1980 - Reports: 9

Date is approximate.
Christopher, aged about 11, was playing with his sister and the boy from next door, in the street, Dafolog Street, Phillipstown, which is on the eastern side of the Rhymney Valley, backing onto the mountain separating them from the Sirhowy Valley to the east. The children saw a large orange sphere over the mountain at the end of the street. He compared it to the sun. He does not recall it shooting off, rather it just disappeared, or maybe he thinks he took his eye off it and then it wasn't there any more.
Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed via Facebook February 2018.
Jennifer Davies, of Brynhyfryd, Llangennech, was seeing her husband off to work early one morning while it was still dark when she spotted a long, silver cigar-shaped object 100 yards away, hovering at a height of about three houses.
She watched it for about 20 minutes from different rooms but when she opened the back door to have another look it had vanished.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 12 January 1980.

8.05 PM.
Two 14-year-old girls, Jayne Bush and friend, Carol Duff were outside at the top end of Crawshay Drive, Llantwit Major, looking in a shop window, when something caught Jayne’s eye. She immediately turned around and Carol followed suit. They saw a very bright, oval shaped object, moving swiftly across the sky, and eventually disappearing behind some nearby houses, but were much further away and higher up than the houses. Duration of this sighting: about two seconds.
At 8.15 PM they saw another object of the same shape and brightness, high above them, moving at a constant high speed, and suddenly fading and disappearing. Duration: around two seconds.
At 8.20 PM, they saw a third bright oval object, further away than the first two, and further to their right.
Duration: 4-5 seconds.
They wondered what the objects were and discounted shooting stars as they were too large, and too much of a coincidence to see three in such a short space of time. They phoned the local police, and the duty officer contacted Cardiff Airport and was told that no planes had been in the area at the time.
Source: MOD Files.

11.30 PM
At least ten people reportedly saw an unidentified object over Milford Haven. One eye-witness described the object as a light in the sky quite high up with an orange or red light on top. Duration of sighting: about 30 minutes.
Source: SUFON Files: South Wales Evening Post - Monday 31 March 1980.

Early morning. A man fishing in a river with his dog saw a bright pulsating light approaching. It hovered then landed on a nearby field. The witness went to investigate and encountered a cylinder shaped craft, which had landed on a tripod. A door opened and a metal ladder was lowered to the ground.Three tall grey suited figures emerged, each carrying a bucket and a spade-like gadget.
They then proceeded to dig nearby. The witness's dog began barking and ran towards the craft. At this point the witness apparently lost consciousness and upon waking up his dog, the object and the beings were gone. Landing traces were found at the site.
Source: Albert S. Rosales, Human Contact Database no.731 citing Bob Gribble, MUFON UFO Journal No. 267.

7.15 AM.
63 year-old Arthur Moore, from Park Avenue, Ty-isaf, Pontymister, was taking a breath of air whilst at work at the Avana factory, Rogerstone, where he worked as a mixer. He was on the roof of the factory and he saw, to the north, what he described as a black cloud coming over Twmbarlwm, a local mountain which has an Iron-age fort on the summit, visible as a lump. When the cloud cleared he saw a, "massive, white, oblong object just like a double-decker bus, resting on the ground". The object was glowing a "vivid white" and was sited just to the right of the tump or pimple which gives the mountain its distinctive character. According to the witness it first "blended into the background and then got bigger again".
When he first told his workmates they accused him of seeing things and not surprisingly refused to believe him until they saw the object themselves. Around 20 workers saw the object. Les Brown said the object seemed to be a "silver oval dome made of aluminium". It finally vanished from view completely at 10.45 am.
Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 1986 citing South Wales Argus.


11 PM.

Mrs Dorothy Jones, of Blackwood, and her sister-in-law, Mrs Sandra Jones, of Brynawel were in the latter's car outside the Tredegar Arms pub in Cross Keys. They spotted two lights in the sky.

"They were a bit like car headlamps but they seemed to be suspended in the air. I am sure it wasn't an aeroplane because the lights were quite low and we would have heard something," said Dorothy. "Neither of us had been drinking and we watched the lights for several minutes before driving off."

Sandra Jones said, "I thought it was car headlights, too, but there were no mountains in the area near where the lights were."

Gwent Police said they had heard nothing whilst a spokesman for Cardiff-Wales Airport at Rhoose commented that Cross Keys was out of their controlled airspace and he could not say if there had been any planes in the immediate vicinity that night.

Source: South Wales Argus 8 September 1980.


2.30 AM .
An on duty traffic police officer on mobile patrol observed a bright light over the Llangfoist/Abergavenny areas. It was described as an overgrown light shade with a flat bottom and top. At one point he stopped and looked at it using binoculars. The officer estimated the UFO to be at an altitude of 200-500 feet and was last observed moving in a south-westerly direction.
Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing MOD Files.

Night. D. Clouson was walking home about 8 pm and noticed an orange glow in the clouds. Then in a gap in the clouds appeared an orange ball which went past above cloud-height level.
It was hard to estimate the size of the ball but the witness reckoned it was about 20 metres in diameter. It was a bright orange sphere with lines spinning around it.
Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 27 August 2016.