1959 - Reports: 2

At about 11 am, one morning in the middle of summer 1959, Mr D. J. Harris was walking down Charles Street, Milford Haven, heading west. He was on the left hand side of the street with Tabernacle Chapel about 70 yards ahead of him on the left. He suddenly he heard a ‘whispering’ noise as if a glider was passing close by and saw an object coming over the building on the right, opposite the chapel.
It was descending in height from his right to left (north to south) and passing over the street about 50 feet up in the air. He said it was huge, about 150 feet in diameter. It was metallic grey in colour, like weathered aluminium. It was travelling quite slowly and was spinning slowly. It was in the form of a flattened disc and around the diameter appeared deep scallops or fluting.
It was in plain view for about 10 seconds before it disappeared over the chapel on the left, on a downward course. The witness was certain it was about to crash, possibly into the Haven on his left, south of the town and ran down the road to get a better view clear of buildings. But when he got to a better vantage point, there was nothing to be seen.
Above: Tabernacle Chapel, Charles Street, Milford Haven, looking south-west. The object would have passed behind the chapel from right to left, diagonally downward.
He was interviewed by investigator, F. W. Holiday, who was convinced that the witness did indeed see what he said he saw, despite nobody else in the town having seen it, as it crossed the busy street. Holiday wondered whether it was seen only by Mr. Harris because his mind, and therefore perception were at the right ‘frequency’ just at the right time to see the object as it passed, invisible to others. He found that Mr. Harris had the ability to dowse and had certain psychical qualities. However he had not seen a UFO before or since up to the time when being interviewed by Holiday.
Right:  A sketch of Mr. D. J. Harris’s UFO.  
Source: F. W. Holiday Flying Saucer Review Vol. 20 No. 2
8 PM.
Witness: Dave B.
Viewed to the West from 51’35’99” x 3’46’11” travelling in very high orbit from the NE to the SW.
"A child at that time [11-12], I had nil ‘UFO’ knowledge or experience. At the Taibach, Port Talbot viewpoint and facing ‘West’ on a very clear, cloudless night, I saw the passage from NE to SW of a large orange-coloured object against the dark but starlit sky. The object was very-high orbit [ though I don’t know how I understood this pre-space-flight ] and was catagorically Not an aeroplane in transit (and I am now familiar with aircraft). The arc of trajectory took the object from my horizon to horizon (artificial, by being in a narrow-lane bounded by terraced-house rooftops) within two minutes or less and the speed of transit gave me the impression of a very high mach’ speed. I had a vague notion of having ‘seen a comet’ but, there was no following tail or vapour or atmospheric re-entry burn.
This has been ‘back-of the mind knowledge’ occasionally comment-on to friends but never ‘reported’.
I Google-earthed the flight-path today and, it would have followed the line of the West coast of Norway to the Canaries or the Corunna Peninsular. Makes no grid-sense other than having passed over NW Russia during the cold-war (but were there ‘spy-satellites’ that early?).
It was a crystal-clear night where you could see “all the way to the top”. It would have been impossible to assess the size of the object as there was nothing relative with which to compare but, I did get the impression that it was ‘big’. There was no ‘trail’ or tail, just the glowing orang’ish light – going very fast – so I’d accept an explanation of a meteor".
Source: www.ukufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 19 October 2011.