1979 - Reports: 13

8.45 PM.
Keith Jones had crossed the A525 road to go to his home to collect some herbs and was about to go back into the restaurant where he worked as a chef at Brookhouse Mill, Denbigh when his attention was attracted to a brilliant flashing light on the underside of an oval craft which was passing silently and very fast overhead at an altitude of 100 - 150 feet. He could hear a 'whoosh' of rushing air as it passed by. He is familiar with the sight of low-flying aircraft in the area and he could see it was not one of these. He ran inside and asked his employer to go outside and look at the object, which he did, together with another man, a customer. They watched a stunning aerial display by the UFO as it darted about in the sky for about 15 minutes. Keith went back inside and called the police. His employer stayed outside and saw the light fade in the distance. A short time later two uniformed police officers, PC Berwyn Jones and PC Neville Hughes were on the way to the scene by car and they too witnessed the UFO. The object was disc-shaped with a dome underneath. There was no noise and it was described as being too low and too bright to be an aircraft. The object was last seen heading in the direction of Ruthin.
Source: www.nicap.org citing Flying Saucer Review Vol. 25 No. 2 - March/April 1979; BUFORA Journal Vol. 9 No. 1 March 1980 (places date as 26.1.79)- Investigator: Colin Bord.

At approximately 5.30 PM
 Pritchard Street, Tonyrefail, Michael Bloxsome was just leaving a friend’s house and saw an object in the sky.
“I saw a round object in the sky, like a ball, glowing orangey and it was moving to my right, not on a vertical path coming down but travelling level.
I saw it for three to four seconds, when it burst horizontally (like a child’s firework rocket), showing orangey glowing sparks and then it disappeared from the path it was travelling.”
Source: Western Mail 3 January 1979.
John and Carol Jenkins and their 14-year-old daughter Susan, of Gorse Place, Fairwater, Cardiff, saw an object which Carol described as being a colourful, star-shaped, changing from green to red, yellow and pink and moving back and fore, hovering' - probably over the sea, in the direction of Cardiff Docks.
Mr Jenkins noticed this bright, moving object and called his wife and daughter. The object was apparent for some considerable time.
Source: Western Mail 3 January 1979.
Shortly after 9 PM. Reports of 'flashing lights' in the sky and of 'a very bright star' darting about were made to the Western Mail.
Source: Western Mail Saturday 13 January 1979.
Shortly after 9 PM. Reports of 'flashing lights' in the sky and of 'a very bright star' darting about were made to the Western Mail.
Source: Western Mail Saturday 13 January 1979.

Mrs Florence Jones, aged 72, of Mundeg, Trelewis, said she saw a dark object with a circular flashing light near her garden.
Source: Western Mail Friday 26 January 1979.
People living on the eastern and western sides of Cardiff reported seeing a 'brilliantly coloured' object in the sky which appeared to hover for 15 minutes before disappearing.
Source: Western Mail Friday 26 January 1979.

6.15 PM.
11-year-old Gaynor Sunderland was out walking a Welsh Border Collie, Shep, owned by friends. Suddenly he lay down, face on he floor and whimpering for no apparent reason. Gaynor looked ahead and saw a bright orange ball in the south-east, hovering and spinning. She glanced to the side and said she saw two entities in the gloom by bushes some 25 yards ahead. They were dressed as in a previous encounter, and were smiling. Shep was still whining, so thinking he was hurt she glanced down at him. When she looked up moments later, the entities were gone. The light hovered for two more minutes and Shep remained on the ground. Then it vanished suddenly and the dog immediately leapt up and ran home barking. Gaynor went after him, but did not tell his owners about the sighting.
Source: 'The Sunderland Family Encounters - Part 2' - Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall - Flying Saucer Review 1979 Vol.25 No.4.

1.50 AM.
Mrs Sunderland woke up suddenly, for no obvious reason, and noticed that the street light outside the window had gone out. Within seconds she heard a low rumbling noise and a brilliant white light appeared, moving slowly across her curtains, in the direction of her 11-year-old daughter Gaynor's bedroom. She was terrified and unable to move. Then, after only about 20 seconds, the light vanished, the noise stopped and the street light came back on. Next morning Gaynor said that she had had one of the best night's sleep she could ever recall, but had no unusual dreams or incidents to relate.
Source: 'The Sunderland Family Encounters - Part 2' - Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall - Flying Saucer Review 1979 Vol.25 No.4.

A beam of light shone through the witness's bedroom window and she suddenly felt dizzy. She then felt herself being levitated through some form of tunnel and encountered two aliens in a field. A huge craft hovered nearby and a beam of light lifted her inside. The interior of the craft consisted of one large room with three other alien beings and an almost human appearing girl of about 19 years of age. The room contained a portrait of an older being, apparently a leader. After a 30 minute other worldly trip the beings showed her an alien zoo with many bizarre animals. The beings communicated with the witness and then said goodbye, whereupon she then found herself back in her bed again.
Source: www.nicap.org  citing Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1979 case 2234, citing Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall.
Late one evening in November or December, young married couple, Peter and Angela were getting coal in before going to bed at their home at Maes Pwll, Clyne in the Neath Valley.
Angela spotted an object hovering motionless at an elevation of about 30 degrees over the river nearby to the north-west, but not high enough to be higher than the mountain on the opposite side of the valley.
She was outside the backdoor of her house which faces north and the object was at a 45 degree angle to her left. She called Peter who also saw it. It was a cigar-shaped object and had lots of multi-coloured lights along its lower part which pulsed and changed colour.
They watched it for about 20 minutes. It did not move at all in that time and there was no sound. They felt scared by the experience. The object then shot off to the south-west,  down the valley ay high speed.
Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewd by Emlyn Williams 9 December 2015.
Retired post office engineer, Richard Vaughan of Llandudno was out walking during a gale, when he saw a UFO over Conwy Mountain. He described it as an oval-shaped object which was white on top and dark underneath.
"I saw something flying over Conwy Mountain. Then it stopped for three minutes, moved on, stopped again, and then moved on and disappeared in the glow. What puzzles me is how a thing like that could stay still in that wind. I thought at first I was imagining things."
Source: https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/conwy-ufo-sightings--creepy-conwy-2665541

Shortly before Christmas, Terence Jones of Brongwendraeth, Carway, saw what he thought was a UFO.
He saw flashing lights in a circular shape that seemed to be coming down to the ground, then it went up straight at a speed no aircraft could attain. It looked quite big and had red and green lights.
He called out, and his sister, Mrs Janet Owens, who lived next door, also saw the object. The sighting was reported by Randall Jones-Pugh.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 10 January 1980.