1950 - Reports: 3

Mr Bevan of Dunvant Road, Killay, was returning home from church with his son during the morning, when they saw an object in the sky.
‘It resembled the tail end of an aeroplane and when we first saw it the sun had caught it and it was shining like silver.
The object was flying along very slowly, then turned in a slight arc. While we gazed open-mouthed at it, the object seemed to dissolve in mid-air.’
Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday, 2 November 1950.

Following a report by a member of the public of two lights travelling across the sky, Detective Sergeant Ambrose Davies, of Gowerton Police Station observed a single white ball of flame.
It was much brighter than any star and after a few seconds was seen to break into two pieces.  A shower of reddish sparks were seen to the rear of the objects. The officer ruled out planets and meteors stating that there were definitely two objects in the sky and that they were joined by some kind of tether.
Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing UFO Magazine Press Archive (Date is recorded as 2 November which is incorrect. / South Wales Evening Post 1 November 1950
William George Johns, a newsagent of Tonna, with his wife, saw a brilliant flat disc like a plate in the sky over Llandarcy oil refinery at 11.30 pm. It was giving off rays like a chandelier and appeared to be about a foot wide.
Even the clouds passing over did not blot out the object. He watched for about ten minutes, and the disc moved gradually towards Port Talbot (south-eastwards), its light becoming dimmer till it disappeared. Three or four minutes later, looking in a south-easterly direction, a brief white glow appeared, like a shell burst at a tremendous height.
Mr Johns has frequently seen the sky glow from the furnaces opened at Port Talbot, but says this was quite different – indeed the characteristic furnace glow appeared later.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Saturday 4 November 1950.