1962 - Reports: 2

21 MAY 1962 - BRECON
Daytime sighting.
A brown-coloured object of irregular shape and with antennae was seen beneath an aircraft, travelling very fast. Possibly investigated by the MOD. NICAP report the object seen by the pilot of an Irish International Airlines aircraft, who watched this spherical UFO pass below the aircraft.
Source: www.deltapro.uk/PBASE_by_year.pdf citing Flying Saucer Review Vo. 8 No. 4; www.nicap.org citing NICAP UFO Evidence, X (this has it listed as being in England).

During the summer holidays, 1962, 16-year-old Tom James was one of a group of six boys camping at Crawley Woods, between Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich.
The night was windy with clouds blowing across the sky. They had cooked supper and at about 2.15 AM, one of the boys spotted a round white light between the clouds, over the sea to the south-west, moving against the wind quite slowly in a south-easterly direction (right to left). It was somewhere over Oxwich Point direction.
As it moved it made slight kicks left and right. Tom estimated it as football-sized. He said it was definitely not a helicopter, plane or balloon. The boys watched it for a few minutes until it as lost in clouds.
Source: SUFON Files. Interview with Tom James 15 September 2015.