19th Cent: Reports: 7


E.M. Morgans of Llanelli:

"When I was a little girl I heard my grandmother say what a fright she had when she was about 17-years-old. She said she ansd her friend were walking home about 6 o'clock one night. It was dark.
They thought they heard something. They looked back and a ball of fire was the back of them. They ran and the fire ball came faster after them. They came to a pub and ran in crying. They said a fire ball was outside. All the men went out and saw it. It went rolling away. The sound it made was like knocking against tin.

The next night the men went out after dark to see if it was to be seen again. What they did see was a very tall man. His hair and waistcoat were shining silver. They said goodnight to him a few times, but he never moved or answered.

Source: Western Mail May 17, 1977.


Ronald Rhys, who lived in the Vale of Neath, went missing for a week. On his return he had no idea that he been gone as long as that until local people told him. It was then that he recalled the following:

He had been returning home after finishing work one night, when he encountered an eerie light ‘that made a whooshing sound’ in a field nearby. He went to investigate the light and on getting closer, found that he was floating. The next thing that he could recall later was of being physically examined by small beings who took blood samples from him.

The encounter had caused a physical effect on him, in that it left scars and his skin had turned bright pink and his hair was falling out. Could this have been caused by exposure to radioactivity?

Source: UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 page 34. (David used Charles Fort as a source for this account).


8 lights were seen moving in a straight line and zig-zagging across the Welsh skies. Witnesses said the unexplained lights would grow dim then disappear altogether before reappearing again and that this phenomenon occurred on a number of separate occasions.

Source: UFO Wales - David L. Richards 2012 - page 34 citing The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort 1919.



About 7 PM. Cold and clear.

On a Tuesday night in Rhiw, a village at the end of the Lleyn Peninsula, a group of children and parents were leaving a Band of Hope, temperance meeting at Nebo Chapel. The group included Ellen (34) and her three children - Williams (7), Owen (5) and Catherine (7), of Benallt Bach, Rhiw.

Quite a few of the parents would have been waiting outside for their children to come out of the chapel. To the north-east, in the direction of Garn Fadryn, someone noticed a light, quite low in the sky. As it moved nearer, the silent group of witnesses watched the object move from their right to left across the sky to the northwest of them, travelling from north-east to south-west. Catherine later described it as being round and similar in appearance to a farm cart-wheel, very large, with bright lights all around the rim, and some more lights at the 'hub' in the centre, and was totally silent. It took about 4 to 5 minutes to travel from horizon to horizon, before finally disappearing over Bardsey Island to the far southwest.

Source: www.rhiw.com/hanes_02/1886_ufo/rhiw_1886.htm



The following anecdote has much in common with the classic alien abduction. It was recorded in 1887 by the Rev. Elias Owen, and concerns a servant called David Williams. The Reverend's mother, when a young unmarried woman, started one evening from a house called Tyddyn Heilyn in Penrhyndeudraeth, to her home, Penrhyn isaf (behind Portmeirion and Tyddyn Heilyn, near where the railway line crosses the river), accompanied by her servant man, David Williams, called on account of his great strength and stature, Dafydd Fawr, Big David.

Williams was carrying a flitch of bacon on his back, and walked somewhat behind his mistress. The night was dark and calm. The lady of the house, believing Williams to be behind her, continued home and did not look back. To her great surprise, he did not arrive back at the house until three hours later, still carrying the pork. On questioning Williams about his disappearance, he was insistent that he had arrived only three minutes after her. He kept to his story until eventually he conceded that something may have been amiss, and promptly recalled a string of bizarre events.

Williams claimed that he had seen a brilliant meteor flying through the sky, and close behind it was what he described as a 'hoop of fire', with a small man and woman standing within it. With one arm each they embraced each other, and with the other arm they held onto the hoop, their feet resting on the concave base of the ring. When the object landed, the two beings quickly leapt from the hoop and began to construct a circle on the ground. 

After their task was finished a group of fairy folk appeared from nowhere and began to dance around the circle, accompanied by the sweetest music Williams had ever heard. He also noticed that the whole area was awash in an eerie, subdued light. In time, the meteor returned, picked up the two small beings, and shot off skyward, and the remaining little people simply vanished.

Williams found himself once again in the dark, and proceeded home, thinking that he had only stopped to watch for a few minutes.

Source: Aliens - Encounters With the Unexplained - Marcus Day 1997 page 75; www.beamsinvestigations.org citing Welsh Folk-lore: a collection of the folk-tales and legends of North Wales - Elias Owen - prize essay of the National Eisteddfod, 1887, published 1896.



To the Editor of THE JOURNAL, SIR,-If any of your astronomical readers had been up and about at 3 o'clock on Tuesday morning last, they would have seen a really grand sight, which I myself saw by chance. I happened to be awake at 3.20. on the morning in question, and, looking out of my window, saw what appeared to me to be an enormous ball of fire, which seemed to be very agitated before it settled down, in a few minutes, into a steady glare. The star, or whatever it was, appeared in the north-east; it had none of the appearance of a comet, but still had a kind of forked tail. At about four o'clock it suddenly seemed to divide, and then the whole disappeared in a second, leading the other smaller stars in the field looking ashamed of themselves. I know nothing about astronomy myself, and cannot tell what it was but having had my night rest disturbed (for which I disturbed others in the house), I should at least like to know what had disturbed it. Perhaps some of your readers can enlighten me. I am yours, etc., F. W. C. Llanstephan Vicarage.

Source: The Carmarthen Journal & South Wales Weekly Advertiser: Friday, 20 September 1889.

The significance of the above sighting - which questions the fact that what F.W.C. saw was a meteor - as it lasted 40 minutes, is this letter in a later edition of the same paper:

Sir. Looking over one of your recent issues I was struck by "F.W.C.'s" account of a strange appearance which he saw in the sky at Llanstephan. Are we to understand that the luminous object was visible in or near the same spot in the heavens for 40 minutes, because if so the phenomenon is worth reporting to scientific headquarters. I trust there may be corroborative evidence forth-coming. Yours, &c., ARTHUR MEE, F.R.A.S. Editor, "Carmarthenshire Notes," Llanelly.

Source: The Carmarthen Journal & South Wales Weekly Advertiser: Friday, 11 October 1889.



Disc-shaped objects were seen by many witnesses in the skies above North Wales.

Source: UFO Wales - David L. Richards 2012 - pages 34 - 35 citing The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort 1919.