1961 - Reports: 3


The witness, a 45-year-old local bank manager, was taking his dog for a walk and he stopped to clean his muddy walking stick against a metal post road sign. A small man, about three foot tall, dressed all in green suddenly appeared. The being had a very ugly brown face. The witness became frightened as he felt an air of malevolence from the being. The dog growled and moments later the being vanished. The dog acted scared and strange sometime after the encounter.

Source: Humanoid Encounters 1960 - 1964 Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Richard Holland - 'Fate' December 1993.


2 PM.
An elderly couple, who have retired from ownership of a vegetarian hotel, recall this sighting one summer on the sand hills above the beach. They feel that the 'humming top' which they saw for five minutes would have landed if not for the presence of an unknown woman and child on the beach. The couple claim to have had telepathic contacts at the time. The silent, grey metallic disc which they observed on this occasion appeared suddenly at the sea's edge, sending up spray and disturbing a flock of birds. It cruised over the waves at about 50 feet and appeared and disappeared twice very suddenly. Eventually it vanished from sight.
Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 4 No. 9 Sep/Oct 1975.



6.15 PM.

14-year-old Alan Williams was in his bedroom at home in Hazel Road, Uplands, Swansea. He had been home ill all day and had not been to school. He spotted an object moving across the bay, west to east, from Mumbles towards Port Talbot. He described it as: '...a cigar shape, with a dome on top and two glass panels in front. There was a flame coming out of the back which lit up the object itself.' He added that it was travelling pretty fast, faster than an aeroplane.

'I watched it for about two minutes and called my father to see it. But by the time he came it had gone. I have never seen anything like it before and nobody else appears to have seen it.'

The following day, back at school, he told his headmaster, who notified the police. 

Source: South Wales Evening Post Tuesday 21 November 1961.