1955 - Reports: 1

It was 7:15 PM that Mrs Harding, a farmer’s wife of Aberarth, was called outside by her young daughter, who was pointing excitedly at the evening sky. She gazed out over the sea in the direction that Rosalyn, her daughter, indicated. There, to the north-west of where they stood, and well out to sea, was a large orange ball giving out a black trail and zig-zagging downwards. They remarked that it looked very like the sun except for the movement and the long, black, smoky trail that streamed out behind. As they watched, it exploded and, still in the shape of an orange ball, plunged into the sea. The strange thing was that they could still see it glowing beneath the surface of the water, and this continued for upwards of an hour after the object finally struck. The trail that it had left behind changed from black to grey before it dispersed: neither of the two watchers had heard any sound from the ball, either in the aire or in the sea.
Source: Modern Mysteries of the World Janet & Colin Bord 1989  page 165 citing The Coming of the Space Ships Gavin Gibbons.
SUFON note: see 1 September 1957 – Porthcawl – is there a connection?