an air ambulance.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 16 September 1987.
Stephen Kenny of Penplas, Swansea, was walking to work, one early, bitterly cold morning in October 1987, and was about to cross over the viaduct, when he saw:
“...a dark shadow over the bridge.
I first thought to myself, that’s a strange place to put a sign. As I came closer, now about 100 ft away from it, I heard a dull sound and realised that it was emanating from this mass, which was slowly changing shape, with two green lights revolving around it.
I carried on walking, and when I got to the other side of the bridge I saw it rise vertically into the sky and disappear from sight.”
Source: Haunted Skies John Hanson citing personal interview with witness.

Lyn Woods (17) was coming around the corner onto her street and heard a rumbling noise. She looked up and saw an object which had just come over the top of a  mountain about a half mile distant, moving slowly. The object was about 600 feet in altitude and  very large - about 150 to 200 feet across and about 100 feet in depth. 
She described the object as being like lots of blocks stuck together, with white, lilac and yellow lights in no particular formation or pattern.  She said:
"...what was strange is that it stopped when I stopped and moved when I started to move. I ran to my house and kept on watching and it just hovered and moved off slowly with a low rumbling noise. I am a very rational person, don't drink, I don't do drugs. What I saw that night changed my complete view on life regarding what we are taught in schools about what is and what is not real".
Duration of sighting: 11 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2032