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Ellis Taylor

Is a West Australian-born British writer and mystic. In his work he is an outspoken, acknowledged and uncompromising consciousness explorer and commentator who combines his studies and observations with insights and knowledge gained through his much-authenticated intrinsic lifetimes’ interactions with Otherworlds and the Others. Ellis is a lover of Nature, and a proponent of feminine wisdom. A 7th generation Australian; he was born in Bridgetown on the banks of the Blackwood River in the south west. His ancestral origins are Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish.

Ellis is an author of three printed books: Living in the Matrix, In These Signs Conquer and Dogged Days; and the author of an e book, The Esoteric Alphabet.

Besides his Otherworldly lessons, Ellis has studied tarot, hypnosis, and numerology. Since 1996 he has been developing what he calls, ‘Numerosymbology’; a new and potent analytical technique that combines numerology, symbology, etymology, and phonetics. Ellis now works mainly as a writer of articles coloured and informed by his own experiential  perceptions, and often peppered with arcane and Numerosymbological wisdom.

Ellis Taylor.com


Gary Heseltine 

Was born in 1960 in Scunthorpe,Lincolnshire .He served in the RAF Police 1983-2013 before spending an almost 24 year career in the British Transport Police 1989-2013.

He was a Home Office trained Detective Constable for 18 years ,working on all manner of enquiries including murder,manslaughter and rape .He was an advanced police interviewer of witness`s & suspects & was involved in the London Bombing inquiry as a specialist interveiwer of first responding police officers .

In January  2002 ,whilst still a serving police officer he launched an unofficial national database for police officers reporting UFO sightings in the uk  www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk . Following the sudden death of UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall ,Gary launched his own ezine called http://www.ufomonthlymagazine.co.uk/  which ran for 41 issues from 2004 - 2007 .He then spent 12 months as co editor of UFO Data Magazine (2008) a subscription based printed Magazine .In 2010 he was presented with the PRG Disclosure Award in Washington DC by Steve Basset .

In 2012 he was given the Exopolitics Great Britain Award ,having examined the best evidence he concluded on a circumstantial evidence basis that some UFO sightings involve extratarrestrials who are interacting with planet earth .

UFO Truth Magazine  was created especially for those people who believe ,like Gary that some UFO incidents do involve ET`s .In 2013 he retired from the police to launch UFO Truth Magazine,a 96 page bi-monthly ezine featuring many of the worlds leading researchers (http://www.ufotruthmagazine.co.uk/) i e Richard Dolan (us) A J Gevard  (brazil) Steve Basset (us) Robert Hastings (us) Grant Cameron (can) Bill Chalker (a) Mary Rodwell (a) Peter Robbins (us ) Bernard Thouanel ( france) Suzanne Hansen (nz) Tim Good (uk) and Robert Salas (us) to name a few .

The first issue was released at the end of june 2013 ,on a personal note Gary is married to Lynn & has 2 grown up daughters from previous relationships .  



                Ben Emlyn Jones


Ben Emlyn-Jones is a researcher into the paranormal, UFO's, government cover-ups and all related topics.

He runs the HPANWO website- Hospital Porters Against the New World Order.

He makes films on YouTube, writes daily news articles and presents online radio shows. He is also an author of fictional novels and short stories. His latest book is called Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure.

It is directly related to the UFO issue." If you have`t heard any of Bens radio Programmes i  suggest you have a listen .



Radio Channel & podcast  (well worth a visit) 





David Hodrien 

The Birmingham UFO Group was established in 2007. In early 2008 Dave Hodrien was appointed the role of Lead Investigator, Due to his hard work, determination and commitment Dave was nominated the position of Group Chairman in 2009 and to this day orchestrates the groups activities and future.

In 2010 he teamed up with Richard Hall (http://www.richplanet.net) and has now investigated many UFO cases which have been reported via his website as well as via BUFOG. Dave’s official reports on these cases can be found in the Reported UFOs section of this site.

It is our aim to bring the truth of the UFO reality to the public domain, and to provide fascinating information to those who are interested. Above all else, we are here to help and advise those with experiences they cannot explain and to reassure them they are not alone.

Ufology attracts dis-information from the press and media, and often receives ridicule from the general public, which tends to encourage witnesses to keep quiet. We will treat everyone and every case with discretion and the sincerity it deserves. Please feel free to contact us. Dave Hodrien – BUFOG Chairman & Investigator

David Hodrien




 Alan Foster


Alan Foster is a writer,researcher & international lecturer on Ufo`s,Crop Formations,Enviromental & Spiritual Issues,including the Turin Shroud & Angels .

His in depth research has taken him to over 80 countries worldwide

to raise public awareness of these issues,Alan regularly lectures to UK Organisations & Community groups & at international UFO & Crop Formation Conferences .    




Andrew Johnson 

I was born in 1964 near Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK - in (essentially) a working-class family and I am the youngest of 9 children. My Dad had no formal education and was an orphan at 12 years old. My Mum also had little formal education but always had an interest in science, the arts, and literature and had a very active and open mind.

I was educated at Ermysted's Grammar School (Skipton) and left in 1983 with ‘A’ Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies. I went on to Lancaster University to do a degree in Computer Science(with a minor module of Physics) and graduated in 1986. I then worked in Software Engineering (real-time software – process control and telecommunications) for about 6 years. I developed an interest in teaching and education and ended up spending 2 years as a lecturer on BTEC National and Higher National Diploma Courses at West Notts College. Dissatisfied with working conditions,

I then moved back into industry (1995-1997) working in the field of Mobile Data. Following an attractive offer of work from a friend, I started to work at home, just before my daughter was born. I now do a range of part time jobs, earning most of my income from assessing disabled students for access to assistive technology for higher education. I got into this work through the Open University - I tutor part time on a course called TM129 - Technologies in Practice. I began actively campaigning about 9/11 (writing letters, speaking to people in the street etc) in about September 20

The Starchild Skull

Andrew Johnson


Ghost Seekers Wales 

Ghost Seekers Wales are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators. We carry out investigations in haunted locations throughout the UK. Searching for evidence of paranormal activity, using specialist equipment and scientific experiments to document our findings and to determine if what we have 

Ghost Seekers Wales


Neil Spring

Neil Spring is novelist, entrepreneur and Senior Communications Manager for the John Lewis Partnership.

He has a lifelong interest in the paranormal and unexplained. During a visit to the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature at Senate House, Bloomsbury, he discovered a wealth of material which provided the inspiration and basis for his first novel, The Ghost Hunters.

Neil holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Somerville College, Oxford University, where he wrote a thesis on the significance of paranormal events. He is Welsh and lives in London.

Neil’s debut novel, The Ghost Hunters, was recently optioned for TV adaptation by Bentley Productions, part of All3Media, who produce Midsomer Murders.

Neil is currently writing his second novel, based on unexplained events during the Cold War.

Neil has also studied The Welsh Triangle in depth & has a very good knowledge about the Phenomenon,He has also written a book called The Watchers which is about the events in West Wales .

Neil Spring