Welcome to Swansea UFO Network

SUFON was founded in February 2015 by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams. We are a relatively new, but very active group of like-minded individuals, with a passion for exploring the subject of UFOs and related phenomena. SUFON's purpose is to collect and catalogue past reports of UFO sightings and encounter cases, abductions etc from all over Wales to provide a national UFO database presented here (Go to SUFON Files). We meet the people who have witnessed strange and unexplained phenomena, and document the details. Our wish is to stimulate discussion, present the evidence and educate the public. With this in mind we maintain a public presence by regularly appearing in the media to promote our work and generate interest. We also speak to groups such as the W.I. and other organisations, and at conferences.

SUFON holds monthly meetings, or 'Evening Conferences' as we now call them, at which guest speakers from the Ufological community are scheduled. These are very well attended and are held at the New Lodge Social Club in Gorseinon on the last Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise stated) - Go to SUFON events and Diary for details. Admission is free - however we do ask for a small donation.

Skywatches are regularly organised at a suitable location on clear nights - again - go to SUFON events and Diary for details.

We also have a Facebook page: Swansea UFO Network - and a YouTube channel: Swansea UFO Network.

If you have a sighting or experience which has occurred in Wales, and which you wish to share with us, (anonymity is assured if necessary) Go to Contact Us, our team of investigators are keen to hear from you:


Co-founder, Investigator and Speaker


Co-founder, Investigator (specialising in documentation and presenting the reports), Speaker


Investigator, IT management of Facebook and YouTube presence and videographer

MARK RAYWORTH - Investigator and Speaker

DORIAN CREBER - Photo analysis