1900s - Reports: 21


5.30 PM.

Three observers saw a large light"about half way from the Earth to the sky, on the south side of Capel Egryn," and in the middle of it. something like a bottle or black person (figure), also "little lights scattering around the large light in many colours."

Source: Humanoid Encounters - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Jerome Clark, 'Unexplained!'



One afternoon a woman was on her way to visit her sick grandfather and had decided to go a different route in order to visit a friend. As she was about to turn a corner, an "angel-like" creature appeared before her blocking her path and stretching out both his arms. The figure had golden or fair hair and small white wings that seemed to come out from the middle of his back rather than his shoulders. he was of average height and hovered slightly off the ground completely motionless. The being did not speak but the witness got the "message" that he wanted her to return home. Later that night at home she learned that her grandfather had died.

Source: Humanoid Encounters - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Fortean Times No.68.



Mysterious Star at Llanidloes.
On Friday night two young revivalists of Llanidloes, Mr D. Lloyd and Mr Fred Jones, were visiting the chapel at Glanynant, a few miles from Llanidloes. They noticed a very bright star above them, but put the fact down to nothing extraordinary.
When, however, the star lowered and rested above the building which they were now approaching they became rather alarmed. The star increased in brilliance, and in its light there appeared the figure of a man with arms outstretched. This only appeared for a moment, and then the star vanished. Many others noticed the extreme brilliance and exceptional magnitude of the star, but as yet we only know of these two men having seen the figure. The story was told our representative by each of the revivalists unknown to the other. Neither Mr Lloyd nor Mr Jones knew that his friend had also seen the supposed manifestation.
Source: The Cardiff Times, Saturday 25 February 1905



At night, a 'professional gentleman' was returning home from a revival meeting at the chapel in Bryncrug. He saw, rising over a hedgerow, a 'gigantic figure'. The figure had its right arm extended over the road. A ball of fire then appeared above the figure and a long white ray of light extended downwards which hit the figure. Then all vanished. The spectacle was also witnessed from a different vantage point by a local gentleman farmer of good standing.

Source: Earthlights - Paul Devereux 1982 page 48; Humaid Encounters - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing MUFOB Vol. 5 No. 6, Beriah Evans in 'Occult Review', March 1905.




Mr. Arthur Mee writes: "I have received a number of communications relative to the curious light seen in the sky on the evening of March 29, I did not see the light myself. The evening was a clear one, according to my note-book, and I observed a meteor in the east at 9.15; but was not on the look out at the time of the phenomenon.
Moreover, anything seen in the southern sky at Llanishen is interfered with by the glare of Cardiff and the Dowlais Works. The first I heard of the light was from my friend Mr. Gunstone, of Llanishen, who saw the strange beam of light at the time specified in the south-east. He and others watched it for some time, and he was sure it was neither from the works nor a searchlight.
Mr. T. Skeats, of Whitchurch, watched the bond of light for some time, and was much struck by it. Mr. Ansaldo, of Llandaff, writes that on the evening in question about ten o'clock he saw in the south south-east what at first looked like a long cluster of stars obscured by a thin film or mist. It gradually grew brighter and brighter until it looked like an incandescent light, and lasted for about 25 or 30 minutes. Mr. Ansaldo saw several people watching it .
Mr. J. Havard, Peterston-super-Ely, says he and several others saw the light, which looked like an iron bar heated to an orange-coloured glow, suspended vertically. These accounts are explicit but other less on, or referring to other lights or on other dates, are to hand from Mrs. James Thomas, Haverfordwest;
Mr. Jesse Williams the chemist, and Mr. Wm. H. Yeo Talbot-street, Cardiff. I confess I am unable to explain the above phenomenon, and only wish I had seen it for myself. Perhaps some other correspondent can help to clear up the mystery."

Source: Weekly Mail 15 April 1905.


A doctor from Tylorstown recounted for the SPR enquiry this incident:

‘About 10 pm on Saturday night I was coming home with my wife, when she drew my attention to a bright light over the Libanus Chapel, towards the side of the mountain.
It appeared as a ball of fire about the size of a cheese-plate; it was perfectly fixed. As soon as I saw it I marked its position, in order to be sure that it could not be someone with a light on the road which passes over the mountain, but its position was far enough away from the road.’

Source:  The Unexplained 1980-83.


Mr. Beriah Evans writes: - The mysterious lights which were seen in connection with the early missions of the Welsh seeress, Mrs Jones, Egryn, are once more in evidence. Recently the seeress went to South Wales, but even in the crowded Rhondda Valley the lights appear to have been visible as in the quiet seclusion of Merionethshire.

Now she has left the Rhondda and commenced a mission in the colliery districts in the Bridgend area, and here again the lights have been repeatedly seen.
Stranger still, Mr Evan Roberts, having returned from North Wales and been associated with Mrs Jones in this her latest mission, is now visited by the lights.

The Rev David Hughes, a well-known Welsh minister, who resides at Pontycymmer, Glamorganshire, contributes to the current Genedl newspaper a signed article, in which he gives an account of the combined mission. Mrs Jones addressed a crowd of between 3,000 and 4,000 people in the open air, and when darkness fell the audience proceeded to the Tabernacle Chapel, where Mr Evan Roberts conducted the meeting, which lasted until midnight.

Mr Davies goes on to say:- "We were given to understand that the lights had now visited the neighbourhood, and of this my wife and myself are living witnesses. We each saw the lights about the house where Evan Roberts stays. A little after one o'clock in the morning of Wednesday last my wife and myself saw a strange light similar in appearance to the upper segment of the setting sun, and throwing out sparklets of light from its circumference crossing from side to side of an old quarry where the youths of the place had held nightly prayer meetings for a week, and where, as I subsequently learnt, a prayer meeting was then in progress.

"It soon vanished, and was followed by a ball of fire about the size of a cricket ball, which rose vertically instead of travelling horizontally as had the first seen.
"Then we saw a bar of light, apparently about nine inches (? in width), climbing the wall of the house where Evan Roberts was then staying.
"Our sensations may be better imagined than described; but that which our eyes saw, that do we testify."

Source: The Welsh Coast Pioneer and Review for North Cambria (Abergele edition) 4 August 1905.

The Evening Express  of Tuesday 18 July 1905 gives an account of the meeting at Tabernacle Chapel and states that this was held on Monday (which would be 17 July 1905) and states that Evan Roberts will be staying in Pontycymmer for several days. The Wednesday referred to above would have been 19 July 1905.

The Evening Express of 21 July 1905 gives an account of Evan Roberts' meeting which lasted until midnight, but states that the meeting was held at Bethel Chapel in Pontycymmer.


A group of young people returning from a prayer meeting at Ynysybwl, near Pontypridd, had a remarkable experience.
They told local reporters:

“There appeared in the heavens a very large and bright ball of fire. It had two brilliant arms which protruded towards the earth. Between these arms appeared lights resembling a cluster of stars, quivering with varying brightness. It lasted for then minutes....”
Source: The Unexplained 1980-83.

[See August 1991 – Cray Reservoir – could this be a similar object? – E.W.]




Tregaron, which is situated in the heart of Cardiganshire, was visited by Mrs. Jones, the Egryn seeress. She conducted a meeting at Llwynpiod, and all the way from Llwynpiod to Esgerhendy (writes a correspondent) the party were accompanied by a mysterious light, which in some places burst forth into a bright flame.
The next evening she was at Blaenpenal. The meeting here again was full of the revival fervour, and it was ten o'clock before Mrs. Jones was given a chance to address the meeting.

Light was to be seen at Tregaron after the meeting there, and it continued for about three hours. It appeared in the sky right above Gwynfa, where Mrs. Jones is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Mrs. Jones spends the day-time visiting the poor and the old and sick of the districts which she visits.
Source: Evening Express 29 March 1906.


G. Beanland and A. V. Day, at the local flour mill, sighted a cigar-shaped object stationary over Newport Bridge, shortkly after 1.00 AM. Searchlights flashed from each end on to the bridge.
After 10 minutes one of the lights went out, and the object flew off towards Stow Hill.

Source: The Eternal Subject Brinsley Le Poer Trench 1973 pages 97-98 citing South Wales Daily News, Cardiff, May 17, 1909.


Victor Day, packer, employed at the Star Flour Mills, Newport, states that whilst he was in company with two other men standing on the railway siding about one o'clock on Saturday morning, he saw what he believed was an airship hovering over Newport Bridge very high in the air.
He was standing on the quay wall near the Star Mills, and had his attention drawn to something in the sky. In his opinion it had the shape of a torpedo, and was then statonary.

There appeared to be two lights out at each end, which flashed across the sky. The airship was clearly outlined against a clear sky, but it was not very light. It appeared in the same position for about ten minutes, and then one of the searchlights suddenly went out.

A minute later the other light gradually grew dimmer, and also disappeared. It appeared to be affected by a slight wind in the direction of Stow Hill, and then went out of sight.

Source: Western Mail Monday 17 May 1909.


Mr. C. Lethbridge was returning home to Roland Street, Cardiff, via Caerphilly Mountain.  He was employed during the summer months as a Punch & Judy man. As he pushed the little cart Mr. Lethbridge was startled to see a cigar-shaped object, about 45 feet in length, lying on the grass adjacent to the mountain road. Two young men, apparently clad in heavy fur coats, worked away at something on the craft. Mr. Lethbridge related his encounter to the Western Mail as follows:

"When I turned the bend at the summit I was surprised to see a long tube-shaped affair on the grass on the roadside, with two men busily engaged with something near by... They attracted my close attention because of their peculiar getup; they appeared to have big heavy fur coats and fur caps fitting tightly over their heads. I was rather frightened, but I continued to go on until I was within twenty yards of them, and then my idea as to their clothing was confirmed.
The noise of my little spring cart seemed to attract them, and when they saw me they jumped up and jabbered furiously to each other in a strange lingo — Welsh or something else; it was certainly not English. They hurriedly collected something off the ground, and then I was really frightened.
The long thing on the ground rose up slowly. I was standing still at the time, quite amazed, and when it was hanging a few feet off the ground the men jumped into a kind of little carriage suspended from it, and gradually the whole affair and the men rose in the air in a zigzag fashion. When they had cleared the telegraph wires that pass over the mountain, two lights like electric lamps shone out, and the thing went higher into the air, and sailed away towards Cardiff."

May 19th, Mr. Lethbridge returned to the landing site, accompanied by a local reporter. The two men discovered clear evidence that something had come to rest on Caerphilly Mountain very recently.

The ground at the landing site had quite obviously been disturbed. Several mysterious items also littered the site. Amongst them, was a small plug on a chain. A red label adhered to the plug, with the following instructions printed on it, in French:
Important notice. This pin is attached to push back the shell from the valve when it is held on its seat; detach the pin and fix it near the tube of the pump at the extremity which fits on the valve.

The inscription also included the word 'obus', which is the French word for an artillery shell. The men also discovered newspaper clippings at the scene, of articles relating to either the German army, or airships. Even more strange, was the presence of scraps of paper "bearing a mass of figures and letters of the alphabet formed in a style distinctly different to that of the average English hand".

Source: http://www.strangedayz.co.uk/2008/08/mysterious-airship-at-caerphilly.html



At about 1.20 AM coal trimmers at the Queen Alexandra Dock in Cardiff, W. John, C. Hayman, A. Bradley, C. Harwood and J. Thomas, a signalman named Westlake and Dick Squires, another workman at the dock, and a number of men onboard a ship saw an object in the sky.

The coal trimmers were near the foreshore, when a "swishing" sound overhead attracted their attention. It was too dark to clearly distinguish any object, but the men saw two lights "a kind of flashing searchlight", they explained - which were visible for about three or four minutes, and appeared to be going in the direction of Newport, and then turning towards Weston.

The signalman, Robert Westlake, in a statement said:

"At 1.15 this morning, while attending to my duties signalling trains at King's Junction, Queen Alexandra Dock, I was startled by a weird object flying in the air. In appearance it represented a boat or cigar shape, and was making a whizzing noise. It was lit by two lights which could be plainly seen. It was travelling at a great rate, and was elevated at a distance of half-a-mile, making for eastward."

A number of men working on the steamship 'Arndale' also saw the airship. It came from the direction of Newport, took a curve over the docks, and passed over the Channel towards Weston, being clearly in view for a minute or two before the lights on board were suddenly extinguished.

Source: Western Mail Wednesday 19 May 1909 and Thursday 20 May 1909.

About 8.00 AM.
W. Breighton's little girl pointed out a "big fowl" which would "flap" at times. It came from the Bristol Channel, standing still on occasion, and moving away about 8.30 a.m. Two others saw the object, one, using a telescope, said the craft was 12 to 15 yards long and was carrying three men.
Source: Humanoid Encounters - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Carl Grove, Flying Saucer Review Vol. 17 No.1.


Dusk. A witness whose name is unpublished, reported a sighting to the Western Mail:


A Swansea correspondent, who sends us his name and address privately, writes: - "The following observations may be of interest: Last night (Wednesday), being on Mumbles Head at dusk, I observed over the Channel in a S.S.E. direction, two elongated dark objects, apparently about 80 to 100 feet long, moving from N.W. to S.E. at a rapid rate.
After watching them intently for a few minutes I saw four, white flashes in quick succession from the most easterly object, which was immediately answered by three slower flashes from the other. I also distinctly heard three sharp signals, apparently from a bell, answered by two more.
The objects appeared to approach each other, and then disappeared, travelling away from my observation at a considerable speed."

Source: Western Mail Friday 21 May 1909.

22 MAY 1909 - MAESTEG
10.30 PM.
Lights were seen over Commercial Street, Maesteg.One man, with a telescope, reported an aerial craft, with occupants. No other information.
Source: Humanoid Encounters - Albert S. Rosales 2016 citing Carl Grove, Flying Saucer Review Vol. 17 No.1

23 MAY 1909 - LLANRWST
A Llanrwst correspondent wrote:
'About 9.45 p.m. on Sunday several Llanrwst people had a protracted view of the mysterious airship. A dim light was first observed approaching the town from the direction of Snowdon. The aerial visitor, however, having for a few seconds hovered over Gwydr Castle, the Welsh seat of Lord Carrington, served to the left and rose to a higher altitude and followed the range of mountains in the direction of Trefriw. It was then seen that the vessel showed a yellowish light in front and behind and the distance between did not seem to be more than 12 or 15 feet. Owing to the darkness the shape of the vessel could not clearly be defined, it however, travelled at considerable speed. It hovered for a few seconds over Dolgarrog Aluminium works, where it dipped considerably and threw a bright light on the mountain-side beneath. The machine then ascended to a great height and continued its flight until it disappeared over the mountain in the direction of Llandudno. The machine was exposed to view from 9.4 p.m. to 10.15 p.m. and during that period travelled at least 13 miles.
Source: North Wales Weekly News 28 May 1909.
24 MAY 1909 - SWANSEA

A Swansea police-constable has supplied an official statement that he saw distinctly from Port Tennant at 11.30 at night an airship going in a westerly direction at a great speed, with a powerful light.

Police-constable (111) Williams reports that at 11.15 on Monday night, whilst standing at the tram terminus, Port Tennant, in company with a man named Bell, the latter noticed a light moving in the air, and drew the police-constable's attention to it.

After a little while the airship was noticed passing along in a north-westerly direction at a great speed. The light attached to the airship was exceedingly bright, and was located under it.

The airship was at such a height that it was impossible for the observers to give a good description of it, and it passed out of sight.
To make sure they were not mistaken they sought the assistance of Police-constable Johnstone. That officer avers that he saw a bright moving light, but he will not swear that it was an airship.

The incident was reported in the police occurence book.

Source: Weekly Mail 29 May 1909.


A month or so ago South Wales was excited over the mysterious appearance and disappearance of a strange object in the heavens. That proved to be the wonderful aerial invention of Dr. Boyd. The secret only came to light a few days ago, proving the veracity of reports published in the "Evening Express".

Now there is a mystery in the air again. Some campers and others at Allt-yr-yn were startled on Thursday night by seeing a cigar-shaped object hovering over the Crindau and Llantarnam districts, where it remained for about half an hour, between nine o'clock and half-past nine. This story was communicated by Mr. W. G. Crawley.

Source: Evening Express Saturday 10 July 1909.


11.45 PM.

Miss Isabel Evans, of 43, Diamond-street, Roath, Cardiff, had her attention drawn to a brilliant light. More careful observation revealed to her a "cigar-shaped object with a powerful searchlight attached."

"Really, it was a most powerful light," emphasised Miss Evans in an interview a reporter, "and it was, apparently, playing down on Newport, although it was distinctly over Cardiff, appearing to be just over our heads."

Miss Evans said she called the attention of her mother to the strange sight, and they watched the ship moving about for nearly half an hour. Now and then it would make a violent dart and take a circular tour.

Finally the object disappeared over Newport into the darkness.

Source: Evening Express Saturday 10 July 1909.

Three persons in Cwmdare declare that they saw an airship last Monday morning. Mr. Evan John Evans, milk vendor, one of the three persons referred to, was milking his cows in Gamblyn field at 7 o'clock that morning, when he perceived an object descend on the Merthyr moun- tain and rise again very quickly. It was cigar-like in shape, similar to the one seen on Caerphilly mountain. He also saw a person inside, dressed in black. The airship went in the direction of Merthyr. Mr. Evans' son and daughter, who were with him, also testify to seeing it. 
Source: Aberdare Leader Saturday 14 August 1909



On Friday night, an unusual sight was visible in the sky above Pentre. The appearance of lights at intervals led some prophets to think of the end of the world, while others of a more modern frame of mind thought of aeroplanes and balloons. As yet, no definite information can be obtained as to the cause of the scare.

Source: Rhondda Leader Saturday 4 September 1909.