1952 - Reports: 2


Mr Thomas was taking an after-lunch stroll at about noon, one day in 1952. He was walking over sand dunes near Castlemartin and encountered a shiny metallic object partially concealed among the dunes. He went nearer to investigate and saw several men standing on top of the now discernible disc-shaped object, one of the men who was apparently the leader or Captain told him not to get any closer - that he could be injured by the strong rays emitted by the craft, since he wasn't wearing any protective clothing, which was recharging itself with the rays of the sun. They also told him that they were concerned that the earth was on a self-destruct path. The men looked very similar to humans and told Thomas that they had been visiting the earth for hundreds of years. They told him the name of their planet but he could not remember it.

Source:  www.thinkitdocs.com/1952-dyfed-wales-sighting/ citing Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain



About 11 AM.

One sunny morning in the summer of 1952 (witness thinks could be 1953) - Ann Shaw was a young girl suffering from TB and at Craig-Y-Nos Castle, then a sanatorium for treating children. She was with other children on a balcony of the hospital, where they lived, a gothic mansion which had a view over the Swansea Valley. They were in the middle of a school lesson when they saw an object flying silently down the valley.

"It was unlike anything I had ever seen before or since. It made a humming noise as it approached the castle then it veered off and moved behind the castle. It was not like the stereotypical idea of a "flying saucer" - just a big circular metal ball with no windows or wings. Lots of us saw it including our teacher."

The teacher, Miss White, hurried off to find Dr. Hubbard, but the object had gone by the time she arrived. The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes.

Ann said she often saw objects and lights from the castle: "They used to appear every few weeks for a couple of years and we just took them for granted. What was unusual is that these objects would dart around - going backwards as well as forward."

But this sighting was the last. The following week, a helicopter came down the valley. At first they thought it was the mysterious object returning, before realising that it was a helicopter.

Source: www.craig-y-nos.blogspot.co.uk/2007/01/ufos-in-brecon-beacons.html; emails between Emlyn Williams and Ann Shaw, March 2018.