1940s - Reports: 5

16-year-old R.J. was waiting for the bus to take him to work at Cardiff, when he saw several grey half-moon shapes in a line across the sky. Two of these were glowing over a mine's slagheap of ash and rubble. A pit escalator was busily going up and down, working on this man-made hill. He could see small ovals of white light accompanying it. The line of grey half-moons had now formed a full circle, with a black hole in the centre, into which a black cigar was sucked. It seemed like a vortex to him, as eventually only the black hole remained which then expanded and sucked in the half-moons.
Gradually this hole faded into the distance. During the duration of this display, everything around R.J. seemed to be absolutely still, but this was not as mysterious as it may sound, this was after all a small Welsh valley village. Thereafter R.J. started having out of body experiences; even more disconcertingly, he developed a disturbing ability to see impending disasters and the sorrows of people, an ability he hated having.
By 1987, R.J. had numerous physical ailments, and badly needed a hip replacement, his particular job having aggravated some of these complaints. So he went into hospital, being put in a ward of four. He confided in the other patients that he had foreseen this ward exactly and his operational proceedings, and he did not like it at all.
On the 17th November, R.J. was wheeled on a trolley to the preparation room, where two nurses were to give him an injection. They then saw R.J. rise out of his body and go through the ceiling. He saw himself "on a bed of mercury" with a strange thin tall being, rectifying the things that were wrong with his body. They almost fled in terror, and would have if there had not been another patient there. Then they saw the top half of his etheric spirit sink back into his body, as they wheeled him into the theatre.
In the operating theatre, R.J. was given another injection and put under anaesthetic; when he again felt himself floating out of his body up to the ceiling, from where he watched the entire operation. The surgeon had some students around him, and he told them: "This man has healed himself, only his hip needs replacing." Afterwards the surgeon came to the ward and asked R.J. a lot of questions about UFOs. He explained that he had been talking about them under anaesthetic. R.J. then dumbfounded him and the students by describing what they did, who had said what, and where they had been standing during the operation.
Source: Margaret Fry, 'Who Are They' 2004 pages 118 - 119

Geraint ap Rhys:
"As a boy, walking back from Wrexham to Coedpoeth very late one night in December 1944, I saw an intensely bright white light in the woods near Adwy'r Clawdd. I was startled, because the blackout was in full force. As I stood watching, it soared into the air, slowly at first and then at tremendous speed, quite suddenly, and was lost in thick cloud. I thought it was some secret weapon or other."
Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/ar/t425.htm

1947 - 1948 NEATH ABBEY

The witness does not remember the date of his sighting, but occurred between September 1947 and July 1948, this being the academic year.
The witness, Robert, was born in May 1942 and so was 5 years old at the time of his sighting, whilst in school at Neath Abbey Infants School. He remembers walking into the yard, which is located to the south of the front of the school building, with other children at the start of playtime.

He looked up to his right and saw a silver-coloured object, hovering motionless about 100 ft up to the right and slightly back of the school building. It was disc-shaped, the centre of which had 6 or 7 ridges or spokes coming from a central hub, which he described as being like a plane's propeller. The outside edge was like a ring with curved surface.
He does not remember seeing daylight between the 'spokes', due possibly to the fact it was tilted, or because there was a solid surface at a deeper level. So in effect, the object would have been like a silver wheel with thick spokes.

The tilt of the object was about 30-40 degrees off the horizontal, with the bottom surface towards the children, but when describing it he seemed to think it was the top facing them - but if that were the case, it would have been upside down. It did not spin on its axis, made no sound, and remained completely motionless. It size was comparable to two bus-lengths in diameter, so was a large object.

Robert remembers asking the teacher (all the teachers at the school were female), "What is that?", but she just said she didn't know and told the children to go and play, which they did. 15 minutes later, when they all went back in to resume their lessons, the object was still in its original position.

He has no recollection of seeing it after school, so presumably the object had left the area.

It is interesting to consider the reaction of the teacher. It would be understandable to imagine that the adult would not wish to alarm the children, despite a probable feeling of alarm herself. Were there comments back in the staff room? Was it reported to the authorities? It was just after the war, and the latter was probable. This deserves further research.

Robert had never reported it to the authorites, but has often told the story to close family and friends.
Robert wishes to remain unidentified at present, but has said he will make a model in clay to better describe the object.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 19 February 2017.



Locals saw a strange man-like leaping figure wearing a shimmering outfit, jump over a stream near Watery Lane. The witnesses reported it as being solid looking and substantial. No other information.

Source: Humanoid Encounters - 1930 - 1949, Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Thomas Slemen, 'Mysterious and Bizarre People.'


1949 - DENBIGH

Witness: Haydn:

"In 1949 I was a pupil of Fron Goch Infants School and whilst I was going back into school after playtime I looked back and saw a flying saucer fly down the length of the brook that runs behind the school near where the new police station is now.In those days helicopters were virtually unknown and it was too small (about 6 ft diameter) to be an aircraft and too big to be a bird. The teachers also saw it and stood there for quite some time."

[In 1949 Fron Goch school was in Grove Road, now housing Denbigh Museum, there is indeed a stream behind the buildings - E.Williams]

Source: z1.invisionfree.co,/e2wufos/ar/t425.htm - posted by witness 2005 [Haydn then living in Newport].