1960 - Reports: 1


Witness, Don Chester, thinks may be 1961:

"We lived two hundred yards outside of a hamlet called Nant Y Ffin, on a straight stretch of road that runs parallel to the river. The hamlet is midway between two villages: Brechfa and Abergorlech at OS grid 557323. Looking south across the river there is a mountain we called Graig rising to 318 metres and covered in forest. I cannot be exact about the date but the year we think was circa 1960/61. The front gate of our house faces south-east and was where I, my brother and various children from the hamlet congregated to play in the evenings. The play continued until it was just getting dark, probably between 8/9 o'clock, when one of us noticed a light in the sky. The light appeared slowly over the mountain opposite in the area of grid sq. OS 5631. It moved slowly enough to see that it was cigar-shaped and that the cigar part radiated intense white light but not so bright that we couldn't look at it; that light shone out in short rays from the centre. It travelled in complete silence to the north east.....the light lit us up on the lane, but we could look into the light and the whole thing was a cigar shape (from our angle, could have been a disc from above).....I never heard of anyone else reporting it. We all ran up the road to try to keep it in sight but lost it after about 300 metres.Having trained as a pilot in Civvy Street and gone through many months of aircraft recognition in preparation for the Army helicopters pilot course, I can say I know what it wasn't, but can't say what it was."

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails 13 January 2018.