18-year-old Stephen was on his motor-bike on the A5104  to the north of theHorse-shoe Pass, when he saw a light in the sky which gradually descended. The next thing he knew, it was receeding and he was puzzled because he was on a much higher stretch of the road, by the cross roads of  the A525 at Pen-Y-Stryt near Llandegla. When he got home it was 5 am in the morning. He then started having very disturbed nightmares which he tried to shove to the recesses of his mind. At times he tried to tell family and friends of his sighting and missing hours but they derided him.
After some years then these vague memories would not go away - he began to feel his life was not going in the right direction - so he tried to buy books on the UFO subject and read them up. Then in 1993 he heard a radio programme in which BUFORA's phone number for 'victim support' was given. This was Ken Phillips' phone number. He phoned and spoke to Ken's wife, who told him that Ken was out but to ring back. He then felt too nervous to try for about a year, when he rang again. Ken gave him Margaret Fry's phone number. He thought he'd better ring her before losing courage again.  He rang and they met on 2 November 1994. He said it had reached a stage where he actively wanted to know what had happened to him and if she knew of anyone who could hypnotically regress him.
Margaret rang Sally Jones and she asked Mary Nightingale if she could do it. In the meantime, Alan Hilton visited Margaret on 5 November, so I asked him if he'd regress Stephen. He agreed and this was arranged to take place at Margaret's home on 7 November at 11.30 am. Stephen arrived promptly and after a cup of tea and some conversation to calm him a bit, he was still very apprehensive. Alan made him relax on his bed and started the process of the regression. They came into the living room at 12.45 am. He had a bit of lunch and only when he wanted to talk about it, they did and he did some drawings. He remembered dropping his motorcycle on the road (its a very lonely road hardly any traffic goes there at all. Stephen worked for the water board and was used to going on these isolated roads and areas for his work.)
He then encountered a black wall. The next thing was he was lying down on a table absolutely terrified. He saw a tall, very thin man with a long face, pointed eyes, no hair and very long thin blueish/yellow body which did not appear clothed, and was more like a transparent fish, that is, it was matter, but a see-through matter. The man had long, thin arms which ended in bone thin fingers of three to each hand, which had two prominent knuckles each.
Stephen had floated into the craft and found himself on a sort of table where this tall being, and three smaller beings, all with similar faces and thin bodies were around the table. One of these little beings held what appeared to be a ray gun, with lights coming from it to his eyes. He felt it was to examine the inside of his head. Further into the room was a creature which had two stalks coming from it with lights on the end of them. He then got the impression he was there for genetic purposes - all this while he was terrified. He became aware of a central column up the centre of this room, which had some sort of electrical activity at the top which was rotating. There were also compartments leading off from this area, with doors that moved up and down. There appeared to be no motivating controls such as an engine etc in the room he was in. 
There was also another being standing behind what appeared to be a screen. But the hypnotist did not pursue this further. The next question Hilton put to him was put aside, because Stephen said he could see a tunnel of a honeycomb. In the honeycomb were various things, but he was vague about this and then said he next saw his motor bike lying at the side of the road. At this point the regression ended.
Source: Courtesy of Margaret Fry: ref: 1994 notebook.



A full documentation of this case was carried out in 2013 by David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group. We are here including this case in the Swansea UFO Network files as it is a South Wales case.

I spoke to David who doesn't wish his work to be duplicated, so to comply with his wishes and to negate the need to go into the details, as these can be found via the link, I am here presenting its main points. The reader should go to the link below to see full details in what is a very thorough report. I do however have to present salient details for narrative purposes and follow this with further information supplied to us by the witness himself during a meeting that myself and Steve Drewson had with him in December 2015.

David Hodrien, in his report gave the name 'Zack' to the witness in order to protect his identity, at his request. For the purposes of continuity and clarity, he is here also referred to as Zack.

Zack had contacted the Birmingham UFO Group in 2013 in the hope of finding answers to his life-long experiences and gave David full details of these.




Zack was 7-9 years old and was living in Lansbury Park, Caerphilly. During the summer school holidays of 1989 or 90, he remembers that one night between 2 and 4 am he found himself outside his house in Graham Court in his bed clothes. For some reason he went for a walk, ending up near some fields on a rough path known as 'the track'. He saw a tall, cone-shaped UFO hovering nearby about 100 yards from him. It was black or dark green and appeared to be split into segments , on each segment was a shimmering green light which may have been windows. On its base there were also green lights. It was at a height of about 50 feet above the trees and appeared to be about 70-100 feet across. David Hodrien asked him to describe the shape and Zack explained that it was like a spinning top but with the top more stretched out like a spiral swirly-looking seashell. It moved towards him and he found himself surrounded in white light. He felt numb and weightless. He does not remember much of what happened after this but does remember being paralysed and frightened. He remembers lying on his side on a flat metal table with a light above him. His next recollection is being put back on the ground by the white light. He was lying down and after the light had faded away he got up and saw the UFO in the same position above the field. After about 20 or 30 seconds it then moved away slowly at first then speeding up towards Rudry Mountain to the east. He felt drained and his body was tingling. He cannot remember walking home but found himself waking up in the morning back in his room. He assumed that he had been dreaming, but would later discount this possibility.



9-10 PM. Zack was out with three friends in Snowden Court, Lansbury Park, Caerphilly. It had just got dark, weather warm and dry, clear sky. They looked out over nearby farmland (site of previous event). About 2-3 miles away to the east the boys saw a flattened disc-shaped object hovering over the hillside at about 700-1000 feet up. It was quite large and covered in red and yellow lights around its rim, randomly flashing on and off. There was no sound. It was stationary as they watched it for 3-5 minutes. After a while the boys turned to talk to each other and Zack does not remember seeing it depart.



Zack, now in his early 20s and living with his parents in Merthyr Tydfil. One summer night he went to bed about 1-2 AM and felt nervous and sick after lying down. He sensed something was wrong. He did however manage to get to sleep, but woke in the early hours to see the room lit in a strange way, making it appear brown and purple. Directly over him he saw a hovering cloaked figure wearing a hood which was up. He could not see its face which was in blackness. He saw it in suitable detail to notice the hood was frayed at its edges. It was humanoid in shape and was about 7 feet tall. It moved over Zack's body, pinning him down by some force, and he could feel it pushing him down and lifting him. He tried to scream out but could not and tried to move his arms. Suddenly he found himself in his back garden, the colours of which were distorted like his bedroom had been, and the sky was clear. He walked around a corner into the main part of the garden. He saw the hooded figure flying away into the sky at a very steep angle, its cloak moving in the wind. Once it had gone, Zack went back into the house. He then found himself waking up in bed, and felt that it was not long after he had returned to bed, it being still dark. He felt shocked and nervous. He got up and went out into the garden. The colours were now normal but he noticed that the clouds and position of the moon were exactly as he recalled from his earlier experience, which convinced him that what had taken place could not have been a dream.

He told his mother about it in the morning, and she told him that she too had experienced similar things when she was younger.

Over the years Zack has experienced many vivid dreams and encounters which could be put down to the common experience of sleep paralysis, in which 'entities' can be sensed holding the witness down, and David Hodrien attributes many of Zack's experiences to this, but goes on to state that many features, such as the dark hooded figure does not fit well with the sleep paralysis hypothesis.



6.30 - 6.45 PM - dark. Low cloud and had been raining. Zack was on his way home from work, having got off a bus and was walking down a hill, with a girl a short distance behind him on the path. Looking up due to his attention being attracted, he saw five huge round glowing lights in a v-shape. Between the lights he could just make out a dark V-shaped object against the sky. Zack estimated that the object was at least 400 feet wide and 5-600 feet in length. The front of the object was the point of the 'V' and the five circular lights were arranged at equal points along its body.

At first it was about a mile away, and he watched it get nearer and then fly directly overhead, then continue on into the distance before it was lost in cloud. It was moving quite fast, about 300-400 mph. Duration of sighting: about 12 seconds. There was no sound. After the object had disappeared he turned to the girl behind him and asked her "What on earth was that?" They then discussed what they had just seen.



When Zack was 26 he woke up during the night to see a blonde-haired woman wearing a silvery-blue suit. She was about 5 and a half feet tall, slender build and white skin. He observed her for about 5 seconds before she faded away.



One night in November 2012 Zack experienced what appeared to him to be a dream. In this dream a 'Grey' being entered his bedroom and walked up alongside the left side of his bed (the right side was against the wall). The being was about 5 feet in height, its skin was a patchy green/brown colour. It had a slender body frame with long thin arms and hands. It had 3 or 4 fingers on each hand. Its head was disproportionately large and shaped like a light bulb. It had large dark green eyes with no pupils visible. Its mouth was a thin slit. Zack seemed to know who it was and was not frightened and they conversed telepathically for a time, it voice 'sounding' male in tone.

The next thing Zack remembers was lying down on a white padded bed in his sleeping clothes, in a white room with no features or furniture. The walls and floor were very bright as if they were glowing, the ceiling being darker. The bed was central in the room, was quite long and wide and elevated at the head end so he could see around easily.

He was suddenly aware that the Grey being was standing on h is right side and Zack felt very tired and lethargic. The being appeared to be working on the inside of Zack's left thigh around his groin. It was holding a metallic rod in its right hand, which had a rounded handle with buttons on it. The rod itself was cylindrical and a silvery-grey in colour with a slight blue tint. It seemed to shimmer in the light, whereas the handle did not. The being was pressing the rod repeatedly against Zack's inner thigh, almost in a stitching motion. Zack felt a warm uncomfortable sensation but no pain.

Zack asked the being what it was doing and received two answers mentally, almost simultaneously - the first uncaring: "Be quiet you pathetic thing!" the second more sympathetic: "Please stay still I have to do this."  Zack felt insecure and angry, and could barely move.

The next thing Zack remembers was being back in his room, around 9 am. He remembered what had happened during the night, it being like a dream but very vivid, more real. He remembered what the being had been doing to his inner thigh and on investigating his leg, found a roughly triangular mark in the exact spot where the being had been pressing the instrument against his thigh. It was tender to the touch and the mark had definite straight edges to it. He took a photo of it.

He tried to remember more about the 'dream'and found the name 'Bruce' kept popping up. For some reason he felt that that was the name of the entity - however unlikely this seemed to be. He was also sure the mark was not there when he went to bed and was certain that something had happened to him that night.

After 3-4 days the mark faded and had disappeared after a week. Other names came to mind - Hector, and either Thome or Som.


Shortly afterwards, Zack experienced a similar episode or 'dream', but this time with a Nordic-type entity. He was lying on his back on a table in a square room like an operating theatre about 20-feet across. It was white and silver. The table was again in the middle of the room. He could not move, was naked but covered by a thin sheet. Standing on his right at waist level was a male humanoid with pale skin and blonde wavy hair. He was wearing a lab coat and was leaning in close to stare at Zack's face. Zack felt at ease, despite being angry that he could not move, but felt that it was familiar to him. He later woke up in bed at home. David Hodrien postulated that whilst this could indeed have been a dream, it might be memories of a previous abduction sequence manifesting as such.


Zack was in his back garden, looking into the sky when he suddenly became aware of some flashes of light between the clouds. He grabbed his mobile camera phone and took a few pictures to see if he could capture anything. He managed to take a photo of two glowing white objects/lights, one orb and one disc-shaped Zack feels certain that what is on the picture is what he was seeing with his eyes and not down to reflections or a camera anomaly.

EARLY 2013


Early in 2013 Zack noticed a pale scar-like marking around 8 mm across on the right side of his stomach just above his navel. It looked similar to a scratch but seems to be permanent. There are also two permanent markings on his right leg, one on his inner leg the shape and size of a pea. He also found an indentation on his right knee cap.



Late evening. Zack felt anxious and nauseous and stayed awake most of the night, determined that he would not be taken, and he experienced some sort of data down-load - a rapid data processing experience and a feeling that he was to be taken again. He saw images in his head, maps and diagrams. This started about 3 am and continued for about an hour. Zack went to bed at 4 am and tried to go to sleep. Once he closed his eyes he could see images of alien faces, combined with diagrams and maps, and had the feeling returned that he was going to be taken. He called out in the darkened room that he won't go, however by 5 am he had fallen asleep.

He found himself back on the familiar table in a white room and felt paralysed. By now he had done research on abduction cases and considered the possibility that this was a dream or experiencing sleep paralysis, but it did not feel like either of these, and it was odd when you take into consideration the feelings of anticipation that he had experienced earlier in the night.

What followed Zack could only remember in bits - being led to another room, hearing voices, falling through the air and landing on a firm surface, and seeing himself being laid back down in his own bed, surrounded by a white light, which then moved away.

The next thing he remembers is waking up at 8.30 am. The physical and emotional feelings from the night before had reduced. He went to the bathroom and found strange bruising on his arms, some rounded and some elongated. He also found an indented scar on the inside of his right arm. He had no idea how long that had been there, but was reminded of the markings on his leg, knee and stomach. By 11 am the feelings in his body had nearly gone. The bruises lasted about 48 hours, vanishing without a trace.

Source for above: David Hodrien, Birmingham UFO Group 2013: davehodrien.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/merthyr-tydfil-contact-case.html.


On the 18 December 2015 - Emlyn Williams and Steve Drewson met Zack for an interview in Merthyr Tydfil and further details were given during the course of this meeting:

1985 OR 1986 - CAERPHILLY


One of Zack's earliest memories, when he was 4 or 5 years old was of what seemed to be like an out of body experience in which he remembers going downstairs, opening a window and seeing a large lizard-like being on the drive, half-lit by a lampost. This occurred 2-4 times.

2011 or 2012


Zack was sitting downstairs in the living room watching TV and fell asleep. He saw himself opening the door and a child comes in and sits on his lap asking questions. The boy had a glow about him. He had blonde hair and Zack sensed an energy coming from him. The next thing Zack remembers is the boy saying that he had to go. Zack then woke up to find that 30 minutes had passed, but it had felt like he had spent the whole night in the company of the boy.

EARLY 2012

Zack remembers passing out in bed and seeing himself on a craft. There was a child sitting next to him, crying. There was a tube sticking into the boy, connected to a machine. He had platinum blonde hair and looked like him (Zack). He then saw himself as a boy in school, walking between buildings. He (as a boy) sees a white silver object, he says hello to it, and he is lifted up surrounded in white light - and a spectrum of colours - and sees pictures of an ocean, fields and a sunset. He then see himself in an open mind state picking up other minds. He sees a reptilian being come up to stop him from seeing any more. Zack then wakes up in his room.

Could this be sub-conscious memories of past experiences surfacing as if he is watching it as a spectator. And what significance has the Reptilian being stopping him from learning too much?



Zack has a vivid 'dream' in which he is in bed and is visited by a Nordic girl, they talk together and she shows him newspaper clippings. He asks her "What good am I doing here, can I go home? I'm sick of being here". He remembers her saying something, mentioning a name: Ryuu Sylph, Julia or Juliette. He sees himself writing it down. Zack wakes up and sees the paper he had written on, on the cupboard. A Ryuu Sylph is traditionally known as an elemental spirit that inhabits the air.

His comment about wanting to go home and being sick of being here struck a chord with me. He was at home when he said it (in his 'dream') so doesn't imply that he is anywhere else. This means that his real home is somewhere else, and that he does not belong here (on Earth). I mentioned this to Zack and suggested that he could be what is termed, a 'Starchild' - a volunteer soul from elsewhere incarnated here and told him about the work of Dolores Cannon. I hoped that this might explain some of the things that he has been experiencing and point him in the right direction in his search for the truth. I'll come back to this point later.


Further to the account given to David Hodrien, Zack gave some more information regarding the experience he had on the night of 21 June 2013.

It was the summer solstice and Zack wanted to see the new Superman movie, was aware of subliminal propaganda the movie conveyed and looked it up on the internet. He was suddenly aware of a strange feeling. It felt rather like trapped wind, and was still there after about 10 minutes, and was getting worse. His body was tingling and his hair was sticking up like his nervous system was receiving a shock. It got worse by 1 am, his parents had gone to bed and he was starting to feel anxious. He splashed water on his face and drank some tea. He went back on his computer but by 2 am the feelings were really starting to kick in - like someone sticking something sharp into his head and body. He was sure something was coming for him. By 3 am it felt really bad. 3.30 - 4 am he went to bed, still feeling anxious. He turned everything off, shut his eyes, and it was like looking at a screen. He was looking at information like maths equations, and he felt like he could solve them. He felt all knowing. By 4 or 5 am he was shouting "no I'm not going! - no - no get lost!" He couldn't sleep and was tossing and turning. There was "stuff going on in my head a million miles an hour". He told it to switch off. It went off for 20 seconds then started again but more so. He could see figures, tall, middle, small green, some silver, some white, Indian, strong. He started screaming to spirits to protect him, and shouting "No!".

His parents were normally light sleepers, but it occurred to Zack later that no one had told him to be quiet. He then passed out but felt something pick him up (which could have been the cause of the bruising that he later found on his arms). He was walking through a hallway, being pulled by his arms. He can see, his body is tranquillised and does not respond.

He then finds himself on a table and can hear voices chattering in English - "put up an effort...struggle". Zack guessed they wanted him to give up sooner than he did. He felt it was like a test, short of taking him by force. He then remembered stepping onto a platform and then falling for 15 seconds. He saw himself in the third person being put back on his bed - saw himself from the end of the bed to the left, which is the wall side. There is a brilliant white light which faded away like a dimming light bulb, and he wakes at 8.30 am to find that 3 hours had passed since his last waking thought. He then finds the bruises on his arms and wrists like finger marks.



Zack experienced a dream-like or out-of-body episode in which a blonde female being came to him and took him outside to see small blue 'Grey - type' beings. Zack said they were a bit like the aliens in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' movie, but blue. They were very much like children, were friendly and happy to see him. He was then taken into a room by one of them where Zack was sat in a chair. The being put its hands on Zack's head and he experienced a "mind-meld" with the being. Zack felt that what was taking place was an exchange of information, like a mental medical 'check up'.

Source: SUFON Files - Emlyn Williams 2016, from meeting with 'Zack' 18 December 2015 in the company of Steve Drewson and subsequent correspondence on line throughout 2016.



We can here take some elements from Zack's narrative to find similar or common features with other cases we have been collecting. One element that I am particularly interested in is the dark hooded shadow figure. One well-known case is that of Ann Andrews, mother of 'starchild' Jason, who has had encounters with what she calls a dark hooded 'monk' entity. Encounters with these hooded figures seems to be well documented and numerous cases can be found by doing a search on the internet, but we will here be focusing on the ones I have found to date, from the South Wales area.

Zack said he encountered this character when in his 20s, and his mother, too said she had experienced seeing it as well when she was younger. This figure keeps turning up in my research, and it is worth mentioning that it is not always linked to episodes of sleep paralysis but has also been seen by witnesses who are awake, or in a semi-conscious state.


Early hours. Price Jacobs (46) a shift mechanic at the colliery had a 'chilling sensation' and saw a cloaked 'ghost' peering into a coal bunker at Tymawr Colliery, Hopkinstown, Pontypridd. He said it then disappeared into the darkness in the direction of St. David's churchyard nearby. Could this be a ghost in the spiritual sense or is it this inter-dimensional entity associated with the abduction phenomena?

Source - Western Mail 14 February 1970.


Night. Phil Prevel was walking his dog in Clydach, and was walking through a small field on the edge of some woodland when he saw a dark hooded figure like a monk with his hood up standing on the other side of the field where the woods started. It was standing stock still. Phil did not attempt to attract its attention by calling out, but just continued on his walk. The dog was unaffected by the apparition.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2016.

Here are some other contact cases which I have come across in the course of my research (some names have been changed for confidentiality), which seem to have points in common with Zack's experiences:


Tina has a long history of anxiety and depression, and has psychic sensitivity in that she often sees spirits and feels presences at home and elsewhere. She has no wish to tap in to this ability and develop it up to the present time, but has often felt that she does not belong here, has difficulty in fitting in, and together with a feeling of being watched has experienced seeing the dark hooded figure. She had often seen it in her bedroom at night, and had assumed that it was her spirit guide which she called her monk (as with Ann Andrews above). When considering other experiences that she has had, and one definite episode of missing time associated with a light in her back garden around 2001, together with a very vivid dream in early 2016 of being on another planet with welcoming beings and a feeling that she was home, I suggested to her that she could be a 'starchild'. She did some research into this, having never heard of it before, and indeed had never shown any interest in UFOs or related subjects up to that point. She was struck by the similarity of her own condition/experiences and those commonly experienced by other 'starchildren'. She does not experience episodes of night paralysis, but continues to have the feeling of being watched.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2016.


These brothers have had UFO sightings from a young age, together with other members of their family, including their parents and also in the company of their own children. They have also experienced many visitations of entities in their home, including some which seem to be similar to poltergeist activity.

When they were children the boys used to share a bedroom and remember one night, they saw fingers and head coming round the door frame, which they described as a black figure. Whenever Andrew's friends stayed over they would frequently get nosebleeds during the night, but never the brothers.

1992/3: David was in bed trying to get to sleep, and felt someone grabbing his wrist to try to pull him out of bed. He jumped up and a poster flew off the wall and a number of deodorant cans on a unit flew off like they had been knocked off.

1996: Andrew (14) had a 'dream' that there was a light outside his bedroom window. After telling David about it they found three finger and thumb print on the outside of the window glass.

1999/2000: Andrew (17/18). A 12 year-old friend, a girl in their house saw a large black figure outside a bedroom door, which frightened her severely at about 8/9 pm. Later that night at about 2 or 3 am Andrew was washing in his bathroom sink and saw the same figure in the bedroom doorway through the mirror. He described it as a black hooded figure, with no definition. He turned around quickly but it had gone. Another time Andrew was in bed listening to music on earphones and suddenly felt a numbness as if he'd been injected, starting in his feet and continuing up his body, then felt a pressure on his body followed by a presence next to his bed His eyes were closed and he felt his mattress go down on one side then again on the other side like someone was standing on the bed. He felt his eyes being forced open and could feel a hand on his face. His eyes opened and he briefly saw a figure standing over him. He was afraid to go to bed for weeks, and this happened a few times, starting with a feeling that he was being watched. Other poltergeist-like activity too were happening at the time. He told his mother about it and she told him that she too had seen a figure standing over her baby at the time it died of cot-death years before, in the same house. Andrew moved bedroom but one night he felt someone grab his ankles and physically turn him over, then he blacked out. He later moved to Trefforest and lived in three different houses, where similar occurrences happened in each one (this implies that it was not a 'haunting' entity linked to a particular place, but is somehow linked to Andrew himself. He said it still goes on up to the present (2016). His partner too has experienced many things since they got together. She has woken up to sense a presence in the room, has experienced paralysis and seen a black figure looking over Andrew. They have also seen and heard things together.

2005: David was working in Cardiff and saw a cylindrical UFO emerge briefly from low cloud and then disappear back into the clouds. Literally just a few seconds, but it had a profound effect on him. He had to get home to Pontarddulais as quickly as possible as he had an urge to protect his wife and children. The sight of the UFO it seemed had triggered forgotten fears.

2009: Andrew (27) had a tumour removed from his neck. When he went back to have his staples taken out, the surgeon asked him who did the operation on his stomach? "No one", Andrew replied. Then he had conjunctivitis and his GP referred him to an optician who asked him if he had ever had significant head trauma as she noticed scarring on the back of his eyeball. He had not had head trauma, but as a child he had to wear big thick NHS glasses, but when a teen he had no need for them. He had an eye test in 2014 and was given 20-20 vision.

More recently Andrew was at his girlfriend's house in Croeserw, and was dozing on the sofa while their young son was asleep upstairs. He had a ringing in his ear and saw a short bald figure in the hall, looking upstairs, with the room light glinting off the top of its head. Andrew had some feeling that it was interested in his son upstairs and mentally sent a message telling it "Don't you fucking dare". It then disappeared.

David is struggling with the whole subject. He knows its real but at the same time finds himself resenting the topic. He's read a hundred books but is still no near finding the answers.

Both David and Andrew have experienced scoop marks, triangular marks, and bruises on the arm which look remarkably like finger marks.

Another similarity I am struck by between Zack, David and Andrew is that they like to do detailed pencil drawings, and have a similar style. Whether or not this is a result of their experiences and this is a type of therapy is food for thought.

Source: SUFON Files - David and Andrew interviewed by Emlyn Williams 30 October 2015.


One night in 1999, not long after they were married, about 1 or 2 AM, Darren (26) - who had seen two huge UFOs over his home in Crofty in 1988 - with an associated possible missing time episode - was in bed with his wife, Catherine, and was awoken by a bright light which lit up their front bedroom window, accompanied by a humming sound, in St. Nicholas Close, Waunarlwydd.

Catherine couldn't move, but was awake. Both then went back to sleep. In the morning, Catherine said, "What happened last night?" and they talked about seeing the light, but could not remember seeing anything else. Darren's tattoo on the top of his left arm, which was of the Superman logo, felt raised up and sore for a good part of the day, it felt inflamed as if it had only just been done.

Source: SUFON Files - Darren interviewed by Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.


Witness - Nigel Morgan says he thinks it was late summer because the children next door were collecting for the harvest festival and he gave them some tins of soup and that helped him to remember the time of year. One night about 2 am he awoke from a night paralysis episode, and experiencing a feeling of being watched, in bed at home, where he lived alone at 26 Gomer Gardens, Townhill, Swansea. He was usually a light sleeper due to suffering with arthritis in his spine, but only takes medication for the pain, does not take any other medication or drugs or has a history of psychological or mental problems.

He suddenly got up and went to the window and shouted out "No stop it! You can't take her!"

In the street he said he saw a blonde woman standing on the pavement his side of the road, and a beam of light shone down onto her from above. She was lifting off the ground and suddenly all was gone in an instant. He did not recognise the woman.

He dressed and went outside, after which he has no recollection until waking up again in his bed, but fully clothed, with shoes on.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015.