1985 - Reports: 7

5 or 6 PM.
A man was driving home with his mother, to Bonymaen along Bog Road, near the site of Tir John Power Station, as they came round a bend in the road, they suddenly saw ‘an object’ near the ground which shot up in the air as they got near it, nearly hitting the car, before shooting off.
The experience frightened them as they thought it was going to crash into them.
No further details are known, of what the object was like etc, as the informant, the man’s sister, explained that her brother has now passed away, and their mother is in her 90s and suffering from dementia.
Source: SUFON Files: informant interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 29 January 2016.

Late night.

Hearing her young daughter screaming, the witness ran to her room and was confronted by a tall, yellow-glowing humanoid figure peering at her from behind her daughter's door. The figure was very tall and wore what resembled "a spaceman's suit."
The figure appeared to be startled and as the witness approached, it shot quickly away towards the hallway and disappeared from sight. A search of the house failed to find anything.
Source: Humanoid Encounters 1985 - 1989 - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing UFO Sightings in the UK.

3 AM.
19-year-old David Thomas was walking on an isolated road on his way home to a small hamlet, from visiting friends near Pwllheli. It was a long walk on the main road, the A499, and had reached a disused wartime RAF airfield (three and a half miles from Pwllheli. There was scattered snow on the ground, and there was bright moonlight which lit up the area. He suddenly heard a humming sound and felt a strange stillness in the air. He walked down a narrow lane to investigate. This lead to a farm on the seaward side, and the lane had prickly bramble and hawthorn hedges on either side of the mud track, and there was a wooden gate leading into a field. This is a piece of land jutting out to form Carreg yr Imbill, Llanbedrog Bay the other side. He looked over to the frozen grass field to locate the source of the hum and came upon a large dull, black object hovering about two-feet off the ground. The witness moved closer and was able to see that the object was domed and disc-shaped with what appeared to be antennae, windows and a drawbridge-like hatchway on top. The object seemed to have a dull fluorescent glow. The witness suddenly noticed a group of small humanoid figures quickly approaching him from a nearby field. He turned to escape but was blocked by another figure. He then felt a hand grip on his arm and suddenly was propelled towards the strange object.
The beings communicated by using telepathy, assuring David that he was going to be alright. Soon he found himself in a large bare room where his captors left him alone. The humanoids were described as man-like, wearing what looked like octagonal helmets, mainly featureless apart from two dim lights positioned where the eyes should have been. They wore grey suits with gold coloured belts and straps resembling braces and black knee boots and gloves. They appeared to be robot-like and moved their arms and legs in a rapid, stilted fashion. After 15 minutes the witness was led into a control room where he saw four TV consoles and a large screen positioned against the wall. He believes the beings let him know that he was being decontaminated and then prepared for a time change. This information also seemed to be transmitted by some form of telepathy.

Later he was aware of the craft taking off. He sat watching a large screen showing planets passing by, Jupiter, Saturn and out to beyond Pluto where the craft docked with a mothership. On board the larger craft, David remembers being taken for a medical examination. His captors used some type of instrument that apparently left burn marks on his body. They seemed to examine his private parts for an inordinate amount of time, and then they placed probes on his head and chest and around his neck. He received one telepathic request, "Permission to remove his eyes for examination," naturally he refused. A music tape was taken from him and apparently examined. Further telepathic conversation revealed that the aliens came from a planet beyond the constellation of Lyra, that they breathed pure oxygen and disliked the polluted atmosphere of the earth. They had a temporary base in Greenland and had been forced to destroy a number of bases, which had existed on the moon.

Later he was  deposited back in the lonely field where he was found by a passing police car. David told investigators that he was questioned about the USA and NASA and recalls being told that the aliens had captured a Voyager spacecraft for analysis. Their verdict: very primitive. Before leaving, the aliens told the witness that one day they were going to return for him.

Source: Humanoid Encounters 1985 - 1989 - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Carl Nagaitis, Phillip Mantle, 'Without Consent'; Margaret Fry 'Who Are They' 2004 pages 41-43


1 MARCH 1985 - MORRISTON                                                  
6.30 PM.
Clear Sky.
The witness and a friend’s husband were in a garden  in a village location near Swansea, when they saw a round, white object, 3 or 4 times the size of a star, very bright, and moving backwards and forwards faster than a jet, in a position at a 45 degree angle over the DVLC building near Morriston.
The witness could hear a sound like that of a piston engine, but not like a normal aircraft sound. They watched the object for about half an hour.
Source: MOD Files.

7 PM.
Anthony Weed (14) was with about 12 friends playing football and saw a disc-shaped object in the sky at an altitude of at least 1000 ft. It was rotating as it moved slowly and deliberately through the sky. Anthony compared it to a huge dustbin lid. It was silver/grey in colour. There were no obvious lights visible, being a daylight sighting.
They watched as it moved down the valley and out of sight.
Duration of the sighting: 10-15 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1326    

On this night a red ovoid object rose from a quarry in Meliden, and went into the clouds.
Source: www.nicap.org citing Earth Lights Revelation Paul Devereux page 73.

12.30 AM.
Two college students were returning home by car from their part-time work, when they saw an object shoot across the sky. The pair were at Dyserth crossroads in the Denbighshire village situated high above Rhyl and Prestatyn when the craft's movement attracted their eyes.
The students said it was travelling at great speed from the direction of Meliden Quarry towards fields over the A547. As they were travelling by car, they followed the direction of the object which appeared to have a yellow glow at its centre with green spikes of light. After some miles the craft stopped, hovered and disappeared behind some cloud before re-emerging and apparently flying close to the ground before seemingly landing in an area known as The Meadows just off the A547.
They plucked up the courage to stop at the scene of the landing and investigate further. But when they peered over hedging they could see nothing.
Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/ar/t425.htm citing http://www.bbc.tv/wales/northeast/guides/w...s/dyserth.shtml (now not available) citing Margaret Fry.