1980s UFO Sightings


Date is approximate.

Christopher, aged about 11, was playing with his sister and the boy from next door, in the street, Dafolog Street, Phillipstown, which is on the eastern side of the Rhymney Valley, backing onto the mountain separating them from the Sirhowy Valley to the east. The children saw a large orange sphere over the mountain at the end of the street. He compared it to the sun. He does not recall it shooting off, rather it just disappeared, or maybe he thinks he took his eye off it and then it wasn't there any more.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed via Facebook February 2018.


Jennifer Davies, of Brynhyfryd, Llangennech, was seeing her husband off to work early one morning while it was still dark when she spotted a long, silver cigar-shaped object 100 yards away, hovering at a height of about three houses.
She watched it for about 20 minutes from different rooms but when she opened the back door to have another look it had vanished.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 12 January 1980.


8.05 PM.
Two 14-year-old girls, Jayne Bush and friend, Carol Duff were outside at the top end of Crawshay Drive, Llantwit Major, looking in a shop window, when something caught Jayne’s eye. She immediately turned around and Carol followed suit. They saw a very bright, oval shaped object, moving swiftly across the sky, and eventually disappearing behind some nearby houses, but were much further away and higher up than the houses. Duration of this sighting: about two seconds.
At 8.15 PM they saw another object of the same shape and brightness, high above them, moving at a constant high speed, and suddenly fading and disappearing. Duration: around two seconds.
At 8.20 PM, they saw a third bright oval object, further away than the first two, and further to their right.
Duration: 4-5 seconds.
They wondered what the objects were and discounted shooting stars as they were too large, and too much of a coincidence to see three in such a short space of time. They phoned the local police, and the duty officer contacted Cardiff Airport and was told that no planes had been in the area at the time.
Source: MOD Files.


11.30 PM

At least ten people reportedly saw an unidentified object over Milford Haven. One eye-witness described the object as a light in the sky quite high up with an orange or red light on top. Duration of sighting: about 30 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: South Wales Evening Post - Monday 31 March 1980.



Early morning. A man fishing in a river with his dog saw a bright pulsating light approaching. It hovered then landed on a nearby field. The witness went to investigate and encountered a cylinder shaped craft, which had landed on a tripod. A door opened and a metal ladder was lowered to the ground.Three tall grey suited figures emerged, each carrying a bucket and a spade-like gadget.

They then proceeded to dig nearby. The witness's dog began barking and ran towards the craft. At this point the witness apparently lost consciousness and upon waking up his dog, the object and the beings were gone. Landing traces were found at the site.

Source: Albert S. Rosales, Human Contact Database no.731 citing Bob Gribble, MUFON UFO Journal No. 267.



Approx.11 PM.

Mrs Dorothy Jones of Blackwood and her sister-in-law Mrs Sandra Jones of Brynawel saw mysterious lights in the sky above the Tredegar Arms pub in Crosskeys. Dorothy Jones said the lights were a little like car headlights but they were suspended in the air. She was sure it was not a plane as the lights were too low, and there was no sound. They had not been drinking that night and had watched the lights for several minutes before driving off.Mrs Sandra Jones who had been driving the car agreed with her sister-in-law about seeing the strange lights, adding that there were no mountains anywhere near the lights, so ruled out the possibility of them being car headlights on a mountain road.

After about ten minutes the lights drew closer together and rose vertically up into the sky until they vanished out of sight. Gwent Police said they had heard nothing whilst a spokesman for Cardiff-Wales Airport at Rhoose commented that Crosskeys was out of their controlled airspace and he could not say if there had been any planes in the immediate vicinity that night.

Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 198 citing South Wales Argus 5 September 1980.



7.15 AM.

63 year-old Arthur Moore, from Park Avenue, Ty-isaf, Pontymister, was taking a breath of air whilst at work at the Avana factory, Rogerstone, where he worked as a mixer. He was on the roof of the factory and he saw, to the north, what he described as a black cloud coming over Twmbarlwm, a local mountain which has an Iron-age fort on the summit, visible as a lump. When the cloud cleared he saw a, "massive, white, oblong object just like a double-decker bus, resting on the ground". The object was glowing a "vivid white" and was sited just to the right of the tump or pimple which gives the mountain its distinctive character. According to the witness it first "blended into the background and then got bigger again".

When he first told his workmates they accused him of seeing things and not surprisingly refused to believe him until they saw the object themselves. Around 20 workers saw the object. Les Brown said the object seemed to be a "silver oval dome made of aluminium". It finally vanished from view completely at 10.45 am.

Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 1986 citing South Wales Argus.



2.30 AM .
An on duty traffic police officer on mobile patrol observed a bright light over the Llangfoist/Abergavenny areas. It was described as an overgrown light shade with a flat bottom and top. At one point he stopped and looked at it using binoculars. The officer estimated the UFO to be at an altitude of 200-500 feet and was last observed moving in a south-westerly direction.

Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing MOD Files.

Night. D. Clouson was walking home about 8 pm and noticed an orange glow in the clouds. Then in a gap in the clouds appeared an orange ball which went past above cloud-height level.
It was hard to estimate the size of the ball but the witness reckoned it was about 20 metres in diameter. It was a bright orange sphere with lines spinning around it.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk uploaded by witness 27 August 2016.


Three people saw a "very large" triangular object with three bright lights on each corner and one flashing white light in the middle, three times in the Amlwch area. It was first sightedstopping over Amlwch before making a 90 degree turn and accelerating inland.

Source: www.news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7399322.stm citing MOD Files.


Night - clear.
Mrs Mary Evans of Llwyd Road [Lloyd Road or Cnap Llwyd Road - probably the latter], Treboeth saw a 'bright fiery light' hovering behind old lodging house ruins on top of hill overlooking Llewellyn Park [Morris Castle?]. She watched it for several minutes before it disappeared into the night sky.
'I thought the house was on fire because the light was so bright. It seemed very hot and I think must have left some form of scorch marks on the ground,' she said.
Swansea Coastguards explained it away as meteorites [!]. Neither Swansea Police nor the airport had received any reports. Mrs Evans's neighbour also saw the object.

Source: South Wales Evening Post - Thursday 19 November 1988


A huge bright orange circular light along with two smaller lights which appeared to separate from and rejoin the main light, were spotted over Caernarfon.

Source: www.news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7399322.stm citing MOD Files.


1982 OR 1983

Night. Phil Prevel was walking his dog in Clydach, and was walking through a small field on the edge of some woodland when he saw a dark hooded figure like a monk with his hood up standing on the other side of the field where the woods started. It was standing stock still. Phil did not attempt to attract its attention by calling out, but just continued on his walk. The dog was unaffected by the apparition.
Could this be one of the 'shadow people' sometimes connected with alien activity?

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2016.

Date is approximate.
Darren H. was 8 years old and lived in St. Thomas, Swansea. He was called by his mother to come upstairs to look out of a bedroom window one evening. Looking out into the dark, Darren and his mother watched a large ball of light, about the size of the sun towards Port Talbot. It was stationary and on its lower left quarter there was another white light which appeared to be spinning.
There was no noise. After watching it for a while, during which time it remained stationary, it then seemed to descend slightly, rose again and blinked suddenly out. Darren does not know the date of the sighting, but links it to the time when Peter Davison first appeared as Dr. Who, his first series being from January to March 1982.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 12 May 2015.


1 AM or 2 AM.

Alex Brereton, 17, a pupil of Rydal School in Colwyn Bay, woke up when he heard a noise. At first he thought it was an aeroplane, but it sounded more like the noise made by flying saucers in films, he said. Looking out of the window he saw, "this white rocket that was bright." To make sure he was not 'seeing things', Alex put his glasses on.

By then the object had stopped moving, but it still looked big and there were flashing lights. Then it went away really quickly and seemed to change shape. 

"I should have awakened someone I suppose, but I didn't think."

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.



6.30 PM.

Tony Davies, of Rhymney Close, Penllwyn, Pontllanfraith, his wife Sharon and their three young children set out to drive by car to Aberbargoed. They were passing over Bedwellty Mountain not far from Blackwood when they noticed really bright lights in the sky. Sharon said that the lights were reflecting off the bonnet and lighting up the whole car.

Behind the lights, which were turning and revolving, she could see a kind of circular shadow. By now the lights were only a few feet above the car but what impressed the family most of all was the fact that there was absolutely no sound from the object. Sharon added that the UFO was about 15-20 feet in diameter. The object continued to hover over them for several seconds.

The children were crying and Sharon herself was terrified. She told her husband to keep driving but the lights remained hovering just above them before they suddenly disappeared.

Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 1986.


At sunset,
Lillian Kearon, who lives in Lon Teifi, Cockett, Swansea, saw an object over the Loughor Estuary to the west.
“The object was in the sky for quite a time, but the peculiar thing was it was stationary. I don’t think it was a UFO but I can’t explain what it was. My husband and I were looking west over the Bury estuary. It was the first sunset we have seen this year. As I sat looking I saw what I thought was a hawk in the sky but my husband said – ‘It’s too big for a hawk.’ As we carried on looking I realised it was not moving. It looked a bit like Concorde but it was stationary. It seemed as if it was over towards Llanmadoc. It stayed in exactly the same position for about an hour and it was still there when it became dark. My husband said it resembled the Zeppelin and I thought it might have been an RAF or Navy plane but it didn’t have any lights on.”
A neighbour and his friend also saw the object, she added.
A Swansea West police spokesman said that they had received no reports of any sightings.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 24 March 1982.


11.30 PM.

Steven Garton, a 26-year-old member of the Territorial Army Reserves, and his wife, Angela, saw an object hovering over Little Skirrid Hill, about three miles from their home, and their neighbour also saw it.

"I'm trained to recognise aircraft flying at night and I was surprised by the sound it was making. It sounded like a jet engine but with a deep whirring noise as well. There were three white revolving lights on it and we watched it move around the hill, disappear behind it, reappear and move slowly towards us. It was the combination of the three white lights and the fact that it was moving far too slowly to be a normal aircraft that convinced me it was a flying saucer and I reported it to the police."

A spokesman for Gwent police said the sighting had been reported to the R.A.F.

Source: Western Mail 15 April 1982.



The witness thinks it could be 1982 or 1983.

Pamela who now lives in Cardiff (2017) was staying at a holiday cottage that she and her husband owned located on a hill in a remote area between Merthyr Mawr dunes and Portcawl. Her husband was a performer working the summer season at Porthcawl. It was at night, her children were in bed and she was looking through the window and so lots of small balls or globes of light about the size of soccer balls moving around the over  the dunes.

"I was looking out through the window towards the sea. It was dark, and suddenly this show started, which was like balls of light criss-crossing each other in front of me above the dunes. And where I was located was well above the dunes on a hill so I had a very good view. I called my husband and almost as it started it stopped so he just briefly saw what I saw but unfortunately he's no longer with us to corroborate my story, but it was a magical area and a truly magical sight. I can't come up with any reason for it....seemed to be so playful....definite pattern to it."

Source: BBC Radio Wales: Jason Mohammad phone interview with witness 13 December 2017.


David Mason, a 32-year-old printer, was watching television when he saw a bright light from the window of his Cwmbran home. He called his wife, Angela, and together they went outside into the back garden. Mr Mason said the light was 'as bright as the sun and about half the size of the moon.' The couple watched for 15 minutes as it hovered more than a mile away, just above a hill range that surrounds the town [to the west]. The white light then sped off northwards along the ridge at speed and disappeared.
The Masons called the police and two officers arrived to record details of the UFO sighting. This was the last contact that the couple were to have with officialsover the case.
The police report into the Cwmbran incident was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence in London, where operational staff in the air division examined the case. An MOD spokesman said that following these inquiries 'we are satisfied that there were no defence implications.'
Mr Mason says he was surprised not to have had any further inquiries from officials. 'I do not understand how the Ministry of Defence could have investigated the case without contacting me with further queries.'

Source: The Observer 4 March 1983.

During the weekend of 25/26 September.
An amateur astronomer, Ron Tredrey, of Wernlas, Whitchurch, Cardiff saw an object over the Bristol Channel, slightly south-west of Cardiff and below a big bank of cloud. He watched it through powerful binoculars mounted on a tripod.
"I saw what at first appeared to be a star of medium size. Then I realised that it was changing colour in the way that no star could possibly do. It was pulsating white, blue and, occasionally red. Then it began to move and when it did so the light intensified greatly, so much so that it was even reflecting on the cloud behind it. The white light got very bright and there two red lights then one either side. As an astronomer I am naturally interested in satellites and I know what they look like. It was definitely neither a satellite nor a high-flying aircraft."
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.

Source: Western Mail Monday 27 September 1982.

An object shaped like a cottage loaf was seen over Cwmbran, and reported to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail 20 September 1982.

Time not known. Cloudy with clear patches, dry.
A passenger in a car travelling on the old A40 near Chart House, Gobion, near Abergavenny saw a beam of green light approximately the size of a searchlight beam, about a mile away to the east.

Source: MOD Files.

4 AM.
Police constables David Holder and Graham Banks saw a strange light in the sky while they were on patrol in Goldwire Lane, Monmouth.
Chief Inspector Keith Harris of the Monmouth sub division of Gwent Police gave details of their report to the Western Mail.
"It was about the size of a star and flickered blue and white with occasional red flashes. It was briefly seen to split into three white lights and then back into one light. It was moving from left to right, up and down and in both clockwise and anti-clockwise circles. The watched it for approximately 20 minutes. Then two red lights were seen to fall from the object towards the ground. Later they saw it move upwards very quickly, rising at approximately 45 degrees. It then disappeared. Two or three minutes later they saw a bright flash of light in the ground area where the two red lights appeared to have fallen."
A minute or so later they saw a bright blue light at the spot. It then soared into the air and moved off to the north-west.
Duration of sighting: 30 minutes.

Source: Western Mail Friday 24 September 1982.

9.30 PM. Good visibility.
The witness was outside Pentnewydd Infants School, and saw an object with white and blue flashing lights over the Bristol Channel at an elevation of 35-40 degrees, 20-50 miles away. It was moving in a straight line backwards and forwards.

Source: MOD Files.

8.30 PM.
Stuart Blake was at a friend's house in St. Augustine Road, Griffithstown watched with the naked eye and binoculars for 35 minutes, flashing discs in the sky. He reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 2 October 1982.

About 9 PM.
Mrs Doreen Phillips, of Gower Green, Croesyceiliog, saw a bright blue light in the sky which was said to be static and shimmering. She reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 2 October 1982.

Late evening.
Mrs Mary Gauntlett, her daughter and a friend watched a narrow green band of light moving across the sky. She reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 2 October 1982.

British Transport police officer Peter Griffiths was patrolling Newport Docks in his patrol car, and saw two bright lights pulsating, one to the north and one to the south. After watching the lights for five minutes he saw the one to the south change to red and green before changing into a red glow and then moving towards the other light and eventually disappearing into a cloud
Source: Western Mail Saturday 16 October 1982.


Staff at Morriston’s Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre spotted a large object landing in a field.
“It was a great big silver thing, about the size of a house, and had sparkles all around it,” said Mrs. Rosalind Young, of St. Lawrence Court, Penlan, Swansea.
Mrs Young and her colleagues, who worked on the 14th floor of the DVLC complex, spotted the mystery object at 11 am.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 23 October 1982.

3 PM.
John Ferris, a photographer of heol Maes-Y-Cerrig,  Loughor was sipping coffee in a city centre store restaurant when a young woman pointed up to the sky and drew his attention to an object.
“It was an oval shape about the size of a small house with what looked like flames shooting out from the top.” It ‘fired’ over the Townhill area of Swansea.
“I grabbed my camera and fired off the last shot on the film with my zoom lens. I didn’t think anything would come out. It was a very overcast and dull day and whatever this thing was it was very bright. I’m mystified. I don’t know what it is, but I know it is a shot in a lifetime. Someone else must have seen it.”
Ferris used 35 mm black and white film with his Pentax ME Super camera with 210 mm zoom lens. His photograph was enlarged 170 times to show Pantycelyn Road, Townhill, with the object just  behind it.
Swansea police said they had no reports of any UFO sightings, but Gower weatherman John Powell said conditions were right for a ball of lightning. It had been a stormy day.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 22 October 1982.

23/24 OCTOBER 1982 - CWMBRAN
Mrs Martin Mason of West Rodien, Coed Eva, Cwmbran, told police she saw an object shaped like a flying saucer with a number of lights travelling from Thornhill towards Tycoch, i.e. southeasterly. It then appeared to return and disappeared.

Source: Western Mail 25 October 1982.

About two hours after the UFO sighting in Cwmbran, John Clarke, of Frome Walk, Bettws, reported to the police that a saucer-shaped object with red, green and blue lights had travelled from east Newport towards Cwmbran.

Source: Western Mail 25 October 1982.

Around midnight.
Kim was returning home in Three Crosses after a night out with friends in Swansea and was driving her car up Tirmynydd Road, heading north into Three Crosses across the northern edge of Fairwood Common. She was just passing Gelli Hir Farm, which was on her left, and spotted some lights away from the road on the right, on an area of rough ground. She thought it was the farmer, who she was friends with, working with some kind of machinery, so she stopped the car near the lane on the left which heads down to the farm, and got out of the car. She crossed to the right-hand side of the road for a better look and walked onto the common.
She could see lots of white lights close to the ground, with thin beams pointing down onto the ground. The beams were easy to see as the lights were shining through a mist. Whatever the object was that the lights were on, was moving slowly back and fore over the ground, and as she approached, it rose vertically without making a sound to about the height of a house. It was then that she realised that what she was looking at was not a farm machine at all, but something else entirely.
She was now able to see it from below, and the bottom surface was covered in tiny white lights like stars, matching the stars in the sky. It was only because it was turning slowly that she could make it out at all. It was of an irregular shape, not square but had angular sides. It had a row of white lights visible on one edge. She could not see how deep or tall the object was, but she didn’t hang around to study it in detail.
She turned to walk back to the car as a feeling of uneasiness came over her. She walked quickly back, without turning around to look at the object. She got in her car and drove the rest of the way home, a short way up to the top of Tirmynydd Road, near the Poundffald Inn. She looked in her mirrors but could not see the object. When she got home, she went straight to bed.
The next morning she mentioned it to her husband, who had returned from his night shift, who told her not to tell anyone in case she was ridiculed. She told her mother and brother about it but did not report it to the authorities.
Two or three weeks later, her mother phoned her to say there had been a sighting of objects by a kids football team and there was a drawing of it in the Evening Post. This would be the article reporting the sightings of 19th January 1983. So this helps to date her sighting in Three Crosses.
Her mother and brother themselves had a sighting in 1985 in Port Tennant (see separate report).

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 29 January 2016.

Between 5.30 PM and 5.45 PM
For a period of 10 minutes an observer watched with the naked eye and through binoculars, two very bright lights about the length of a Boeing 747 apart. No shape was discernible. The lights were over the ‘Lifeguard Station’, Mumbles [Lifeboat or Coastguard?] at 2000 feet maximum altitude, one mile away from the observer. Its movements were described as being steady, changing.
Source: MOD Files.

5.15 PM
Mrs. Margaret Gaskins, of Lucy Road, Skewen, said her children 14 year old Leanne and 10 year old Ceri were watching television when they spotted strange flashing lights in the sky at about 5.45 pm.
“They came running into the kitchen full of excitement,” she said. “At first I didn’t believe them, but when I looked out of the window I could see a sphere of flashing lights which travelled from the Kilvey Hill area over to Baglan Bay.”
The whole family were hanging out of the windows of their flat for a better view and soon neighbours were also peering out.
“It was all very exciting,” said Mrs. Gaskins, “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”
“Later I heard that a Sea King helicopter from Brawdy had been in the area. At first I thought the flashing lights must have been from that,” she said. “But then I was told the helicopter was not over Swansea Bay until 6.20 pm.”
“I don’t believe in UFOs. There has got to be a logical explanation for it, but I can’t explain what it was I saw.”
Source: South Wales Evening Post  20 January 1983.
SUFON interviewed Leanne Gaskins in 2016. She gave us much new information which was not reported in the newspaper. The family lived at 71 Lucy Road, a three-storey house, which, because of its location on the side of a hill, the kitchen and dining room were on the first floor, looking south. She remembers the day well. She had come home from school, 'Blue Peter' was on the TV. Her mother was busy preparing the family's tea and Leanne, who was leaning on the dining room window sill was telling her about the school trip that she'd been on that day, while looking out of the window. The window faces south and had a good view towards Skewen on the left, BP Llandarcy oil refinery half a mile away, straight ahead, and Kilvey Hill and Swansea off in the distance to the right. 
Leanne noticed some lights over Kilvey Hill, all different colours: red, green, amber, yellow and white - they were flashing or pulsing and changing colours. They were positioned over the red light of the transmitter on the summit of the hill. They were static for a while, then moved at speed to the right and stopped for a few seconds then flicked back to the left to their original position over the hill. The movements were jerky and fast, with instantly attained speed, no acceleration. Then they went to the right again, but not as far as before, then back to Kilvey Hill, and offset to the left of it. They stopped there for another short time.
Leanne was telling her mother about this, but she didn't come to look as she was too busy. Suddenly the object shot off instantly to a position straight ahead of Leanne, directly over the stacks of Llandarcy oil refinery, a distance of about 5 miles covered in a second. She could now see how big it was as it was much closer. She opened the window for a better view. It was quite triangular with lights all over it, pulsing ransomly in different colours. She couldn't see the body, but appreciated its size: very big - it seemed to cover the whole refinery!
The object was tilted with the top slightly facing her. Leanne called the whole family to see. Her mother, Margaret and father, Martin (who worked at the refinery), her sister, Ceri. Martin wondered if he should tell someone that something was hovering over the refinery. Leanne was now hanging out of the window in her excitement. The huge object just hovered motionless over the refinery for about five minutes, then it moved up slowly a little way. Suddenly it shot up vertically out of sight "in a blink".
There had been no sound at all during the sighting, which lasted 12-15 minutes in total. There was the noise from the nearby dual carriageway of the A48, but nothing from the object.
Source: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 23 August 2016.


Sometime between 5.45 PM AND 6.45 PM
An observer located outdoors on Pentregethin Road described seeing an object for 5-10 minutes moving slowly around a TV mast (presumably Kilvey Hill). It was described as being one object, split into two parts, 3 very bright flashing white lights at front and 3 at back. Massive in size, oblong in shape. No sound or smell.
Source: MOD Files.

5.50 PM
Over a period of 6 minutes, an observer located on the road, Heol Tal-Y-Coppa in Llansamlet reported seeing two objects travelling at a steady rate west to east from the DVLC in Morriston towards Kilvey Hill. One object was a large elongated shape with two pulsating white lights at the front, and two yellowish steady lights on the rear. The second object was small and triangular with steady white lights. No sound or smell was associated with the sighting.
Source: MOD Files

5.55 PM
An “aircraft-shaped object” (moving far too slowly to be an aircraft) showing six lights at the front and three lights at the base, was seen over Swansea Airport, heading west over the Gower Peninsula.
Source: Haunted Skies volume 9 page 236; MOD Files.

Approximately 6 PM
The witness, a man (who did not give his identity) was in Cwm Level Park, Landore and saw a black triangular craft, which displayed lights, hovering over the Morfa area, to his south-east. It was low, and he was looking slightly down to it as the park is located at a higher level. It was about the size of a bus. The witness said it was just above roof-top height and was drifting slowly.
Source: SUFON Meeting 25 August 2015.

Roland Betts – a long distance lorry driver from Killay, Swansea – had just uncoupled his trailer and was in Dunvant Road, high up on a hill, with a sweeping view of Swansea Bay, at around 6 pm.
“As I got out of my vehicle, I was attracted by a large area of stars that were blocked out. There was a massive round object; I would guess at approximately 10-20,000 ft in the air. It appeared to have lights around the perimeter and was absolutely silent. If it was moving, it was moving very slowly. For some reason, it didn’t sink into my mind what it might be. I went into the house and told my wife that I had just seen an unidentified flying object in the sky. Imagine my surprise when she told me that a programme had just been interrupted by a news broadcast, relating to a UFO having been sighted between Swansea and Cardiff by many people!”

Sadly Roland died in 2007.

Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 page 240.

6 PM
Over a period of 10 minutes an observer in Llwynhendy watched two objects, long, one in front of the other, second object had large red steady light on front.  Flashing white light in the centre and tail of both objects.  It moved from the Swansea direction and then headed towards the Gower, at a steady, slow speed.


Between 6 PM and 7 PM

Carol Batcup of Yr Aran, Dunvant, Swansea, said: “I saw an object bigger than a jumbo jet over Killay, but moving too slowly to be an aircraft. It had flashing lights at the front and back.”
Source: (South Wales Evening Post 20 January 1983).
On 12 January 2018, Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams met with Carol and her husband, David at their home, still in Yr Aran, Dunvant, and they told details of their sighting:
They explained that David had collected Carol from her place of work, T.T. Pascoe, a shipping agents in Wind Street at 5.30 p.m. They were returning home along Gower Road and were just passing the petrol station at the bottom of Wimmerfield Drive in Killay when Carol saw people standing and pointing up. She looked up and saw a 'machine' low in the sky, low enough not to have had to stretch to see it out of the car window. She said, 'Oh my God!, What is it?' to her husband. It was just above the trees, and they could see two sets of three white lights - actually two boomerangs shapes facing each other and moving together in line - probably two triangles, with lights visible making them look like boomerangs, or 'V'-shaped craft so the shape was like: < >. David remembers seeing some lights between the two, and were more curved like: (---).There was no sound as it/they moved above and along Gower Road towards the west and were about the size of two aircraft wings.
David said he could not stop the car because it was in traffic, and he turned onto Goetre Fach Road. David parked and they walked back to the Gower Road junction where they saw the object/s continue along Gower Road towards the south-west. When the couple in the car reached Derlwyn, and now on a higher elevation, they looked and could see the lights in the distance, now visible as a circle of lights, heading over Upper Killay and Fairwood Common. When they got home they phoned Swansea Airport, and the police. They gave a statement to the police on the phone and were told that an officer will call out in person. Ten minutes later the police phoned back to say that they had received many reports from the public and so there would be no personal visit by an officer, but will phone instead.They did not, however receive a follow-up phone call from the police.
The following day, in work, Carol said that the grandson of her employer told her on the phone that he had seen a craft going over his home at Langland that evening. Jill, a friend of Carol's told her that she had seen it passing low over the marina (South Dock). And she had received another story from one of the company directors, Dorothy Thomas (see below).
David came up with some significant information. He worked in Alcoa - the aluminium works in Waunarlwydd and when he went into work the following day, he was told that the afternoon shift of that evening (19th) had experienced a power loss. The emergency generators had to be switched on and they never found the cause of the power cut. One witness told him that it seemed to close down gradually -  not all at the same time - (see account from Bishopston that night - where a power outage occurred at the same time as the UFO passed over). The gradual power loss at the Waunarlwydd plant could be attributed to the passing over of the craft?
Carol also heard a story from her doctor, Dr. Saite, who told her that the power at Pennard Golf Club had been cut.  They phoned the RAF in Wiltshire, and were told that what they had seen was a Vulcan bomber refuelling in flight!

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 12 January 2018.

6.05 PM
A silver-coloured, saucer-shaped object, showing four or five lights, flashing in rotation, was seen motionless in the sky, over the steel works at 6.05 pm. A few minutes later, it was joined by a second UFO. The two of them moved off towards Swansea.
Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 page 240 citing Jeffrey Horton-Jones South Wales Echo 20 January 1983.
In the MOD report it records time period as being 17.50 – 18.15.

6.15 PM
Driving Instructor, Orllwyn Jones was leaving his house, 20 Long Oaks Avenue, Sketty, Swansea, to collect a pupil on a lesson. As he left the house, he suddenly became aware of a black triangular object, approximately the size of a family saloon car, slowly crossing the sky above the house next door.
The object was blacker (or darker) than the evening sky; had a small tube protruding downward from each corner and each tube had a small but bright light at the tip. The object had insufficient height (or depth) to be a manned craft, as it was no more than approximately 18 inches high. Any entity controlling the craft from within would have been lying flat.
The craft was so low that he estimated it was no more than a foot or so above the roof of the house next door. The object travelled at what Mr. Jones described as “a slow walking pace”, and made an audible ‘chugging’ sound as it crossed the road toward the houses opposite in a North West to South East direction (and toward Swansea Bay). He then stated that he braced himself for what he envisaged to be an inevitable crash, as the object was so low it was going to hit the roof of the house opposite his own.
However, this object seemed to adjust its height as necessary and simply skimmed over the roof opposite, missing the ridge tiles by a matter of inches. It then seemed to descend back down and below the level of the roof opposite, and out of Mr. Jones’ sight.
The witness stated that it was definitely a solid, tangible object, and was definitely under intelligent control of some sort. He wanted no publicity at the time and shared his experience with family only. His son, Phil Jones came forward only after the death of his father in 2012, and he kindly met members of SUFON in 2015 to share his father’s experience.


Source: www.ufoevidence.org posted 27 August 2013; SUFON Files interview with Phil Jones - son of the witness (pictured)

See videos page

6.15 PM
Brothers Milan and Byron Baljak, age 32 and 28 respectively, and friend Roger Williams, 32, were standing outside Gorseinon & District Working Mens Club on Brighton Road, Gorseinon, waiting for it to open to play snooker. Looking above them towards the east, a row of lights about 50 feet up came over the roofs of houses on the other side of the road (east of them). The lights were small, dim blue-white and numbered about a dozen and arranged in a line, moving from their left to right (south).
They realised that the lights were on the same object as it started to turn, and could see that it was a huge black triangle, with more blue-white lights along each side. Its size, Milan compared to two jumbo jets, but was unable to estimate its thickness. As it turned, slowly drifting  towards the east, and away from them, it tilted slightly, all the small bluey lights going off and they could make out a red circular light on the top of the object near the front apex. There was no sound and it just ‘floated’, slowly moving away from the witnesses, who then crossed the road to stand under it and followed it a short way down a side alley between the terraced houses on the left and a brick building on the right.
It moved away further in the direction of Penllergaer in the east and they watched as it disappeared out of sight. The duration of the sighting was about 5 minutes. The men returned to the club, talking about it to each other, Roger and Byron going inside to phone the local radio station, Swansea Sound, leaving Milan outside, who kept a look out in case the object returned.
Milan then saw two more black triangular-shaped craft, smaller than the first, and again about 50 feet up, one travelling one way down the road, and the other on a parallel but opposite course moving up the road. Again, no sound was heard, the objects displayed lights, and reflected the glow from the street lighting. They did not rotate, and when they both reached a certain point after travelling half the length of the street, both reversed their course and passed each other again above him. They once more reversed and passed, stopped and slowly drifted off together to the south, over the shops in the main street at the bottom of the road.
Roger also phoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that reports had come in from all over south Wales. Milan was so affected by what he had seen that when he went home later, he burned his entire collection of UFO books in the garden, and went to sleep with blinds down and curtains closed. The following day, he said there was a tremendous amount of military aircraft flying around the area. He went to the Swansea Sound studio to talk about what he had seen that day.

Source: SUFON Files: Milan Baljak interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 June 2015.


Early evening, dark.
Simon Cornelius was visiting his girlfriend, who lived at 39 Cheriton Crescent, Port Mead and was just getting out of his car when a triangular-shaped object appeared over the houses, coming from the Fforestfach direction (south-west) at about 10 mph. At first it was 'speedboat' shaped and just kept getting wider as more of the object came into view. It was quite low, about the height of three houses and perfectly silent. He described it as being about the size of a football pitch, if not bigger with dim lights underneath. He didn't actually see the rear of the object because it suddenly accelerated so fast and shot away, without a sound, roughly in the direction of Morriston' (north-east).
'...I don't think anything we have can accelerate that quickly and with no noise from a standing start. One minute it was there next it was gone'.
He said there was a man with a baby on the street who just grabbed the child and ran into one of the houses opposite.
Simon later married his girlfriend and they had children. He said, 'If something's come out of your article [SUFON - WalesOnLine and South Wales Evening Post June 2017], my kids always thought I was winding them up, they don't now.'
SOURCE: SUFON Files: witness emails June 2017.

Early evening - dark.
12-year-old Simon Matthews was at home at 31 Daphne Road in Leiros Parc, Neath. It's a corner house at the top of a steep hill that has a fantastic view out over Neath, towards the BP works in Llandarcy. He was in the street playing alone on his BMX bicycle. His mother was in the house, probably cleaning.
Simon looked over towards the BP refinery in Llandarcy and saw six extremely bright red lights hovering over the works. He could see that the lights belonged to two separate objects, both triangular in shape as they glided slowly over the works.
'I was instantly mesmerised. I knew I was witnessing something amazing. I don't think I had ever felt so much excitement in my life! I watched them for a short while and then ran into my house to tell my mother. "Mam! Mam!" I shouted, pulling at her sleeve. "There are two UFOs outside! Come and see!" To my dismay, my mother could not have been less interested. I even described the UFOs to her in detail, but alas her cleaning was more important. She would not even come outside with me, no matter how hard I tried! The next bit is fuzzy. I can't remember if I went back outside to watch them or not, but I do remember watching them for a while. The next day, on the front page of the Evening Post, was a diagram of the two triangular craft I had witnessed, sent in by other witnesses! I showed the paper to my mother, and she regretted not coming outside with me to see them for herself! Ever since that night I have regularly thought about the two craft I saw hovering over BP and I have always wanted to get a hold of the newspaper article from the Evening Post to read it again. I have even contacted the Evening Post, but they did not reply. When I read the article in the Wales Online [SUFON Summer Conference 10 June 2017] just now I nearly spat my tea out! My partner was sitting next to me and she saw tears come into my eyes. "It's the first story they talk about!" I said. "And they even have a name for that night!" You see, I've been telling the story of that night since I was 12. I'm 47 next week and I thought I might never find out more about that night, so to come across that article is like a dream come true!'
Source: SUFON Files: witness email June 2017.

See video interview with witness here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-8LQ3NmiM0&t=28s


Approximately between 6.30 PM and 8 PM.
Cold, clear night.
Natalie Bowden (aged 13 yrs 6 mths) lived at 38 Beechwood Road, Uplands, Swansea, which stands on the north side of the street, which runs east-west. Natalie was in the back room with her dog, watching TV and suddenly had a feeling that she should go out the front door. She did so, but the dog did not follow her, and saw a huge object over the houses on the opposite side of the road.
She remembers a shape of lights on the underside of the object, which she compared to a stadium, which consisted of a ring, round or oval, which protruded below the craft. Large coloured square windows or panels of light were on the outer side of the ring, which constantly changed colour. She remembered these colours being creams, ochres and pinks and others, all soft hues irridescent and 'pearly'. The colours were pulsating rather than flashing. The outside of the ring were sloped rather than straight. She could not see in detail the body or shape of the whole craft due to the brightness of the ring, but it was large, covering the street. She assumed that it was circular, because of the ring of light beneath it [it is possible that the shape was triangular, as other witnesses of triangles on this evening have described a ring of light beneath the craft].
She was alone to begin with, for about 5 minutes while the object was silently hovering 30 ft above the street, just above the houses opposite, and also covering the street. She called her sister (Ashley) and stepfather (Dave) out of the house.  She remembers, too, that even though it was a cold winter evening, it wasn't cold during the time of the sighting, and it was perfectly quiet "you could hear a pin drop", she said. There was no sound from the craft and everything was completely still and silent.
When Ashliegh and Dave came out, strangely there was no excitement or interest evident from Dave as he was now confronted with the sight of the UFO. Her sister was unusually quiet. By this time a few more people were in the street, around seven plus Natalie, her sister and stepfather who stood opposite her at the top of the steps that led down to the street. There were some people down the road to the left, the James family (Duncan and his son) and Mrs Parker to the right, a man who lived to the right, across the road who she called the rose man as he always tended his roses, and some others whom she did not know.
They stood there for about 5 minutes and then Dave said he'd seen enough and went back indoors! Ashley, who normally did not get on with him, nevertheless followed him in, and Natalie remembers that her sister turned in a sort of fluid, automatic movement, which was unusual enough for her to remember it. Natalie told them she would not leave until she sees the object go. For some reason this was important to her to see it leave. She stayed watching it, and mentally asking it questions. She said she actually started to get a bit bored waiting for it move or do something! She was aware of a pressure sensation in her ears.
It must have been after another 10 minutes that she suddenly had a feeling of bitter disappointment: "I found myself feeling gutted as it had gone! All I could see were the stars. I was very confused because that was my goal to watch it move, but was left there feeling perplexed, dazed....also no one else was on the street, except me." It was now cold and windier, normal for January.
She went back in feeling 'gutted' and Dave asked her jokingly, "Did you see your UFO go?" and her sister didn't discuss it. The did not discuss it with any of the neighbours at all in the days following, which again, was strange.

Natalie explained that the following day she showed her stepfather the Evening Post and there was an article about a Russian satellite out of orbit, which was suggested as a possible explanation of the sightings over Swansea the night before [that South Wales Evening Post  article was actually published on the following Monday 24th January 1983]:
SEE OUR VIDEO OF INTERVIEW WITH NATALIE: Night of The Triangles - Part 5 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1V7SBm5BV58iMVb5Nz-mFw
Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams via Facebook August 2016, and on video with Steve Drewson, Laurence Lowe and Mike Maunder 16 August 2016. 


6.30 PM
Richard Gravelle was observing the stars through his binoculars, from Baglan in Port Talbot. He observed three sets of bright lights in triangular formation travelling slowly in an easterly direction. He assumed at the time that the lights belonged to an aircraft as some of the lights flashed on and off at regular intervals. He was struck by the absence of noise. As the lights were going over, a shooting star travelling from the north east to south west passed immediately behind the lights.
Source: South Wales Evening Post - Letters - 27 January 1983.
SUFON interviewed the witness in 2018 and was told the same with this additional information: Richard lives in Pentwyn Baglan Road in Baglan, the front of the house faces south-west. Forty years old at the time, he had been in his back garden which looks inland to the north east looking at the stars as it was so clear. He then went to the front, the seaward side of the property. He immediately saw, straight ahead at an elevation of about 30 degrees, three green lights which were flashing on and off, moving in formation (one ahead, two behind) from his right to left (west to east), in a position over Swansea Bay, at a height at which airliners fly. He assumed that the lights were three separate aircraft as the space between them ruled out any normal possibility of them being on the same object as it would have been huge - '"They were well spaced apart". The distance between the lights as it moved did not change. He admitted that if the lights were on the same object it would have been very large indeed. If the lights had been on aircraft, the green lights would have been on their port side, not starboard, the opposite of what is normal and legal on aircraft, in which case red lights would have been visible. There was no sound. The lights were moving together quite slowly, on a straight and level course, eventually moving out of sight over Margam to his left, obscured by the hills to the left of Port Talbot. Duration of the sighting: about 4 minutes. 
Richard kept a diary of his astronomical observations and he duly recorded it thus: 
"Wednesday 19th January 1983 - 6.30 PM Sighted Pleiades, Bull & Orion. Direction - South East. Sighted three aircraft well lit up - no sound- travelling east. Sighted a shooting star moving from north east to the south west passing to the rear of the aircraft"

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 9 February 2018.



Early evening.

Rob aged 11, was standing on the corner on Canterbury Road, opposite Brynmill Primary School, talking with a friend, when they noticed a huge object in the sky. It was described as triangular in shape and Rob, being a 'Starwars' fan instantly compared it to an Imperial Cruiser, but was then confused as to why an object that big didn't seem to be making a sound. He said it looked like it was turning and heading out towards the bay. He thinks it had a white light at the each tip. He told his family when he got home, but did not report it. He remembers seeing it in the Evening Post the following day and thinks his sighting was slightly earlier than the ones reported in the article.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email.


6.30 PM
An observer located on ‘highest point of Swansea on Hill’ – presumably Townhill, saw 3 white flashing lights. Moving at a steady, slow speed towards Swansea Bay.
Watched for 2 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.


Carol Batcup (see Killay above) told of a sighting told to her by one of the director's of her employer's firm, T. T. Pascoe, Swansea. Dorothy Thomas was driving home in Reynoldston, from Swansea. She was heading along the moor road which passes over the top of the ridge, Cefn Bryn and saw a large craft passing in the same direction as herself - south, and over the hill at a low altitude. She thought it was going to crash into the hill as it was so low. She got home and managed to get her husband out in time for them both to see it fly off at increased speed, shooting south over the sea.

Source: SUFON Files: Carol Batcup citing the witness: 12 January 2018.



6.35 PM.

John Rees, his wife and daughter saw a 'triangular shape with three lights' pass over their home in Garw Wood Drive, Cwmbran.

Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 1986 citing South Wales Argus.


Merthyr star gazer, Keith Jones thanked his lucky stars that he looked into the sky at night - otherwise he could have missed a "fantastic and incredible sight".
He wasn't star struck, but, as many other people in Wales last week, Keith Jones sighted a UFO - and called his neighbours to witness the sight. The huge triangular object which invaded the skies of South Wales during the week is baffling aviation and UFO experts.
Mr. Jones, of Anthony's Grove, Abercanaid, estimated the area of the flying craft to be equal to a football field. "I'm a star gazer and I've got my own telescope and many books on the subject. I'm always looking at the sky," explained Mr. Jones, "but this sighting was just pure chance.
"It was incredible. The first thing I do when I go out at night is look at the sky. I used to plot satellites and the time they go over. I've pointed them out various things [times?] to people, but they do not believe you can see them," said Mr. Jones. He went on to explain how he saw the eerie object. "We were just about to go to Asda's about 6.30 p.m. and I went down to the parking bay to get the car. As usual, I looked up and I thought, 'Hell, that's strange'. I heard an aeroplane and at first I Looked for one. I looked on other directions.
"I couldn't hear a sound from this other object. Then I realised the size of it. It was as big as a football field - it was triangular. At the head there was this massive bright light and that was rigid, and there were small lights around it." Mr. Jones called his wife and his neighbours to witness the sighting.
"It was hovering over the mountain," said Mr. Anthony Beynon, "An aeroplane went over at the same time. You could see the difference in size to the two craft. The aeroplane went by and the other craft was still there and was not making any sound."
He described the intensity of the lights as "something similar to the flash of a camera". It was a fair distance across, but it was obvious that the lights were on the same object. I was telling everyone in work about it the next day, and the next thing it was in the newspapers, describing exactly the same thing, so we weren't hallucinating," said Mr. Beynon.
Source: Merthyr Express 27 January 1983.

7 PM.
John Griffiths, of Heol Penlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff was on the way home from his work at a communications company, Air Call Ltd in Cathedral Road. Passengers in the car were his wife Carole who works with him, and Dr Nribendra Deb, who practises in Caerphilly.
They saw a huge triangular-shaped object in the sky over the River Taff, close to Llandaff Rowing Club. John stopped the car, and they looked at in amazement. Carole said, "It looked like Concorde taking off but it was stationary in the sky. I normally pooh-pooh things like that, but it had to be a UFO."
She drew a sketch of the object, which shows a triangle with one side shorter than the other two, and had 10 large lights around the sides, with one in the centre. She said that the centre light was red and the outer lights white.
Dr Deb said, "I don't know what I was looking at - I have never seen anything like iot before."
John Griffiths told the South Wales Echo that he had seen a similar object above Pentwyn earlier in the evening.
Source: South Wales Echo 20 January 1983.


7.45 PM.

Mr. M. Powell, watching from his front garden in Cotswold Way, Risca, saw an object which appeared to be alternately blue and red in colour.

Source: Unknown Gwent - Alan Roderick 1986 citing South Wales Argus.



Between 8 PM and 9 PM

Ken Morse, a telecom engineer was at home in Ridley Way, a lane with houses only on the west side of the road. Ken explains his sighting in his own words:
“At the time of the sighting, our electricity supply was on three phase open wires running the length of the lane and was subject to power outages during windy weather. I have seen the wires blowing about in high winds and sparking on contact, resulting, unsurprisingly, in a power cut.
Events leading up to sighting:
On the night in question, my wife was out and I would have been in charge of putting my then five-year-old daughter and nine-month-old son to bed – though I have no recollection of doing this! Once this was done, I would have settled down to watch television. This is where I’m hazy on the time but I suspect it was between 8 pm  and 9 pm.
Part way through the programme I was watching, the power unexpectedly went off. As usual, when this happened, I would look out of our east-north-easterly-facing lounge window, to determine whether this was a local fault in our lane or whether the houses on Oldway across the field were also in darkness. On this occasion, they were.
The weather was clear and dry with no wind, when, looking out of my ground floor window, my attention was immediately drawn to a triangular formation of three bright blue-white “stars” that had just passed over the lane, south of my house, and were moving slowly in a roughly eastward  direction.
(See attached simulated photo of what I saw which was produced for this report. The grey area in the top corner is the overhanging guttering of our dormer bungalow).
My initial reaction was that moving so slowly it must be close to commercial aircraft cruising height. I discounted this when I realised that if it was solid it would be absolutely enormous and if it were three separate craft, the lights were far more powerful than those found on any normal aircraft.
I opened the lounge window to see if I could hear anything. As usual, in our lane at night, there was complete silence. I strained to see whether there was a black triangle between the lights but the background sky was so dark it was impossible to tell. I was then hoping it might block out stars as it passed under them but so few stars were visible that night even though it was a clear sky that again I was unable to confirm the existence of a solid body between the lights. It (or they) maintained the formation in a straight line until it disappeared over the tree in the photo in the direction of West Cross and Swansea Docks. In all I must have watched it for just over a minute but it seemed a lot longer.
The object was first seen at an elevation of about 35 degrees with 90 degrees directly overhead. It was clear they were forming the corners of an equilateral triangle with one light leading point and the other two at the rear. I reiterate, I cannot say of it was solid. Ridley Way runs NNW to SSE. The objects were about 40 degrees south of east when first seen. Without another observation from a different location it is impossible to determine how far the object(s) were along those bearings and therefore the height and distance away at which they (it) were flying.
1.    The three blue-white lights were equally bright (much brighter than any star or planet), well defined and did not sparkle or flash.
2.    There was nothing visible between the lights and thus no black triangle or central light in evidence.
3.    There were no other navigation lights (red/green) or any other strobe/rotating beacon lights of any kind to make me think they were commercial or military aircraft.
4.    It was completely silent.
5.    The relative distance between the lights was maintained until I could no longer see it.
6.    The lights did not illuminate anything on the ground or any part of the craft as far as I could see.
7.    The lights were still visible as it flew eastward suggesting they were 180 degree lights and not just downward facing spotlights.
8.    There was nothing else unusual in my field of view.
9.    Transatlantic commercial planes flying over at night at about 35,000 feet and around 500 mph have very faint lights and can be heard.
See Flightradar24.com (REF 3) for altitude information.
Taking all the above into account, it would seem to indicate that what I saw was likely to be a large, low flying, slow moving possibly solid triangular object with a bright light at each corner.
I have observed meteor showers, a comet, faint earth satellites, Iridium satellite flares, and the International Space Station. None of these bear any resemblance to what I saw that night. I have never seen anything in the sky before or since that couldn’t be explained.
The following day, the Evening Post carried some of the witness’ stories of the sightings that occurred that night and one explanation I remember was high altitude refuelling. If what I saw was high altitude refuelling they must have had very long fuel lines because at 35,000 ft I would estimate they must have been over a mile apart! Not to mention having incredibly bright lights (see point 9 above). High altitude refuelling involves a leading tanker plane followed only yards behind by the plane being refuelled. I’m guessing at that height at night it would look like one aircraft and not three separated by a considerable distance.
If the power had not gone off (caused by the object?) I would not have been looking out of the window and would have missed it. I may have been the only person to witness this particular sighting over Bishopston. It appears to be very similar to the recent sighting over the Cwmfelin Club.


Ken Morse 21 August 2015.

See video on video page


June Thomas, of Pentrechwyth Road, Bonymaen, Swansea, had just finished work as a cleaner at the Viscose plant at South Dock when she saw the mystery objects.
Mrs. Thomas said today she discounted theories put forward by Swansea Coastguards that the lights she saw in the sky were meteorites burning up as they entered the earth’s atmosphere.
“What I saw was two objects, very big objects, moving across the sky slowly and without any noise,” she said. “Call them flying saucers if you will, but they were definitely not planes or meteorites”.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 21 January 1983.

SUFON's Emlyn Williams interviewed June on 18 June 2017 and provided more details, some of which were significant. She explained that she was leaving work at the Viscose plant early as she was meeting her husband who was picking her up to take her to the cinema. As she was walking out, she was half way to the gate when she looked up and saw three triangular-shaped objects in the sky. She was facing the plant buildings (seaward - south) - and the one at the front of the formation was the largest. They were heading south over the sea, and the large one turned to her left, and moved towards Port Talbot (east). She only managed to see part of the large one as it was turning, because the factory buildings obscured the view. She could see a little bit of the lights that it displayed, it was moving slowly and turning slowly around. It then  disappeared completely behind the buildings as it headed towards Port Talbot. The two smaller ones were however big in their own right, and had white lights on them. They were dark against the starry sky and blocked out the stars. There was no sound. June said they were about two houses high in altitude, so really quite low. She tried to draw the attention of two security guards but they were too far away. The drawing she supplied to the Evening Post was of the two smaller craft, as she only saw part of the big one before it disappeared, she left that out of the drawing.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 18 June 2017.


8 year-old Mark Rayworth was with his mother, sister and friend. It was dark and the street lighting was on. The weather was dry and clear.
They were standing on the footpath at Townhill Road, Graiglwydd Square, opposite the police station, when his mother said, “Look at that,” pointing above their heads. On looking up he saw two equilateral triangular shaped objects above them which he described as massive in size and almost stationary, but very very slowly moving, in the direction of Mumbles. Both objects were black in colour with rounded off corners.
Around the entire lower perimeter of the objects, were flashing lights, all different colours, and just individually flashing on and off randomly. There was one large white light positioned in the centre of their base, which was constantly glowing. They made no sound nor was there any trail left behind them. Their height was estimated to be about 500 feet. They all watched these objects in awe, for some 10 to 15 minutes, and they then had to leave the scene, to visit friends before the objects disappeared from view.
Mark immediately believed that the objects were alien to this planet, and says they had a profound effect on his life.


Source: SUFON Files: Mark Rayworth interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.

See videos


6 PM
Detective Sergeant Michael Troake, based at Morriston Police Station – was carrying out enquiries into a spate of burglaries in the Winch Wen area, with his colleague – DC Gethin James. They were about to get into the CID car, when they saw a cluster of lights approaching their position in the sky.
DS Troake: “What surprised me  was the way in which the lights blocked out some of the stars, giving me an impression of an object that was long and rectangular in shape. As this massive, silent, transparent, object loomed overhead, I could see a number of blue flashing lights at its edges. All I could do was stand in awe, looking upwards, as this ‘thing’ – only about a hundred feet off the ground – headed slowly towards Swansea Bay.”
DC James – “It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen....bigger than two football fields and covered in blinding lights, although I could just make out a smaller object in the shape of a ‘V’ following behind.”

On 31 October 2016 Swansea UFO Network's Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams met Mike Troake at his home for an interview. Mike explained that they were based in Morriston Police Station, and had gone  to visit a member of the public in a house at the top of Maes-yr-Haf [Y Gefnen, which leads off it], Trallwn , and had just come out of the front door, which was at the top of steps, which faces south-west, with good views down the Swansea Valley.
Mike said, "Good God, what the hell is that?"Gethin replied, "It's like two football pitches", to which Mike said, "It's like the whole length of Woodfield Street" [the main street in Morriston].
Mike described it as being rectangular, with flashing blue lights arranged along the sides, and there were two blue triangular lights at the rear - all part of one object, moving slowly towards them from the south-west. It was about a half a mile to a mile away from them in the south-west, moving from the Landore area. It was blocking out the stars behind it. They were looking up at it at an angle of about 45 degrees. There was no sound from the object. When it was roughly over the Winch Wen area, it slowly turned to the left (the object's right) and shot off to the south, towards Swansea Bay.
They heard over their police radio that many reports were coming in from the public, about seeing unidentified objects in the sky. There were a number of calls from the Port Tennant and St. Thomas area.
About two hours later, back at  the station, they received a phone call from the RAF at Uxbridge, and were interviewed separately. They were asked the same prepared questions, such as description, size, what did it do, etc.

Later BBC Wales telephoned and asked Mike for an interview, but he declined, fearing that they would be ridiculed.
Mike Troake draws the object that he and DC Gethin James saw

Mike's drawing of the object, with the blue lights on the sides and blue triangles at the rear.

The trajectory of the object and  the witnesses' location shown by a cross

Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 pages 236 – 237; SUFON Files: Mike Troake interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 31 October 2016.

Other witnesses that evening:

Rita Bradley of Finsbury Terrace, Brynmill, Swansea:
“I saw two triangular objects close together with lots of white lights towards Townhill. I could hardly believe it.”
John Owens of St. Catherines Road, Baglan, saw the lights in the sky above Porthcawl.
He said:
“What I saw was about 600 feet from the ground, huge in size and did not jave any engine noise, not like any civil or military aircraft I know. Besides, it was only moving at about 30 mph, far too slow for an aircraft. I cannot really say what it was....it was certainly phenomenal.”
Peter Trotman, of Bryncerdyn Road, Newton, Mumbles, said he was astonished to hear the claim that the sighting was meteorites. And Mr Kenneth Needles, of Verdi Road, Port Talbot, said he was also sure the UFOs were objects of some kind.
Mr Needles, who was in the RAF during the war, said:
“To be honest, I have no idea what the UFOs were, but they can’t have been aircraft.”
Source: South Wales Evening Post 20 & 21 January 1983.

Early evening.
Phil Prevel was walking his dog in Beryl Road, Clydach and looked up into the clear sky to see three lights, one red, and the other two, green, arranged in a triangle, with a dark space between them, over the Mond Nickel Works. He could not see a body to it, but could see no stars in the space either. It seemed to be motionless but  was drifting slowly towards Morriston in the south-west.
Source: SUFON Files. Witness testimony 8 April 2015.

A 15-year-old boy [wishes to remain anonymous] was with his mother in the back garden of their home in Laburnham Place, Sketty Park Estate, Swansea when they saw several set of lights in triangular formations over Swansea Bay to the south.
"The funny thing is when I saw the lights (triangles) over Swansea Bay they were so insignificant compared to what I had observed years earlier [see Summer 1977 - Olchfa School, Swansea], that I was totally underwhelmed and didn't even realise there was anything out of the ordinary until it was reported on over the next weeks. I recall several sets of lights (just like stars) in perfect triangle formations and moving across the night sky across the bay very slowly and in sync. The sky was clear and I recall it being quite cold. I was not aware of any structure to the lights, could not estimate how big it was nor do I recall them flashing or changing. I have often thought that the lights must have been part of the same objects as they remained constant in gap / distance. There were at least 3 seperate objects (maybe more). I cannot recall why we (myself and mother) were actually in the garden - clearly something would have made us go out to look into the sky in the cold and dark...I didn't realise that the triangles were anything other than aircraft until news articles appeared about them.  I don't recall it being late but it was certainly very clear and dark (quite cold too). I would hazard a guess that it was early evening. I really cannot recall why I went into the garden (my mum / neighbour may have called me to look). The house behind us was very close and the lights were very distant and at a high angle because we could see them over the roof (cannot see mumbles or the sea even from upstairs window if that helps). I recall watching them for a while but as said previously, they were nowhere near as interesting as a previous object I had seen and I think I went back into the house without any thought of them being particularly "strange". The lights were going east to west - from Port Talbot direction across the bay towards Mumbles side of the bay. Very, very slow but in a definite and straight line. I can remember being far more interested when they were being reported by people in the following days.'
Source: SUFON Files. Witness emails June 2017.

William Rich and his son, at home in Llandough Castle, Cowbridge saw a large triangular object passing in a westerly direction towards the Bristol Channel.
A little later they also observed other lights which were pulsating but stationary.
William (Bill) Rich is a member of BUFORA.
Source: South Wales Echo Friday 21 January 1983 and Thursday 27 January.


Joe Tolland, an insurance agent, a former engineer with the RAF with 15 years service, of Ham Lane East, Llantwit Major, was coaching Llantwit Major under 12's football team, stopped the game they were playing to watch a huge triangular-shaped object in the sky. At first he thought what he was seeing was an aeroplane being re-fuelled in mid flight. But he admitted that this operation wasnever done over built-up areas, and two aircraft would create a lot of noise.
"I couldn't fathom out why the lights were so far apart. It was close perhaps 600 - 1000 feet up. It must have been 300 feet across, so it could not be an aircraft. The thing I really don't understand is that it made no noise. The lights were not usual aircraft lights, though it was in the flight path from Rhoose Airport."
Source: South Wales Echo 24 January 1983.

Mrs Jennifer Brotherston, aged 37, of Church Rise, Wenvoe saw, 'two massive lights, close together in the sky. Until we saw the front page of the Echo, I would have thought people would think I was some kind of a nut. It was standing still in the sky - that was what caught my attention. It seemed to be like an aircraft on its side.'
Source: South Wales Echo Friday 21 January 1983.



Anthony Williams of Hazel Close, Sketty, Swansea was driving past BP Llandarcy and saw a white light moving around and hovering over BP Baglan Bay. He said there were also flashes of orange.
Swansea Coastguards said there had been no aircraft in the area, and had received reports of the light which was seen just before 8 pm but could not explain what it was.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 17 February 1983.

7.45 PM. Clear, cloudless.

The witness was in front garden of home in an elevated position, commanding excellent view of Newport area, Bristol Channel and Avon. The witness viewed a static object by naked eye, telescope and binoculars to the south west, at an elevation of 30 degrees, a light similar to star or planet, alternating blue and red in colour.
The witness was unable to state precisiely how far away it was, but it appeared similar to other stars. Two aircraft passed below the object, so could not be confused with aircraft lights.
Source: MOD Files.

The witness is unsure if this sighting was in 1983 or 1984. However, he does remember that it was a Thursday in April.
The time was about 8.15-20 PM. Brian Harry was living at 40 Hen Parc Lane, Upper Killay, Swansea. It was at dusk, clear sky, no clouds. Brian was in his back garden when he saw a solid black disc approaching from the direction of Pennard in the south-west, and flying over Fairwood Common at a high altitude. It was travelling at a slow speed on a steady course. Its size he compared to that of the length of a Boeing 747 airliner.
He described it as like two saucers joined together at the rim, totally black, and above and below, but not touching the object, was a strobe light of a silvery white colour, like that of lightning, flashing very fast.
There was no sound, and the object left no trail behind it.
He immediately called his wife, Jennifer, and the next-door neighbour, Bob, a truck driver, and the three of them watched it continue on its course towards Swansea Bay in the east, for 5 or 6 minutes.
Suddenly, without warning, it shot off at high speed in the direction of Cardiff.
Source: SUFON Files: Brian Harry interviewed by Emlyn Williams 31 July 2015.

Clear sky.
Crofty housewife, Anne Holland of Pencaerfenni Park, her husband and friend watched ‘a bright and beautiful light’ which seemed to be swinging gently back and forth ‘for ages’.
Mr. B. E. Featherstone, president of Swansea Astronomical Society declared that what they had witnessed was just Jupiter which was visible at the time.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 23 June 1983.

10.30 PM.
Mrs. R. Lewis, her daughters and two neighbours were sitting in her garden in Windmill Terrace, St. Thomas, when a light, which at first they thought was a plane, came over from the direction of Swansea Bay to the south.
Eventually they realised that it was not making a sound. Underneath the object, which looked like a big bright white star, was a red light which seemed to be flying in circles around the object. After a few minutes the red light detached itself from the white one and they both disappeared in opposite directions over Kilvey Hill behind her house.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 August 1983.


Oval balls of amber light were seen over Glan Conwy, when the sky was lit up by a huge 'H' formation, which proceeded to throw out smaller balls of light. After this stopped, the 'H' seemed to fold in on itself and vanish.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10876952 - Daniel Bissett 12 February 2016.



Witness: 'Arthur Stone' - not real name.

Location: 51°34'00.60" N 4°00'02.74" W
Time: 8pm-10pm approx. late Summer 1983 (to the best of my memory).
The position overlooks the Bristol Channel from a height of 100ft above sea level and range of view was from SSE to SSW with South being the direction of first sighting at '10-11 o'clock' elevation. The only remarkable feature of the site is a large geological fault line underneath (Doctor's Mine cave). Prior to the sighting there had been a dense static atmosphere for a few hours.
I had just left Magpie's Chalet (51°33'59.73" N 3°59'53.41" W) shortly after darkness fell; I was with 11 friends and we had been visiting a holidaymaker staying at the chalet. We all left together and walked through the fields to the cliff path. Just prior to joining the cliff path I heard a group of people shouting and also the sound of banging on the metal cliff-path railings; due to this I stopped, something unusual was happening for that time and location.
For some reason I looked above me into the clear night sky. At around 10-11 o'clock height I saw 3 stars (10 pence size in my field of view) blink in a pattern, they then began to rotate around themselves in an increasing arc and suddenly realised that around 1/3 of my field of vision was filled with a folding of the sky; then I discerned that instead of looking at the stars I was looking at a reflection of stars or stars through a prismatic, clear surface that was distorting light. Then I recognised the surface on which the stars were located and that this surface was rotating slowly downwards.
This object was gargantuan, filling most of the sky; I looked to the left side of the object and it tapered and seemed to stretch into the distance for a long, long way. The object appeared to be miles long. I thought I could see the ambient orange glow from the lights of Swansea reflected on it's underside a mile or so away; I could also faintly see architectural/engineering features on the body of the object. Similar feeling as seeing a large submarine or super-tanker but floating silently in the sky. It towered above me.
All of a sudden I felt as if being watched or scanned by something; almost as if the object was aware I had seen it. I had a feeling like a piano was about to fall from a building onto my head and I shouted “Run” or similar and ran as fast as possible along the cliff path to the west. As I was running I kept saying to myself 'Don't look back' repeatedly. I can't remember anything after that. I think I made it home but can't be 100% sure.
From first sighting the blinking stars to taking my eyes off the large object and running seemed like under a minute of time.
I didn't meet any of the other witnesses and discuss the event until around 1995; I had thought I had imagined it, but was told by L (who was with me that night) that she and 10 other witness in our group all saw 'it' too and they had discussed it later. The shouting I heard on the cliff was 6 other people (I know) who saw something too. I think my sighting could correspond with C+W's (5 witness) sighting [below].
At no point did I see a triangle or any other recognisable shape. It is possible that I saw the tapered side of a triangular object and this gave me the impression that the object appeared longer than it was but it must have been a lot closer to me (-200ft) than I thought (-/+ 1000ft) and at a much lower altitude.
At the time (1980-2000's) I could not recall ever hearing about 'triangle' UFO's or 'black triangles'...even when C&W told me they had seen a triangle UFO (over Langland Bay (Late Summer 1982/3) I did not link it to my own sighting. I didn't see a triangle shape at any point (during my own sighting) and whilst I believed C&W I didn't link it to other sightings of triangle UFOs until the 2000's when they were publicised. Until then I had assumed all UFOs were disc, orb/light or cigar-shaped.

[Note: the location that this sighting took place is in the exact same place at that reported by 'C' referred to above - see 8 December 2015 - E.W.]

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 4 August 2017.



The witnesses are unsure of the exact date but  know it was in the summer months of 1983 – probably the same night as 'Arthur Stone's' report above.
A couple (C and W), who live in Langland, were very interested in UFOs and related subjects, and ‘W’ in particular is a very spiritual person.
Together with three male friends, Peter, Cus and Mark, they decided to walk down to Langland Point to conduct a skywatch. It was around 11 pm when they set out under a clear sky.
At the headland which is situated on the west side of Langland Bay they stopped by a bench to watch the sky. It wasn’t long before they saw a light high up moving west to east. Then along the coast to their right, i.e. to the west on the far horizon at the end of the Gower Peninsula they could see three lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle, one red, one blue and one yellow – all three primary colours.
Suddenly it moved almost instantly to a position on the southern horizon towards the Devon coast, and then it shot straight towards the at incredible speed, instantly taking up a position straight in front of them about 100 yards  off the coast and hovering ten feet above the surface of the sea. Its lights were reflecting on the water below it.
Watching this from their elevated position on the point they all shouted ‘wow!’ and one of the men screamed as he dived down under the bench. They could hear an electrical hum like you sometimes hear power cables making. They could also make out other people screaming and calling out, down on Langland beach behind them. The craft was estimated as being the size of a large house.
‘W’ described it as a triangle with each coloured light at the corners and he could make out the left side of it, which was identical to the side facing them, so in essence, a three-sided pyramid. Suddenly a smaller version of the main craft shout out of the top, and ascended about 200 feet into the air, moving to their right (west) towards Caswell. It too was making an electrical hum, but of a higher pitch. Half-way along the cliffs towards Caswell, still 100 yards off the coast, it shot out a beam of white light over the golf course. ‘W’ shouted, ‘Wow, give us another one!’ and as if on command it repeated the flash in the opposite direction, seawards. Following this it moved off upwards into the starry sky and out of sight.
Another identical small pyramid then came out of the top of the larger craft, as before, but this time the small craft went the other way – towards the east at an angle of about 45 degrees, heading for a point high in the sky in the direction of Bristol. They watched it until all they could see of it was a red dot.
They then saw around half a dozen of these red dots high in the sky, coming from different directions and all heading for the point where this latter object had disappeared high up over the Bristol Channel to the east.
All the time, the big object was still in position about 100 yards offthe coast, and about ten feet over the waves. Then it moved steadily to their left (east), then further out to sea and finally speeding off at an angle into the night sky to become another red spot before disappearing.
The five friends stayed there for about another half hour when they saw what they presumed was the first small pyramid go over them at a high altitude from west to east, again heading for the point in the sky up channel.
Source: SUFON Files: witnesses, ‘C’ and ‘W’ interviewed by Steve Drewson, Gaynor Vine and Emlyn Williams at the home of the witness, 4 February 2016.


Approximately 10 – 10.30 am.
Clear sky.
Blaencaerau Junior School, Maesteg. David, aged about 10 years old, was one of a group of about 20 children in the school yard, waiting to be picked for football. He was standing with his back against the railings, with his arms interlocked in the bars.
Some of the children in the yard started shouting, “Look at the spaceship!” David didn’t see it straight away because he had to turn around and face the opposite direction after first freeing his arms from the fence.
When he did turn around he looked towards Caerau Park housing estate, and saw a disc like two plates face-to-face, edge on, lying horizontally at a 30 degree elevation, hovering about 80 feet above the houses on the hillside. It was metallic in colour and the sun reflected off its surface.
After hovering for a few seconds it went from a standstill to shooting off below mountain top level, and into the Afan Valley, casting its shadow onto the mountain sides as it went. It made no noise at any time while in view. In all, David saw the object for only a couple of seconds, but others had seen it longer.
About five seconds later, two RAF Jaguar jets appeared from the north and followed the course of the disc into the Afan Valley, below the level of the mountain tops. David knew his planes and could identify the type.
David went with three of his friends to report the sighting to a teacher, who dismissed the object as a plane, the reason that they could hear no sound from it he put down to the fact that the wind was blowing away from them, this despite the fact that a few seconds later, the two jets noisily flew past!
Source: SUFON Files: David interviewed by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2015.
31 MAY 1984 – SWANSEA
Saturday [?] 8 AM.
A huge black triangle moved over village, no sound, three domed lights, solid.
Up to 500 feet away from witness, at treetop height. Moved in a straight path. Had three domed lights visible.
“Upon witnessing this event, I ran home approximately a quarter of a mile. Immediately drawing the family’s attention, but there was no sign of the object. The following day, Sunday, the object was reported in the national newspapers. It took too long to run home that night, the object should still have been visible as I monitored it all the way home. But in the seconds it took to call family it had gone.
Also I have a memory of a device, a circular magnetic device, I could draw from memory. That night it took too long to run home, I can’t remember how I got from the rugby field to my street, and the speed in which the object moved, it should have still been visible. Various people throughout the village also saw the object independently.”
[SUFON Note: 31 May 1984 was a Thursday, so the following day would have been a Friday, not a Sunday as stated in the witness account – and for it to have been reported in all the national papers on Sunday morning would have been impossible – some details must be incorrect].
Source: www.beta.ufostalker.com/event/59468 uploaded by witness 1 September 2014.

11.25 PM. Following a report by a member of the public a uniformed police officer attended the house and too observed a flickering UFO which had a number of lights on it as it moved in an easterly direction at a 25 degree elevation in the clear skies above Newport.
Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing MOD files

The witness thinks it might be 1985.
Deborah Pursey was about 15 years old and was in class at school one Friday morning, on the second floor of Heathfield House High School in Cyncoed, Cardiff. She looked out of the window to her left (to the west) and saw that a mist had appeared over the school field.  She then noticed an object shaped like an inverted cut diamond hovering just above the grass, to the left of a tree about 150 yards away. It was silver in colour, about 6-8 ft tall and made no movement or sound. The mist was just in the area behind the object.
Deborah said, "I don’t recall any features, it seemed streamlined."
She watched it for about a minute and pointed it out to the girl sitting next to her and they watched it together for a few minutes. The mist then cleared and the object was gone. She didn't see it arrive or depart.
She explained, "I remember that week some other sightings were reported, also on the news it said members of Parliament had reported seeing unusual objects. I don’t remember the exact date but in know it was a Friday. It may have been 1984 or 1985. Of course no one believed me, I was not a child who told lies so I thought I would have been believed."
Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed via Facebook by Emlyn Williams 24 October 2017.
04 50 HRS.
An on duty uniformed police officer observed two bright white lights in tight formation that hovered and then moved in a zig-zag pattern across the sky above Merthyr Tydfil towards Tredegar.
Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing MOD Files.

5 or 6 PM.
A man was driving home with his mother, to Bonymaen along Bog Road, near the site of Tir John Power Station, as they came round a bend in the road, they suddenly saw ‘an object’ near the ground which shot up in the air as they got near it, nearly hitting the car, before shooting off.
The experience frightened them as they thought it was going to crash into them.
No further details are known, of what the object was like etc, as the informant, the man’s sister, explained that her brother has now passed away, and their mother is in her 90s and suffering from dementia.
Source: SUFON Files: informant interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 29 January 2016.

1 MARCH 1985 - MORRISTON                                                  
6.30 PM.
Clear Sky.
The witness and a friend’s husband were in a garden  in a village location near Swansea, when they saw a round, white object, 3 or 4 times the size of a star, very bright, and moving backwards and forwards faster than a jet, in a position at a 45 degree angle over the DVLC building near Morriston.
The witness could hear a sound like that of a piston engine, but not like a normal aircraft sound. They watched the object for about half an hour.
Source: MOD Files.

7 PM.
Anthony Weed (14) was with about 12 friends playing football and saw a disc-shaped object in the sky at an altitude of at least 1000 ft. It was rotating as it moved slowly and deliberately through the sky. Anthony compared it to a huge dustbin lid. It was silver/grey in colour. There were no obvious lights visible, being a daylight sighting.
They watched as it moved down the valley and out of sight.
Duration of the sighting: 10-15 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1326    



On this night a red ovoid object rose from a quarry in Meliden, and went into the clouds.

Source: www.nicap.org citing Earth Lights Revelation Paul Devereux page 73.



12.30 AM.

Two college students were returning home by car from their part-time work, when they saw an object shoot across the sky. The pair were at Dyserth crossroads in the Denbighshire village situated high above Rhyl and Prestatyn when the craft's movement attracted their eyes.

The students said it was travelling at great speed from the direction of Meliden Quarry towards fields over the A547. As they were travelling by car, they followed the direction of the object which appeared to have a yellow glow at its centre with green spikes of light. After some miles the craft stopped, hovered and disappeared behind some cloud before re-emerging and apparently flying close to the ground before seemingly landing in an area known as The Meadows just off the A547.

They plucked up the courage to stop at the scene of the landing and investigate further. But when they peered over hedging they could see nothing.

Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/ar/t425.htm citing http://www.bbc.tv/wales/northeast/guides/w...s/dyserth.shtml (now not available) citing Margaret Fry.



11.45 PM. Clear Sky. A husband and wife were at home in Bridgend and saw, from indoors and from their doorstep, two spherical objects from the west at a 45 degree elevation at about 2000 feet altitude, moving at a steady pace.

Source: MOD Files.



During the day.

A farmer said he saw a bright red sphere-like object hanging in the sky above trees in the village. He estimated it was some 40 ft from one side to the other.

Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/ar/t425 citing http://www.bbc.tv/wales/northeast/guides/w...s/dyserth.shtml citing Margaret Fry.



8.30 PM.

Four people saw a cigar-shaped craft with bright red lights.

Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/ar/t425.htm citing http://www.bbc.tv/wales/northeast/guides/w...s/dyserth.shtml (now not available) citing Margaret Fry.



Between 7 PM and 8.30 PM

A 14-year-old boy (wishes to remain anonymous) was walking along the promenade heading from Mumbles to Brynmill, with the beach on his right. While in the tree-lined section next to the golf course, approximately parallel with Ashleigh Road, he noticed lights shining through the trees to his left.

At first he assumed that it was a Sea King helicopter coming to land with a casualty for the then A&E department at the nearby Singleton Hospital. He decided to cut through the trees to watch. On coming out onto the golf course he had a clear view of the lights and saw that they were coming from an object around 10-15 feet across by 3-5 feet in depth (estimated by the witness by comparing it to the size of the cars on Mumbles Road).

It was six sided but every side was only around 2-3 feet in length giving the object the appearance of being triangular. Each of the shorter faces had six circular lights set into them, in the same arrangement as a six on a dice. On each of the three sides the lights were of a uniform colour, one side all red, another white, and another green.

Due to the way it flew, twisting and turning over, the boy saw every face of the object and except for the lights, the entire surface was a grey/metallic colour and completely devoid of any detail. Its flying pattern was sporadic, changing direction randomly, and he said that it flew like a fly would. There was no sound.

'I can't say exactly how long I observed the object for, but would estimate it to have been at least several minutes. Over this time its altitude was between probably a couple of hundred feet to almost ground level. As for distance the farthest was probably half a mile the closest approximately the width of the Mumbles Road. For the majority of the sighting the object essentially just 'buzzed' around the first (from Mumbles) of the Ashleigh Road playing fields. It came very close to the road. I am sure it came at least as far as the fence. To reiterate, the object was extremely briightly lit and conspicuous but no cars either stopped or even slowed as far as I could tell. I remember expecting them to and was making my way toward the object and road to join what I assumed would be a gathering crowd. I recall being fairly surprised no one stopped.'

Eventually the object rose high into the air, around 200 feet, then moved back over Clyne Valley to the south-west and dropped down into the trees approximately in the area of the landfill area which existed there at the time, now the site of the recycling centre. It rose again almost immediately and continued to be airborne for a short period of time before dropping back into the trees after which it did not reappear.

'Being obviously curious I decided to head toward the area where it had come down, so I made my way up Ashleigh Road. As I got further from the Mumbles Road and the traffic I became increasingly nervous. I was 14 and the only person around. By the time I'd reached the junction with Derwen Fawr Road, I became aware of a loud and strange noise. The best way I can describe it was that it was almost comically cliched sort of 'B' picture sound effect, to the extent that I may have dismissed it as being connected to the object. I realise that sounds implausible but it happened so I'm recounting it. As I say, I was already really quite scared, it was dark, there was no one else around, and the noise was strange and, whatever its cause, rather eerie so at this point my nerve went and I ran along Derwen Fawr Road towards Sketty.

'At that time there was a phone box opposite the entrance to what's now the recycling facility, so I stopped to call 999. I was unable to do this though because the phone line was little more than a mess of static (not particularly unusual for Busby & Co back in the mid 80's), eventually I did appear to get connected, but the voice or what may have been a voice, I couldn't tell, was so distorted that it scared me even more so I continued running till I reached the next public telephone at Sketty Green where I did call 999 and reported it anonymously. I have never since heard any mention of this anywhere.'

The phone call he made to the police was passed on to the MOD, the details of which are here recorded:

7.49 PM. - Witnesses saw a triangular shaped object with six lights on each corner flying low over Derwen Fawr, Sketty. It then went down over the Clyne Valley. They then ‘heard a funny noise’.
The account that the witness gave to SUFON is therefore accurate as it matches the more limited report he made to the police on the night.
Source: SUFON Files: witness email June 2017 / MOD Files.

11.30 PM.
Two householders reported seeing an aerial display lasting more than two hours from their suburban street in Prestatyn. They described a red sphere-like object which was joined by a "small shimmering thing" at which point both objects glowed brighter. They also reported seeing a red and green coloured rotating UFO which was joined some distance away by an oblong-craft.
Source: z1.invisionfree.com/e2wufos/as/t425.htm citing http://www.bbc.tv/wales/northeast/guides/w...s/dyserth.shtml (now not available) citing Margaret Fry.

11.15 PM. Clear sky.
The witness, at home in Swansea, saw a ‘flying saucer’ shaped object displaying blue and white lights moving very fast, east to west over the Neath Valley, 10 miles to the east.
Source: MOD Files.

6.30 PM. 
William Miners had finished work at had just arrived home at 12 Dunns Lane, Mumbles from work. When he got out of his car outside his house he saw people pointing up at the sky. He looked to see what they were pointing at and saw an enormous black triangle, quite far away, with three red lights front and back, moving slowly from east to west over Swansea Bay. There was no sound or flashing lights. He could easily see it was black against the lighter dusk sky (sunset is at 6.23 PM). It was coming from Port Talbot direction and heading approximately towards Blackpill area. 
Source: SUFON Files. Witness telephone interview by Emlyn Williams 14 October 2016.

17 MARCH 1986 - MARGAM
6.45 PM.
Howell Willcock of Pellau Road, Margam saw two objects joined together.
"I have never seen anything like it before in my life. I saw six huge lights and then there was a gap of 300 yards before there was another three. There was no sound and they were travelling at the speed of a balloon. I had a good look and saw a faint crooked shape." [between the objects]. Howell did a sketch of the objects.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986.

7.10 PM. Clear sky. The witness viewed from indoors, then outdoors, a round object with three orange lights varying from bright to dim moving steadily from north to south at a very low altitude towards the Bristol Channel. There was no sound or smell. Duration of sighting, which was with the naked eye: ten minutes. The witness made a sighting of another object five minutes later (see below).
Source: MOD Files.

7.15 PM. 
Tony Willmer, Landore Post Office saw two objects.
"I saw them coming in from Baglan. There weretwo lights and then they appeared to be two double lights. They were moving very slowly and there was no sound. There was no way it was a plane."
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986

7.25 PM. Five minutes after having a sighting described above, the witness saw a very large cigar-shaped object, displaying all colours of lights, with no sound or smell, moving steadily from the north to the south west at a low altitude. The object was viewed through binoculars, and the witness’s neighbours also saw it.
Source: MOD Files.

9.50 PM.
An object was seen moving out over Swansea Bay in the direction of Port Talbot.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986

10 PM. Hazy sky. The witness, from Birchgrove, Swansea was at Cwmdonkin Terrace, Uplands, Swansea with two friends when they saw two round white lights moving together for ten minutes near a TV mast [probably Kilvey Hill].
Source: MOD Files.

Evening - no time given.
Alison Grove, Gable House, Horton saw two objects in the sky:
"There were about four or five of us who saw them and we have never seen anything like them before. There was no noise anywhere and they were flying a bit lower than an aeroplane."
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986

A Pencoed motorist travelling between Ewenny and Waterton near Bridgend reported seeing three bright lights followed by an inverted triangle travelling at about 10,000 ft, with another very bright object at a very fast speed even higher in the sky.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986

Evening - no time given.
A woman standing in Blaengarw Square in the Garw Valley saw a cigar-shaped object followed by two lights.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 18 March 1986

12.30 AM.
A spherical object, orange in colour surrounded by a glow was seen from a bedroom window in Bridgend. It was about “400 to 500 yards” altitude about a mile away from the observer and moving northwards. The witness said there was a church nearby. It then became static and faded away. Total duration of the sighting was 3 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.


8 PM. Fine, clear night.

A witness reported seeing a round object, with red, white and green flashing lights, stationary in the sky to the right of Twmbarlwm, a local hill, at a distance of two miles. It was also viewed through binoculars. It was also witnessed by a local farmer. Duration of sighting: 10 - 15 minutes.

Source: MOD Files.


25 JANUARY 1987 - RHYL

4.30 PM Dry, good visibility, clear sky with no cloud.

The witness, a driving instructor from Kinmel Bay, with MSM School of Motoring was with a pupil in a car. They saw a round single white light low in the sky in the direction of Llandudno (west). It was static in the sky at about rooftop height approximately 1 to 2 miles distant. Duration of sighting: 20 minutes. It was reported to RAF Valley.

Source: MOD Files.



1.30 AM. Clear sky.

The witness, of Bryngwran (3-4 miles east of RAF Valley), was outdoors at a location near RAF Valley, and reported seeing an unidentified object overhead. It was described as a star-like object flashing red, green, white and blue lights. The object was also seen by the witness's son. Duration of sighting: 30 minutes. It was reported to RAF Valley at 2.10 AM.

Source: MOD Files.


6.30 AM. Dawn breaking, conditions clear, no cloud, little wind.
A woman at home in Pen-Y-Cae-Mawr (located north-east of Newport), in a rural setting, was awoken by a very bright light shining into her upstairs bedroom. On looking out of the window she saw a round object approximately 7-8 feet across, on the ground 500 - 600 feet away to the north east. There was no noise coming from it and it was stationary. She watched the object for a couple of minutes and during this time there was no movement. Duration of the sighting was approximately 2 minutes.
Later that morning her son visited the area and found three, 2-3 ft wide circles in the grass, arranged in a triangular pattern, with two sides measuring 15 feet, and one side measuring 10 feet. Inside the circles the grass appeared brighter than the surrounding area. The circles were indented about 1 - 1 1/2 inches on the inner faces. The area was also visited by a Sqn. Ldr. of the RAF. The description of the area is produced in the report.
The witness is described in the report as appearing to be a sensible lady, who maintained throughout that the object she saw was not a figment of her imagination. 
Source: MOD Files. 

11 MARCH 1987 – OGMORE
00.55 HRS. Fine weather conditions. The witness was cycling along the B4524, the Bridgend to Ogmore-by-Sea road. First seen in the west towards the River Ogmore, the object was described as being rock-like in shape, consisting mainly of lights with a rim above it. It was 15 feet above the river, on the far side of the estuary, and was seen for five to ten minutes. The witness reported it to the police who subsequently forwarded it to the MOD.
Source: MOD Files.

29 APRIL 1987 – KILLAY, SWANSEA                                                    
By Anthony Harris
Swansea toddler Hannah bates today told of her close encounter with an unidentified flying object last night. After calmly drawing what she saw the bright-eyed four-year-old said: ‘It was ghosties!’
Hannah and her mother Mrs. Jenny Bates say they were ‘buzzed’ by the UFO which hovered silently 50 feet above their home in Curry Close, Upper Killay [actually Killay].
The child saw the object first and when her mother looked up she couldn’t believe her eyes.
‘It was just hovering there. It was tiny, about the size of my dining room table, and had four green lights on the bottom,’ said Mrs. Bates.
‘I was rooted to the spot and I tried to call out to my husband but I couldn’t speak,’ she said.
‘I must have stared at it for five seconds before it shot off. There was a rushing of air, but no noise at all. It was really weird,’ added Mrs. Bates.
She wasn’t convinced she had actually seen a UFO until Hannah sat down and drew the object. ‘Ghosties is her word for anything unusual and that is exactly what we saw,’ said Mrs. Bates.
The family had just returned from a long day out at around 10.30 pm last night and the encounter came while husband Nick was parking the car in the garage behind their home.
‘I saw the reflection of green lights on the bonnet of the car, but nothing else,’ he said.
Hannah missed school at Dunvant Nursery today but when she returns the youngster will have a tale to tell her classmates.
Swansea police said the airport  authorities say they have had no reports of any UFO sightings overnight.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 30 April 1987.
0100 HRS.
Two on duty uniformed police officers, attending a road block due to a road traffic accident were in position half way down Caswell Road, a hill approaching Caswell Bay from Langland. It was a clear sky on a fine warm night.
They saw a bright white light high in the sky at about 80 degrees elevation to the south. It was difficult to gauge the altitude of the stationary object but the witness estimated that it was high, 20-30,000 feet. The light, which gave off no discernible sound, was stationary for two or three minutes and then suddenly shot off at high speed out of their view due to the confines of the valley, in a southerly direction over the Bristol Channel.
Source: SUFON Files.

12:25 AM. Clear sky. Two police officers, an Inspector and a PC were standing on a mountain road overlooking valley with clear view into night sky. In the southern sky two bright orange lights slightly larger than aircraft lights were seen moving in close proximity to each other. Both objects were spherical in shape with no apparent angle of elevation, but were approximately three miles away from the observers.
They were moving at a steady moderate speed, one behind the other towards the south-west. After travelling a short distance the front light shot off at speed upwards into the sky in a north westerly direction and out of sight. Simultaneously the rear light shot off at speed upwards into the sky in the reverse direction towards the south east and out of sight.
A mile away from the two officers, and unknown to either party, the UFOs were also observed by another two police officers, a PC and a WPC.
Source: MOD Files.


9.30 PM.
Conditions dry with good visibility.
The witness, in rear garden of home in Rassau, Ebbw Vale, saw three revolving objects high in the sky. Watching through binoculars at the objects, the witness watched as two remained stationary and the third made zig-zag movements around them.
The witness reported it to the police who passed it on to the MOD, stating that the witness was known to the officers and was a reliable person.
Source: MOD Files.

11.30 PM.
A large, flat circular object with blue, white, yellow and orange lights was seen hovering over Treharris, and making a loud humming noise at first, and then silent.
The witness reported it to the police who notified the RAF at St. Athan.
Source: MOD Files.

Mrs. Marion Pritchard, aged 32, of Heol Gwili, Trallwn, Swansea, was called by her 11-year-old son, Christopher at 9 pm.
‘I was in the kitchen and Christopher asked me what the lights in the sky were. I looked out and saw three objects, following one behind the other. Red lights were flashing alternately and I thought it might be a helicopter but there was  no noise and the lights were very close together. I don’t know what it was.’
Christopher couldn’t get to sleep wondering about the mysterious lights.
Swansea Airport was consulted by the Evening Post, who said that it could have been a helicopter. It wasn’t a scheduled flight but it may have been an air ambulance.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 16 September 1987.

Stephen Kenny of Penplas, Swansea, was walking to work, one early, bitterly cold morning in October 1987, and was about to cross over the viaduct, when he saw:
“...a dark shadow over the bridge.
I first thought to myself, that’s a strange place to put a sign. As I came closer, now about 100 ft away from it, I heard a dull sound and realised that it was emanating from this mass, which was slowly changing shape, with two green lights revolving around it.
I carried on walking, and when I got to the other side of the bridge I saw it rise vertically into the sky and disappear from sight.”
Source: Haunted Skies John Hanson citing personal interview with witness.


Lyn Woods (17) was coming around the corner onto her street and heard a rumbling noise. She looked up and saw an object which had just come over the top of a  mountain about a half mile distant, moving slowly. The object was about 600 feet in altitude and  very large - about 150 to 200 feet across and about 100 feet in depth. 
She described the object as being like lots of blocks stuck together, with white, lilac and yellow lights in no particular formation or pattern.  She said:
"...what was strange is that it stopped when I stopped and moved when I started to move. I ran to my house and kept on watching and it just hovered and moved off slowly with a low rumbling noise. I am a very rational person, don't drink, I don't do drugs. What I saw that night changed my complete view on life regarding what we are taught in schools about what is and what is not real".
Duration of sighting: 11 minutes.
Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2032



2.10 AM.
Patchy high cloud. A large white oval light with 7 – 12 other lights was seen by a lone witness in a car in Llantwit Major.
It was first seen at a 15 degree elevation to the left-hand end of a block of four detached houses, no more than 150 metres to the north of the observer, behind school playing fields at SS 979688. The witness stopped the car abruptly and watched for 20 seconds.
The main light was very bright, and the others slightly dimmer. The light then moved very rapidly to the right (south-east), to the gap between the two houses at the west end of the block, then to other gaps each time stationary for approximately 20 seconds.
The observer allowed the vehicle to coast backwards, following the object. There was no sound apparent at first, but then a distinctive but low rumbling noise was noticed. There was no smell.
Duration of sighting: 5 minutes.
The witness was from an RAF family background, father having served in the RAF for 38 years. The witness telephoned RAF St. Athan to report the sighting at 1.45 PM on the same day.

Source: MOD Files.

Police Inspector Ian Hughes-Jones:

"We received a call at 9.10 p.m. and an officer went to look. We can confirm that we saw a very unusual light that shrank and grew until it eventually faded away."

Source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/conwy-ufo-sightings--creepy-conwy-2665541


Early morning. The witness, a man from nearby Pyle, was taking a walk along a lane near Meadow Street in North Cornelly. His attention was drawn to a large object hovering in the sky roughly over the area of South Cornelly before it shot off.
In a statement from South Wales Police:
“He described the object as being the size of three maisonettes with three rows of different coloured lights. The object moved off, but he could not state in which direction.”
Police officers interviewed the man and are satisfied he is no hoaxer.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 28 January 1988; Western Mail  28 January 1988.


6.45 AM.
An alternating white and green light was seen directly above the witness at home in Sketty, Swansea. The sighting was reported to the police, who passed it on to the MOD.

Source: MOD Files.

6.30 PM.
Over a period of six hours, a large, cone-shaped object was seen with the naked eye and through binoculars, 3 ½ miles from the observer, over Kilvey Hill. Meteorological conditions were good, and the sky was clear.
The object remained stationary from 6.30 PM to 8 PM, then gradually moved in a westerly direction. The sighting was reported to police who passed it on to the MOD.

Source: MOD Files.


Third year schoolboys from Aberconwy, Nigel Harris, Craig Roberts and Justin Everley, were running through the Sychnant Passin the hills to the west of Conwy. The boys were heading down towards Dwygyfylchi to the west when they spotted a flying saucer in the sky. Craig said: 

"Nigel stopped because he had stitch, but Justin and I kept running, and as we were jogging along, Justin looked up and said, 'Oh God, a flying saucer.' It was level with the mountaintop, travelling between 50-60 mph.In about 10 seconds it had disappeared over the mountain."

The boys later reported the sighting to the police.

Source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/conwy-ufo-sightings--creepy-conwy-2665541


8.45 PM. Fine and cold with good visibility.  A clerical assistant was on doorstep of home saw two star-like objects in a northerly direction. The first one had pulsating white lights, the second had a steady, dimmer light. No sound or smell was noted.
The witness then watched them through living room window. They were about 200 yards away and at an altitude of about 1000 ft. and stationary. The sighting’s duration was ten minutes, ending at 8.55 PM. The witness reported it to Pontypridd Police.
Source: MOD Files.
From 8.30 PM to 10.14 PM
A witness in Trimsaran observed in a southerly direction, a white light which moved north to a position over the village, with another close by, then it moved in a northerly direction and getting lower.
A streak of red light was observed from the left hand side.
No noise was heard. Was also seen by 6 to 8 others.

Source: MOD Files.



9.40 PM. Fine and cloudy.

A witness at home in West Pontnewydd, Cwmbran was looking through a front window and reported seeing a bright light with a bright pulsating light and emitting rays of light. It was about two miles distant and stationary at first, at an elevation of 30 degrees in the west. It then disappeared behind the mountains. Duration of sighting: 10 minutes.

Source: MOD Files.


9.05 PM. Clear conditions. The witness was with daughter in a car ten miles north of Glyntrefnant, when they saw a large round object, with many colourful flashing lights, making a ‘sucking’ noise, moving erratically and hovering. The witness reported it to Carmarthen Police who passed it on to the MOD, stating that the informant was known and is a reliable person who was badly shaken by the incident.
[presumably, even though it doesn’t say in the report, the object came quite close, if a noise could be heard – EW].
Source: MOD Files.



8.30 PM [or 10.30 PM?]. Fine clear night. 

The witness, a married woman was in the rear garden of her home in Blackwood when she  saw what she described as a very large star with beams of light, making a bleeping noise and shooting out beams of light. The object was static in the north-east sky several miles away. She reported to the police at Blackwood.

Source: MOD Files.


17 JULY 1988 - BARGOED

Night. A white light was seen holding a stationary positioned over a TV mast.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk



4.20 PM. Clear blue sky.

Nigel Charles (43) was driving along the A4067 towards Brecon (not 4167 as he states in his original report). He saw in the distance what he at first thought was a helicopter tracking back and forth from the field to the road. AS he got closer he was able to see the shape better. He eventually came to a halt under the object which hovered above him at a height of maybe 30 feet. There was no noise from the object.

He described the object as being triangular/dart in shape, black in colour, approximately the size of a small car (mini), with no obvious windows. Its thickness he estimated at being 8 inches. There was no sign of any propulsion, and it emitted no engine noise. Nigel turned the car engine off to listen, but there was nothing, not even a hum.

He watched it for a little while and then it shot off, from a standing start, disappearing over the horizon in about half a second, again without making a sound. No other road traffic came past during the sighting.

Nigel said: 

"I am an educated, professional person with a degree in astronomy, and have never suffered from hallucinations. Having spent some years in military I am able to recognise aircraft, this was something beyond anything I've ever seen, this craft allowed me to view it for some minutes it wasn't till I went to grab camera from car that it took off too quickly for me to photograph".

Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.

Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=1960



Date is approximate. At about 8 PM,  Darren, 17-year-old was in his bedroom, listening to records, in a dormer bungalow in Rhyd-Y-Fenni, Crofty, his parents and 15 year-old sister, were downstairs. Suddenly the walls, which were also the roof of the property, started shaking.

He said he seemed to ‘know’ to look out of the window, which faces east, and overlooks the back garden, and the rear garden of the house in the next road and when he did so, his view of the night sky was filled up by three huge discs, he described as being stereotypical spaceships, very low and close to the roof, and slowly moving away from him towards the east, having just passed over his house.

There was a sound like something heavy being dragged, and the craft looked solid, with no seams or joins, as if they’d been made in a mould. The bottom of the discs, which is all he could see of them, had a light circle or ‘porthole’ of white light in the centre, around which were arranged, curved white light panels. There were no flashing lights. The three discs were arranged in a triangular formation, with one at the front, and the other two a breast behind and all were close to each other. He opened the window. There were three people outside, two from the opposite house, and an elderly woman. He heard someone say ‘we see these regular.’

He went to call his parents and sister and when they came up to see, the objects had moved quite far away over the hills inland, going over the ruined Hermon Chapel on the hill to the east, and visible as a group of lights moving slowly away from them. Darren thought later that they had moved far too far in the time taken to call the others, if they had been going at the same slow pace, and has a feeling that there might be a period of missing time involved between seeing them and calling for the others to come up.

The net day, Darren telephoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that they had heard about it already, as others had phoned in about seeing lights. An article appeared in the paper that evening [a check has been made for the time period in question but so far nothing has been found, but is ongoing].

Also on the following day, his sister was told by a friend, Kevin in Gowerton School, that he had also seen the objects while he was fishing on the point in the nearby Crofty Industrial Estate.

Source: SUFON Files: Darren interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.


9 PM. A man and woman were walking across a bridge over the motorway when they saw what appeared to be a star descending in a diagonal pattern. As it grew closer, they could see that it was semi-circular in profile and had windows with silhouettes of figures in them. It hovered motionless for about 7 to 8 minutes and was about 300 yards from them. One of the witnesses motioned to the craft to come closer but it shook from side to side three times as if to say 'no'. It then flew towards the horizon quickly disappearing from sight.

Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database, addition no: 3900 - listed as Bridgend, England [sic] citing NUFORC.


Edward and Irene Ward of Hoyland Drive, Haverfordwest, were driving to Tenby swimming pool, at 7.30 AM. As they turned off the main A77 road, at Sageston, passing RAF Carew Airfield, they saw:
“....a round silver coloured object, very high up, moving through the sky. It then stopped in front of us, but still high up, before darting across the sky over Kilgetty, then over the coast, followed by its appearance, once again, overhead, at fantastic speed – as if in a blink of an eye.”

Source: Haunted Skies citing Haverfordwest newspaper, 7 February 1989: ‘Close Encounter for Local Couple.’

9.30 AM. Very fine clear day. A husband and wife, together with their daughter, from Blaina, were in a car at the top of Beaufort Rise, near Ebbw Vale. The driver (man) saw a silver-coloured cylinder-shaped object at about 30 degrees elevation, 200- 300 feet in altitude.
It was pointed at one end and stationary and rotating slightly. Duration of sighting: 5 seconds.
Source: MOD Files.


A Monday evening.

Douglas Haig Hughes, 68, from Queens Road, Llandudno Junction, a gunner with the RAF for five years during the war, was strolling along Ffordd Maelgwyn with his wife Catherine.

He said: "A cylinder-shaped object approached from the Glan Conwy area about 600 ft up and proceeded towards Llandudno. It was massive in diameter. I could see it with my naked eyes. It appeared at first to be moving at about 45 to 55 miles per hour. Then it slowed down and flashed a bright red light, kike an infra-red light, from the window of the cylinder onto us. We didn't feel anything. When the light went out,it travelled on towards Llandudno.It was definitely not from this earth. We have been trying to get an aircraft for years and years that doesn't make a noise. There was no noise at all with this. A spokesman for RAF Valley, Anglesey, said: "We haven't been flying any planes over the last three days."

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/ufo-sightings-north-wales-over-10881368.


Between 1.30 AM and 2.00 AM. Fine and clear.
A husband and wife at home saw two large brightly illuminated circular objects, spaced some distance apart, but appeared to be joined by a row of brightly lit spots, low in the sky over Trinant - Penyfan Pond area, about two miles distant.
It was not moving but appeared to be hovering. They did not report it at the time for fear of ridicule, however the man reported it to Blackwood Police Station on 8 July 1989.
Source: MOD Files.
22.34 HRS. The witness was in Bridgend and saw an object slightly east of north at 8 – 10,000 ft. It was holding a steady position in the clear sky which had a full moon. At a distance of 6 miles, it was described as being cone shaped and displayed a steady white light, with a blue/green/red flashing light. The duration of the sighting was 20 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.

'Zack' was 7-9 years old and living n Lansbury Park, Caerphilly.
During the summer school holidays of 1989 or 1990, he remembers that one night between 2 and 4 am, he found himself outside his house in Graham Court in his bed clothes. For some reason he went for a walk, ending up near some fields on a rough path known as 'the track'. He saw a tall, cone-shaped UFO hovering nearby about 100 yards from him.
It was black or dark green and appeared to be split into segments. On each segment was a shimmering green light which may have been windows. On its base there were also green lights. It was at a height of about 50 feet above the trees and appeared to be about 70-100 feet across. David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group asked him to describe the shape and Zack explained that it was like a spinning top but with the top more stretched out like a spiral swirly-looking seashell.
It moved towards him and he found himself surrounded in white light. He felt numb and weightless. He does not remember much of what happened after this but does remember being paralysed and frightened.
He remembers lying on his side on a flat metal table with a light above him. His next recollection is being put back on the ground by the white light. He was lying down and after the light had faded away he got up and saw the UFO in the same position above the field.
After about 20 or 30 seconds it then moved away slowly at first then speeding up towards Rudry Mountain to the east. He felt drained and his body was tingling.
He cannot remember walking home but found himself waking up in the morning back in his room. He assumed that he had been dreaming, but would later discount this possiblity in the light of further events.

Source: BUFOG Files: Dave Hodrien and interviews with witness by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2015.

9.40 PM.
A family in Ystalyfera observed an oval-shaped object with silver, red and white flashing light, moving steadily fro east to west. The duration of the sighting was two minutes. They reported it to the police.
Source: MOD Files.

6 PM.
A disc-shaped object with a flat base and domed shape, which was glowing white was seen flying very fast and at a low altitude, making a circuit around the valley.
Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing L. Williams-Davies - NUN 162.

'Zack' , 7-9 years old was out with three friends in Snowden Court, Lansbury Park, Caerphilly. He thinks it might have been 1989 or 1990. One night about 9 or 10 PM, he and his friends were looking out over nearby farmland. It had just got dark, weather was warm and dry with a clear sky. About 2-3 miles away to the east the boys saw a flattened disc-shaped object hovering over the hillside at about 700-1000 feet up. It was quite large and covered in red and yellow lights around its rim, randomly flashing on and off. There was no sound. It was stationary as they watched it for 3-5 minutes. After a while the boys turned to talk to each other and Zack does not remember seeing it depart.
Source: BUFOG Files: Dave Hodrien; witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2015.



11 PM. Slightly misty conditions. The witness was in the rear garden of home in Canton and observed two large white or orange lights, from separate sources, one following the other. They were moving north to south, fast and steady, overhead. Duration of sighting: 2 to 3 minutes.

Source: MOD Files.



About 5 AM.

Husband and wife, Glyn and Toni Edwards were in the attic bedroom of their home in Pontypool when they saw an unexplained and very bright object in the sky above the town. Glyn Edwards, a 39-year-old music teacher said:

"I got up to have a drink of water and saw the ball of light moving north to south along the valley. It was a clear night and we have a view of the entire valley from our attic bedroom. The object was travelling at a very slow speed - far too slow for it to be a plane or helicopter but what I found more striking was the fact that the object made no noise of any kind. Noise carries a long way at night in the valley but we heard nothing, the object did not make a sound."

Glyn's wife, Toni, a local school meals organiser, also described the sighting:

"I saw very bright lights like searchlights trained on trees. It was moving so slowly that the object was almost static. Also it was completely the wrong shape for a plane."

The couple contacted the South Wales Argus after reading about the sighting by the three boys in Cwmtillery (2 November 1989). They said:

"From the description the boys gave it was the same object that they saw, it moved the same way. I certainly cannot explain what we saw" Mr Edwards added.

Source: UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 pages 79 - 80 citing South Wales Argus, November 1989.



Early evening - just got dark. Clear. Janice was driving with her great Niece, Katie (11) and great Nephew, Tim (5) from her home in Leamington Spa to the childrens' home in Neath and was driving south on the A470, passing the Beacons Reservoir, just south of Story Arms. They saw a possibly disc-shaped object which displayed large red, green and white lights, behind the car. Janice stopped the car and got out to get a camera from the boot, while the object hovered about 100 feet up and to the rear right of the car. But, due to the fear displayed by the children she thought better of it and drove off. They did not see the object again, but not long after they had re-started, a blue flash of light was visible across the landscape ahead of them which lasted a few seconds, which Janice thought was maybe connected to the object.

Source: Full report by David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group, who later married the Katie in the report: http://reported-sightings.blogspot.co.uk/2007/01/november-1989-brecon-beacons-multi.html


5.30 PM.
A disc-shaped object with a flat base and domed shape, which was glowing white was seen flying very fast and at a low altitude, making a circuit around the valley.
It was witnessed by three schoolboys - Lee Holt, Sydney McLoughlin and Carl Jones, who were playing by a nearby lake in Cwmtillery at around 5.30 pm. when they saw a bright light coming down the hillside, and one of the youngsters Lee Holt drew a picture of the object. "It was really low in the sky, clipping the tops of the trees. It circled above our heads a number of times then flew off really quickly", Lee Holt stated.
"It was silver and disc shaped with a domed top with luminous lights and about the size of a car but it made no noise" Lee added. A few minutes after it vanished a huge fireball came down by a nearby farm. "We had been really scared because we thought that whatever the object was it had come to take us away" Lee added. Lee Holt's mother Melinda told the paper that the boys had been terrified when they arrived back at her home shortly after the sighting.
Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing L. Williams-Davies - NUN 162; UFO Wales David L. Richards 2012 page 79 citing South Wales Argus 9 November 1989.